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 The Storyline

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PostSubject: The Storyline   Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:08 pm

It is 2101. It has been nearly a century since the war that shook the Soul Society and sixty years since the war the shook the World of the Living.

In December of 2002 and into January of 2003, Sousuke Aizen's rebellion was quelled by the Gotei Thirteen. There were many battles, and many on both sides were slain. Most, if not all, of Aizen's army was destroyed. To this day, none of the members of Aizen's army have yet to poke their head out of the once-bloodstained white sands of Hueco Mundo to see the public eye. That isn't to say they aren't alive, but the Gotei does not know. But the side of the rebels was not the only side to suffer losses. Many so-called "grunt" Shinigami and even a few Captains were slain. In the final battle of the war, the leaders of both sides began to fight. It was a truly amazing battle, but the climax would change history forever. Yamamoto Shigekuni Genryuusai, Head-Captain/Captain-Commander of the Gotei Thirteen, used Hadou 96, Ittō Kasō, to obliterate Sousuke Aizen in a single move. Aizen had referred to this as the "Kidō of sacrifice," and it was. The toll to finish off his once-subordinate was his own life. However, it was a worthy sacrifice.

After the war was over, a new man was chosen as the next Captain-Commander. He had over 8 centuries of service to the Gotei. Even if he was only there for a short time, the Captain of the Fifth Division, Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz the Third, was chosen. For years, he stayed as the Captain-Commander. His focus was on one thing, and that was rebuilding the Gotei Thirteen. He started by filling Captain positions left by those who either were killed or were too wounded to be able to work as a Captain again. Just filling positions isn't all he did. Despite them being allies, the Captain-Commander formally signed a document stating that Vizards could not join, and only Shinigami were allowed to serve in the Gotei Thirteen. The Fifth Division and the Kidō Corps, merged under his time as the Fifth's Captain, were also de-merged during his time. However, a great tragedy befell him during his time as Captain-Commander.

In 2044, the world was once again plunged into a war. However, this was not like the Gulf War and Iraq/Afganistan Wars of 40-50 years before. No, this was like the war a century before—this was a Third World War. World War III was brutal, and cost the World of the Living 5% of its entire population. It started over, once again, oil and religious conflicts in the Middle East, as well as a Russia bent on fulfilling "Putin's Dream." Battles occurred across Europe and Asia, with even a restart of the war in Korea. The Gotei was overwhelmed, but it still did its job. However, they weren't the only spiritual beings fighting there. The rumors from the Cold War began to rumble into reality as humans with "extraordinary abilities" were weaponized for use by any country that could find them. Some humans were even forced into the realm of the extraordinary, and thus into the realm of the paranormal. It took six long years of fighting for the war to finally end, but it had its costs. The Earth Sphere Federation (ESF) was formed as a replacement to the United Nations, and built a city known as "Artemis" as proof that humans of different origins could live in peace. So far, it hasn't been too violent.

Back in the Soul Society, things were tough. Many more Shinigami had lost their lives battling hordes of Hollows and crazed spiritually-enhanced humans. Tsubine did all he could, but he would not last as long as Yamamoto in that position. In a stunning announcement, he retired in the year 2070. He completely disappeared after that, and has only recently returned to the public spotlight. Taking his place is Genpaku Arishima. The favorite for Tsubine to choose was his former subordinate and 5th Division Captain, Kaminari Hatakeyama. However, it was Genpaku that was chosen. With relative peace and stability over the next 31 years, it was hard to say that Genpaku being chosen wasn't a good thing. The Gotei is finally at peace, but things are rumbling elsewhere... In Hueco Mundo, a new force has taken over the mantle of "Espada" and has begun to amass forces capable of rivaling the Gotei, but is that all? Could there be even more shadows lurking? The recent spike in claims of "vampirism" seems to point to that. The Quincy, a Shinigami's natural enemy, have also begun to populate more and more of the Earth. There are many tense situations on Earth, and some "experiments" from the Third World War still unaccounted for.

There is always a chance of war beyond the horizon.

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The Storyline
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