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 Vatou von Zarkonheinz XI [Approved 0-5]

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PostSubject: Vatou von Zarkonheinz XI [Approved 0-5]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:15 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: Zanifir Vatou von Zarkonheinz IX (ザニフィル・ヴァトゥ・サンクレイド・ヴォン・ザルコンヘインズ)
Aliases: Maximilian Thermidor
Titles: Impaler King; Sancraid (a title for deserters within the von Zarkonheinz)
Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 30s
Age: 4,000~2,000
Affiliation/Rank: Form Gotei 13 Captain
Personality: A man of devotion. A man who is an anomaly in any system. Zanifir Vatou von Zarkonheinz is nothing more than a man who is no longer seen as a man. He is a monster. He was once a great and noble knight, sworn to protect his family and his land. Now, those days are gone. His titles, his family, his land, and his life as a knight all stripped from him. Nothing about Vatou von Zarkonheinz is noble. Nothing about him means anything but hushed whispers and stares. He walks on a sinking stone path. It shan't budge, but only be swallowed by those around him. He does not aspire to get his land back. He does not aspire to have anything of his previous life back. It only brings back the hypocritical ideals he once held. Though, that's not entirely true. Vatou does want his family to respect him again. His former wife is afraid of him. The only son he recognizes barely defends his honor. While he finds it amusing that that son defends him, he truly appreciates it.

But, Vatou is a master of disguising his personality. He'll go up to a grieving widow, acting like a priest. He'll console her, telling her everything's a-okay. Then, he'll whisper "There's no one to protect you now" in her ear, bringing back horrid memories she buried. He smiles as she scratches at her throat. He cackles as her screams are echoing through his church. The truth is that behind his warm and compassionate demeanor, Vatou really is a fanatical hunter, someone who murders ruthlessly. He has no empathy. He lacks sympathy moreso than the the world lacks common sense. He is someone who knows what is necessarily to kill someone, but still does more.

He lacks honor moreso than he does sympathy. The fact his Zanpakutō is no longer a sword is proof of that. A once-beautiful sabre is now nothing more than a horrendous tattoo on his tongue. He decided that this solidified his change from human to beast. Nothing more than a creature who fights with his fangs and claws. He uses those to his advantage. He will bite. He will scratch. He will headbutt. He will use what he can to fight, as that is how he fights. He fights in a way that uses himself to its fullest extent.

General Appearance



Appearance Age: Late-30s/Early 40s
Height: 6'4
Weight: 160lbs

Natural Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:
Protection of the Faith: (信仰の加護, Shinkō no Kago) Despite being a form of divine protection, it is not a blessing from a higher existence. It is only the absoluteness of one's body and soul, which is born from faith. Protection of the Faith is not something someone wants to have. It is the devotion of one's body and soul to something. In Vatou's case, it is devoting his body and soul to himself. Essentially, Vatou's existance is doubled and nothing at the same time. It is comparable to both Schrödinger's cat and the Ouroboros at the same time. It is nothing and something; it is something consuming itself for nurishment. This allows Vatou to exist as a paradox, or an anomaly to be more exact. He is technically a Shinigami still, but he exists as a non-spiritual existance as well. This allows those who can't see spirits to see him. This also allows for things that can't harm non-spiritual to harm him, as well as things that can only harm non-spiritual things. However, this works for him the same way. Things that can't be harmed by non-spiritual can be harmed by him. Things that can't be harmed by spiritual can be harmed by him.

Abnormal Presence: Vatou's presence is not that of a man. It is not that of Human, Shinigami, Vizard, Sugiura, Quincy, Hollow, Arrancar, or Guardian Beast. There is no clear way to define Vatou's presence. It sets him apart from everything and everyone in terms of aura, but it also blends in with everyone else as it also takes away his reiatsu in a sense. Most of his reiatsu is changed to this form, where it is harder to detect.

Zanpakutō: His Zanpakutō is located on his tongue, taking the form of a tattoo with 8 devilish wings, with 8 eyes on every wing and one in the center.


Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Gigni de nihilo nihil, in nihilum nil posse reverti. (Lat. Nothing can be born of nothing, nothing can be returned to nothing)/ Let blood soak the skies, the seas and the ground.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Manaka
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Frail and white like snow, Manaka's appearance is that of a young girl. Manaka's name is a corruption of "Mannaka" which is "center." And this is in itself an irony, as Manaka's heart has a sword wound through it. Right through her frail chest, her crimson heart, her small spine, and exiting her frail back, the wound slowly bleeds. Her piercingly cold gaze is always beaming bright. It is like looking right into an ice crystal on Antarctica. Nothing about her appearance is warm. It's all cold, like a corpse.


Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: She is a cheerful girl dead set on her dreams and completely infatuated with her owner to a disturbing level. She bares no hatred for him, instead referring to him as her prince, and comparing her love for him like having her organs fall out. She can be called innocently monstrous, capable of killing innocent bystanders and tearing them to pieces, and saying that they are only capable of being used as a sacrificial ingredient for the Vatou's powers simply because they are ordinary, all while smiling like an angel without any sign scorn or ill will.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World:


Shikai: Dominus Gradum•Absentia Irritum
Shikai Appearance: It is impossible to visibly tell when he actually releases it unless his mouth is open when he does. When he releases Dominus Gradum•Absentia Irritum, his tattoo glows white for a few seconds. It is after he releases that small visible cues are seen around him. If he were standing on sand, there would be the tiniest sand dunes quickly forming and then being spread out. This is because Dominus Gradum•Absentia Irritum has only one ability.
Shikai Abilities: It is not a power of "nothingness" like its name hints at. It is a power of "grinding." Not level grinding. Dominus Gradum•Absentia Irritum's power is that of taking wind, atoms, and even spiritual particles and moving them in four directions in four nanolayers. Getting anything physical towards him is a pain in the ass at worst. The speeds of which these things rotate is not what the main problem is. It's the fact that if something (let's say, a bullet of .50 caliber) hits it, it is quickly grinded into a very fine powder. If one were to give this a shape, it'd be an oval with the top and bottom flattened. This allows him to walk without having to worry about the ground beneath him being destroyed. He uses it to cut his grass, actually. He can turn it off for only three posts at a time, allowing him to attack. Yes, he can not attack while it is active. When he does decide to attack, he can manifest a 2-meter-long spear if need be, but he's more prone to using his body.


Bankai: Kazıklı Bei
Bankai Appearance: Vatou's Bankai appearance is that of a vampiric knight in his late 40's, with slightly long, light gray hair, coupled with blood red eyes and a scraggly beard. He wears a deep black armor with a crimson red cape attached to the front. If one observes carefully, you will notice that the left side of his armor is stained red with blood. This is what Vatou looked like in his prime. This is the Vatou that was feared.

Bankai Abilities:
Impaler King: This is Vatou's spear manifestation ability, as well as another sub-ability. Kazıklı Bei allows Vatou to summon his spear from his days as the von Zarkonheinz head. It is formerly known as both Chioten and Plyma Krovi. He first summons it in its brown, rusted form. It is stained with the blood of countless heretics and martyrs whom have been skewered upon its tip. When he "casts off" the rust, the black spear of Plyma Krovi is seen in its prime. This allows Vatou's strength and speed to return to when he was known as a fallen king. However, it also returns his sanity to that time. If he were unstable now, he was toppled over then. He'll attack ally and foe, innocent and opponent. As long as there's blood, he'll be a' slaughterin'. He can only cast off once, and once it is off, it is off until he resheathes his Bankai.
Armor of the King: This is Vatou's armor from when he was a king. It is stained with blood and scratched to hell and back. As the Impaler King, he has a sort of protection against all spear and polearm-type weapons. It is described by Vatou as "I am immune to myself, and all spears are part of myself!" Of course, he can't manifest any spear like that. Instead, it is saying that only he can will if a weapon like that can damage his armor. This means that a pole weapon can still harm his exposed parts. A weapon that is similar that is not protected against is the scythe and any variant thereof.
Kazıklı Bei―The Fortress of Impalement: (Jap. カズィクル・ベイ―串刺城塞) Within a range of .5 kilometer, a maximum of 200 thousand pikes can gradually manifest over time, bursting from the ground to impale opponents that lie on its boundaries. Manifested pikes remain as a physical barrier that eliminates free ground, and evasion thus becomes less likely with passage of time. It takes four posts for the fortress to fully appear. The sight of the pikes will probably impose a psychological effect, destabilizing an opponent's mental condition with oppressive anxiety or fear. As who wouldn't be filled with fear or anxiety when a forest of blood-stained spears is what they have to traverse through to get to Vatou? The fortress is there for seven posts. He can use it twice per thread if he is in Bankai for that long.

Kazıklı Bei―The Lord of Execution: (Jap. カズィクル・ベイ―極刑王) It is Vatou's torture of curses and iron hammers released from the demonic spear. It summons countless spears and polearms of various shapes and sizes, much like Kazıklı Bei―The Fortress of Impalement. However, this is within a 10-meter circle surrounding the target and Vatou. It extends high into the sky, to where barely any light is let through. This means during the time between the technique's execution and the finale, the target and Vatou are still fighting, except in darkness. If the target does not escape the ring of death in time (two posts), the target is skewered by a massive spear, followed by Vatou hurling his personal weapon at the target. The pain the target receives increases in proportion to their "sins of immorality" and "depravity" as a fitting "blow of justice." This means the longer Vatou is in Bankai for after using Kazıklı Bei―The Lord of Execution, the more damage the one hit recieves. He can use it once per thread.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Where to begin? Perhaps his father? How dreadful he was? How much that man abused Vatou and his mother? No, let's not start there. Let's skip that. Vatou loved his mother. Vatou only loved his mother. Vatou went into hysteria after his father's abuse took her life. But nothing was done. Because of their last name, that accursed last name, Vatou's father was spared from a trial. Vatou saw how hypocritical those "sworn to protect the Soul Society" were. He saw is as "to protect the Soul Society as long as we benefit." He would take down the justice mistakes from the inside.

Vatou joined the Gotei rather early, but there was no academy in his time. No, Vatou was allowed to enter as long as he could pass a physical examination... but his last name exempted him from that. He quickly ascended through the ranks, eventually becoming Captain of a division. He does not remember which one, and all records on him have since been burnt. Vatou now had the political power he needed... now he just needed the physical power. His original Zanpakutō was known as Chioten. It worked much like his current one, except it was more limited. It used blood as its core power... it was truly a power fit for a devil.

After slowly training and eventually gaining his Bankai, he confronted his own father. His father tried to abuse him again, but Vatou fought back. He used too much force. The blade cut through his father's hand... and his neck. Vatou's father had gotten his karma paid back to him. However... Vatou then realized. This was and was not justice. Even if it were a proper trial, his father would not feel remorse. Justice did not mean a thing to a beast... and that's what his father was. It was then that Vatou left his position in the Gotei 13. They would pursue justice. He would hunt beasts.

It was after that when he went to Earth, where he met a white-haired beauty. The two fell in love and had many children in their century-long reign of modern-day Ukraine. However, this is when things starged to get strange. Vatou's Zanpakutou did not change in essence. Rather, its limitations released themselves. And because of that, he renamed his Zanpakutou into the current names.

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PostSubject: Re: Vatou von Zarkonheinz XI [Approved 0-5]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:58 pm

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Tier: 0-5

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Vatou von Zarkonheinz XI [Approved 0-5]
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