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 Aoi Kimi

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PostSubject: Aoi Kimi   Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:33 pm

Liner Template


Name: Aoi, Kimi (葵 喜美)
True Age: 1,200
Gender: Female
Personality: Kimi possesses a sharp tongue and playful attitude, and often prefers to have fun instead of taking things seriously. To give her an alignment, it would be "Lewd Neutral." Because of her Origin of Erotica and Dancing (an Origin related to the shirabyoushi), she is an advocate of the arts and being free sexually. She accepts any and all sexualities openly. And as an advocate of the arts, she claims the human body is the most wonderous work of art around. Because she feels that way, she wears extremely revealing clothing, and tries/forces others to do the same.
However, she has a side that can be caring as well, as shown in her relationship with her brother and even in her small gestures to her lovers. As a sister, she is constantly giving support to her brother whenever she can, and knows how she can properly help him out when he is in a bind, although she had shown a more ruthless side to her love when she was small. For some reason, she dislikes being called using her real name, so she changes it habitually. She is also uncomfortable with ghosts, and can be terrible at cooking.

General Appearance

Appearance: Kimi is a girl with dark brown eyes and long wavy hair that is adorned with lengths of white cloth. She is well-endowed and her figure is mature for someone of her age. Her overall look gives an air of elegance around her, which is contrasted by some facets of her personality.

Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age: 18
Height: 160cm
Weight: 56kg

Natural Abilities

Hana Tate: (花盾; lit. Flower Shield) Much like Aka Tate, Hana Tate forms a small, energy shield in front of Kimi. However, Hana Tate is a bit different in the fact that it treats weaker, but fast attacks (such as Bala) as "rain" and does not merely block them. Instead, it uses them to grow in size.

Weapons: None

Origin: Dancing and Erotica

Contracted Beast

Name: (What is the name of your Contracted Guardian Beast?)
Link to Application: (Please link the application of the Guardian Beast, as these are separate entities.)

Sign Frames

Basic Sign Frames:
Shīrudo: (シールド ;lit. Shield) Kimi creates shield-style Sign Frames. While each one is not strong (they can survive a highly above-average physical attack, Kidō 1-30, et cetera), they can be stacked. Going through a Sign Frame weakens the attack, eventually getting it to a blockable level. Every ten means another post of recharge.
Modosu: (戻す ;lit. Return) Kimi creates mirror-style Sign Frames. While each one is not very strong (they can reflect an above-average physical attack, Kidō 1-20, et cetera), they can be stacked. Going through a sign frame weakens the attack, eventually getting it to a reflectable level. Every five means another post of recharge.
Ekō: (エコー ;lit. Echo) Kimi can re-cast the last spell she used without a charge time. It is stackable to create up to five copies of the spell. The recharge time for another Ekō to be used is the recharge time for the spell.
Custom Sign Frames: Kimi is a shirabyoushi (白拍子) or a practitioner of Japanese traditional dance. Her abilities are mostly defensive, and is fueled by her entertainment of other people and her constant dancing. Kimi's combat skill is centered on traditional Japanese dance, and her superiority in battle is dictated by how she would "entertain" her enemies. Although lacking an offensive ability, Kimi becomes an untouchable fortress as she continues her performance as her dance creates barriers that block attacks at incredible speeds.

Sanchō no Odori: (山頂の踊り; lit. Dance of the Summit) The only custom Sign Frame she owns, it is a special-use one. It is known as the pinnacle of dance. Sanchō no Odori is a dance that gives the deity Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, which she worships, "offerings." These offerings allow for the dance to be completed. The dance is a dance for the flowers that grow on the summit of Mount Fuji, which are said to be the most beautiful when they bloom. The ability of the dance is based on the concept of "The only ones who can touch me are those I wish to wither away for." This ability allows the user to control which attacks can go through her; otherwise, they are blocked using a myriad of flower-decorated Sign Frames that are created at speeds that match that of even some of the attacks. The effect of this ability persists until Kimi stops dancing (five posts). It has a once per thread usage.
Contract Sign Frames:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Kimi was the first child between a housewife and a blacksmith. Her mother, Yoshiki, did nothing but cook for the community dinners. Her father made the tools and weapons for the village. When Kimi was born, it was a festival. The festival was of dancing, and it was said that she moved to the rythym of the drums outside as soon as she came out of her mother. Kimi didn't do much for her family. She wasn't good with cooking. She wasn't good with cleaning. She was just good with dancing. And then her brother came along. It wasn't long after that her father died in a fire in his forge.

After the death of their father, Kimi's brother fell into a state of severe depression. At this period, her brother became lethargic. He refused to eat, often staying inside his room and grieving over his father's passing. One day, Kimi finally became irritated towards his attitude and forced him into a condition wherein he can die if he does not make a move.

Kimi threw her brother out of the window and shoved bottles of spices and condiments into his mouth while demanding him to fight for his life. He, however, showed signs that he has lost the will to live. Kimi continued her harsh treatment towards he, and even has her hand bitten, a sign that he had reacted to her treatment towards him. Kimi pointed out that she did this to prove to him that there is much to life than the loss of a loved one. And so, he, finally accepting his father's passing, cried together with his sister for one last time.

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Aoi Kimi
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