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 Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg [Approved 1-4 Magus]

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PostSubject: Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg [Approved 1-4 Magus]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:59 pm

Magus Template


Name: Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg
True Age: Unknown, apparently even older than other ancestors of the Sugiura. It is not known, however, why he only made himself known as Shimura and the others appeared. However, not every Zelretch one meets is actually that old, thanks to time-travel.
Gender: Male

Young Personality:

General Appearance


Young Appearance:
Animalistic Traits: His eyes have distinct similiarity to the eyes of a wild beast.
Appearance Age: mid fifties at best.
Height: 205cm
Weight: Average

Natural Abilities

Basic Magic: Zelretch can use all basic Magic of the Sugiura without any problem, and use Kidō up to Rank 40, one of the highest levels known amongst Sugiura.

Surprising Strength: Zelretch arm-wrestles cosmic horrors before breakfast and eats planets for dinner, or so it at least seems to people hit by his fists or walking cane.

Enduring Body: Damaging Zelretch with those hits that are actually scored can prove quite difficult, as his skin seems to be supernatural leather and iron instead of wrinkled, old man skin and flesh. And even those bruises that show, don't seem to slow him down too much.

Alternate Knowledge: Thanks to Kaleidoscope (see below), Zelretch knows things. A lot of things. Having secrets in his presence is hard, next to impossible, and his knowledge of people and ability to analyze things make it impossible to lie to him.

Magecraft Creator: As the first Magus, Zelretch knows virtually any common or slightly uncommon Magecraft like it was his own by now.

Magecraft Unleashed

Magecraft: Zeltrch has complete mastery of the Second Magic (Kaleidoscope (万華鏡(カレイドスコープ)), which allowed him to defeat many powerful enemies due to them having no knowledge of Magic, and allowed him to stop the "Moon Fall", during which the moon was falling towards earth, with pure force.
Along with being a Magic user, he is also at the pinnacle of magi, earning his title as a Wizard Marshall. He has a number of inventions that utilize Second Magic, one of which is the his Mystic Code, the Jewel Sword Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, more commonly referred to as Jeweled Sword of Zelretch (宝石剣ゼルレッチ, ?), the Jewel Sword (宝石剣, housekiken?), and Zelretch, only able to be used by him and those of his lineage.

Mystic Code: The sword is capable of the Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon, allowing the user to draw in potentially infinite reishi. The kaleidoscope-like jewel blade creates a small opening to the same area in another parallel world, though any further interference is impossible, and it draws in all of the spiritual energy from that space. Reiatsu channeled into the blade can be fired off in a blinding stream of light. The capacity of the blade is limited, so the attack power will always be the same no matter how much energy is drawn. Also, as a jewel, the sword can also be detonated as a one-shot explosive. Obviously, Zelretch can also simply take the energy into himself to replenish his own reserves. The stream of light has the power of a Cero Oscuras, the detonating explosive about twenty times that - but it can only be used once per thread, and disables any further use of the sword in said thread (it takes Zelretch the time between threads to create a new one).

Application: Kaleidoscope, or the Second Magic, is the 'Operation of Parallel Worlds'. Due to being born with this unique power, he is an anomaly in the conjunction of worlds, where there are usually countless versions of every person spread across them - because there is only ONE Zelretch, but countless others.
Usage of the Second Magic allows Zelretch to traverse between all known dimensions without too much difficulty, but that is not the main use. Mainly, using Second Magic allows him to 'phase' between different realities freely, having complete knowledge about what awaits him on every other side he steps into. He can also forcefully rip others through these rifts with him, as long as he makes contact with them physicially.
This alone can make it very difficult to hit Zelretch with attacks, as he can phase into another reality to evade and step back into our known world. To strike a clear hit on him, one needs to either stay close enough to force the own way through the rift as well, or be faster than his perception, allowing to strike him before he can phase away. Still, it is a formidable defense, and underestimating it will cause a swift and painful defeat. Zelretch can also use this tactic to reposition himself and disappear from danger zones, only to re-appear elsewhere, by moving the distance in another world. He can potentially enter worlds with different definitions of time or flow of movement to reach incredible travel speed as well, and he can potentially speed around the globe in less than thirty seconds if he really tries to.
Said world-phasing is also a potent and dangerous weapon. He can in theory grab someone, drop them in an empty or hostile environment, and leave them behind IF he can move away from his victim. However, since said victim doesn't belong in that world, with enough time and strength, they'll find a way to force themselves out and into our reality again.
Phasing himself, others, or energy, however, is the very basic and most 'trivial' application of Kaleidoscope. Other than that, it also allows to twist the borders of realities and mix together different realities to cause miracle effects that are impossible to replicate with normal Magecraft or energy alone. Zelretch can even theoriticially take control over a reality by hmself, although our current reality is too filled with 'power' in the form of strong characters for him to do that. He can, however, easily take over realities without any sentient life in them, or barren wasteland realities.
This allows for Zelretch's main form of combat: he uses Kaleidoscope to influence another reality, and draws from that one into the normal one, creating attacks, defenses and whatever else he needs. While it has limits, these are theoritically only limited by his energy reserves and knowledge.
A possible, if boring, application would be to create energy off-world, and transport it in as a ray of energy, burst of fire, freezing cloud, or lightning strike. Stronger effects obviously need more time to prepare - summoning forth a meteor strike that is followed by speeding trains ramming into the target from all sides at once will take substantially longer to conjure up than, say, to simply zap the guy with a blast of old-fashioned lightning.
One of Zelretch's signature moves, and most feared ones, for another example, is 'Moon Crash', wherein he draws enough energy from other worlds to drag himself and his victim into another plane, where he crashes a speeding, gigantic celestial body into the enemy to turn them into dust and ashes in a cosmic storm.
Another more 'trivial' application is to infuse the energy of Kaleidoscope into Zelretch's own body. This allows him, although he exists only once in all worlds, and although he takes on the appearance of an old man, to fake a himself in his prime of youth - his physical prowess, endurance, strength and fearsome physique are a result of that.
A final interesting application of the Kaleidoscope is rather simple in concept, but tricky in execution - time-travel. By going into a world where time either flows faster, or goes backwards, and then phasing back, Zelretch is unbound by the laws of time - in theory. Time-travel is a lot harder to do in reality - he needs complete focus on it, the help of his Jewelled Sword and he might still misjump a couple of minutes. Or years. He can't change too much of the past - doing so would rip a hole in the time-stream, a rather unpleasant thing to do for himself and everyone involved. It does allow for his past self to enter current reality, though, and experience things here - it also means that the older Zelretch obviously knows of the youngers exploits, but not the other way around. They can even meet each other, but don't get along too well. To properly time-jump, Zelretch needs a 'point' in history that is easy to lock on to - for example, cataclysmic or world changing events, like the reveal of the spirit world to the humans, or the destruction of London, or the defeat of Aizen.

Other Magics: Zelretch obviously also knows other Magecraft abilities, since he wouldn't be known as Wizard Marshall otherwise. The other Magecrafts include:

Abyss Break (深淵休憩 Shin'en Kyūkei): An extremely powerful spell which employs the four main elements to attack the opponents. It can take the form of a beam, bullet, sphere, whip, or anything else the user can think of that might be useful.

Ritual Magic: A magic not suited for combat. This is the art of performing rituals, using various catalysts, to achieve long term effects, like enchanting an artifact. The cost of catalysts and energy is proportional to the effect one hopes to achieve. Trying to do the impossible will quickly over-exert the user and cause death.

Elemental Magecraft: Zelretch can call forth the four basic elements - fire, water, wind, earth - with the usage of energy, and control them with his mind and body.

Reinforcement: A simple, yet hard to master Magecraft, which inserts energy into the target to strengthen an object above natural ways. Even a sheet of paper can be as strong a steel if Reinforcement is used correctly. Even the own body or the body of another can be reinforced, but that is signifcantly harder to do, as the body rejects this energy like a poison. Executing the spell wrongly will destroy the object it is used on normally, making it difficult to properly optimize.

Projection: The art of calling forth an object from the users mind. However, since a human or Sugiura mind can usually never fully understand and comprehend an object, created constructs are generally weak imitations of the original, and disappear after at most a few hours. While considered useless in combat, it is quite useful to obtain hard to find catalysts for experiments and rituals, even if the quality is sub-par. Thanks to Zelretch's long experience with magic, his constructs are generally considered to be a lot stronger than usual, which allows him to use them as catalysts without losing much strength. Even so, he lacks internal blueprints to take full advantage of his craft.

Thought Projection: Zelretch can send a mirror image of himself to other places or even realities by combining it with Second Magic. This allows for long-distance communication, spying and distraction maneuvers.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg is an enigma of a man to be sure. His origin lies quite far in the past, although how far, nobody can say. His parents, as many ones for the first Sugiura, were both Shinigami, from what can be told today. Said father and mother were Shinigami before the Gotei 13, as it is known today, had been formed.
Also, his parents were two researchers on the boundaries between worlds. During these studies, his pregnant mother got into a freak accident between the boundaries of the worlds - while she was able to escape, it was only barely, and weakened her greatly - even more, she refused to ever talk about what she saw between the worlds. Shortly after Zelretch was born, she died, leaving him and his father alone.
In a young age, something weird manifested in Zelretch. His father, becoming depressive after what his research had done to his wife, became a rather violent man - but one day, as he tried to slap Zelretch for a minor misbehavior, his hand did not connect. Shocked, his father only saw empty space where the head of his son should've been - and soon afterwards, the rest disappeared as well, never to return to his father, who was now left with nothing. According to some sources, he took his own life soon after.

On that day, the Kaleidoscope awakened, the 'Second Magic' that had been granted to Zelretch as a fetus still. The power to traverse countless planes, to know what was behind the veil of each and every world. Although his age at this point is unknown, undoubtedly, this experience shaped Zelretch into quite a... weird person. His abilities were granted from beyond the veil, and as he travelled to these lands and many others, challenges had to be overcome in his path.
He met the beings that had nearly killed him as an unborn, and by looking through the different timelines, saw why he was special - no other version of him ever escaped, nobody else could wield the Second Magic - no second Zelretch existed in any universe. As a unique existance, he was also an inconsistency, so many residents of worlds a human cannot even imagine tried to eradicate him - forcing Zelretch to become stronger and stronger.
In one world, he met gemsmiths, who could mold gemstones into anything they desired. By studying their art, he created the first Mystic Code of known existance - the Jewelled Sword of Zelretch, embedded with his strength and power.

When he finally travelled our worlds again, he already had the appearance of a young, dashing man - black hair, wild red eyes, and a strength and vigor never seen in someone not a Shinigami before. Born a soul, he had no trouble going into the human world and interacting with them - he was a new type of life-form, an abomination by some standards, but apparently not malevolent.
Even still, he did not have any interest in spreading his knowledge out, and instead enjoyed traversing all worlds freely for himself, a lone wanderer by choice.
However, that was also the time when he found a certain dimension in our worldly line that intrigued him - the world we would later call the Sugiura Lands. An unknown calamity had razed this world and it's original inhabitants, the Guardian Beasts, but the former greatness of this world awed even Zelretch. As he became familiar with this world, and the living gods and legends still existant within it, they gave him a new name - 'Kishua', or 'Kishur', meaning 'World's Enigma'.

And not long after that, once more, this world suddenly had a change occur in it - as someone besides Zelretch entered the realm for the first time in ages. This person was none other than Shimura Sugiura, the first 'real' Sugiura - and intrigued by that, he introduced himself to this woman.

[center]"Zelretch. Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg. And you are, child?"

The following months, years and centuries were more than unusual for Zelretch, because for the first time, he felt 'at home'. That was maybe because finally, he was with his own kind - other Sugiura, who shared his understandings and trials. During this time, he apparently even had kids of his own, although many families of Magi today say that Zelretch is amongst their ancestors. Most are probably only speaking figuratively - as it seems unlikely for Zelretch to impregnate a few hundred women.
Still, something stopped him from fully involving himself with the Sugiura, and that was an old enemy of his, known as the Type-Moon. The origins of them being enemies is unknown, but it was apparently connected to some event in the past and Zelretch having a massive issue with Type-Moons attitude in general.

Said rivalry and hatred finally cummilated into a battle between Type-Moon and Zelretch at his prime. The battle was long and drawn out, shatting dimensions and entire small planets that Zelretch transported them to - but finally, after stopping the 'Moon Fall' with sheer strength, he managed to trap Type-Moon in another dimension and cursh him with the power of other celestial bodies, destroying the Type of the Moon.
After that devastating battle, Kishur was changed forever. Because of the stress from the fight, his appearance was warped to show signs of the life he had lived - aging into his current form from his prime, he did not lose his spirit or strength, but surely got a lot wiser, calmer and friendlier - and also weirder, just like one would expect from an old adventurer that settled down slightly. It should also be noted that he never actually disliked the True Ancestors his enemy created, and some rumors say he was a 'grandfather' to Arcueid, although the truth in these rumors is debatable and only few people know said truth.

After these events transpired, the changed, older Zelretch returned to the Sugiura. With the rise of other Magi across the lands, he became one of the driving forces of developing Magecraft and Magic across the land, and became one of the founding great ancestors of the Magic Association. As a sign of his changed, mellowed out ways, he gave Shimura a present - his first Mystic Code. Although he created a new one for himself later on, said Jewelled Sword is said to hold the wilder spirit of the true mage within it, making his own new version 'tamed'.
His influence over the magical world stayed strong, even to this day. The Magic Association still deals with 'homework' given by him generations past, and he has a watchful eye over both those with less and lots of talent. It is also known, however, that any student taken by him either leaves his training only days after, or is driven insane by the training he provides, and only few ever managed to keep up with it at all.

RP Sample: A city engulfed in madness - well, now that was a true beacon even through time and space. Many a galactic mystery could feel it existing at this specific point, on this specific date, like a big road sign on the path of time that read "Here is the way to Madness City!", in a language that only few could understand. Obviously, space and time are not really a small place - the chance for someone able to comprehend the signals to actually float by at the correct time was rather slim. Thankfully, for once, someone was searching for signals like these... A man that maybe hailed from earth, or maybe not, holding a crystal in one hand and a cane in the other. And with a smirk, that man surrounded by reflections of light floated right to where the intergalactic beacon was pointing...

So now it happened. Only a few meters away from the Magus of Miracles, the air suddenly... cracked. A sound as if a big rip would appear in paper, it instead occured free-floating in mid-air, as if someone had forgotten to finish creating space there... And the rift was expanding. Slowly opening upwards and downwards, the fabric of this reality was churned up - whatever was behind it, engulfed in a white light, could not be seen, until a vaguely human-shaped black shadow blocked part of it. Said shadow did a step forward, out of the rift and right into Madness City - and with a small snap and electric wavering sound, the portal fell shut behind him, disappearing into light, as if it had never even existed.
And the figure it left behind - the shadow - finally took on form. A rather tall person with slightly odd clothing, and a shimmering crystal sword in his left hand - with a twirl of his wrist, he then threw that shard into the air, and with a short blink of light, it was gone, disappeared just like the rift that had just produced this weird person, who had yet to actually notice the Magus. Leaning onto the cane in his right hand, the man then looked around up into the sky with a weird smirk.
"Ah, Madenise City! Known for fantastic technology keeping it going this far north, a lot of fantastic people, and... Well, this isn't quite what I imagined." The slight chuckle dried up as quickly as it had reached the weird person - his eyes that had just oogled the skyscrapers and other buildings seemingly gazed through the concrete now, as the screams and laughter echoed into his ears, and with a sigh, he turned around - only to finally notice the miracle worker infront of him. And then, with a single laughing noise, a bright smile returned to his face.
"Well, hello there!" A quick step forward, and the world-jumper stretched out his right hand towards the Magus - after switching over his cane to the other. "How nice to meet someone who has not yet inhaled too much of the air here! Honestly, I was hoping to reach the city on a point before the disaster, but we can't all be perfect, now can we? I'm the Second Mage, Zelretch - quite fantastic to meet you." Zelretch identified himself - while talking so fast that one could mean he had swallowed a motor over in his rifts. "I don't actually plan on staying for too long, but I thought I might as well introduce myself. Would be quite rude not to do that!"
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Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg [Approved 1-4 Magus]
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