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 Hasegawa Michiko [APPROVED [4-1]

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PostSubject: Hasegawa Michiko [APPROVED [4-1]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:40 pm

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name: Michiko Hasegawa
True Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: This girl, she frightens easily. Almost always scared of even the smallest of scary things in her life, Michiko spends a lot of her time cowering behind stronger people. She claims that, as long as she stands behind them, she will always be protected as the enemy will almost always go for the strongest first, in order to make the endgame the easiest for them. Usually, this is true. Possessing both an exceptionally intelligent and logical mind, one would think Michiko to be able to easily conquer her fears, but it doesn't seem that easy to her.

However, when she feels the greatest need to, she will always be the first to stand and fight. Even if she's been cowering in the face of an enemy, she will stand up and prepare her own battle tactics, especially ready to fight back whatever the cost. An avid player of strategy games, she views most fights that she gets into like chess. Each move she makes is seamlessly prepared for the next, and integrated into her overall strategy, the girl thinking one or two steps ahead every time. Of course, she's yet to properly put this into practice, but I'm sure it'll work EXACTLY as she thinks. Obviously.

General Appearance

Appearance: With her wide and timid blue eyes and the pale violet hair that's hung in a characteristic fashion, Michiko stands out in a crowd. Although she only stands at 162cm tall, her body is exceptionally slim and curvy, with a large pair of breasts sitting nicely upon her chest--the envy of a lot of her female classmates, but the occasional bane of her existence (especially when Fukanou is around). Though she rarely chooses to adorn herself with any more than the ribbons that she ties her hair with, she is occasionally seen with a few rings or some other types of jewellery.


Appearance Age: 18
Height: 162cm
Weight: Not telling~
Body Type: Curvaceous
Cup Size: 32D

Reishi Abilities

Type: Zhanlue
Abilities: Although Michiko comes from a long line of spiritual mediums, she did not completely receive the same powers as her family. Due to the interference by her mother while inside the womb, she cannot simply place spirits into her body to have them communicate with others in the real world. However, due to this interference, the long-hidden ability of the Hasegawa family was revealed and given to Michiko.

Known to the family as the "Tri-Seal Battle" technique, it allows for Michiko to be able to contract three spirits in battle. Each of these spirits can be any one that she chooses, no matter the power level, race or alignment. When they're contracted, they don't have to do anything else--they'll feel no drain, no gain, nothing except for a constant knowledge of Michiko's position--something they can easily ignore. Michiko, on the other hand, gains abilities, based upon who she contracts, and where she contracts them to. Contracts can be forced by lip-to-lip contact, but this is extremely embarrassing to do.

Upon her body are three symbols--usually invisible to the naked eye--that appear specifically when she uses her abilities. Each of these symbols gives Michiko different benefits when contracted to.


The "Body" seal is present upon the centre of Michiko's chest, between her breasts. When a target is contracted to this seal, Michiko's bodily makeup changes dramatically. This in turn allows her physical form to mimic that of the spirit's, including durability, speed and the like, scaled down into Michiko's form. As well as this, the weaknesses that it brings are included within, as well as any natural abilities that come with the body of the spirit.


The "Mind" seal is present upon Michiko's forehead, hidden by her hair. When she has contracted a spirit into this section, her mind is suddenly changed and enhanced, and she gets all of the benefits and drawbacks of the contracted spirit's mental capacity. As well as this, she gains any and all abilities based upon that character's mind.


The "Soul" seal is upon Michiko's stomach, where the Soul Sleep would sit on a Shinigami. When this is active and contracted, Michiko gains the spiritual abilities of the contracted soul, as well as the spiritual weaknesses. This can, to a lesser extent, also affect her body, but not as much as the body seal would.

Personality Modification: While Michiko has a spirit contracted, no matter to what seal she has contracted them to, she will change in personality, melding further and further towards the personality (or combined personalities) of her contractees.

Bleeding Effect: Michiko is able to hold a contract for more than one thread. If this thread count reaches five, then the powers will bleed through and become permanent fixtures on her body. This makes it possible for her to grow to have a great deal of abilities to use. Because contracted characters can force the contract away, this isn't always going to occur. The personality modification also stays, but to a lesser extent.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: For the past 700 years, the Hasegawa family of mediums have run a small temple in the outskirts of Tokyo City; a simple and traditional Japanese building among the slowly-growing and building modern-day Japan. With a powerful contracting ability passed down through the ages, they were sanctioned as a powerful and historic group of people. However, they never had any more power over spirits than to simply contract them for their stories, putting them into their bodies and allowing them to speak to the people of the real world. And, of course, there were those that did not believe, or those that did not agree with their methods. They came through all of it relatively unscathed, though there was always the risk of bringing forth a vengeful spirit, one that would try and take over the body of the female medium.

Unfortunately, this was to happen to Hasegawa Kanae, who was currently pregnant with her daughter. A custom for those mothers with daughters on the way, they would perform several readings while pregnant, in an effort to introduce the youth to spiritual energies while still growing. This way, they'd be able to better understand such things as they grew. However, this contracting was to go horribly wrong--the spirit decided that they didn't want to disappear quite so easily, and started an attempt to corrupt the spirit of Kanae. When the medium's defenses proved to be far too great, the spirit went after Michiko. However, in an attempt to save her daughter's soul, Kanae did something that is still completely unknown to this day. Somehow, however, she unlocked a latent trait of the Hasegawa family in her daughter, one that had been unneeded since the 1700s. Unfortunately, this proved too much for Kanae, whose defenses dropped to nil. Taking the opportunity, the spirit took over Kanae's body and made it its home. Without batting an eyelash, the other mediums of the family had bound Kanae, entrapping her with only food and water to sustain her until her daughter was born.

On the day of her daughter's birth, the still-entrapped Kanae was killed bloodlessly and buried. No chances; nothing--just an attempt to free this vengeful spirit from the world. Instead, Michiko was raised under the guidance of her grandmother, Pikan. Pikan was kind, wise and yet also very sheltering--she had discovered her daughter's trait, and tried to keep her from the outside world. Home schooled up until she was ready for High School, Michiko was taught to fear everything, since everything had the potential to kill her. Spirits were everywhere, and it was only a matter of time before one of them discovered her powers as a medium, and tried to use her in their own personal quest for vengeance. By the time she left for her first day at Karakura High, her powers had developed almost completely. Exposure to spirits over the next few years boosted it to its fullest level. It's unlikely that Michiko will be able to evolve. However, it's also unlikely that she'll ever need to.

Roleplay Sample: Obviously, someone had heard Michiko screaming, because she heard footsteps and a voice coming at her from the side. This girl who, right now, was completely powerless to do anything but cower could only watch as the girl she remembered as being named Serah ran at a speed that was far beyond that of humans. The girl landed right in front of Michiko, who yelped at such tactics and produced a pair of blades. Oh, they were Seele Schneiders--her grandmother had taught her of the Quincy... so if she was using Seele Schneiders, then that meant that she was a Quincy, right?! Right! That meant that she had powers, and to be honest, this girl looked rather strong. However, Michiko didn't have exactly enough time to consider the possibility of what had just occurred. "Hey, Hasegawa-chan! Get a grip, stay close to me!" She blinked and looked up, but then looked to the side at the other fast-approaching being.

"Friends and family comes first, including you and Serah." It was Akio, of all people. She blinked and swallowed slightly, before shaking her head quickly. What was she doing, what was she doing?! She was backed up against a gate with no way of fighting, she needed to get a way of fighting! But it was so embarrassing... "If you think we cannot stand a chance, say so and I'll carry you out of the trouble." Why was she so useless?! She had this ability, why wouldn't she use it? Just because she was scared of asking someone for a contract... "Everyone doing fine here?" Another voice--it was Zero this time. Swallowing back her bile, she slowly looked up and nodded meekly--yes, she was alright, to a point at the very least. However, if this lasted for any longer, she wouldn't be that alright. She'd most likely be dead if she continued to be this stubborn. Staring at the demons weakly from her position, she started to realize the direness of her situation. If she didn't do something soon, she'd only be dead weight. Dead weight was as good at helping a team as a few rocks on their ankles.

She stared through large violet eyes at the beings that surrounded her, helping her, defending her. "Any suggestions where we should go? My echos can only hold off for so long and we need more space ." It was now or never. Either choose to help yourself, or stay as dead weight. Slowly, but surely, the girl would raise herself up off of the ground. Carefully getting to her feet, she placed a soft hand onto Serah's shoulder. She seemed like the easiest to get assistance from... and frankly Michiko wasn't comfortable with doing this to guys yet. "Akio-kun, Zero-san, I am going to need about five seconds of protection. It's likely that Serah-san here will be... otherwise distracted..." There was something interesting about the kiss. Although it was possible to speak droves with the lips and vocal cords, there were times when what was to be said couldn't be said in such a simple and brutish way. Instead, there was the kiss. The pressing of lips in temporary passion was said to send messages between two people that could never be spoken. Although it was possible for Michiko to ask for a contract, she had neither the time nor the patience to do so right now. She had to force it. Closing her eyes for a moment, she swallowed slightly.

"Serah-san... I am going to need you to keep calm and I am really really sorry in advance." Quickly running a finger down the centre of her own chest in the valley between her own breasts, Michiko spoke a quick line of: "For the body, I contract thee as a donator." Placing a petite hand on Serah's chin, Michiko's face was instantly brought close and their lips touched. It wasn't a brief touch either, as Michiko let a slightly-passionate kiss play between the two girls for about five seconds. Although Serah may not have felt anything else occur, the now-blushing Michiko felt droves as she pulled away. The connection was created, and a link forged between them. That was all that they needed, as the symbol (unseen by most people) started to glow softly. Serah would feel a sudden link to Michiko, but nothing else.

Michiko, on the other hand, changed slightly by contracting Serah's Body. Her skin darkened a bare shade, and two white marks appeared on her cheeks. Her hair lightened, and her face showed signs of a confidence that was rarely-seen in Michiko's eyes. "I'll get rid of them, as soon as I'm done... Let's go!" Suddenly, Michiko disappeared with Hirenkyaku, reappearing above the group of demons with a far more confident smirk crossing her face. Without warning, in her left hand would form a blue-glowing bow. Due to the unique nature of Serah's Quincy Cross, Michiko would not be able to access a good majority of the powers associated, and could only form a generic bow for her own use--though it still held the same firing rate. That didn't matter too much, however, as there was no drop in effectiveness. Forming an arrow in her left hand, Michiko pulled back on the string and started to fire a small barrage of arrows downwards, piercing through many of the demons at once with screams escaping from the 'mouths' of the things. She aimed to at least attempt to clear something of a path, before using a reishi platform to stand in mid-air and watch. "I know what just happened seems weird, but we need to get a move on!" She was obviously serious.
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PostSubject: Re: Hasegawa Michiko [APPROVED [4-1]   Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:03 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Thanks to compound sentences, I can approve this.
Tier: 4-1


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Hasegawa Michiko [APPROVED [4-1]
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