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 And It Begins... [Closed]

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Humanity's Queen

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PostSubject: Re: And It Begins... [Closed]   Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:44 am

Kanna narrowed her eyes as Snopy caught up to her, moved faster, and then stopped when he was a decent distance in front of her. Although he didn't seem to be blocking her, which was good, she still stopped and stared at him. She raised her eyebrow when the compliment he had once given was instantly taken back and called an exaggeration. "Man this guy is fickle..." she thought to herself as she crossed her arms along her chest, "Can't tell whether it's cute or just annoying..." She stood there and listened to the rest of what he was saying. She actually liked the 'intrigued' way of describing his strange dedication towards her. It sounded much better than lies that called her a 'lovely woman'. Apparently he also liked the way she would so easily speak her mind, even if he didn't know that she really was just forcing all of this mean stuff out. Not many men would deal with such cruelty towards them, especially by a woman they were trying to get to know. Most would immediately push them off and deem them unworthy or a waste of time. Snopy, however, was still trying. He was making it obvious that his taste in women, and maybe people in general, was completely off the norm. She narrowed her eyes in irritation when he mentioned his attraction not being in her body, but in her brain. "Interesting..." she thought. She was about to talk when he continued with a "for the record". This actually took her aback. She blinked a few times, her eyes widened in slight shock. "Uh... We-... Hm..." Kanna shook her head, as to shake off what he had just said. She was completely unsure of how to react to that. They stood in silence while he waited for a response that she just did not have. When he finally spoke up again, he was backing his statements by questioning his own actions.

"Well then..." Kanna raised an eyebrow at him at a few of the words that he used. "You want to 'get me', huh? ... That isn't exactly the easiest way to woo a woman, ya know?" Kanna paused for only a moment, glancing him up and down with a look of her own intrigue on her face. Not only had he shocked her, but he had proven her wrong at most corners, at least she hoped. For all she knew, this could be a very good act of his. Well, she'll find out soon enough. "Alright then... First off, you aren't going to 'get me' that easily. I refuse to jump into a relationship again." she said with obvious reasons backing that sentence, "Secondly, no matter what you say, I know that every man goes for a woman with a decent appearance. If I was 300 pounds, had messed up hair, and dressed like a bum, I'm quite sure that you wouldn't be interested in me... In fact, you mighta just let me kill myself. Thirdly.... I have a question...." Kanna stared blankly at him for a moment when she realized something. Taking in a deep breath, she felt a little awkward, and it was showing rather obviously on her face. "Well... Um..." she said as she rubbed the back of her head, "Aren't you dead?"

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Re: And It Begins... [Closed]   Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:05 am

Kanna remained silent for most of Snopy's speech. Though his mentioning of not thinking she was a bitch, but acknowledging her bitchy behavior, shocked her a bit. Her head shook a bit shortly after she stumbled on her words a bit. When Kanna finally spoke up, she first mentioned his wording wasn't the most flattering. After a slight pause, accompanied by an up and down glance, she continued. Her first point now was that she wasn't going to jump into a relationship. Her second made point was that no man doesn't take appearance into consideration. The Vizard raised an eyebrow when she mentioned he may have let her kill herself if she had been unattractive. Finally, she went on to point number 3. She had trouble getting the words out, and the expression on her face kind of proved it. Finally, rubbing the back of her head, she asked him something that he had kind of expected. Wasn't he dead? For a living human being, the concept of being "with" a spirit would obviously be confusing. Snopy merely smiled.

Alright. One, I shall respect your wish. I wouldn't rush someone in a relationship anyway when they weren't yet comfortable with something. Two, you are half right. I would probably not be trying to go out with you so hard if you weren't pretty. It is simply the mind that makes me want you over someone of similar looks. Not to mention no matter how pretty someone is, if they are stupid or an airhead I won't be interested in the least. Three, well. Technically yes. Technically I possess no natural physical body as of yet. However, you will find spirits are fully capable of interacting with physical beings, not to mention every single body function still works. On top of that, I have my artificial physical body, which is constructed just as well as a human body. Every body part functions on that as well. Basically, you will find dating me, from a physical standpoint, no different than dating a regular human. Snopy stopped and waited for any responses or other questions she might want to add. Then he spoke up once more. If you are ready, we could go back to the res... It was at this moment that Snopy heard a ringing. One moment. He pulled out what looked like a cellphone and answered. Mhmm...I see. Wait, it did what to her? Well, looks like I'd better get out there. Alright, get her a medical evacuation. And tell those at the site, whatever they do, don't engage it directly. Keep it from killing anyone until I get there...yea, I'm on my way. Snopy hung up the phone looking device and sighed. I'm sorry, I have to go. A hollow is attacking near the river. One of my subordinates got done in pretty bad, if we don't act fast she could lose an arm. I need to get out there and kill it before it ends up hurting anyone else. Snopy began to run off before stopping for a moment. I don't have time to exchange numbers or anything. I know where you live, so if I want to contact you I'll just come to your apartment. I hope to see you again soon. With that Snopy Shunpo'd up and ran along one of the power lines before jumping onto a nearby building and vanishing over it. Today had been an interesting day, but who knows what would happen next. Perhaps he would see Kanna again, but for now, his mind was focused on not losing any lives to the hollow that already may have taken an arm.


"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox
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Humanity's Queen

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PostSubject: Re: And It Begins... [Closed]   Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:42 am


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PostSubject: Re: And It Begins... [Closed]   

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And It Begins... [Closed]
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