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 Ai Nakamura [APPROVED; 2-1+]

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PostSubject: Ai Nakamura [APPROVED; 2-1+]   Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:55 am

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name: Ai Nakamura
Gender: Female
Age Appearance: 17
True Age: 17
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115


Personality: Ai Nakamura is not a person who will back down from a challenge. She is naturally a daring girl and will do the most outrageous things to prove that she is good enough for anything and everything that comes her way. She does this because of how much she was constantly picked on as a kid. Having been excessively bullied through out her entire childhood and through most of her teenage years, she became sick of people looking down on her and treating her like she was lower than them. Because of the constant bullying, Ai has also developed a vengeful part of herself as well. If someone attempts to emotionally or physically harm her, constantly harasses, or makes fun of her over an extended period of time, Ai will not sit back and allow it to continue. She will warn and ask them to stop, but if it continues, she will sometimes cross the line and get her own revenge in a manner that may accidentally or purposely harm another. This vengeful trait of hers has been proven only once in her past, where she put a snake in a young boys locker, almost causing his death and getting her kicked out of school. Since then, Ai has tried her best not to get angry enough to do something like that ever again. The problem is, if Ai gets angry enough to exact revenge in a serious manner like this, she doesn't think. She gets an idea in her head and goes with it no matter what, especially when no one is there to talk her out of it. And because Ai doesn't have any friends, so far no one has been there to prevent an event such as the 'snake in the locker' incident.

Ever since her childhood, when she first discovered her natural affinity to all kinds of animals, Ai has developed a love and deep connection with them. Ai connects with animals in the same way that most humans connect with each other. She sees them as friends, finds safety with them, and protects them like one would a friend. Ai trusts animals more than she does humans because of the way they have treated her. Animals have talked to her, helped her, loved her and she did the same for them. Humans have insulted, abandoned, ignored, assaulted, humiliated, and embarrassed her. She sees most humans as unworthy liars with cruel intentions. She may prefer the company of animals, but she also does realize that animals also have certain natural instincts and thoughts. She too has come across bad and ill intentioned animals, the same way she has come across a few kind and honest humans. Her experience has just been more negative in the human side than it has with the animal side. Because of her love for animals, there are certain things that Ai doesn't like. For one, Ai absolutely despises hunters and poachers. She would sooner jump into the line of fire to save a lion than sit back and watch an innocent animal get killed for fun or a stupid game. Secondly, Ai also dislikes the zoo, aquariums, and all attractions that cage animals up so people can poke there noses up against the glass.

When interacting with humans, Ai has a problem coming out of her shell with people she's starting to get to know. Fact is, she has an easier time speaking to some stranger because she figures they won't be around after that. She will often seem stoic, anti-social, or shy when she does know someone. The shy only comes along when she decides that she might be able to trust a human and is trying to get to know them through conversation. If she has not decided they are able to be trusted, she will seem very cold and emotionless towards them. Ai is often very well mannered and calm. She speaks softly, but still where people can hear her. Ai has little habits that she has developed over time that can sort of show people what she is feeling once they get to know her. Firstly, when Ai is bored, she has a habit of knocking her heels together like Dorothy from  the Wizard of Oz. Secondly, when interested or curious about something, Ai's eyes actually widen and she'll tilt her head to the side. When she does this, at times she can look a little crazy, but she doesn't realize it and it is likely a habit she will one day have to break if she doesn't want to scare people away. Thirdly, when Ai is getting annoyed or irritated at something or someone, she can often be heard gritting her teeth. She grits her teeth when she is not wanting to let the person know she is irritated. Now, if she is annoyed enough to let them know she is getting annoyed/irritated with them, Ai will actually gap her mouth open a small amount and begin hissing like a snake would. Yes, it is a strange way for a human to show they're irritated, but that is the way she watched her old pet show he was agitated all the time and after a while she picked it up.

Although Ai is a nice person overall, she still has a few issues of her own that she needs to work out. For instance, she has the tendency to be "overly independent". She won't ask for help even in a situation that she desperately needs it. This can lead to her being hurt and getting killed if she isn't careful. Even though people have told her she should change that about herself and learn to accept others help, she is unsure how to change something that she doesn't think is wrong. She doesn't feel that being independent and wanting to do everything on her own is bad. Ai prefers to be independent and do things on her own because of abandonment and trust issues she has. She also doesn't realize that she has them, but it becomes obvious to people that get to know her. In her mind, animals were there when humans hurt her. Even with this, Ai does still have this want to find someone that does genuinely care about her well being. She looks around at all kind of people and sees them with one another as couples and longs for something like that. For someone to get to that with her, they would have to show a true care and determination to be around her. She won't make an effort until she *truly* knows that someone else is. This makes it hard for her to make friends and even harder for her to get into a relationship with anyone. Once she does get into that relationship/friendship, the person can truly count on her being loyal and actually like being around them. Ai doesn't really have a set attraction to anything when it comes to a partner. Having not really looked for a partner before, she's quite open minded. As long as they're loyal and show the determination to be with her, they'll be able to grab onto those heart strings of hers. It's up to them at that time not to let them go.

Note: Fan of Takane Shijou

Character Background:

Ai was poor from the day she was born. Her Father was a drunk and a gambler, spending most of the families money on his addictions instead of paying the bills and keeping food on the table. Ai's Mother was a loving and wonderful woman who held three jobs. She was a part-time waitress at a little cafe for 3 days a week, a bartender five nights a week, and a tutor over the weekends. Because of this, she was always busy, tired, and rarely was able to spend time with the daughter that she was doing all of this for. As a child, Ai did not understand the concept of money, like most children do not. She only wished to play with her Mother and Father, but neither of them seemed very interested in her. When Ai started school, everyone's parents knew exactly who her Father was and, like most children do, their kids picked up on the dislike of her Father and treated her badly. She was constantly picked on. During naptime, the other kids would put things in her hair. When they were supposed to fingerpaint, the other kids would dump paint of her clothes and hair. Some would push her down, others would laugh. She would cry and her mother would join her. There was nothing that either of them were able to do. Children were cruel, especially when they were able to get away with it.

Ai turned five and her Father was no where to be found. It was her birthday and her mother baked a cake and decorated it, even though she was exhausted. Ai was sad. "Where's Daddy?" she asked her Mother, "I want Daddy!" What daughter didn't want their Father? Her mother understood, but there was nothing that either of them could do. He was gone, literally. An hour later, when Ai had fallen asleep on the couch watching television, a policeman came to the door with news of her Father's death. Ai woke to see her mother become a woman that she didn't think existed. Her mother laughed. Ai was angry. "Daddy's dead and you're laughing?!" she yelled and screamed and cried. She hid in her room until the next morning. She left for school without saying bye to her mother. On the bus, she was greeted with more and more laughter of the cruel children she saw every day. Ai cried more. No one liked her and her Father was dead. What was a six year old going to do? She felt helpless and lonely. At school, Ai kept to herself. She sat in the field away from everyone as they played. There, she heard a noise, a meow. She turned to see a small white cat with it's collar stuck on a fence. She helped it get free and quickly handed it back to the owner, who was luckily on the other side of the fence. The owner took the cat and walked away.

"Thank you!" Ai heard. She turned back to the owner and waved, "You're welcome." Ai said politely, but the owner of the cat just turned to her with an eyebrow raise. "You're welcome for what? I didn't thank you girl. Head back to your class!" the owner said in a rude tone, evil and cold hearted. "But... I thought." Ai blinked a few times in confusion. Ai let it go and moved on. Life continued and she still was miserable. Children were coming up with new ways to pick on her. They got away with it all the time. The teacher did nothing to help her, and Ai even saw her laugh a few times. This only made Ai feel worse, but she wasn't going to deal with it anymore. The next day, when it was time to nap, Ai set up a small recording camera when no one was looking. She knew that today the kids planned on putting glue in her hair. When they tried she merely let them. When naptime was over, she told the teacher and the teacher did nothing. Ai purposely got loud and began yelling, pointing to the students that messed with her, and the teacher said, "Shut the fuck up and go to the corner." Ai merely smiled, turned away, grabbed the camera, turned it off, showed it to the teacher, and ran out of the classroom. A day later, the teacher was fired.

Life moved on, people still picked on her, but Ai was defending herself. At the age eleven and in her last first of Junior High, she was becoming tired of having to defend herself. She had no friends and was too afraid to tell the teachers what the students were doing. The pranks had become more elaborate and thought out. Someone dragged her backpack through mud. Another cut out a huge chunk of one side of her hair when she wasn't looking. To even it out, she cut the other side and braided it, pinning it behind her head as her own statement. "I'm not gonna let you get to me..." It worked. After a while, everyone got bored of the pranks and merely ignored her. She was shunned. On the final day of school, the graduating sixth grade class was being taken to the zoo. Ai was happy because she always wanted to go. Upon arrival, she immediately noticed a few of the students staring at her. She purposely stuck close to her teacher. As they entered the reptile house, there was a man there displaying how to handle some snakes. Once he was done, Ai went to get a closer look at them in their containers. A student saw this and took the chance to push her as hard as they could, causing her to fall and knock over multiple containers of poisonous snakes.

Ai froze in horror as she sat up and looked around to see who had pushed her. She narrowed her eyes when she saw that it was the same jerk who cut her hair. She heard a hiss and the anger was instantly replaced with fear. She turned to see a King Cobra raising it's body and seeming to want to strike at her, but for some reason it did not. With a horrified look on her face, she decided to try something she had once tried with a dog, unsure whether it would work on a snake. She slowly raised her hand to the snake and just held it there. The dog sniffed it. The snake hissed again, moving rapidly to the side of her hand and shooting forwards to strike at her, but stopped. Another snake came around to her feet. This one was bright green, beautiful but deadly. A Green Mamba. Ai was too frigthened to move. Others looked on at her in horror, waiting for the snakes to strike. Ai was like a statue. Suddenly she felt something touch her hand. She looked towards the Cobra and watched it slither into her palm, coil around her arm, and up to her shoulder, raising it's body to lay on her head. The Green Mamba coiled up her leg, then up her waist, up her torso, and then to her shoulder, coiling itself around her neck. "Why are you frightened?" she heard in her ear and then looked towards another snake she had not noticed, a copperhead. It crawled over her lap and stared up at her. Her eyes widened, "Did you just talk... to me...?"

It took a few more sentences and Ai taking a huge chance to get the snakes back into their containers without being bitten, but she was able to do it. Once done, she looked over to the boy that pushed her and then down to the cobra before she closed the lid. "Can you help me?" she whispered and the Cobra replied with a yes. Ai turned towards the boy and then to the rest who were watching. "I am sick and tired of you always messing with me. All of you. I did nothing to deserve the years of torment that you have given me and I am telling you now, I am done. You pushed me into these containers on purpose. Now... my revenge." She held out her arm and the cobra coiled around it as fast as it had the ability to strike. She held the snake forward and began walking rapidly towards the people who always picked on and harassed her. Everyone screamed and ran. The Cobra shot forward towards the boy and landed on his back, though he did not bite him. The boy screamed like a little girl and pushed the snake off. He was cornered quickly. Others watched as the snake just stood there hissing. "NOW CAN YOU LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!?" Ai said, sounding extremely desperate at this point. The boy nodded and Ai brought the snake back, thanking him and then went to put him away, but something made her stop. "How much?" she asked the man who owned the snake and he told her to take him. He explained that she has a gift she needed to practice and should use it wisely.

Ai spent years with that snake, three to be exact. She was now fourteen years old. From that day at the zoo, life went smoothly. She wasn't picked on anymore. She couldn't tell whether it was because they were scared of her or they just didn't care. She had a feeling it was fear. She didn't care. She liked it. Then the first dance came. She didn't go with anyone, nor did she have any friends to go with. As usual, she was alone, but she had gotten used to it by this time. She was sitting next to a table and happily serving drinks to people when suddenly a large container of syrup over her head. Everyone started laughing. The entire school was now mocking her and even the teachers couldn't help but laugh behind her back. Ai ran home, but she did not cry. Instead, she went home, cleaned up, went back to school a few hours later, and planted her snake in the boy that planned the entire things locker. She went home, slept, woke up the next day, hurried to school, got there early, and just waited. She stood there in the hallway, watching that locker. People walked passed, laughing at her. She ignored them. Soon, the boy showed up and pointed and laughed, calling her a few names. She merely smiled, though he could tell there was something behind that smile. He opened his locker and her snake shot out of it instantly biting his neck. He yelled and she walked over to him as he held his bleeding throat. She stood over him, her snake striking out from the locker and wrapping around her neck, both of them looking down to him with narrowed eyes, "Told you not to fuck with me."

Ai was instantly arrested, her snake was put down. Surprisingly, a few teachers did vouch for her, saying that he had constantly played cruel tricks on her since they were young and pushed others into doing it as well. Luckily for her, the boy did not die. Because of that, she was not put in jail, but was expelled from school. Upon the day of her expulsion, her mother had finally become fed up with everything that had gone on with her daughter. Ai constantly criticised her mother since childhood and that began to wear her mother down. Then Ai pulls a snake on a student at a school trip and some people tried to say she attempted to murder the boy. Then, she actually does attempt to murder the same boy. It was just too much. Ai refused to get a job for her own selfish reasons, so Ai's mother literally packed up and walked out of the door. Ai was left alone to fend for herself. Usually a mother would do their best to support their child and teach them why what they were doing was wrong, but for some reason Ai's mother didn't really even try. She knew this, but she didn't know why. Ai shrugged her mother's leaving off and just continued life watching TV. Two months later, she was kicked from the apartment for lack of rent after all of the other bills had not been paid. Ai truly had no care for any of this and moved somewhere she felt she might actually belong. At the age of fourteen, Ai moved very deep into the Karakura Forest and lived there and away from the humans who constantly made her feel horrible. While living in this condition, Ai was forced to survive in the way that her friends did. She came across a pack of wolves and befriended them quite easily. It is a lot easier to become friends with a pack of 'vicious' wild animals when you were actually able to speak to them. By surviving with these animals, Ai learned how to maneuver through the forest at high speeds, with great agility, and without making too much noise. Ai was pushed into becoming a killer to help her and her family of wolves survive.

At the same time, Ai developed an understanding, love, and passion for animals and the environment they lived in. Three years passed and Ai had definitely mastered the ways of the 'jungle girl', becoming a stealthy predator, able to move quickly and silently to take the kill without her prey ever realizing what had happened. It was sometime in the summer when everything was about to change for her again. Apparently some campers had caught a girl running through the forest along side a few wolves and reported it. Ai was caught off guard by a helicopter coming in and landing in a small clearing that she and her family of wolves were in. Instantly, Ai attempted to get away, but a sharp sting to the back of her neck prevented her from doing so. Suddenly everything wen blurry, then black, and her body fell to the floor unconcious. Ai awoke in a hospital with a familiar face standing over her. It was her mother. Ai jumped off of the hospital bed she was laying in and some how flew fifteen feet to the opposite side of the room without any effort at all. It shocked her mother, but with how long she had to survive out in the wilderness, it should have been obvious that a few things about her daughter were going to change. Her mother apologized for leaving her so long ago and explained that for the past two and a half years she had been looking for her. Ai of course did not believe her for. She didn't feel that she could trust her mother as far as she could throw her. Ai soon found out that what her mother said was true, but still hated her for it. Ai was forced to move back in with her mother and was told that she would soon have to go back to school as a Freshman, since that was the year she never completed. Although it was irritating, Ai didn't have a choice and is now waiting to figure out which school she was going to some how be enrolled in. She figured once they realized that she put a snake in another students locker, that they were not going to allow her in and she could return to her life in the forest like she actually wanted to.

Natural Abilities

Martial Artist: Because of her difficult and secluded past, Ai was not taught about regular/organized combat until she entered normal society. Ai doesn't have a set style and likely never will. Through her time alone in the forest, she was able to learn the limitations of her own body. She found out what she was able to do and how far she was able to push herself through the tough times she had surviving in the wilderness. Because of this, her movements can often be sporadic and unpredictable. She developed cat-like reflexes that allow her to move a lot faster than the average human being. Upon entering normal society again and discovering martial arts, Ai has taken a few classes and became more than advanced in the popular martial art of Taekwondo very quickly, concentrating on fast punches and kicks. After becoming satisfied with her skin in Taekwondo, Ai moved on to learning just a bit of Jujitsu, but decided it wasn't for her after a few weeks of training in it. Either way, Ai is definitely a force to be reckoned with when combining her unpredictable manner of fighting with the structured and powerful ways of Taekwondo.

Physical Ability: Ai is naturally a very active person, always on the move. She trains a lot and constantly pushes herself to the limit and even tries to pass what she already knows she can do. Because of this, Ai has an immense amount of strength that can sometimes marvel those around her. All of the strength she possesses is natural. She worked for it. She wasn't blessed with extreme strength from birth. Her power doesn't make her any stronger. As a human, her strength is fantastic. Ai has enough strength in her upper body alone to grab onto a pole and lift her body up and make it parallel to the floor, and all without any real effort. She has enough lower body strength to jump up to 20 feet from the roof of one building to another and land without injuring herself. Along with her natural strength, Ai is also an extremely flexible person. She can stretch, bend, and move her body a lot more than the average person, which can become a huge advantage for her if the situation were right. Ai's reflexes are also very, very good. A cup could start falling to the ground behind her and she'll naturally  raise her leg backwards and kick the cup right back into the air to catch it as if it was nothing and about three times as fast as a normal person would ever be able to.

Reishi Abilities

Type: Zhànlüè. Reishi From Within.
Appearance change: Depending on which animal Ai is emulating, she has the ability to change the colors of her eyes, grown her canine teeth, grow her nails, and maybe even grow a tail or wings.
Abilities: All of Ai's powers concentrate around her extremely high affinity for animals. She has a natural and powerful bond with all animals, including the fish in the sea. Ai's main and most cherished ability is the one that allows her to speak with every animal that she comes across and create a bond with them. The bond with each animal can be just as different as a bond a human has with another human. They can be acquaintances, friends, family, and enemies. Most animals are able to instantly pick up on Ai's kind and loving nature towards them, so there isn't always a problem between her and the animals she comes in contact with. Of course there are chances that an animal just doesn't like her, so she can be attacked if she isn't careful. Animals that become her friends and care about her, Ai has the ability to create a bond with them. These bonds are extremely powerful and can allow each of them to hear one another from large distances, such as the other side of a city. These bonds can also allow Ai to develop certain traits that the animals have and allow them to use them to her advantage. For example, if Ai was to bond with a cheetah, she would be able to harness the speed of the cheetah by using the bond to alter the manner in which her muscles work. It would allow her to move at the cheetah's speed for the same amount of time that a cheetah would be able to. If she were to bond with a hawk, she could harness the eyesight of the hawk to allow her to see in the same manner that he does. Ai is currently able to create five of these bonds. Each bond allows the communication between her and the animal that she bonded with, but she can only take on one trait of her choice from each. If the animal dies, the bond is released and she can no longer use the trait. She is able to use all five traits at once.

1) Kiokure - The Malayan Krait: Venom through bite. Though she does not take on the fangs of a snake, if Ai chooses to bite someone the same Venom that this snake would create would seep from her gums and into the wound of the person she has chosen to bite.





Pet List: Just because she has them, doesn't mean she's bonded with them!

1) Kiokure - Black and white malayan krait. Kiokure acts as a guardian for Ai. He's very protective over her and often clings to her by coiling himself around her body. There are times he'll even act as a belt, tickle her, oor wriggle himself around her arm. He looks out for Ai to the best of his abilities, often being the eyes behind her head.
2) Kuma - Fluffy red panda. Kuma is a fun loving, cuddly, playful cutie that Ai can't get enough of that. Kuma enjoys clinging to Ai and laying next to her in her bed. Kuma often likes exploring and sneaks out of the apartment or runs away from Ai when he sees something new. Of course, when he realizes he's run away, he hurries back and apologizes, knowing that Ai would be freaking out if she lost sight of him.


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PostSubject: Re: Ai Nakamura [APPROVED; 2-1+]   Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:37 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Asuna-san <3
Tier: 2-1+
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Ai Nakamura [APPROVED; 2-1+]
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