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 Tohno SHIKI / Roa [Approved 1-3]

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PostSubject: Tohno SHIKI / Roa [Approved 1-3]   Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:15 am

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Tohno SHIKI / Roa
True Age: SHIKI: 18, Roa: Unknown, millenia old
Gender: Male
Possessed Personality: SHIKI is a very twisted and sadistic individual. Thanks to being 'inverted', he had originally lost his mind, but after stealing some of Shikis life, he gained back his sanity at least a bit. While he may seem crazy and uncontrollable at first, he is actually very cunning and calm when he needs to be, playing his enemies against each other and sneaking up on victims in the darkest of nights.
Whenever something doesn't follow his plans, though, he gets angry very easily, often resulting in destructive rage-outbursts, thanks to his enhanced physical body. This can often nearly be compared to a kid becoming angry at things not going his way - just with way more devastating effects.
Thanks to being more 'Roa' than 'SHIKI', he is actually quite the gentleman whenever he wants to be, and can even act childish and nice - in a sadistic, creepy way. He loves to play with the emotions of people, to abuse them and destroy them, breaking humans with every possible tool. His ultimate goal is to resurrect his 'master', and for this goal, he has posessed a great deal of people over the times, from all races. Roa is undying, and so doesn't care for the health of his host. His influence also keeps SHIKI locked into his activated demon blood, the Branches of Sin.
As a side-effect of his eyes being incredibly sensible to light, he hates sunlight out of a simple reflex, often being seen only at night-time.
Since he is a natural born killer, he doesn't comprehend fear of death, or death itself, since Roa inside of him defies the logic of death and lives on each generation by switching bodies. This leads to rather reckless behaviour, but is also the reason why SHIKI never obtained the full Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Real Personality: SHIKI is an incredibly friendly and nice person, and almost always seen smiling. His bright, vibrant mood is one that he can easily spread amongst others, cheering them up no matter what, and making sure that nobody has to suffer from sadness or loneliness as long as he is near. That is not to say that he is insensitive, though - he can just as quickly discuss something in a serious manner whenever he needs to, and can stash away his cheerful nature for a much more serious and calm side of himself.
His happiness shouldn't distract from this serious side - he can be quite calculating and somewhat cold during these phases, and is not afraid to use the fear of his enemies against them - mostly for political enemies, that is. He uses resources effectively for the benefit of his friends and the demise of his opponents.
As a generally good person and friend, he will always try to save the weak and protect them, especially those connected to his family - to protect those he cares about from other Mixed Bloods is one of his duties that he never slacks off on. He is fully ready and able to kill anyone in his family should they invert and turn into monsters.

One will ask, how does this personality survive under the pressure of Roa above him? Quite simply, because of sheer willpower. He has gone insane and sane again multiple times throughout his lifetime under Roa's influence by this point, until he simply resigned himself to keeping his own person alive and swearing revenge against the ancient evil in SOME way.
Even though he could do nothing to prevent it, SHIKI feels incredibly guilty for the crimes Roa comitted in his body so far. He'll do anything in his power to make up for it, should he regain control over himself - and sometimes, can even break Roa's control to allow people to escape for him or warn them.
Which brings us to his major flaw - he always blames himself, takes blame from others, and will never accept NOT being at fault for something terrible near him that he could've possibly prevented. Not being able to help someone can give his personal strength a lot of blows, but his determination and will to better himself also increases further and further with it.

General Appearance

Branches of Sin:
Appearance Age: 18
Weight: Average

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

  • Blood Sense: Working much like an enhanced Reiatsu sense, SHIKI can tell if other Mixed Bloods are nearby, a special trait of the main Tohno branch, developed to allow them easier hunting of inverted individuals.
  • Battle Pragmatism: SHIKI never had any proper combat training, but he is resourceful. He prefers short-ranged bladed weapons to get in close and personal, overpowering with strength and split-second cunning rather than any elaborate planning. A reckless, but effective, way to be unpredictable.

Roa Abilities: Roa has one simple ability - he cannot die. If his host dies, or he himself is eradicated through normal means, then he will simply reincarnate into a new person and possess them at their moment of greatest weakness, which can take only days or multiple decades or even centuries and millenia to happen. He is patient and will always return - the only way to truly rid the world from him is to erase the 'concept' behind his immortality.
The concept is quite simple: He rewrote his Guardian Beast soul, so that whenever he dies and goes back to the Root of all Things, his soul retains structure and form, and enters the next chosen body for him.

Qi Abilities

Type: Jìnéng
Appearance change: While using his Qi powers, SHIKI's appearance turns into the white haired, red eyed 'vampire' he is known as currently, as Roa makes it impossible to deactivate the power.
Abilities: Tohno SHIKI is a mixed blood - in the easiest terms, it means that far down in his ancestry, his bloodline mixed with Guardian Beasts. While he is no GB himself - and could not become one through his powers - it does give him a different body and mind.
First of all is the 'inversion'. Someone with mixed blood will sometimes get urges and sudden rushes of emotions the direct opposite of their true feelings, and if they give in to those, 'invert', becoming a feral monster that uses their bestial powers to indiscriminitely kill and destroy. An inversion can also only happen partially, making one violent and restless for a time. If an inversion stops (which gets more unlikely each time it happens) the inverted individual loses all memory of it.

However, with the inversion comes the power. By nurishing the emotions of inverting, but not giving in, SHIKI can awaken his dormant blood and activate his powers - known as the Branches of Sin. Even without them, he is far superior to a normal human. Roa in his body, though, cannot utilize all of the Branches of Sin.

  • Superhuman Body: SHIKI is stronger, faster, more durable, and generally stronger than any normal human, even without activating his Branches of Sin.
  • Vampirism: Upon activating Branches of Sin, SHIKI turns into a vampire. A true vampire, in fact - he has supernatural charm that can woe people into fake security, obtains fangs to easier rip open a neck and drink blood. His hands also develop retractable claws, as well as his feet. This inverted body can enhance the muscles in the body temporarily, granting him a strength boost for a short amount of time. His vampiric body has constant changes on his physique, even while in human form: He has a LOT more blood in his body than any normal human. In fact, he has twenty liters in his body normally while 'full', but with some drawbacks: His body does not naturally produce blood. To do so, he has to drink the blood of others, which then causes his body to convert that blood for his own use. If he drinks too much, he'll throw up blood he cannot store within. His internal organs are changed to make room for the blood - for example, he has no liver or other organs to clean blood or liquids within the body, but his blood acts as a natural antibody to make him immune to mortal sicknesses. His blood type cannot be determined either. While he has a working stomach, he cannot eat as much as a normal person, and gains little to no nurishment from it - drinking blood also gives his body and soul strength. While in the vampiric form, though, SHIKI is vulnerable to sunlight, and can even burst into flames in it - but only natural sunlight counts, no sunlight created by powers or reflections. While the most openly visible use, absorbing blood isn't the real reason why SHIKI is a vampire - his body is unable to produce Qi naturally, but consumes it at a rapid rate, forcing him to gain it by drinking the 'essence of life', more commonly known as blood. Blood from blood bags thus is far less potent for restoring his power, but can keep him stable and alive.
  • Injection: By transmorgifying his blood, SHIKI can give another powered or even unpowered human a transfusion of Mixed Blood. This causes them to instantly become stronger for an entire thread, granting them limited control over their own blood to stop wounds from bleeding. However, it can also cause them to invert in a minor way. Infusing his blood can even kill weaker people or drive them completely insane, as Mixed Blood is a lot more 'potent' than normal blood. The blood doesn't work on Sugiura or Guardian Beasts at all.
    Multiple injections can make people addicted, and upon injecting four times, the person turns into a complete Mixed Blood - it won't have effect any longer, the addiction ends, but the person is now cursed with an inversion impulse and beast powers.
  • Mystic Eyes of Life Perception: SHIKIs eyes are quite similliar to those of Shiki - at least it looks like that for others, but they actually are complete opposites. SHIKI can see the 'life' of things, thanks to his near-death experience, as black lines travelling through each human or soul. When traced with a sharp object, like a knife or his own, claw-like fingernails, he saps away the 'life' of the person cut, causing them to slowly weaken down. This weakness will become greater and greater the more lines are traced, until they lead to the death of the attacked person.
    Those stronger than SHIKI can shrug off the effects with some time, those on or under his level take longer to recover from it. If someone is killed by the life-sapping cut of the knife, they will be cleanly cut along the lines, an unhealable wound that splatters quite a bit of blood.
    The last thing the eyes allow is to see the 'point' of life on someone, a point that usually resides in the heart or head of someone as a large, black dot for SHIKI. Stabbing the point of life will drastically affect the enemy, more so than being cut along the lines.
    Finally, SHIKI doesn't need to conceal his 'Mystic Eyes of Life Perception', since seeing life in humans, animals and souls is something the human brain can comprehend. As the downside, though, he is unable to affect the surrounding world by cutting it, and can't 'kill' what's not even alive for him in the first place. Plants, however, do have life, but focusing on cutting it will cause headaches for SHIKI not unlike those Shiki experiences when he uses his eyes.
    Another thing about the eyes is that, since everyone has them, SHIKI can fight in complete darkness by following the lines of whatever attacks him. This doesn't work for energy attacks, though, since those don't have 'life'. His eyes also obtain a blue shine to them while using them, and he can use them without activating his vampiric form.
    Finally, they have less of an effect on dead beings like Shinigami or Arrancar, as they have far more 'dead' energy in the form of Reiatsu, and not enough Qi to properly allow for his eyes to take effect.

Now on to the powers that Roa cannot use - control of blood, the second side to Branches of Sin. Being a 'vampire' is the predatory method to acquire the life he needs to use in combat - by controlling his own blood in amazing ways, SHIKI can fight to amazing potential. It is safe to say that his blood holds more of his soul and self than his body does! Here are the actual abilities realized by the power to control the own blood:

  • No Bleeding: If SHIKI gets cut, then his blood won't flow out. A bit might get lost from the quick swiping of a sword, but in the end, he can simply seal his wounds - and use that opening to attack with his blood. Without wounds, he cannot utilize his other powers, and will thus often cut open his palms with his claws, or other body parts he needs 'opened' to get a suitable weapon out.
  • Grasp Control: SHIKI has his soul directly connected to his blood, thus meaning that all of his blood is under his control - even when outside of his body, as long as the connection has not been lost for over 2 posts, allowing him to set traps.
  • Hardening and Flowing: SHIKI can harden out his blood to be tougher than steel, but still freely manipulate the shape - he can shoot spikes out of wounds, for example, or make blood flow into his hands to form a sword that can then change into a scythe.
  • Blood Construct Durability: To enhance durability, SHIKI modifies his blood constructs to not be out of solid and only blood - thus decreasing the amount of blood he needs, making his constructs more durable and also sharper if they are blades. The secret behind it is to encase air into it in a special way, forming the 'walls' of blood that encase the air pockets like a bee-hive, thus making it easier for them to collapse into one another and grow in strength exponentionally to block, before flowing back into original comb-like shape.
  • Infinity Duress: To use this, SHIKI needs wounds on arms/hands and his lower legs. Jumping his enemy, he shoots blood tendrils from all sides to block escape, before reforming them into curved comb-blades and slashing over two hundred times in a short amount of time, increasing a small area of extreme damage that even pulls in things near to it with the speeds.
  • Reconstruction: Should SHIKI recieve muscle damage or fracture bones, then he can manipulate his blood to mimic it perfectly, ignoring wounds like this. He can use this also to enhance his muscles temporarily, or twist his body in impossible ways, but all the usages of it cause intense pain over time.
  • Blood Bullet: By using miniscule amounts of blood, SHIKI fires out pistol bullet like shots from his hands by letting blood flow into them. He can shoot as fast as a modern machine gun if he has to, but using this too much can drain his blood supply.


These are the normal Branches of Sin - but there is one more, only accessible in times of extreme stress, when SHIKI desires to fight on but his body is broken too much or proves unuseable against the foe. It is an instictual move instead of a chosen one.
In using it, his entire soul shifts into his blood - and bursts out of the body. His body hangs between life and death during this time, but SHIKI turns into a living mass of blood, completely sentient and in control - he loses the ability to speak normally, but can simply form some of his blood body to imitate speaking like a human. He can split himself into up to five free-moving parts, and can still freely control himself. That is not to say that this blood mass can't be attacked - blunt damage is needed to do anything permanent, though, by throwing his blood into disarray and making it harder to control himself. Cutting weapons, while achieving this effect somewhat, are much more inefficient and do almost nothing against this blood entity.
Also, this blood form has one special move - a screech, loud and condensed enough to burst the ears of normal people, shatter glass or even concrete.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Roa's History:
SHIKI Tohno is the true son of Makihisa Tohno, and thus the heir to the Tohno family name. His line is one that has once, many centuries ago, mingled with demons - thus, they are mixed bloods. The main branch and leading family of the Tohno clan always had the duty to execute and exterminate those that gave in to their blood - including their predecesors, and only very rarely has a demon blooded ever died of a natural cause or managed to tame his inner evil.
Thus, he never recieved any real love in his family, at least from his father. His mother died shortly after his younger sister was born, and he became a caring and kind older brother, while always learning about the past of his clan. When he was five, he already understood his duty and that one day, he would have to kill his own father. Obviously, he tried to hide this from his sister - especially since it was quickly discovered that she had rather weak demonic blood, while SHIKI had a special 'boiling hot' demon blood that was even stronger than his fathers'.
Around the age of eight, though, SHIKI's life changed completely. His father eradicated the Nanaya clan almost completely - and adopted their son, Shiki Nanaya. Also, two females turned up at the same time, as 'servants' of the family. The other Shiki, while very reserved and frightened, quickly became like a younger brother to SHIKI, just he cared for him just as much as he cared for his sister - and also knew why his father had adopted him - so that he may slay SHIKI should he ever lose himself, as his demonic blood was slowly awakening. Of course, by that point, SHIKI did not yet know that his father had already started to invert himself partially... But still, the Tohno heir made a promise with his brother.
"When that time comes... Kill me, alright? Nanaya."

However, on that evening, he finally found out why the second of the two girls was never out with him, his sister and Shiki to play. The discovery was shocking and nearly drove him insane - his father abused the girl to keep his sanity. But without wasting time, SHIKI realized what he had to do - kill his father, and make it possible for the girl to forget these memories. He'd make sure that both of them could forever live happy with the Tohno clan, under his protection - and so he trained. Asked his uncle Kouma for tips, studied forbidden books, and awakened his blood further and further, not even sleeping anymore - knowing that each day lost was a day of torment for the girl.
Tragedy struck only when he was already able to engage his father, and planned to do so at night time. During the daytime of the fateful event, he was still faking the happy, clumsy and reckless older brother, when his blood fully erupted - and he fought it back successfully, like a true strong Tohno. Or so he thought... right until Roa erupted into his spirit.

The rest is history. In an attempt to protect the sister, Shiki jumped into the way of the inverted SHIKI - being mortally wounded in the process. Makihisa appeared almost instantly and struck down his son - but he survived by taking part of Shiki's life force, who in turn got some from the sister. Being imprisoned, Roa now also abused the girl - all while keeping his father in the illusion that he had merely inverted, and was slowly changing back. All just to torture the real SHIKI, who managed to overthrow the fake one a few times and at least let the girl escape sometimes without any cruelties. It was only recently, that he managed to escape from the prison - the old man was not careful enough, and Roa ripped his head off and drank the blood, strengthening him and breaking out. Now lurking the shadows of Karakura, he searches for everything that SHIKI ever loved, to destroy it all...
But deep inside of him, the real Tohno SHIKI is growing in strength every day, preparing for the right moment - to destroy both Roa and himself, and atone for his sins once and for all.

Memorable Quotes: "Your life... I'll take all of it!"
"I'll show you... the monster within me!"
"When that time comes, you'll kill me, right? Nanaya..."
"A lifetime of suffering and you still find ways to ruin my day. Good job."
"A life you suffered for is a life worth living to it's fullest!"

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PostSubject: Re: Tohno SHIKI / Roa [Approved 1-3]   Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:27 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: Looks fine to me.
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PostSubject: Re: Tohno SHIKI / Roa [Approved 1-3]   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:23 pm

Please archive.

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PostSubject: Re: Tohno SHIKI / Roa [Approved 1-3]   

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Tohno SHIKI / Roa [Approved 1-3]
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