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 Hinawa Kagami [Approved, 2-3+]

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PostSubject: Hinawa Kagami [Approved, 2-3+]   Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:02 pm

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name: Hinawa Kagami
True Name: Hinawa Nanaya
True Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Hinawa is a cold and bitter girl - she is as likely to talk to a stranger as she is to freeze them dead in their tracks. She always seems to know how to insult each and every person that meets her, judging on appearance and the bits and pieces about them she finds out. Some might even consider her the best person to go to for more creative insults. That's not to say she actively seeks out conflict, quite the opposite - Hinawa normally hates interacting with people, and will not go near them unless forced, and prefers to keep everything of herself hidden away inside her frozen heart.
Of course, that's not all there is to it. Hinawa doesn't like humanity - not one bit. Humanity never liked her, either, thanks to her being pretty much a natural enemy of mankind. Her 'evolution' of spiritual strength is based on the coldness inside of the human heart, and her desire to hurt or to kill is actually what keeps it strong. Another one of the main things she hates is warmth - especially the warmth of the sun. She hates it, since even slight increases cause fevers to her, and these fevers easily reveal the deeper parts of her character. There's one exception, where she will even accept the 'fever', although she'll still get embarassed about it - and that is the 'warmth' of the few people she likes to a great degree, and won't mind the 'warmth' of the one she loves at all.
The inside of her head is actually quite the mess of feelings. Besides the obvious grief everyone would feel about humanity hating her out of fear, she also feels that killing and murder are in fact very exciting and interesting things to her, no matter the method used - she is fascinated by murders in a quite twisted way, and while maybe seeming shocked at first, she is only hiding her guilty pleasure of them. This is mainly fuelled by her blood as a Nanaya, a natural-born assassin like her can't completely hate killing.
The other parts of her... are actually still a human girl. While she does not feel any guilt for killing and acts normally considered 'evil', she in facts is not a maniac, and only kills to preserve her own life, at least at humans. Hollows are another topic in that regard. It takes a bit for her to actually trust someone, but is more likely to do so for people similliar to her in their state of mind or nature. Once she takes a liking to someone, she can be protective, kind, and even sweet, but the last two only rarely, hidden or under the influence of a 'fever rush' that she can sometimes get when her emotions boil over and slightly heat her body up.
To thaw her heart out is no easy task - but the one to succeed will have someone by their side that both knows gratitude and kindness on more levels than you'd imagine.

General Appearance

Appearance Age: 16-17
Height: Rather short
Weight: Lightweight

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

  • Killing Instinct: Hinawa knows where the vital spots of every race are, without thinking about it or even considering it. All of her attacks are thus normally aimed at those spots directly, especially organs, pressure points and joints are an easy target for her through this.
  • Danger Sense: Developed through living on her own, Hinawa always feels trouble and enemies coming beforehand, even if they are normally stealthed. This sense doesn't rely on actually feeling Reiatsu or Qi, making it much harder to trick out.
  • Knife Nut: The prefered weapon of Hinawa is a short blade, preferably no longer than a dagger. She's especially fond of throwing weapons in small sizes. She does know how to wield longer blades, though, and can handle short spears as well, as long as they're made for throwing instead of actual combat. She's the most dangerous in the closest possible range, or in mid-range where her thrown weapons have insane accuracy.
  • Detect Evil: Through her extensive knowledge of the human mind, Hinawa is able to 'feel' the evil around a person even if they do not radiate negativity directly. A good actor can trick out this sensing ability.
  • Silent Steps: Hinawa can move like a shadow, making no sounds at all if required, to sneak up on a target.

Reishi Abilities

Type: Zhànlüè
Appearance change: Hinawa's eyes are colored blue permanently, they only return to their original red if her power runs out nearly completely, or when she uses Cambio.
Abilities: Hinawa has a rather odd Reiatsu-type. Instead of using it directly to attack, it has two natural components to it - to 'take in' negativity, and to 'expell' negativity in the emotional spectrum around herself. The full extend of this ability would be impossible to properly use, and thanks to her early experiences during childhood, Hinawa instinctively takes in the 'coldness of the human heart' around her, and expells it constantly, effectively turning this ability into 'control over ice'. Thanks to her internal Reiatsu 'freezing over' thanks to the negativity, even her body changes slightly, making her seem inhuman and monstrous in some regards, while her DNA and being are actually purely human.

  • Eishand: The simple form of 'expelling' the coldness. A constant stream of frozen energy is released from Hinawa's hands, and while the amount is usually so low that it can barely be seen, during combat, a visible white glow surrounds her hands. This power can never be turned 'off' fully, leading to Hinawa constantly leaking some energy, which makes the air around her slightly colder. This usually causes discomfort in normal humans around her. These hands are incredibly dangerous to unpowered humans, though - the icy aura will attack them without Hinawa's will needed, and freeze them over in hard, spiritual ice almost instantly, which can easily kill an unpowered human. On powered beings, a grab by Hinawa can still enable her to encase part of their body in quickly spreaking ice from her palms. Mainly though, this ability can allow her to 'focus' and create weapons from ice (detailed below) or shields.  One single exception exists for her hands 'hurting' people - those that she holds dear in her heart will still feel 'cold' when touched by it, but all the negative effects of coldness - freezing, unfomortable feelings, pain, etc, will be nulled, making her feel 'cold', but not hurting anyone. This makes no sense on a physical level, but her powers overwrite the laws of physics in that regard.
  • Eiskalte Jungfrau: Another passive ability, this is some sort of measure for Hinawas powers... because her body starts to cool down degrees as she grows in powers. That means in RPG-terms: Every tier, her body temperature drops 2 degrees. So: in Tier 5, her body temperature would be 33° Celcius, while Tier 4 would have 31° Celcius left, and so on. This has no negative effect on her bodily functions, but it makes her harder to detect using heat-detecting stuff. Hinawa also becomes more vulnerable to fire through this, though. This ability is nulled whenever Hinawa gets into a 'fever' rush, which can be induced through being embarassed, aroused, or greatly agitated (outside of combat). Whenever her temperature goes up to normal human levels - or above - without a 'fever rush', then that usually is a sign of her fading energy, and can be quite dangerous, as her body is used to being way colder than a normal human one. Having an actual fever could potentially kill Hinawa.
  • Kalte Augen: Hinawa's energy extends into her eyes as well. Her 'Mystic Eyes' are constantly active as long as she has power for it. An intense stare from Hinawa, which can only be tuly used while she is either standing still or walking slowly, will send out psychic waves into the brain of the enemy - the incredibly inhuman eyes and freezing stare will infuse weak willed individuals with rampant fear, and stronger ones will feel uneasy and distracted. If the stare is not interrupted quickly enough, the victim can be frozen in place, their mind slowing down to a crawl.
  • Eislauf: This is Hinawas equalivent to Shunpo or Sonido. Collecting Ice Reiatsu under her feet, she can freeze the air and stand on it, also creating small parts directly infront of the feet, and rush over them, creating more directly infront - basicially making her slide through the air or over the ground at high speeds. She does NOT disappear for short moments, however, and is clearly visible during use, given that the watchers eyes react fast enough. The movements while doing this are very smooth, controlled and beautiful.
  • Eisklinge: Hinawa is able to produce small knives, sharp icicles or even katana-length swords out of solid, razor-sharp ice in her hands. She can fling the smaller blades like throwing knives if need be, and can fight with surprising skill with any kind of length for the blades. Thanks to her inert knowledge of blades, throwing stars and kunai are not above her ability to create. The blades are razor sharp, but thanks to being made out of ice, quite fragile if not made thicker to compensate for that.
  • Letzter Kuss: Maybe the most horrible attack Hinawa can use. Kissing her victim on the lips, he gets infused with the biggest amount of Ice Reiatsu possible, almost a certain death. While actually being quite quick, for the one kissed the death is slow and horrible, starting to loose all feeling for the own body before finally falling into the icy embrace of death.
    it's almost impossible to resist this kind of attack. However, Hinawa needs to be certain in her resolve to kill without mercy. A kiss for someone who she actually cares about would be harmless.
  • Gefrorene Faust: When fighting without producing a weapon, Hinawa can case her hands and feet in ice to increase punching and kicking power.
  • Erwachen: A state that is only activated rarely, as it can't be controlled by Hinawa conciously. Whenever she is in an extremely great peril, recieves a large emotional shock or is simply overwhelmed by her overboiling feelings, she 'awakens', entering a new state similliar to the Shikai of a Shinigami, but different from her Eisaura. Afterwards, her memory is often blurred out, to the point where she can't really remember her own actions most of the time.
    While awakened, Hinawas ice-powers around the hands seem to actually disappear for the time being. Two crystal-like, small wings sprout from her back, while her eyes start to shine in an unnatural, light blue. A bunch of sharp ice-crystals, called 'diamond shards', start to float around her - on a flick of the wrist or a simple thought, she can direct the crystals to act like a swarm of flying razor knives that return to her, use them to make a shield around herself, or even make some of them mold together into her usual fighting weapons.
    Furthermore, should she place her hand on something solid, she'll be able to instantly reactivate her freezing powers and send out a 'wave' of ice to snap-freeze whatever she is touching inside of an icicle. The sprouting of this icicle looks quite similliar to a flower blooming.
    The stronger Hinawa gets over time, the more icicles she'll be able to control, and the diamond shards get harder, faster and easier to control, meaning more accuracy and less blind stabbing/slashing later on.
  • Cambio - Engel aus Eis: Entered whenever her mind is pushed beyond it's limits. At first, Cambio-Form resembles Awakening - in fact, it's the exact same at first, and has the exact same power-set. The difference is how it is activated, because it only works if Hinawa has nearly no spiritual energy left, AND her emotions boil over, and is thus an enhanced Awakening. She instantly releases all the last reserves of her body when changing into that and transforms them into spiritual energy, which can be seen as a 'Second Wind' type of ability that can restore up to half of her Reiatsu instantly, but comes at the cost of rendering her near-death afterwards thanks to her body overheating.
    Also, she starts to absorb the humidity of the air in large amounts to transform into ice - at any given time, Hinawa can call the diamond shards around herself, and 'fuse' with them. They generate an armor around her arms, complete with blades attached to the under-sides of them, blades of varying sizes for her hands, encasings of sharp ice around her feet, and even something that looks similliar to an ice tiara. As Hinawa gathers more water from the atmosphere, this natural armor can grow up to encasing her completely like a frozen shell that can take quite a lot of punishment, turning a Fragile Speedster into a Lightning Bruiser. She loses her ablity to snap-freeze something with a touch of her hand while she has the armor on, though. At any given time, the armor can be told to scatter, and turn back into even more diamond shards.
    Needless to say - THIS is Hinawas form of Bankai.
  • Soleil: The actual main ability her Reiatsu posesses brought out again is called 'Soleil', the ability to absorb negativity and evil directly into herself. Useable only on someone who has been 'corrupted' by something, Hinawa touches their body with her own hands - and instead of freezing, will 'pull out' the corruption and take it into her own body. Doing that is incredibly harmful to herself, and will create 'black spots' on her skin. If her entire body turns black, she will turn cold and dead within seconds. The corruption that Hinawa absorbs is unable to affect her as actual corruption, but takes a long time to disperse.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Hinawa was born as Hinawa Nanaya, a clan of hollow hunters - strong assassins and murderers, an incestous and secretive clan. However, her whole clan had been whiped out when she was still a kid, and she doesn't remember much, if anything, about that time, or her parents. However, the killer instinct and techniques to quickly end a life are still embedded into her soul. Being the daughter of Nanaya Kiri and another female clan member known only as 'Eis', she barely knew her father.
During the attack on her clan, the monstrous Red Vermillion that fought for the treacherous Tohno clan found both her mother and her - dispatching Eis without even stopping his charge once, Hinawa herself got stabbed right through, where a scar still remains slightly underneath her throat. The wound left her for dead, as no human, Nanaya or not, should be able to survive such an attack - especially since the spiritual power of the girl had not yet awakened, leaving her only with imperfect assassin skills. Or so it seemed at first.
The shock of seeing her mother die, and feeling endless pain through her chest, jumpstarted Hinawa's abilites just as she was lying there and presumably near death. Taking in the 'negativity' of 'treachery, murder and pain', her Reiatsu managed to clog up the gaping hole in her body until she was found the day afterwards - thankfully, she and her mother had been killed a slight distance away from the massacre, not giving anyone reason to link her directly to the Nanaya clan, as she would've been killed had they found out for sure. Being brought into the hospital as a victim of violent assault and now, orphan, it took Hinawa almost an entire year to recover from the wound, even with her resonating spiritual energy growing.

While in the hospital, Hinawa nearly lost all of her childhood memories from her clan, until even her true name fled from her mind. Only the songs and a single 'brother' remained inside of her. Furthermore, as she was now an orphan without any financial aid, her care was paid for by the state, and obviously, the pay wasn't quite as high as the hospital would've liked - the care given to this girl was thus very distant and cold, even neglectful, and she would've probably died from the wound had it not been for her growing spiritual energy accelerating the natural healing process of her body. This 'coldness of the human heart' slowly began to seethe into her mind, and the formerly up-beat and friendly girl turned cold both inside and outside, an introverted, traumatized and 'weird' girl.
Upon healing from the injury, Hinawa was placed in an orphanage. The third world war had not been over for too long - humans with supernatural abilities were still feared by many, and rumored to still get experimented upon. Thanks to the rumors about a weird 'energy' surrounding Hinawa, she was an outsider even amongst orphans, but that fit her - as long as nobody talked to her, she was able to just live quietly, without anyone interrupting her and forcing her to remember anything, or think about anything but the current day. This was not to last, however...

Because at one point, the 'coldness' overtook her internal Reiatsu, and 'froze' it. Besides nearly immedeatly changing her body around and causing a sudden shock of pain in her in the middle of a normal day, her body began to constantly 'expell' frozen energy - as the caretaker trying to help her back onto her feet found out. Being frozen into a human popsickle within seconds, Hinawa passed out right after killing her first normal human.
Upon waking up, her heightened hearing picked up people talking outside of the makeshift cell she had been kept inside - talk about bringing her to 'that place' and to 'take care' of her power. The ominous nature of that talk scared Hinawa greatly, and without thinking much, she focused her newly found ice powers - and broke through the wall of her cell, running away.

Living on her own was tough, especially while people were still chasing after her. Only half a year later, she had been declared dead, however - and ever since then, she has been doing the only thing she knew how to do - to stay alive, and to not think about anything. To just 'exist'... Until now, when the meeting with an unexpected boy, an airhead and their cat was to change her life for better or worse.

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PostSubject: Re: Hinawa Kagami [Approved, 2-3+]   Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:16 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [o]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [o]

Comments/Notes:Tohno: Aw shiggity.
Tier:Approved, 2-3+

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Hinawa Kagami [Approved, 2-3+]
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