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 Setsudan Yoryo [APPROVED, 0-5-]

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PostSubject: Setsudan Yoryo [APPROVED, 0-5-]   Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:52 pm

"Without flowing wine/How to enjoy lovely/Cherry blossoms?"

Name: Setsudan Yoryo
True Age: 289
Gender: Male

Personality: Setsudan is a man without luck. In fact, his misfortune is almost peerless in terms of everyday life. If there were three possibilities that could randomly happen to this man, the worst would always occur, since the world just seems to hate him like that. However, Setsudan takes this lifestyle with a pinch of salt, and instead of cursing his bad luck in life, he'll just say "Oh, it was bound to happen", laugh, and continue. He hopes that, by doing this, he'll be able to force this luck to run out, and go back into having good luck. Of course, it's been about one hundred years since he received this curse, so, you know... it's not working as of yet. But he'll still look at it and laugh at the mistakes that he's made, because that's how he is.

If one were to understand him, they would realize that he was actually one of the "nice" guys, despite his own problems in life that come with his luck. He'll be generally friendly, and give a kind word to those who appreciate and deserve it. His face is often turned up into a smile, and he doesn't let anything get him down. That said, there is that one little thing that worries him. Nothing major. Nothing too... good, yet bad either. He's blatantly ignorant of people's suffering. He can't seem to realize when people are feeling pain around him, and therefore can seem cold and angry towards people with that sort of feeling. It's not that he doesn't care... it's just that he doesn't understand. You need to tell him that you're in pain, or he'll never realize it...

He's no idiot though. Don't get me wrong. Just because he's ignorant doesn't mean that he's stupid. He's relatively intelligent, in fact. A bit of a scholar, one could say, but in different fashions. His knowledge extends to the knowing of swords and their functions, as opposed to being "book" smart. Give him a math problem, and he'll be stumped for hours. Give him a sword, and within thirty seconds he'll have told you it's maker, function and material. That's just how he is...

General Appearance



Appearance Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 78kg

Natural  Abilities


The blade is approximately 150 cm long.

Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Tear, Dairiseki-kan.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Sasaki Kojiro
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:


Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: He is a swordsman, in a nutshell. A serious man, and one always deep in thought about life and it's small qualms. He seems to dislike being trapped in this sword, and as such, complains about it frequently, voicing his opinions when he can. Unlike most Zanpakutō spirits, who seem more than happy to give up their secrets to their wielders, Sasaki is more likely to turn around and tell Setsudan to work it out himself, in an effort to get the man to actually work for what he deserves to earn. So much he is like this, that he will occasionally hold back Setsudan in battle, trying his hardest to get the man to work out exactly what he needs to do, with just his blade. Sasaki does this, because he wishes for Setsudan to earn his place as a true sword master, instead of just a man with a powerful Zanpakutō.

In other matters, one does not talk to Sasaki. Because Sasaki doesn't understand them. Having been just a swordsman all his life, he doesn't understand modern life, and so when he's taken over Setsudan's body, it can occasionally be quite the culture shock for the man. In fact, if he's not in battle, he's very likely to turn and attempt to learn as much as he can about this world. If he hasn't taken over, he'll frequently ask questions from the sword, and it can get rather irritating on Setsudan's end, especially because anybody in earshot can hear the sword speaking.

Zanpakutō Spirit's World: In line with it's unusual circumstances, Dairiseki-kan has no inner world. Because it is the spirit trapped within the very sword itself, instead of going into the world to converse with Sasaki Kojiro, Sasaki can choose to initiate conversation at any point in time. Sadly, this is audible to any spiritual being within earshot.

Zanpakutō Spirit History: It never originally went by the name Dairiseki-kan. It doesn't know why it goes by that name now. Monohoshizao. That was the name it used to go by, the one that it remembers clearly. In fact, it remembers that so well, it wonders why it is now known as this name. Could it be because of that Shinigami it fused with? It holds every possibility that it could be. It requires to test this more, it seems. The addition of the Hollow made things interesting, screwed with it's understanding of the world even more. It has always been the same weapon, yet a different kind of one. Maybe it does not understand, because it is not truly there. In fact, that may be the truth of the matter.

You were never this "Zanpakutō", were you? That name was only given to you when you became this weapon. Because the name of the legend doesn't live on, unless it lives on in his weapon. You were Sasaki Kojiro once, at least that was the name you'd been given by your mother and father. Throughout your life, you developed yourself with the sword, creating tales about the strength of your sword-style, even if you never intended to. You were but a normal human, too. No energy of the spirit, nothing of the kind. But stories... they generate something within others. Humans, when they pass, are usually sent away to the place known as Soul Society. You wished to go there are well, but couldn't bear to part with that blade... and so something happened, that you didn't expect. Unlike humans who are usually attached to places, you didn't become a Hollow. You became a Heroic Spirit. Something that could be seen as "great". So you entered your own sword, and made yourself comfortable. If you could see yourself, you would realize that things would never be the same.

As it seems, weapons with spirits are called this "Zanpakutō" term, and you were always much the same. So to be of any use, you needed to find a wielder, didn't you? But... you didn't like the idea of someone else wielding your sword. So when this man finally received you as his Zanpakutō, you immediately did something that no Zanpakutō should do. This man who had named himself Setsudan as he picked you up was your victim. It took a hundred years of training, at first. In order to learn your name. You wanted to give it the name Monohoshizao, but it was a different name, for some reason. Dairiseki-ken. You didn't like this, and so when he spoke your name, you reacted in a hurry, forcing yourself out of the blade and into his body. You possessed him. You took control of his body, and shifted the man's appearance to be something completely new, and in your likeness. But when you resealed the sword... you went back. It confused you. However, you understood that it would always be the same, now. He would have his own way until he released the sword, and you would work together with him in unison when he released the sword.


Shikai: Daireiseki-Kan
Shikai Appearance: Neither Setsudan, nor his Zanpakutō change majorly in appearance when transitioning from Sealed to Shikai. The only difference is that his Zanpakutō vanishes.
Shikai Abilities:

Kagayaku Tsubasa-sho/Shimmering Blade Form: Setsudan automatically enters this form whenever he activates Shikai, as it is both the most versatile, and the weakest physically; therefore the one that uses the least amount of energy to maintain. When standing in this form, the space around the blade is constantly shimmering from distortion of the space in it's area. However, it is not only space which is being distorted, but the light that streams through the space. Because of this, the light is then bent around Setsudan's Zanpakutō, making the extremely long blade invisible to the naked eye. This disallows for proper range understanding, and makes general fighting difficult for the opponents.

Tech: Hikaru/Shimmer: The general technique of Kagayaki, this will always occur while Setsudan is fighting in this form. With each swing of the blade, the sword leaves behind a trail of shimmering light. This "light" is not true light, however it is the distortions in space that have been caused by the blade's form. This distortion seems harmless, however it is far from it. This distortion changes the space behind the blade into a vacuum space, which then acts as if there are a hundred blades in this trail. If an individual was to be hit by this distortion in space, they would feel as if a hundred blades were cutting them at once. These blades are about a tenth the cutting strength of the usual Zanpakutō itself, and dissipate after the next slash has occurred. Because of this, it allows for one to see where the blade has been, and can give "some" insight into the blade's range.

Tsubasa-sho o Funsai/Shattering Blade Form: Setsudan can enter this form at any time while within the confines of his Shikai. When he chooses to enter the Funsai form, he will hold his Zanpakutō out to the side, and "cracks" in space will appear down the length of the blade. The drain of this ability is slightly higher than Kagayaku to maintain, but not as much as Yugameru. While in this form, the Zanpakutō will be constantly having space shattered around it, therefore making it appear to be weaker than it actually is, as well as keeping a very irregular, yet still straight, shape.

Tech: Gyōshuku Suru/Condense: The only technique of Funsai allows him to condense the very nature of space beneath his blade as he strikes, so when the blade hits the target, the space itself will shatter beneath the force of the blade. This increases the amount of damage caused from the attack. This will occur under all attacks, however if the attack doesn't hit anything, then the pressure will just be released. Conversely, if the pressure collides with just a normal object, it will still shatter the condensed space violently.

Yugameru Tsubasa-sho/Distorting Blade Form: The third and final form of his Shikai; again available to be activated at any time, this one has the greatest energy drain, due to the nature of it's form. When used, the distortion of space around the blade isn't just weak, it is massive, causing non-spiritual shapes around the blade to distort while under it's influence, but retaining it's original shape when the blade is moved away. The blade itself doesn't change appearance in this form, retaining the usual shape of a blade.

Techs: Kyokusen/Curve: The general technique of Yugameru, this will always occur as Setsudan uses this form. When it occurs, it creates a strangely divine miracle, distorting not only the space, but the physics around the blade and allowing Setsudan to turn the extremely unwieldy sword itself at impossible angles, even if he misses with his attacks.

Hiken: Tsubame Gaeshi/Concealed Sword: Swallow Return: This is the only actual active technique that Setsudan can use actively in his Shikai, allowing him to execute a special attack that his Zanpakutō spirit, Sasaki Kojiro, created. It is the fabled technique of the legendary swordsman, who was said to be able to cut down a swallow in mid-flight. It is a technique where three concurrent arching blades close on the enemy from all sides to create a prison, allowing no chance for defense or evasion. While he downplays it as simply successive slashes, it is actually bending the laws of physics to multiply its existence momentarily. If one of the slashes is blocked, the other two will hit. Due to the close range, if the opponent attempts to retreat, the longsword will quickly cut them down. Setsudan normally fights on higher ground to have an advantage over his opponents, but Tsubame Gaeshi requires a level foundation in order for it to be perfectly executed. If he lacks a proper foothold, he will only be able to make the first two slashes. Although Sasaki Kojiro would be able to do this multiple times with no drain if it was his own body, the amount of Reiatsu needed to draw on the experience of the past and draw it into the future means that it's a heavily draining attack which Setsudan uses sparingly. One post use, ten cooldown.


Bankai: Aestus Domus Aurea/Ōgon Gekijō Shinpuku/Golden Theater Swing
Bankai Appearance: After returning Setsudan's body to his own appearance, the area around him starts to distort and change, and the area within approximately fifty feet of his position grows up and out of the ground, becoming a large theater around Setsudan and everybody unlucky enough to be caught in the area.


This area is cut off from the rest of the world, and it's almost impossible to break into from the outside, as well as break out of from within. The only true ways of escaping this theater is to either kill Setsudan, or wait for him to drop it. As well as this, his characteristic longsword disappears, and changes into something that seems rough and not as refined.

Bankai Abilities: Quite simply, the function of the Aestus Domus Aurea is to be an absolute Imperial zone, where the "Ambitions" of the user are fulfilled. Therefore this area can be created for use with almost any purpose; however the general ambition of Setsudan when he is releasing this is that he wishes to be able to "defeat his opponents", however there are many ambitions that this bankai can be.

A bit of history: The Domus Aurea, or the Golden Theater, was the greatest achievement in architecture of the Emperor Nero, who constructed this in her own honor. Sasaki Kojiro himself had found this particularly ravishing for himself, and actually developed his own bankai while in Setsudan's blade, using a mixture of his understanding of space manipulation, and his ideas around what is right, and what is wrong. It should be understood that this is not the power belonging to Nero, but a crude image in its name.

When he activates his Bankai, he immediately returns to his usual form, and the Domus Aurea grows up around him, creating it's will in the form of modification of the space. Depending on the feelings that he is feeling at the time of activation, the released Ambition of his Bankai will always be different. In order to change Ambition, he'd need to deactivate his Bankai and reactivate with different emotions. The Domus Aurea is unbreakable by normal means, and even a lot of high powered attacks will have difficulty getting through.

Sensō no Yashin/Ambition of War: The most common ambition of the Aestus Domus Aurea, this Ambition is specifically used when Setsudan wishes to "battle" as his main Ambition, generally the "Will to Claim Victory." When this Ambition is active, the atmosphere within the Domus Aurea is quite heavy, and tinged with a red hue. While under the influence of this, Setsudan and all of his allies get a boost in their physical strength, as well as Setsudan getting a special ability to use:

Haya Uchi No/Quick-Draw: By manipulating the space around his sword, Setsudan is able to attack targets from behind or even the sides, without actually approaching them from that specific direction. One use, one cooldown.

Anzen no Yabō/Ambition of Safety: There are times in battle, when the Ambition that one is having is the "Will to Protect Oneself and Others". When this is the Ambition that Setsudan is feeling, the Ambition of Safety is activated. In this Ambition, the air is lighter, and the atmosphere is tinged blue around him. Under the influence of this, Setsudan and his allies gain defensive power.

Kantan Nashi/Easy Protection: If Setsudan notices an ally of his under attack, he can use the Kantan Nashi ability and almost immediately warp space and appear before them, defending them from attack. One use, one cooldown.

Kenkō no Yashin/Ambition of Health: If Setsudan's Ambition is to heal others, or the "Will to Preserve Life", then this is the form of his bankai that will activate. Under this Ambition, there is no change to the feeling of the atmosphere, and the light glows with a slightly green hue. With this active, Setsudan and all of his allies earn a regeneration bonus, allowing them to regenerate wounds at a rate that is about ten times the average time of wounds being healed. Also, healing Kidō works twice as fast.

Jinsoku Iyasu/Quick Heal: Once every four posts, Setsudan is able to seal any visible wounds shut on his body, closing them from the outer air and allowing himself to be able to regenerate faster. One use, three cooldown.

Hakai no Yabō/Ambition of Destruction: When Setsudan has more than just a wish to win, but a wish to destroy the opponents that he's facing with rage, then he is usually feeling the "Will to Utterly Destroy", and this form will be shown. In this Ambition, the air is exceptionally heavy, and there is a dark fog surrounding everything. While this occurs, all allies' elemental effects are doubled in strength, while non-elemental attacks are treated as defense breaking, tending to ignore defensive measures such as Kidō.

Gekido Yōso/Raging Elements: With this, Setsudan can execute an attack with any of the four main elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth), generally with devastating results. One per post. Each attack has it's own properties:

  • Fire: The fire attack in Setsudan's arsenal is prepared within the blade of the sword, before being struck down onto the opponent. On collision, the flames explode and ignite all spiritual pressure around them that does not belong to Setsudan, making it harmful to his allies if they're too close. Ignition lasts for three posts, causing fire-based damage the entire time. It can be stopped if the opponent stops releasing energy.
  • Water: The water attack that Setsudan uses involves a crushing flow of water from directly above. This flow of water is generally used to distract an opponent as opposed to injuring them, however it will also freeze over their Reiatsu, slowing them down temporarily. Three posts, can be stopped with the opponent no longer releasing energy.
  • Wind: The wind attack involves the creation of air blades. These blades are thrown forwards at the opponent, and when they hit, act with the same sharpness as Setsudan's. As well as that, they have the effect of cutting off the flow of Reishi to a severed area for one post of the opponent's.
  • Earth: Unlike the rest of the arts, Setsudan's earth art isn't a direct attack, so much an indirect one. By pushing his blade down into the ground, Setsudan creates disruptions that spread out around him and all through the Domus Aurea, messing with each and every energy attack in there, disrupting them and causing them to dissipate into nothing.

Shinpaku no Yashin/Ambition of Heart: Now, there are times when one's will is usually messed up by the thoughts of another, and if the "Will to Love Another" shows, then this form of his bankai will activate. In this, the air is generally tinged pink, and there are usually sakura blossoms fluttering around everywhere around them. Unlike most of Setsudan's Ambitions, this one has either one of two general effects, depending on the mood of the Ambition. If the mood before the ability was activated was romantic, then every feeling experienced by Setsudan and his lover in this area is heightened, making them both more sensitive. On the other hand, if this was activated when the general mood is in battle, all of Setsudan's lover's skills are increased in power. Conversely, however, there is no additional ability for this Ambition.

Zetsubō no Yabō/Ambition of Desperation: Not every battle goes the way that you wish it to, and there are times when you need to give it your all in order to claim victory. So in battles where the odds are completely against him, Setsudan can use the "Will to Win at All Costs", and activate this. In this, the area is lighter than usual, and the smell of smoke wafts throughout all. In this form, none of Setsudan's allies get a boost, however Setsudan himself is strengthened to a degree that far surpasses his usual. Once Setsudan leaves Bankai in this Ambition, however, his body is generally at it's limit, and he will be unable to move or use any spiritual mediums for the rest of the thread.

U~iru Shin/Dying Will: Setsudan, if he is completely sure that he is unable to continue on, is able to activate this ability. With this, the space that makes up the Domus Aurea collapses in onto itself and creates a singularity, eventually condensing to nothing and taking everything inside with it. This is a sure-fire kill for Setsudan, however he will also die.

Oroka-sa no Yabō/Ambition of Foolishness: Just because one is in battle, it does not necessarily mean that one is serious. When the Ambition of Setsudan is the "Will to Have Fun", he activates this form. In here, the air is generally quite colorful and gay, with lots of random sounds being made from around here. The main idea with the Ambition of Foolishness is that nobody is able to die if Setsudan has this active; any killing hits will simply bounce off as if they were nothing.

Furyō-tan/Bad End: With a click of his fingers, Setsudan is able to cause the worst possible thing to happen to his opponent without death. Generally, the Bad End is more funny than serious, and can be almost anything. One post use, one cooldown.

Vizard Abilities

Inner Hollow Appearance:


Inner Hollow Personality: Subject A, that's the name he'd prefer to be known by. Unlike most Inner Hollow, who would rather take control of the minds of their masters at some point in time, Subject 6 has a habit of turning subservient, at times. This is because of the techniques used in his creation, and the way that he was raised to act. If he weren't like this, he would be, at the very least, aggressive and ready to attack at any point. However, because of the way that he is, he allows Setsudan easy access to his abilities, instead of needing him to force him to come out.

Hollow Mask Appearance: See, this is where the unusual part of Setsudan's Hollow comes into play. He... doesn't have a mask to use. At least, not a conventional one. He does have one, yes, but he doesn't need one to use any of his Hollow abilities, although donning it makes it easier for him to use them more powerfully in the first place, it seems. If he is forced to don a mask, it is in the form of a Tiger-Colored, Noh-Style Oni mask, however it is rare for him to choose to use it.


Vizard Abilities: Due to his unusual circumstances, Setsudan is not required to have his mask active to be able to use his Vizard Powers, and due to the unique nature of his Zanpakutō, a lot of his own Vizard Powers allow him to use these abilities in fashions that manipulate the space around it, as well as having the ability to use the normal effects. Therefore, only the modified forms are detailed here, although a basic description will be given in bold.

Cero/Del Punto Cero (Cero Point): A simple charged blast of energy. When using Del Punto Cero, Setsudan fires a similar, slightly more powerful blast of energy. While it's being charged, the nature of the space around the very area where it's being charged starts to meld. Setsudan fires the Cero, and as it's released, the shimmering space around the Cero bends the light around the beam and causes it to be seen as invisible to the naked eye. That said, the Del Punto Cero is obvious in direction when Setsudan charges, as the distortion that occurs around his hand is visible at first. One post use, three cooldown.

Bala/Deformada Bala (Distorted Bala): A quick shot of spiritual energy, like a shotgun blast. By modifying the fabric of Space around the outside of a fired bala, he can modify it's place in general space, creating illusory images from the space around it in mid-air. These images do negligible damage, but move at the same speed as the original object. One bala generates twenty images, and five can be made per post. These images spread throughout about a five foot radius.

Sonido/Sonido Explosivo (Explosive Sound): A simple step maneuver, used by Hollow-like creatures to move at a speed faster than sound. Because of the Hollow's influence, Setsudan is unable to use Shunpo, and therefore naturally uses Sonido in his movements. If he chooses to do so, he can use a variation of Sonido known as Sonido Explosivo, which bunches up a large amount of condensed space beneath his feet before he moves; forcing it to explode out when he uses Sonido, sending out both a shockwave, and making Setsudan move faster with his movement speed. One per post.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: He was never this unlucky before, never duing his life in Rukongai, never during his time in the Shino Academy. Sesudan Yoryo was hailed as a powerful wielder of the sword, and when he left, he was given his sealed Zanpakutō, a katana of the usual size. This katana was his pride and joy; Setsudan used it in training daily, and he slowly progressed even further. That is, of course, until he learned the name of his Zanpakutō, and fell into the trap that it had placed for him. He released the powers of the sword, and it suddenly burst out in length, reaching what could only be called the length of a washing pole. Setsudan was shocked, in all honesty. However, it was what would occur next that would shock him further. It started with a strange prickly feeling, spreading throughout his body. This feeling spread further and further, before entering into the back of his mind, this prickling feeling traveling throughout the entirety of his body. With that, he blacked out.

When he came to, his sword was still the length that it was in Shikai, however it was also having the feeling of being sealed. When he tried to question his Zanpakutō, it explained it quite simply: He'd been taken over by the blade's influence, and it would continue to happen whenever he released shikai. The spirit that introduced itself as "Sasaki Kojiro" explained that he indeed meant no harm to this man's physical body, it was so he could once again live: Setsudan would be allowed to have some degree of control, it would be like having two people in one body. Setsudan... reluctantly agreed.

A while after this, at least fifty years later, Setsudan was on patrol. An easy enough time, however he was, in short, attacked by a mysterious creature. The beast took him out, long before he could release his shikai. The creature bit into his body, and started to transfer it's consciousness. Setsudan didn't realize it at the time, but the internal mentality of the Hollow was being transferred into him. A few minutes later, and a voice rang out within the back of his mind, explaining even more. Taken over twice. Hm. Instead of returning to Soul Society, he found himself surrounded by a group of "Shinigami", and they began to chirp on about their 'successful experiment'. They dragged him back to the Vizard Corps, performing more and more understanding experiments, before putting him out into active duty for them.

And that's where his luck ran out. Now, Setsudan may be amazing in battle, but his own skills are lacking when it comes to luck in the world. He's trying to fix this problem, and who knows when it will be fixed, or whether it'll stay with him for the rest of his life...

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EDITED with new Face Claim and cleaned up images. Nothing else has changed.
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PostSubject: Re: Setsudan Yoryo [APPROVED, 0-5-]   

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Setsudan Yoryo [APPROVED, 0-5-]
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