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 Yuri Nakamura [Approved, 3-3 Normal]

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Yuri Nakamura [Approved, 3-3 Normal]   Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:16 pm

Sugiura Template


Name: Yuri Nakamura
True Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sugiura Class: Normal Sugiura

General Appearance



Animalistic Traits: A pair of cat ears and a tail that she can hide at will.
Appearance Age: 16
Height: 5'2
Weight: 101lbs


Personality: Yuri has been described by people around her with many words, almost all quite sexual in nature. That is because Yuri is an extremely sexual person on all levels. She always wears cloths that are either quite revealing or simply look extremely attractive on her. If there is a way to make an outfit look more attractive, or flat out revealing, she will. She is flirtatious and a tease. Male or female, none are spared from her, she is 100% bisexual. She'll flirt with whomever she feels like. With many people, she will tease them. Sometimes she will move in a way that gives them a good angle to see her chest. Sometimes, she will purposely drop something so she can bend over and give them a look at her underwear. Sometimes she will get extremely close to someone, close enough her warmth is easily felt, and place her face less than an inch from theirs. Even placing her hand on their body in alluring ways. The list goes on, but the point is she is very sexual in every way. Due to a certain spell she developed, 95% of her advances are successful, which often leads further. It isn't uncommon to catch her making out with someone, male or female, on the spot. Sometimes it goes much further, but things like that are never in public.

She is basically what many would call a slut, though few look bad at her for it. Oddly, she is just looked at as a regular person wherever she goes. This is also due to the spell she developed. Thus, during less provocative moods, she can interact with people like a normal person. She actually loves reading, watching movies, playing video games from time to time, and just hanging out with friends. When she does hang out with friends, it sometimes ends like a normal outing with friends would, though sometimes it ends up a bit "kinky". She is a normal teenage girl at heart in many ways. When she deals with friends, she tends to still be a tease, but many times it is more playful than sexual. She does care about people, if someone manages to become a friend she will try to help them best she can. Despite how much sexuality has taken over her being, she still can act on impulses and feelings not related to sexuality.

What Yuri actually is is different. It is true that with all the time she has spent with it, her sexual nature is as much a part of her as anything is. However, what Yuri desires isn't actually sex, or the rush from having someone melting at the thought of being with her (though she does enjoy that). Yuri is simply scared shitless of being rejected. When she was abandoned by her parents, she felt alone and rejected. When some of her friends betrayed her, she felt alone and rejected. These feelings manifested, and in order to prevent more rejection, she became what she is now. She played to something almost no human doesn't have, sexual urges. By being accepted sexually, something easy to do with her body. She finally found acceptance, even if it was in a less honorable way. She initially didn't like it, but over time it became natural to her. Consciously she thinks she is perfectly happy with her life. She doesn't realize that deep down, the kind of acceptance she still craves isn't found in relationships such as the ones she gets herself into. It is something much deeper, though with how she acts, the chances of getting it are quite slim. Though true feelings like that may be just what she needs to change for the better.


Character Background: Yuri was born in the Sugiura dimension to parents who, quite frankly, didn't want her. She was an accident caused by her parents carelessness. They grudgingly raised her from when she was born to when she was simply little. After awhile they had had enough of the "responsibility" and dumped her in the middle of Guardian Beast lands. Thus, one of the most important responsibilities a person can have was simply abandoned and dodged. Little Yuri was only 5 at the time. She wandered through the land she was dumped in for a short while, all alone and scared to death. It was here that she met a guardian beast named Kyōfū. It saw her and took pity on her current situation, and transformed into a more comforting form of a woman. The two conversed, and eventually a contract was formed. The guardian beast guided her, ending up taking her to a city on Earth. She was found by a couple who couldn't have a child of their own, and upon discovering Yuri was abandoned they took her in. Yuri was raised there for awhile, using her new parents last name. She grew up like that for awhile until something else happened. She had made friends growing up on Earth, quite a few. She was a happy and quite cheerful girl. However, upon reaching the time where girls went into puberty her friends changed in more ways than physically. They had an "ingroup", and they became the snooty "I'm better than you" type of people. Yuri didn't agree with how they acted, and when she mentioned it, they basically stabbed her in the back and made her miserable.

It was high school, and she felt abandoned all over again. This was the time where hormones were raging, and after a lot of thinking she searched for acceptance from her peers in one final way. She used her sexuality. At first it was uncomfortable, but as time went on it became more and more natural. She became what many would call a slut. She used what little she knew of magic to even create a spell to make things such as this work out better. Though sexuality isn't what Yuri wants, it still is acceptance. Deep down in the core of her being, all she wants is to feel loved. Her parents now did love her, but they weren't enough considering all the abandonment she went through. So Yuri goes through life using her sexuality, hoping to finally find somebody to love.

Natural Abilities

Element: Yuri's guardian beast holds power over wind, or the air element.

Air Manipulation: Yuri has the ability to manipulate the air around her. She can control it free form, controlling its speed and direction. She can also create pressurized shock waves, bullets, and the like to cause damage to a target. This allows her to either just control the air directly, or fire of blasts of air as an attack. She can even shape the pressurized air in such away it can slice, stab, or simply have a blunt impact depending on how she does it. She can even make weapons by condensing air around her into the shape of some weapons, which will look like simply a weapon the color of the glow of her spiritual energy. The capabilities are all based on her strength, and the stronger she is, the more she can do. If she was weak, things like creating weapons would be difficult and the force wouldn't be as much, etc.

Magic: Due to not spending much time in the Sugiura lands, with Sugiura who understand magic, Yuri has no skill with any magic that may be common knowledge for most Sugiura. Any magic she knows is something unique, either self taught or something she learned from someone else. There may on rare occasion be times when she learns a mainstream spell, but it is mostly custom.

  • Miryoku ōra, 魅力オーラ (Attraction Aura, lit. appeal aura): This is a small spell that Yuri developed. This spell is constantly active, and her skill with the spell is so strong is doesn't even seem to take up any noticeable amount of energy, mostly because it only really has to work when using the second effect. Even then, the energy loss is small and not much to notice. The aura extends 25 feet around herself. This spell serves two functions. The first function is it causes anyone within the aura to feel turned on to Yuri. Gender plays no role, if someone is in the aura they will feel turned on to Yuri. The second function is to nullify negative thoughts towards Yuri's "actions". Basically, negative feelings or opinions generated towards Yuri because of her being so "open" sexually just go away. It instills a sense of understanding to her. People will still think negatively if something unrelated causes the thoughts, but her provocativeness will not. Of course it isn't a guaranteed thing. There are people who can go unaffected by either of the effects, or just one of the 2. The cause is likely a strong willpower, because almost all people who resist have a strong sense of will. Though it isn't unheard of for someone of weak will to go unaffected, it is just rarer. The second effect (not thinking negatively of Yuri because of her sexual nature) is harder to resist because that one more actively works to affect someone. It is carefully disguised, where it is almost undetectable. Even if someone detects it, it will merely feel like her spiritual energy and little else can be discerned.

Sacred Weapon: Yuri's sacred takes the form of two separate blades. One blade is a rather large sword, a great sword. It has a lot of power and weight to it, but being Yuri's Sacred, she can swing it around like it is weightless. The other blade takes the form of a Japanese Katana. This one is naturally light and maneuverable. Her Sacred holds the power to morph. Yuri can morph it into any weapons she can think of, though learning to make a certain weapon properly takes time and practice. Usually the larger sword is easier to morph into larger weapons, and the smaller blade is easier to morph into smaller weapons.

Other Weapons: What type of weapons does your character carry other than their sacred?

Guardian Beast

Origin: Love

Guardian Beast: Kyōfū
Summoning Chant: (What you say to summon your Guardian Beast if they are non-humanoid)
Guardian Beast Appearance: Kyōfū is actually an actual air elemental. She is the essence of air given form. Her "natural" state is actually a glowing sphere of energy, with what appears to be glowing, moving air swirling around it. She looks like a visible sphere of swirling wind with a solid core of energy. However, she commonly, inside Yuri's inner world and outside, takes the form of a young girl about Yuri's age. She looks to be about 17. She has long brown hair that extends half way down her back. She is petite and wears what looks like a generic schoolgirl outfit, though with a short skirt and black socks (or stockings or whatever the hell they're called) that go up slightly passed the knee. She is entirely flat chested though. Her frame as a whole is small. She has jade colored eyes, with a gaze that looks like it could pierce your very soul. The type of gaze that could make a man break down and confess a crime he did, even if it happened years ago and there was not an ounce of suspicion on him.
Guardian Beast Personality: Kyōfū is actually a very playful and perky girl, not at all in a sexual way. She seems to always be pleasant and ready to just have some fun, and actually could have tons of fun just running in circles if she chose to do so. The way she acts, normally, would almost seem air-headed. Cause she is just perky and fun, someone who could get even the most serious person to lighten up. However, when things get serious, she can look and act the part. The gaze she gives can be utterly scary, and seems to penetrate every level of a person's soul. She actually sometimes scares Yuri when she gets serious, literally scares her. Her wants are simple, to keep Yuri safe. She is protective of Yuri, and nothing else matters as long as she is safe. If it wasn't for Yuri not wanting people to die around her, Kyōfū would probably have killed quite a few people because she thought they looked suspicious. She tends to only be serious when worried about Yuri's welfare, and is her playful giggly self the rest of the time.


Joushou Appearance:
Joushou: Joushou is the first stage of a Sugiura's power. This is like their Shikai. It is only tapping into a small percentage of their power, exactly 25%. It is mainly the form that they dream of, and it is up to the Guardian beast to decide if the wish is to be granted or not.


Zenou Appearance:
Zenou Abilities: This form is their version of Bankai. This takes many years to learn, and then many many more to perfect. This is only tapping into 50% of their power. Their speed, strength, stamina, and durability increases quite a bit.

Kyuu Kyou

Kyuu Kyou Appearance:
Mystic Eyes: Something that only those that have achieved Kyuu Kyou can have. Mystic Eyes are something special about the user's eyes. They are usable in any form, but the realization of 100% of the user's power allowed for the user to gain a special ability that involves the eyes. See here for a temporary Mystic Eyes list.
Kyuu Kyou Abilities: The final stage of a Sugiura's power. This is 100% of their power, and their soul. Their abilities are increased substantially, and most of the time Kyuu Kyou is forbidden to be released. Few have mastered it, for it is so taxing to release it. It is manifested as the true form of one's soul.

Alter Form

Alter Appearance: (What your Alter Form looks like. It has to have some resemblance to the original. You only get an Alter Form when you have Kyuu Kyou)

Alter Personality: (How your Alter Form acts.)

Alter Powers: (What kind of powers does your Alter Form have that your original form doesn't have?)


"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Re: Yuri Nakamura [Approved, 3-3 Normal]   Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:11 pm

I'll improve the GB personality hardcore once I have had some RP, me playing the character always gives me a better idea of things. For now though, this is done and ready for checking.


"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox
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PostSubject: Re: Yuri Nakamura [Approved, 3-3 Normal]   Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:37 pm

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: -
Tier: 3-3

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PostSubject: Re: Yuri Nakamura [Approved, 3-3 Normal]   

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Yuri Nakamura [Approved, 3-3 Normal]
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