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 Yoshine Saika [APPROVED, 0-2]

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PostSubject: Yoshine Saika [APPROVED, 0-2]   Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:30 pm

Arrancar Template


Name: Yoshine Saika
True Age: 976
Gender: Female

General Appearance
Appearance Age: 18
Mask Fragment: Yoshine's mask remnants take the form of a small ring of teeth around her neck, resembling a necklace.
Hollow Hole: Yoshine's hollow hole is located on her stomach directly below her breasts; it is small, smaller than most hollow holes.

Personality: Yoshine is an...interesting person to say the least.  She is by no means an inactive person, especially seen as she does ALL of the work around the house.  She is motherly in that regard.  She takes care of the house, cooking and cleaning.  On top of that, she cares for her children more than anyone can imagine.  She cares for them and nurtures them, and that doesn't change no matter how old they get.  This doesn't make her the overprotective mother though.  The only time she becomes truly protective is when someone threatens (or has hurt) one of her children, in which case she will do anything she can to defend her children (and if one was already hurt, she will make her foe suffer).  Unlike most parents, she will actually push and encourage her children's relationships, and even push her children to get into deeper relationships (if she trusts the person they are with and feel the two are close enough for it).  When she judges whether she can trust the person her children are dating, she judges them the same as she would any other living thing.

Yoshine is a cool person to be around in general.  She enjoys a good time and going out and having fun.  She is the type of person you can go out and have a drink with.  She takes pride in her swordsmanship, and can be a fun sparring partner.  She can even trash talk well when facing opponents.  When she meets an opponent who overestimates themselves, or underestimates her, and she knows they aren't nearly strong enough (or lack the mental capacities to stand a chance) she can lay on the insults quite well.  If someone acts unbeatable (but doesn't deserve their arrogance), she will make fun of them to no end.  She does have a level of pride, but she is not stupid by any means, and she won't say someone is weak (in her trash talk or otherwise) if she knows they are a possible threat to her.  She is also cool in how easy it is to talk to her.  If one is a friend, she will listen to anything a friend tells her with understanding.  She doesn't ridicule, she doesn't roll her eyes.  Unless you do an act that is truly irredeemable (which, for the most part, is betraying her or willfully doing anything harmful to her children), then she will understand the person if their reasons were good or, if the act was truly bad, if they truly regret what they had done and wish they hadn't done it.

Character Background: Yoshine was born March 24th, 1123 in Japan. She was a fairly uninteresting girl, at least in terms of her being unusual for the time period. She was, however, born into a noble family. Her life was the typical life of a noble girl, except for one thing. She was not unusual, but that was compared to the average Japanese family. She did not have mannerisms on par with that of nobility. This upset her family greatly, due to the high standards they held themselves at. This caused her family to generally be upset with her.  As the days wore on, especially once she hit 10, relations with her family only got worse. She began to do something out of character for even Japanese girls at the time. She acted on her own choices, rather than remaining subordinate to the men of the house. This angered her father most of all, as he was used to telling people what to do, and then them doing it. At first he yelled, and every time his voice would get louder and louder. Then came little punishments. Less food at dinner, forcing her to stay in her room, etc. None of it worked though, as the little red head would find fruit in the forest and slip out the window. It was at this time one of her sisters, one whom she talked to often and got along with, died.

Then the punishments got worse, until finally it progressed into beatings. By this time, Yoshine was about 17. She would be beaten, one wound for every rule broken. Since she usually broke several a day, her body was littered with bruises and cuts. Yet she refused to just give in, her free spirited nature was too deeply ingrained in her body for her to just go back. The only people who cared were the servants, as Yoshine was the only person who treated them like people rather than servants. Her mother didn't care. Her remaining living sisters got sick enjoyment out of it. Yoshine was an outcast in her family.  After about a month of this she had enough. She packed up her bags and left, just left, in the middle of the night. Unfortunately she was so beaten up she had no energy, and couldn't move fast at all.   It was Winter, and the gentle snowfall kept the layer of snow on the ground from receding. Her father woke up in the middle of the night and, seeing her gone, grabbed his sword. Within a half an hour he found her. She turned to him, her eyes desperately pleading for mercy. The cut was clean, and soon her guts spilled out into the December snow. She died within 10 minutes of the attack.

After her death, her spirit just wandered the town in which she lived.  She had nothing to do but wander.  No Shinigami came to perform the Konso on her.  Slowly, the chain attached to her chest disappeared as the pain from the abuse she suffered haunted her mind.  Eventually, the chain was gone, and she underwent a painful transformation into a hollow.  When the transformation finished, there was one thing on her mind.  It was not a hollow's voracious appetite.  It was the desire to kill a very specific group of people.  Her family, all of the ones she had cared about had passed and all that was left were the ones who looked at her like she was inferior and a mistake.  She swiftly went to the home in which she had spent her life.  She systematically waited until the entire family was in one room.  Then she took out each one, one by one, saving the man who ended her own life for last.  Her father was forced to watch his family suffer terrible gory deaths, with the fear of acknowledging he was next.  Yoshine forced his soul from his body, and informed him of just who she was.  Despite the many apologies, it was obvious the man merely wanted his life spared, and thus his life was ended.

From there, the true hunger of a hollow began.  The emptiness of an entire life un-lived, she tried to fill that void as all hollow do, by eating.   However, she in life had big dreams left unaccomplished.  So big, the emptiness she felt was even, well emptier.  Her hunger unusually voracious, she preyed on her fellow hollow.  Slowly, she grew more and more powerful, as she devoured hollow after hollow.  She ate faster and more often than most, that was just how immense her hunger was.  Finally, the fateful moment that would change her forever happened.  She and a bunch of other hollows gathered, and as they all ate each other, they began to fuse.  The mass of hollow became a Gillian.  Yoshine, having always had a strong will, was able to maintain control and became the controlling entity of the Gillian.  From there it continued, she kept eating other Gillian.  After awhile, she eventually shrunk down into an Adjuchas.  Her potential was something amazing though.  While most Adjuchas die, stop gaining power, or lose the power to evolve before they reach the peak, Yoshine didn't have anything like that.  Her speed prevented her from being touched, which prevented her from being partially eaten or killed.  And unlike some Adjuchas, she never hit a ceiling of power.  With every hollow she ate she continued to become stronger.  There were several occasions she joined with a "pack" of other Adjuchas, but over time they were always eaten by some hollow before Yoshine could stop it.  She made a few bonds with them, but they always ended before it ended up meaning anything.  However, after a long grueling time of eating, she evolved into a Vasto Lorde, the highest level of hollow.  For a while, she stayed like this, continuing to eat as her appetite saw fit.  Though eventually, she had a strange compulsion.  For some reason, she just wanted that damned mask to be gone.  She looked for a fight with a Gillian, and she provoked it into firing a Cero.  She was to evolved levels higher, so she knew she wasn't going to die.  As the Cero impacted on her face, her entire mask shattered.  Other than a small ring of teeth on her neck, it was just gone.  She changed and morphed, back into a form long lost.  The form she held when she was alive, but this time without the scars.

Now that she was an Arrancar, the pain of everything that had happened came flooding back.  She remembered who she had been, she remembered everything she had once wanted.  For a moment she lamented, but then she realized something.  Her sense, her reason, had returned to her.  She still had a shot at living life as she saw fit, and with her power, she wouldn't have to stand for any abuse.  She opened a garganta and left the Hueco Mundo, back to the world of the living.  She was as stronger than most, if not all, Arrancar around at the time, considering she had a Segunda Etapa, which was ludicrously rare.  She could have stayed, but she couldn't stand their personality.  At first, she realized she couldn't interact as she was a spiritual entity, not a physical one.  Through meeting a certain Sugiura and some certain discussions, she had an artificial body made for her.  It was using this that she was able to actually live in peace with a group of beings that DIDN'T hate her guts (or vice versa).  One problem she faced, though, was that she didn't age.  She was an Arrancar, so it wasn't like she could make a spell that could mess with people's perception of time when it came to her.  Thus, every so often, she would be forced to move.  She lived in Osaka at the time, so all she had to do was move across to the other side and then by the time she had to move back to an old neighbor hood, everyone she once knew would be long gone.

Eventually she met a man whom seemed nice.  He was kinda...goofy, but he was a good man as far as she could tell.  She ended up marrying him after two years.  He had immense spiritual power actually, which allowed his lifespan to far outlive other humans.  It was to this man that she had several children.  The oldest of which was named Snopy.  Yoshine was unbelievable happy when this happened.  Despite her personality at times, she had an intense motherly instinct and an intense love for her child.  Little did she know, there was an issue.  Though the man that created her artificial body was indeed a genius, and he had high spiritual power as well, his creation was not perfect.  Or at least it was when he made it.  Yoshine had kept up her training and kept honing her powers outside of the body.  Thus, she became even more powerful over the years.  Her artificial body could not take the extra energy her body was giving off and a small "crack" formed in the seal that was to hold the energy in.  In time this crack would end up shattering and she'd need a new body, but at the moment it was unnoticeable.  The excess energy, combined with pregnancy, which was also unaccounted for, cause the crack to form in the womb.  Some of her hollow energy seeped into her unborn child and ended up corrupting it.  This energy may have caused Snopy's arrogance initially, but it definitely caused his inner hollow to form several hundred years later.  A year later, another child was born.  She was named Sumika, and once again she was overjoyed.  This one was technically corrupted, but somehow the energy became purged from her body.

She cared for her children as any loving mother would.  Her son was a bit arrogant, which upset her, but he did love her back.  Her daughter was the most adorable and clingy thing she had ever seen.  It was distressing to her when Snopy initially refused to accept Sumika, but she was happy when he finally did.  They were a happy family...well, except for her husband.  He was turning out to be much different than she thought he was as the years went on.  They fought quite a bit, and because of her strength, he always ended up on the couch.  Overall things were good. She had a mixed feeling of pride and disappointment in her son.  She loved him, but she wished he wasn't so arrogant.  She loved her daughter as well.  Her husband she just ignored as time went on.  He may have had immense spiritual energy, but hers was more immense.  One of the worst moments of her life was fast approaching.  One day, shortly after her son's 18th birthday, she heard a knock on the door.  Her daughter Sumika was the one to open it, then there was a scream.  Her son was dead, brought to them by the man who made her artificial body.  He had found Snopy lying in the street.  Nothing could describe the pain Yoshine felt when she saw this.  She was a strong woman, but even she was brought to tears.  After they had ceased, the man noted that her artificial body was damaged, mentioning he hadn't anticipated both an increase in power AND a pregnancy.  As such, she requested he make her a new one, which he did.

Unfortunately, this would not be the last time she was hurt like that.  One day her daughter, Sumika, was struck by a bolt of lightning.  It was the middle of a cloudless day, there shouldn't have been lightning.  When she saw what happened to Sumika, she refused to accept it.  She called upon that same man who made her artificial body and came up with a plan.  Sumika was to be sent to the Sugiura dimension, obtain a Guardian Beast, and then return.  She informed Sumika of this, as her soul was still around.  The man then sent Sumika, and soon enough, Sumika returned.  Yoshine was so relieved that she didn't lose both of her children like that.  She had one more child, Miyanaga, before her husband went off the deep end.  He went on about how he was sick of everything and some other weird nonsense, before going to attack Yoshine.  She had yet to stop training herself, and had never stopped growing stronger.  She left her artificial body and annihilated him with her immense speed and control of a blade.  Unfortunately, when he threatened Miyanaga, who was still a baby, Yoshine hesitated long enough for him to escape.  She did not pursue, instead taking her children and moving to another part of the city for safety's sake.  Time wore on.  Yoshine cared for her family as she always had.  Sumika was often gone in search of her long lost brother, but Yoshine was glad.  The thing she wanted most was to find all of her kids safe.  She continued to train, and in her time she ended up defeating many powerful beings that threatened her home or children.  She was, is, and always will be, a force to be reckoned with.

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Cero: Yoshine has shown herself able to fire of a decently powered Cero. She can fire them from either hand and they are a reddish color. They have great destructive potential, so even if they aren't the strongest, it would still be unwise for a person to underestimate them.

Bala: Yoshine can also fire Bala with relative ease. They move at insanely fast speeds, like many of the techniques Yoshine does. They aren't too powerful, but they are difficult to dodge and repeated hits from her Bala can cause some problems in the long run.

Sonido: Yoshine is a very fast person, and as she relies on speed rather than strength, she has a highly honed Sonido. She can move at intense speeds and great distances using her Sonido, and can outrun many who didn't take the time to hone it like she has. She can cover several hundred meters in one use, and it allows her to catch her foes off guard.  When combined with her natural speed, her speed is truly to be feared, as Yoshine is one of the fastest Arrancar.

Pesquisa: Yoshine has a fairly short ranged Pesquisa in terms of accurate information. She can detect across long ranges IF something has spiritual power, but she won't know how much (which isn't useful considering how many things have spiritual power). Within 500 meters she can get some information on her foe, but it still is FAR from accurate (imagine detecting a Shikai 0-2+ as a base 2 tier). At a 150 meter range she can get fairly accurate info (Shikai 0-2+ as some 0 tier in base) and, within 30 meters, she is as accurate as you can get with her Pesquisa in determining the strength and quality of a foe's spiritual energy.

Regeneration: Yoshine holds a powerful level of regeneration. This likely spawned from her past, being beaten by her father, her body assumed it needed a way to heal quickly. She is capable of healing small wounds almost instantly, and given some time, she can regenerate limbs. While it does take energy to regenerate anything, small wounds can be healed without her feeling fatigued. Larger wounds take a few seconds, and she may feel a little tired after healing larger ones. When dealing with giant wounds or missing limbs, it takes a little while to regenerate, and it leaves her breathing quite heavily from the effort. In the end, except for vital organs, she ran regenerate anything so long as she has sufficient energy to do so.

Master Swordsman:  Yoshine is an master swordsman.  Her skills with the blade are among the best of the Arrancar.  She is capable of drawing her blade, slashing, and then sheathing so fast that it could appear she merely touched the hilt of her blade.  She can launch flurries of slashes so quickly that it is nearly impossible to tell, unless a person is somewhat near her in power.  She could swing her sword what appears to be once and the foe could have 10+ cuts appear on their body.  Odds are she isn't the greatest swordsman in the world, but she is definitely very high up there.

Speed:  Yoshine is ludicrously fast.  Her natural running speed, agility, and reflexes are all top notch.  She is one tough woman to catch.  She is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, Arrancar in existence.

Immense Spiritual Energy: Yoshine's spiritual energy is nothing less than gargantuan.   She is one of the strongest Arrancar in existence quite frankly, her spiritual energy is that high.  If she didn't have such immense control over it, there would be a lot of dead bodies everywhere she went.

Statistics Profile:  Each trait will be rated from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best and one being the worst. (this is just general reference, these numbers mean nothing when comparing skill to others)
Speed: 10
Swordplay: 10
Sonido: 10
Regeneration: 8
Hand to Hand: 7
Durability: 6
Cero: 5 or 6
Strength: 5
Pesquisa: 3
Hierro: 1

• Unique Abilities:

Cero Oscilación (Cero swing): A custom variation of Cero Yoshine uses. She places her hand on the hilt of her blade, which will be sheathed if it already isn't. She then charges a Cero on top of the blade, but hidden within the confines of the sheathe. Once the Cero is finished charging, she then draws her blade from its sheath and, in that moment, the slash sends a wave of Cero energy out. This wave may take the form of a literal wave, in which it is faster but not quite as strong, or as a regular Cero. This is a very dangerous technique, especially if someone doesn't detect the Cero charging up. Plus, though her hand must remain on her sheathe, she is capable of movement, so she can use her footwork to dodge. It is its deadliest though if she can slash point blank into a person. If she slashes and her blade slices into someone, the power of the Cero could potentially do some major damage.

Zanpakutō Appearance: Yoshine’s Zanpakutō is actually made up of two blades she keeps at her hip. The first blade, the one she always draws first, has a bright white hilt. The tsuba is a golden color, and has patterns resembling flowers and leaves along it. Along the bladed edge the katana is a silver color, while along the dull edge it is red. All along the blade, there are flowerlike patterns running along it. The second blade is very short, basically a tanto. The hilt of the blade is white like the other blade, and the tsuba is also identical. The blade is different as it is a deep black color all along it, and it lacks any patterns.
Other Weapons: (What type of weapons does your character carry other than their Zanpakutō?)


Resurrección Name: Relámpago de Fuerza (Force Lightning)
Resurrección Release Phrase: Shock and Awe
Resurrección Appearance:
Her body oddly goes through no real changes, but her outfit always changes into the below picture.  Her hollow hole does, however, double in size, to the size of the average hollow hole.  On top of that, black symbols form along both of her arms.
Resurrección Abilities:

Yoshine is where all her children got their abilities from.  The energy manipulation, the electricity, and even the strange powers that Miyanaga holds.  On top of all her basic attributes being augmented, she gains many new powers to play with.

Lightning Cero:  A very simple concept, she fires off a Cero, but with a catch.  It is a combination blast of pure energy and electricity, mixed in equal measure.  This means it has the effects of an electrical blast, however if one is immune to electricity they will still feel something if they get hit.  This can do a lot of damage as the amperage is rather high.  This can also be used with Cero Oscilación.

Energy Typhoon:  This is a rather strange one.  Yoshine can use her energy to create a typhoon of energy and electricity.  The sky will darken, and most likely anyone in the vicinity will have the effects of static cling on a constant basis.  Within a diameter of 200 meters there will be a literal wall of energy surrounding her and whomever got caught within, trapping everything in.  She can, of course, allow people to pass by temporarily making an opening.  While this typhoon rages, she can control the energy of it, causing blasts of lighting to be able to come from the sky or just about any direction (it is created at the wall) as well as blasts of energy.  The blast can take just about any form, thus one must be careful.  However, each charge of energy or electricity has a .5 second charge up, at which point the energy at it's creation location spikes, allowing preemptive knowledge if one is observant.  At the same time, while the travel time is insanely fast, it is slower than blasts that come directly from Yoshine's body, making it even easier to dodge.  Still, if one thinks this is a safe place to be, then they are wrong.  Especially since she can make many of these blasts at once (up to 10 in a 6 second period).  No one whom is her enemy is safe within this zone.  Energy constantly being used while active, at a steady rate.  Can be held up for 12 of Yoshine's posts.

Spiral Strike: The energy typhoon constantly spins at a steady rate.  Yoshine can make use of that circular rotation.  Yoshine can create charges of energy or electricity at 10 different points.  They will then fire out, moving towards a center, which is of Yoshine's choosing, but also following the rotation.  The end result is something that looks like the arms of a galaxy encroaching in on one spot, this spot usually being where her enemy is.  It can be dodged, but dodging it without vertical movement requires some acrobatic work. These blasts also take .5 seconds to fully charge before firing, but they move as fast as a regular attack.  She can in fact make it half electricity, half energy.  3 post cooldown

Shocking Energy Blade:  Both of Yoshine's blades as constantly enveloped in both electricity, and energy.  Thus it is better at cutting and can electrocute those struck.

Pilar del Relámpago (Lighting pillar):  This ability creates a pillar of electricity and pure energy that explodes out from the ground at a destination of her choosing.  This does not require the typhoon to be up. After a .5 second delay, during which the energy can be seen about to explode from the ground, raw energy and electricity shoot up and won't stop until it hits the ceiling of the typhoon (or 200 meters in the air).  The diameter is 3 meters.  She can create up to 3 simultaneously.

Sealed Abilities:  All of Yoshine’s sealed abilities remain in effect and are in fact stronger.  She can activate them faster and with more ease, and much stronger.

Segunda Etapa Name: Fuerza Sentencia (Force Judgement)
Segunda Etapa Release Phrase: Shock and Draw
Segunda Etapa Appearance:

The form is released then Yoshine takes the second blade and converts it into energy, the energy released in the process facilitates the Segunda Etapa.  Upon transformation end, the second blade has become a pistol.  An eye patch made from bone, part of her mask remnants, also covers one of her eyes, but there is a catch.  There is a lens at the center, through which she can see a crosshair.

Segunda Etapa Abilities:

All of Yoshine's basic attributes are augmented even further, making her a truly menacing force even without her abilities.

Eye patch: Not only is this part of her as the mask remnants tend to be, but it also serves a function.  The crosshair within the eye patch serves as a "lock on" mechanism.  If she keeps a target in the crosshair for two seconds, then the target is locked on.  All projectile/blasts/beams will have a minor tracking mechanism and turn slightly to hit the target if need be.  While they aren't going to do a 180 and smash someone's face in on a second round, the minor tracking makes the abilities slightly harder to dodge.  The bullets from her pistol have better tracking, and are sort of like a heat seeking missile (still won't do any major turning, and definitely no 180's)

Energy Pistol:  This pistol, unlike her son, isn't meant to be able to shoot out torrents of energy.  Rather, it rapidly fires out high powered bullets of energy, mixed with a bit of electricity, at a target.  She can fire off 1 per second, and getting struck directly with these shots can hurt.  The damage isn't massive, but it is not to be laughed off.

Lightning Cero:  Same as Res, only stronger.

Energy Maelstrom:  Like the typhoon, only much more violent.  Standing within the area is dangerous even without Yoshine actively launching an offensive, as energy and lightning randomly shoots around at intervals.  One could be hit by a bullet of energy purely by bad luck if they didn't dodge.  Of course these don't have the power of her actual attacks, but they can still kill weaker targets if they aren't careful.  The time it takes for all energy and electricity blasts/beams/etc. to fire is reduced to .15, and she can create even more than what she can create in her Typhoon (up to 20 in a 3 second period).  Attacks also move as fast as an attack from her body. Can be held for 7 posts.

Spiral Strike: Same as before, but the blasts are even stronger, faster, and take only .2 seconds before they fire off.  2 post cooldown

Shocking Energy Blade:  Stronger than before in both aspects, truly a dangerous weapon.

Pilar del Relámpago (Lighting pillar):  Stronger, wider (now 10 meters in diameter rather than 3), and with a .2 second delay.  Also up to 8 simultaneously.

Judgement Bolt:  Creates a massive bolt of lightning that comes down from the sky of the maelstrom.  After a .5 second delay, a charge of electricity shoots down that envelops a 20-30 meter diameter and can deal massive damage.  4 post cooldown.

Overcharge:  Essentially an ultimate move and a finisher, one that requires immense amounts of energy to use.  Yoshine draws in immense levels of power from the Maelstrom, electricity and energy surging from literally direction.  This cannot harm others unless they are particularly weak, and even then it is a minor shock at most.  Once sufficiently charged, she can release it in 1 of 2 ways.  It takes 15 seconds to charge this move.
Explosion:  All of the energy explodes out from her, engulfing a 300 diameter radius and causing massive damage via electricity and energy to all who are caught within it.
Blast:  She fires out one tremendously large blast in front of her which will impact for massive electrical and pure energy damage.
Both finishers will drain her massively.
Once per thread.

Other powers:  When in Segunda all former powers are strengthened even further, as well as all her natural traits becoming immensely augmented.

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Yoshine Saika [APPROVED, 0-2]
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