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 Kikuoka Seijurō (Approved; 5-1+)

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PostSubject: Kikuoka Seijurō (Approved; 5-1+)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:35 pm

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Kikuoka Seijurō
True Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: Kikuoka is a the type of person you see at school that is usually alone, and with his headphones on blasting music. This trait is what makes people think that he is an introvert when it comes to human interaction- Which in some instances is true. Kikuoka is usually very sloth about things he does. A lot of the time you will find him sleeping in his building or even in classes when he's off work. But, Kikuoka usually just likes to be alone because of his music. Music is Kikuoka's life, It doesn't matter what the genre it is, He'll listen to it. All he needs is a good beat to get him in a good mood, as well as a good beat to get him in the mood to do other things; Fighting (Which rarely happens), Getting ready for operations, etc. Nonetheless, he's always managed to keep his cool when needed, and will always end up mumbling with anger instead of snapping almost immediately as he normally would.

One thing you will never see Kikuoka without his his headphones, They are "literally" glued to his body. He does, however, display perverted behavior, cracking jokes with innuendo and lightly flirting with the females of the group, as well as with several women they may come across. The behavior is usually not taken well by his peers. Oddly enough he avoids seriously involving himself with women and will gently turn them down if ever any interest beyond a casual attraction seems to be directed at him. He is also highly intolerant of cold weather and does well in heat; However, When it comes to foods, Kikuoka is much more inclined to eat something that is cold compared to something that is hot- Indeed a weird young man. Despite his blase characteristics, he often maintains an odd air of astuteness that makes one believe he is a much more complicated person than he lets on.

Around People He Loves and Cares about, Kikuoka is a completely Selfless Person. He would do anything for someone he loves, Even Die for them. If Kikuoka meets someone new, He is quite interested in the other persons "Story", Thus asking them to explain.

General Appearance

Appearance Age: 21
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs

Natural Abilities

Enhanced Brain Functions: Ever since Kikuoka was a small child, His parents, as well as doctors said that he was a very special boy. This wasn't special as in, "special needs", It was as if his brain functions on a completely different level. Through extreme and intense tests, procedures, and examinations, Kikuoka's neurons fire ten times faster than the average person on earth. Moreover, Kikuoka's frontal cortex is at least an inch in thicker in size and density. Kikuoka is able to detect, rationalize, think, process, and even react to things way more efficiently any even some of the most distinguished scientists, experts, and super computers. However, as he grew up, he always knew that he was going to be smarter than everyone. So, There were two choices for Kikuoka; Exploit the smarts, and become a know-it-all. Or. Become incredibly passive because he knows he could learn it in a matter of moments. He chose Option two- Only because of his love of music. Alas, He hasn't become lazy, Kikuoka is fluent in Ten different languages; English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Dutch, and Spanish. His IQ has been rumored to be around 230.

Prodigious Strategist & Tactician: Despite his aloof and unkempt appearance, Kikuoka is a very insightful and cunning young man. He also possesses great intuition, quickly becoming aware of any incoming danger and reacting to it in time. Kikuoka has an undeniable talent for thinking things through well in advance, making decisive and accurate decisions quickly in and out of battle, and seemingly perceiving any situation at hand. He is a crafty tactician, easily able to deceive both allies and enemies. In battle, he has regularly used cunning and deception to catch his opponents off-guard. He is a very analytical man, quickly seeing through an opponent's power and attack patterns to ultimately make them useless against him. With his Qi abilities being mainly about information, This young man has the world as his information broker- for a price of course. However, with his skills as a record keeper, All information is somehow relevant to something.

Qi Abilities

Type: Jìnéng

Appearance change: Nope

Abilities: Kako no uta (過去の歌; Song of the past): It has nothing to do with a song- Well, It partially does. Kikuoka has the ability to see the "Past" in a third party gaze. The power requires Kikuoka to have physical contact on that target he wishes to sort through their past. He can mentally examine a person, item, or specific site's history as the Targets Point of View. As such, it only reveals factors that somehow affected the target.

The clarity of the vision isn't always top notch, depending on the Object, the energy around it, Kikuoka's mental state, and/or his Qi level. The amount of time Kikuoka can look into the past is limited depending on the about of Qi he fuels into the Harnessing process. If he uses a Modicum of Qi into seeing a prior event, He can only access events about a 6 months, If he uses 25% of his entire Qi, He can access memories that have laid dormant for 100 Years. When using 50% of his Total Qi into his ring, Kikuoka is able to see as far as 200 years of the objects history- Which is useful in the utmost degree. With an Astonishing 75% of his Qi, Kikuoka is able to see Three and a Half Centuries into the past.

Kikuoka has been told by His mother never to use his 100% of his Qi for looking into the past, This would cause him to enter a coma, Leaving him blind afterwards for the rest of his life- if he ever woke up from it. However, If he pumps a astonishing total of 90% of his Qi, Kikuoka, although being extremely fatigued of spiritual energy, Is able to Dive as far as 650 Years into a person's past. This Ability is extremely useful, But, It is extremely damaging to his own body in terms of power level. Also, When looking into the Kikuoka only retains the knowledge for about one week (I.E: Real Time)- He would obviously retain a vague memory of the target, Just not in depth as the Precognition would perceive.

Hakudatsu kōkei (Severed Sights; 剥奪光景): To be able to use this Ability of Qi, Kikuoka must be in total state of calm- His Qi leveled and in harmony. It allows Kikuoka to "see" Distant sights without directly seeing it with his eyes. Kikuoka receives a visual simulation of what he would see if he were actually present at the scene via a type of clairvoyance. If Kikuoka has seen the place before, It makes it Easier for the ability to be clearer and more precise. With a power this great, It comes disadvantages.

The main disadvantage of Severed sights is that on rare instances it functions automatically. This can be the result of improper control at the time, Interference, or be triggered by a sudden, dramatic events occurring to someone whom Kikuoka shares an Emotional Bond with. When using this ability, Kikuoka is unable to leave the vicinity of fifteen feet, mainly trying to keep himself stable with the vision over yonder- wherever that may be. However, There is a limit to see how far his "eyes" can reach. Kikuoka's Hakudatsu Kokei is only able to reach half way across the world in distance before taking a strain on his body severally.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Ever since Kikuoka was a small child, His parents, as well as doctors said that he was a very special boy. This wasn't special as in, "special needs", It was as if his brain functions on a completely different level. Through extreme and intense tests, procedures, and examinations, Kikuoka's neurons fire ten times faster than the average person on earth. Moreover, Kikuoka's frontal cortex is at least an inch in thicker in size and density. But, One day Fourteen years ago, Kikuoka had faced a horrible loss. The loss of the one he had called father. One of those fateful nights, Kikuoka heard the front door blow open and closed in the strong wind, coming from the storm outside. It wasn't any regular night, it had been it had been a terrifying night for not only Kikuoka, but his mother. Kikuoka heard a loud sigh as he thought he heard foot steps walk out the door. Scared of what might be happening, but also quite curious, Kikuoka took a risk as he usually did and decided to check out what was happening outside. He ran throughout the town he was residing within, Karakura Town. It was then, upon Kikuoka’s galloping through the city, he had encountered face to face with what was known as a hollow to Shinigami.

It's terrifying strength, face and odor, had Kikuoka paralyzed for he was only six years old at the time, with no power whatsoever unbeknownst either of his parents; He had been born into the family a regular child and nothing more. Always feeling left out, drove Kikuoka to look for others like himself at the school he went to. Alone. He befriended a few humans and their friends. Kikuoka felt right at place at school being surrounded by humans but yet never comfortable around his parents knowing what they are and what he was yet to become. Although, despite all this, he still came to love them, taking liking to his mother more for she was there for him all the time regardless of the difference between them, they were still mother and son.The hollow slashed at Kikuoka sending him flying many yards away leaving a quite large slash on his chest soon to become a scar. The hollow charged at Kikuoka numerous times but couldn't seem to get to him due to a strange invisible barrier that came out of nowhere. Many hollows sensed such taste and elegance in the spiritual energy around that area and soon came after Kikuoka's encounter with the hollow. Before he knew it the hollows were all attacking the barrier trying to get through.There was a bright let that shined before a pitch black spirit energy crashed down on them all leaving Kikuoka breathless wanting it to be over. A tall figure wearing White clothing and wings sprouted from his back stepped out from a corner and glared coldly at the beings attacking Kikuoka. Kikuoka couldn't get a clear image of who that man might have been but heard his warming yet cold voice.

"Get up and Run!"

Kikuoka 's eyes widened in surprise that it was his father who stood before them, holding such a terrifying presence. Kikuoka's father charged at the beings killing them off one by one. He was down to the last one when it suddenly disappeared from both their sights. They both stared at a blank space where the hollow had been, in awe. Suddenly the Hollow reappeared behind Kikuoka 's father and punched him twenty-five yards away. The barrier surrounding Kikuoka suddenly vaporized as Kikuoka knew what it meant. Although knowing nothing it was still common sense. His instincts told him that his father wasn't dead. He quickly made a dash to his father twenty-five yards away without the hollow knowing of it. Before Kikuoka knew it, he was there hand in hand with his father, terrified of what was happening Ace tried picking up his father and running but couldn't due to the major difference in size.

Within five minutes the hollow had found both of them and charged at them again, But, His Father turned around, blasting him with a massive wave of Qi to dispatch the hollow. Soon after, His dad died in his arms, clinging on to the last breathes of life. Back at home, Kikuoka had been telling his mother exactly what had happened. In tears he and his mother both rushed to the place of his father's death looking around aimlessly hoping to see one sign of him. With nothing in sight of his mother Kikuoka saw a shiny object in the distance. He quickly made a run for it to that item. It was a ring, a platinum ring. It was there he never took off the ring as a keepsake to his father. Kikuoka had to know what was going on, and once he put it on, He was washed over with a massive wave of memories, seemingly from the ring itself- Mainly hearing his fathers voice repeatedly. Passing out on the street, Kikuoka is rushed home by his mother. Once he awoke at home, his mother told him everything; His father, her powers, and his. He was astonished to hear such things considering he was merely human- But, he could see the hollow anyway, meaning spiritual awareness. He was determined to learn the extent of his powers.

After that incident many of years ago Kikuoka had started going to a different school upon moving. No longer attended Karakura High, but now attending a private School. This School was unlike the other ones that Kikuoka had once attended, everything was so, new and strange to him. It would take a lot of getting used to, and a lot of missing his old friends that he had tried so hard to make, just to feel comfortable. But at the Private School he was then attending, Kikuoka was considered an outcast among people there.It felt awkward, it felt uncomfortable, it made him feel like he wasn’t wanted in the Private School. But, It was only a year after Kikuoka dropped out of the school- Even though he was getting straight A's in all of his classes. Living with his mom still, He attempts to find a place where his Intellect can be used constructively.

Roleplay Sample: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
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PostSubject: Re: Kikuoka Seijurō (Approved; 5-1+)   Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:19 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: Everything looks good, so I'll approve him. Because his powers are of a non-combat nature his tier will be on the lower end, but given what they are, this will not really affect how well he can use them.
Tier: 5-1+

Diablo Cortar ~ 0-3+
Dracula ~ 0-3+
Ravana Ichiro ~ 0-3+
Albert Wesker ~ 0-3
Hijikata Toshizo ~ 0-4-
Renamon ~ 0-5
Krieg ~ 1-1
Shyanne/Canaan ~ 1-1
Okita Souji ~ 1-3
Simon Barabbas ~ 1-3
Zachary Torren ~ 1-5
Hanako Ikezawa ~ 2-1
Abiru Kobushi ~ 4-3
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Kikuoka Seijurō (Approved; 5-1+)
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