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 Toja Hagiwara [APPROVED, 2-1]

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PostSubject: Toja Hagiwara [APPROVED, 2-1]   Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:55 pm


» Name: Toja Hagiwara
» Titles: Fiery Trap
» Appearance Age: 16-17
» True Age: 832
» Gender: Trap! (male)
Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13 (Vizard powers hidden)

» Appearance Description: Toja is a short, very feminine and 'cute' boy. His blonde hair reaches under his shoulders slightly, and is usually bound together slightly on the back of his head to not make him appear too much like a girl (a vain effort). While his face can usually be rather reserved, cold or twisted with slight anger, he also has a 'cute' smile, which he hates to show to anyone.
In an attempt to make his gender more apparent, Toja also has a few black tattooes on his neck and over his chest, while trying to somehow fit a male Shinigami uniform (causing it to be quite a bit wider than usual), while carrying his normal-sized Zanpakutō on the back, as it would otherwise scratch over the ground. Toja is known for being short - even the 'young Captain' Hitsugaya back during the war against Aizen would easily be able to look down onto him. Rumor has it he is around 4'5" tall.
Recently, after rigorous training, his body frame doesn't seem to have changed - but underneath his wide, flowing clothing, his body is pretty much made of muscle at this point, sporting very defined characteristics like a six-pack and thicker arms than before.

» Appearance Picture:


Art by: Unknown, found through image search services on another site without citations.


» Original Personality: Toja, the fiery trap, carries his title for a good reason. One shouldn't be decieved by his feminine looks, as he is one of the most hot-headed individuals in the Soul Society when he wants to be. Especially about being feminine - calling him girly is the same as challenging him to a fight, and outright calling him 'girl' often leads to a sudden case of fist-to-the-face for the offender, and has delivered even a few of the 11th Squad right into the medical center with bruises and burns.
Besides that little explosive fact, Toja is usually a no-nonsense guy, especially on duty, and hates nothing more than people not taking their duties seriously. He doesn't enjoy work, so to say, but he always gets his job done one way or another, and in a timely manner. Although his powers suggest against it, he usually prefers a stealthy and tactical approach, much to his Zanpakutō Spirit's chargin.
While few people would ever call Toja a 'friend', he is usually a whole lot nicer and warmer to people that he likes - but is still rather rough around the edges, so it can be hard to notice. Despite his cute appearance - or maybe to offset it - he is known to sometimes swear like a sailor, especially when he either snaps or something goes horribly wrong (or horribly right...).
When he is not on duty, Toja prefers to either keep his strict training routine up and running or just nap, although he can at times be seen in various bars and pubs. For his size he's a remarkable drinker, although it is hard to say if he's alcoholic or not, seeing as he keeps sober during duty hours without complaints.
Some rumors say that Toja is not quite as much against being 'girly' as he tries to seem most of the time, and when genuinly surprised (or piss-ass drunk) can actually be brought to act quite jumpy, like a young girl. Much to his own chargin, of course. This behavior is moreso linked to his 'childlike' self than actually feeling even slightly like a girl, but getting people to understand that is quite hard. As someone who never actually HAD a youth, it is sprinkled in his normal self in bits and pieces like this. Subconciously, this is part of what keeps his body from aging. His fixation on fire that he sometimes exhibits can get a little creepy too, much like a child with way too much power at his hands. Needless to say, his favorite Kidō are all based on fire and flames.
In general, he regards Kidō as a large part of what makes him what he is, just like belonging to the Gotei does. The fine art of applied power in correct doses is incredibly important to him, and while his ability with the sword is questionable at best, his focus on the art of Kidō makes it clear why. His obsession is quite similiar to how some 'nerds' act regarding their favorite subject, being able to go on large rants and discussions over the correct application of Kidō and the possibilities it opens up.

» Changed Personality: These changes came about through a combination of self-discovery and banishing his inner Hollow from his everyday self.
Toja is still a fiery trap - but now with more than just anger. His temper is still legendary, but it isn't quite as focused around himself as one would think. He isn't going to stand for insults against him, or especially, his looks - while not downright embarrassed about it, he dislikes his femininity enough WITHOUT people making fun of him. The fact that, in order to make fun of him, you also have to disrespect him, really doesn't help with his opinion of such people. But still, he'll usually give them a good scare and let them walk away with a valuable lesson learned. Even those who physically try to bully him will at worst get some bruises on them.
But then you get to the fools, no matter their race, origin or power, who think they can dare to insult or even attack those he cares about. His friends, his squad, or worst of all, his captain and the people he loves. When that happens, he doesn't fuck around one bit. Toja will tear such a person apart with his bare hands, if given the chance. And if that proves to inefficient, there's still his complete mastery of Kidō and deadly fires from the Zanpakutō to worry about. He doesn't give a crap about the reasons of those attacking his dearest, their excuses, or their motivation behind a fight. He'll delete them from existence using fire and heat like a specter from hell itself.
That is the expression of Toja's other, extremely caring side. He has learned to be true to himself in that regard, even if it's embarrassing at times - he's a gruff person who speaks his mind, and doesn't talk around issues or tries to make things sound better than they are. His tendency to never hold back makes him seem about as likeable as a porcupine at times, and his dedication to hard work and training may make him appear flat, but he really has the best intentions in mind when acting like that. If you just did something stupid, he'll tell you, and it won't matter if you're the Captain-Commander or a homeless drug addict - he respects people, but knows when respect has to make room for truth. He only hides things or makes secrets out of facts when he absolutely, positively has to do so to keep someone safe or happy.
In his free-time, Toja enjoys quite a few things. One is a bad habit he has mostly kicked into the curb, but which he sometimes still does when he feels like it, which is going out to drink, either alone or with friends. Legends say he's one of the best drinkers in the entire Gotei 13. But he might just as well enjoy a picnic with some friends, really - Quality time with others is just as important to him than some time alone to relax. He's not one to ever take his training lightly - even when sick or hurt, he will still train his body and mind as good as he can, given the circumstances. Always ready for combat when required, he's a true soldier whenever required of him.


» Zanpakutō Name: Hotaru

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Hotaru is the opposite gender to it's wielder, being a tomboyish fire fairy. She is about the same height as Toja himself, has a rather small chest size and short, fiery red hair. On her back, she has two butterfly-like wings that glimmer dark red and black in light. Her body is covered with a skin-tight reddish colored bodysuit that leaves only her hands, head and feet free. Usually she can be seen either floating in the air in a sitting posture or even fluttering upside-down.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: She is a weird and 'wild' spirit, not listening to any orders one might give her - she'd rather do the opposite. Caring for her wielder, she's always the one to support his aggressive and impulsive decisions, and berates long waiting and strategy. As a spirit of fire, her temperament is not one to be underestimated, as she can quickly singe off a few hairs with a violent outburst.
Recently, with the appearance of his inner Hollow as a separate entity from herself, she scoffs at the Hollow's disregard for others and for Toja himself, but keeps true to her impulsive mindset.

» Inner World: Toja's inner world is a gigantic vulcano - or at least he assumes it is. The 'crater walls' stretch high up into the sky, but stars can be seen when looking directly upwards while floating above the sources of light below. It is thus impossible (at the moment) to leave the crater, but the inner world has also been known to change size randomly, going from as small as a cottage to the size of a small town in a matter of minutes. Formerly, size was dependant on his anger, but recent developments have apparently stabilized the crater to be roughly the size of a small city block.
The magma has been shown to be hot, and sometimes rising into explosions, but unable to truly hurt either Toja or the two spirits inhabiting the world.
The middle of the vulcano-crater is a small, solid island, on which a spring erupts hot water over the black stones. This is where one can usually find Toja's spirit. Recently, his Hollow has also made his home there.

» Natural Powers:

  • Kidō Mastery: Toja is the equivalent of a Captain when it comes to Kidō. As long as it is not a forbidden or custom Kidō he has not been tought, he can use it, modify it slightly, and enhance it with additional strength if possible with his current Reiatsu-levels.
  • Surprising Physical Strength: Shinigami are always superhuman in strength, but Toja surprises with strength especially odd for someone of his stature. He can wrestle a normal Shinigami triple his size without problem.
  • Swordfighting Adept: While he has gotten better, Toja is just about the level of a seated officer in swordplay.
  • Weaponless Fighting Adept: Just like his swordfighting, he is nothing special in hand-to-hand, but enhances it with his Shikai when he uses it normally.
  • Shunpo Expert: Slightly above average for a seated officer, maybe around the level of a Vice-Captain with less confidence in his own Shunpo. Better at short distances than at long ones.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: A normal-sized Katana, which Toja recently started carrying at his side instead of his back, despite it almost scratching along the ground.

» Release Phrase: Terasu, Hotaru! (Illuminate, Hotaru!)

» Shikai Appearance: Toja has an odd release. It can be described as a dual wield Zanpakutō, although it is hard to even notice that it is still a Zanpakutō - because it turns into a pair of special, fingerless tight gloves around his hands. These gloves are able to project short blades made out of pure, solid fire, while rendering Toja's arms highly resistant to any kind of fire damage. These blades are mainly a defense mechanism. The gloves enhance hand to hand of the wearer by being hard as steel.

» Shikai Abilities:

  • Law Breaker: The fire within the gloves burn away Toja's limits, allowing him to use Kidō that would normally overwhelm his soul and be impossible to cast. This ability lowers the energy required for high level Kidō to a manageable level, and also keeps it constrained, allowing high level Kidō to be used while moving and fighting close range, too.
  • Incantation Mastery: Toja can use half the incantation of a Kidō to use it at full power while in Shikai.
  • Kidō Imprint: While fighting in Shikai, Toja can 'imprint' a Kidō that he uses into each of his gloves. It then allows him to recast said Kidō at the imprinted power level by just calling out the name, without requiring an incantation at all. This ability is limited by the amount of Reiatsu that Toja can actually use for high powered spells. A Kanji representing the number of the spell, and the school (Bakudo, Hadō), show up on the glove as imprint is used, but it does not require a vocal command to imprint.
  • Molten Blades: As said above, Toja can extend fiery blades out of his gloves. they appear either from the backside of the hands, acting like arm-mounted shortblades, or from his palms while he forms the usual 'palm-strike' form with his hand. As they are made out of fire, blocking them with the bare body can be a bad idea in general.
  • Hotaru no Hikari: The 'light of fireflies' is the special attack of Toja's Shikai. Channeling the power of elemental fairies, he conjures up the fire from his inner self and uses it as a weapon. It can either be used as a projectile-like attack, to defend against something, or to enhance either the molten blades or a simple punch with the fists.

» Bankai Name: Koasahi no Hikari
» Bankai Appearance: When in Bankai, Toja's clothing is immediately replaced by a dark red Shinigami-uniform. Also, a golden tiara with a big, red center gem appears on his head. His hair grows slightly longer, and his entire body seems to get slightly taller as a result of activating it.
The true form of Hotaru are two golden, molten metal bracelets on Toja's wrists.

» Bankai Abilities:

  • White-Hot Flames: All fire generated in this form is so hot that it appears blinding white. It can melt steel easily.
  • Shapeshifting Weaponry: The bracelets can change shape when Reiatsu is applied to them to serve as actual weapons. From the bracelet that is being changed flows molten metal and hardens into the form desired by Toja, within reason - an object can't be larger than two times his own size, and requires scaling Reiatsu to maintain in a hardened form. The 'default' form of this is a golden-red katana in his right hand, while the left hand is covered with a large, fist-like gauntlet that is used for both protection and offense. The gauntlet is around double the size of Toja's own head. Shifting the weapons around can be done on the fly, but while in liquid form they can't block incoming attacks.
  • Engraved Kidō Mastery: The perfected form of Kidō Imprint. Toja uses his mastery over his own energy and the spells of Kidō to engrain the last five spells of Hadou he used into the right, and the last five Bakudo spells into his left bracelet. Symbols representing their numbers will appear in black on the bracelets themselves. Using a new spell only has to overwrite the previously saved ones if Toja wills it to be. Toja can recast each spell with whatever strength it had when imprinted originally, at half energy cost. After using an imprint three times, it vanishes and the same spell can't be imprinted for the rest of the Bankai activation.
  • Implied Incantation: In addition to being able to cast a Kidō at full strength with half of the Incantation, Toja can also cast a spell instantly at full power, and say the full phrase afterwards. If he is interrupted or otherwise unable to perform the chant afterwards, a huge backdraft hits his body, the strength depending on the spell used. Using it on a first level spell would be akin to getting stung by a mosquito. Failing to incantate a 90+ spell would be akin to getting hit by a freight train going at 300 miles per hour. Spells used per Implied Incantation can't be Engraved.
  • Burn the Laws: While in Bankai, Toja's mastery of Kidō burns through his limits so far that he becomes a grandmaster. He is capable of devising entire new spells like this, which require a fitting incantation of length fitting to the spell effect, and can then be used by all Shinigami that know the incantation and have the strength to handle them. His new spells can't exceed the maximum power of Kidō currently known. After creating a new Kidō, it will be listed at the bottom of this app.
  • Koasahi no Hikari: An incredibly powerful fire-type attack. Toja collects his fire energy into either hand, or both, and brings it towards the enemy, be it a swipe or stab, and unleashes a stream of white-hot flames capable of burning through steel like a hot knife goes through butter. The evolved form of Hotaru no Hikari. As a passive effect, while this ability is not in some way blocked, Toja can constantly fire off flames from his weapons and other parts of his body as attacks, in lower volumes than when he uses this ability actively.
  • Lavos: The first finishing move. Toja soars into the air on wings of fire, before coating his entire body in white flames. He crashes at the enemy like a meteor, expelling all of his remaining Reiatsu into an incredible explosion to finish off the opposition. After using this, Toja will find himself with little Reiatsu left and unable to use Shikai, Bankai or any Kidō spell above level 5 before resting and recovering his strength.
  • Lavos Onslaught: The strongest move of his Bankai. And also the most deadly, to himself. Toja removes both bracelets with a thought command, causing them to shatter and turn into a huge mass of white flames, which he takes into his own hands. Forging them into a giant two-handed sword with his will, he will charge his enemy with an explosive rush, slashing at them again and again, each slash causing a huge explosion of fire, heat and shockwaves, to tear apart everything in his wake he can. This comes at a huge price - without his bracelets, Toja takes the damage of the flames HIMSELF as well. His arms will get horribly burned at the very least, and the longer he continues his onslaught, the more of his own life-force will be burned by Toja to keep himself and the flames going. Additionally, the brightness of the white fire can cause severe damage to his own eyes. If it is used too long, Lavos Onslaught WILL kill Toja by burning all of his life away. And even if he survives using it, even his near-unlimited life-span as a Shinigami will be dramatically shortened. Lavos Onslaught is a super mode, desperation attack, last resort, and terrible weapon all at once, and should never be used lightly.


» Inner Hollow Description: His Hollow is a combination of Toja himself and his Zanpakutō spirit. While the body frame fits his spirit, all together with the wings, it has the hair color and face of Toja (with yellow Hollow eyes, that is), although the hair is far longer than normal.

» Inner Hollow Personality: Toja's Hollow is a very playful, yet twisted individual. He revels in his odd appearance and body, acting incredibly feminine and flirty, even towards Toja himself. It is both creepy and weird, but also strangely 'attractive', if you will. He is a surpressed collection of feeling inside of Toja just as much as he is an inner Hollow, making him a little bit resentful towards his host, but he is generally friendlier than most inner beasts - which isn't to say that he wouldn't still try to kill Toja and take over his body if he could.
Also, his inner Hollow - unlike the real Toja - can be described as flamboyant gay without any holding back. To imply anything else is a straight out lie. When in control of Toja's body, he is just as likely to grope a man's ass as he is to stab him. Or do both at once, because besides the flirty exterior, he is also a sociopathic monster that enjoys the suffering of others. His anger isn't as explosive as you'd normally think, and he is actually his most dangerous during the times where he shuts up and focuses solely on violence.

» Inner Hollow Powers: Toja's Hollow is known for impressive physical strength, and 'wild' blue flames, which are uncontrollable but burn hotter than Toja's normal red flames.

» Hollow Mask Appearance:

Source: Code Geass


» Vizard Powers: As he only recently gained partial control over it, Toja can't call the mask for long. While wearing it, his physical and spiritual strength triples from it's current limits, giving a small taste of his true potential. He can create both red and blue flames, making precision and destruction possible, and fuse both fires into incredibly hot white flames which sear even through steel. He is capable of firing a simple Cero from the place on his mask that covers one eye completely.

» Resurrección Appearance: Not yet achieved

» Resurrección Abilities: Not yet achieved


» Background: Toja never lived as a human. He is a born soul, steeming from Soul Society and one of the safer districts, where his parents lived. He can barely remember them, but knows that neither of them had Reiatsu, as they never needed to eat. That was obviously different for Toja, however, but since his family was rather poor, he had to rely on stealing and thievery to get by as a kid once his spiritual energy awakened and manifested.
His constant hunger in this way lead him to develop quite a few dangerous personality traits and the 'training' needed to learn how to move without making a sound. He would've eventually turned into a Hollow, most likely, had he not been found by a Shinigami that he tried to rob of his lunch one day - by that time, Toja had forgotten even the faces of his parents. That day was the day where Toja used his charms for the first - and so far, only - time to get out of a sticky situation, taking the lunch and all of the money the Shinigami had before tying him up and fleeing for the hills after said capture.
However, this event changed Toja in the way that he now knew of the Shinigami. It seems odd for a soul not to know about them in the first place, but as someone who spent his entire days hunting for something to eat and a place to sleep, collecting information was secondary. Now, with the money of the Shinigami, he had the chance to slow down his chaotic lifestyle for the first time in years.
Deducting the best course of action, Toja set out towards the Seireitei and Gotei 13, as he knew he wouldn't be able to survive on his own forever. His body was rather weak, but thanks to the spiritual energy within him, the Gotei accepted him as one of the many students to become new Shinigami.
Ever since that day, Toja became incredibly loyal and protective of the Gotei, as they had saved him from a fate of starvation and hollowfication. Over the first months in the academy, Toja developed his reclusive nature, and a distinct dislike against people that called him 'girl'. One day, during Kidō training, instead of firing at the targets, he lit the chief 'joker' of his age group slightly on fire after hearing him whisper 'girl' behind his back - and that was quite effective in shutting that guy up, even if Toja had to clean the toilets for three weeks in return.

In Shinigami training, it became clear that Toja had about as much familiarity with a sword as a badger. However, his spiritual energy proved to be incredibly stable and growing, making it easy to conjure Kidō from the energy of the world around them, marking his specialization later on.
After graduating from the academy, Toja's sword skills, by comparison, went from below average to abyssmal and terrible. Sticking to the study of Kidō as an unseated officer, there was only one thing making him different from other Shinigami of his skill level...
He was able to converse with his Zanpakutō, even if he was yet unable to hear her name. Still, this communication proved vital in many a mission and spar, giving him a reputation as a Kidō master in the making. It was only when, during a mission, he had to save someone from a Menos Grande that his Zanpakutō's voice fully reached his ears, though - as darkness was approaching from all sides, the illuminating light of Hotaru flared up, and enabled the unseated officer a victory against a Menos. Needless to say, he was promoted almost instantly after that mission.

Ever since then, Toja has simply been improving himself. He is training day in, day out - his dedication seemingly knowing no bounds. He even memorized all known Kidō incantations by this point, although he was still missing the power to use them all properly. His dedication is not bordering on obsession - it cearly is an obsession that knows no bounds.

After meeting with Kaminari, his Captain, for a personal talk, she discovered his slowly developing Hollow powers. Seeing her strength of will and kind personality, Toja was inspired to break free from his daily routine and dull, boring lifestyle - for a Shinigami, that is - and began training his body in a serious fashion, while also training in the art of the sword, so that he wouldn't fail Kaminari's expectations.
After a near-fatal accident involving his developing Hollow, Toja decided to settle things once and for all, and challenged both him and Hotaru to a duel. While he eventually won, and discovered the origin of his 'flames of love and anger', he did not manage to destroy his inner Hollow, who appears to serve him out of respect... for now.



Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Toja Hagiwara [APPROVED, 2-1]   Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:15 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [O]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]

Comments/Notes: Personality needs 2 more sentences.
Tier: 2-2 when fixed.

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PostSubject: Re: Toja Hagiwara [APPROVED, 2-1]   Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:47 pm

It's fixed, so approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Toja Hagiwara [APPROVED, 2-1]   Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:15 am

Changed in accordance to his recent obtaining of both Bankai and basic control over his inner Hollow. Re-approval requested.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Toja Hagiwara [APPROVED, 2-1]   Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:40 pm

And now he's on the tier of 2-1. Re-approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Toja Hagiwara [APPROVED, 2-1]   

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Toja Hagiwara [APPROVED, 2-1]
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