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 Cryska Barchenowa [Approved, 0-4+, Tsurugi]

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PostSubject: Cryska Barchenowa [Approved, 0-4+, Tsurugi]   Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:58 pm

Tsurugi Template


Name: Cryska Barchenowa (Birth name: Ileana Îngelscu)
True Age: 680
Gender: Female
Personality: Cryska is the type to put her country before everything. The North is her motherland, they are what gave her life. They are what saved her, she owes everything to them. Even though what they do is sometimes morally wrong, she also understands that there is a general need for those actions. Sometimes to achieve results that better everyone, some 'bad' things must be done. She follows her orders without question, putting her utmost faith in her superiors. This could be a sign of blindness, but she also knows when not to follow her orders (such as when her superiors are under duress).

There is, however, one person whom she feels comfortable around. Her former name was Inia Sestina. She was part of the Berkut plan, but as part of the Bronya (броня; Rus. Armor) section. This means Inia was one of the ones that would try to be the Krovi's soul. Even with Inia as the Berkut's soul, Cryska still calls her "Inia." Their relationship is a mix between a mother and a daughter's, two sisters', and two lovers'. The two are nigh-inseparable (until Inia gets curious and walks around), and Cryska will go far out of her way if Inia is not near her. Granted, she does allow allow Inia to wander, but Cryska doesn't like her to get out of sight. Cryska is almost overly-worried for Inia. She constantly say Inia is "delicate." If someone throws a punch at Inia, if Cryska can't block it she takes the punch. She constantly tells, and truly believes, that the only two things that matter to her are the Motherland and Inia.

Cryska is not afraid to say that she doesn't understand something. However, she does try to understand it. In fact, Cryska simply does not know how to understand many things. As someone who is in her... situation, it is understandable that she does not know what some things are. But do not think that she is an emotionless doll. She cares for the departed, but she also knows that it's pointless to mourn. "It is the thoughts of those left behind that make those deaths have meaning" is her quote on the departed.

However, Cryska is not always the nigh-understanding 'perfect soldier.' As a genetic experiment, she has a sort-of... instability. Known as Prafka (Правка; Rus. Correction), she has a set instability. The more unstable she gets, the higher the Prafka level. The higher the level, the more murderous she gets. And the more murderous she gets, the more likely she is to not understand orders. It slowly and surely turns her into a machine made for massacre.

General Appearance

Appearance: Cryska is the pinnacle of Northern beauty. She stands at an impressive 187 centimeters, making her tall for a female. Her overall figure is impressive, showing no bulging muscles. Yet, she can easily overpower most of her male comrades. Her hair extends slightly below her shoulders, and she keeps her bangs out of her eyes. Her hair, however, is completely silver. It compliments her deep grey-violet eyes. She wears a pair of dark purple hairclips to keep her Prafka in check. Her uniform is a standard Northern military uniform. It consists of a black jacket with raised shoulders. There are two pockets on the breasts with a special pin signifying her position as a flight leader.

Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age: 23
Height: 187cm
Weight: 51kg

Natural Abilities

Magic: While Cryska is somewhat skilled in Sugiura Magic, she moreso relies on things outside of those spells

Other Weapons: Cryska carries standard Northern-issue weapons, which includes a survival dagger (which contains a fishing hook, high-tensile fishing string, matches, and single flare. The knife is half a foot long with a serrated edge. The other weapon is a .380 handgun with the capabilities to take down spirits. It can fire normal rounds too, but she's rarely in an area without spirits.

Pravka: (Правка; lit. Correction) The ability of all Э Project experiments to perceive the thoughts of others as a mental image represented by colors. A core ability of all Э Project experiments. It's not an exact mind reading, but more like a general idea, much like thermal imaging. For example: If someone was having doubts about a relationship, the colors purple and pink would radiate around the person. This wouldn't give Cryska (or Inia) the details, but just that the person is doubting love, which it would take Cryska and Inia's own intuition to piece it together.


Name: Su-47 Berkut (Су-47 Беркут; Golden Eagle)
Type: Krovi
Smith: Sufoni
Curse: None.
Standby Form Appearance:

Humanoid Form Appearance:

Personality: Inia is innocence incarnate. She is what can be described as a mascot character. She is the light to Cryska's shadow, or in a more modern sense the niceness to Cryska's "bitchiness." She adores people who are like Cryska. People who have something to fight for and will fight for it. People who actually believe in something. However, her number one priority is Cryska. Cryska is the person she's known the longest. She and Cryska are more like sisters or a mother and her daughter than a Mech and its pilot. Inia gives Cryska flowers and other small gestures of kindness fill her day. Inia isn't just like that to Cryska. Aleksei and Katyusha are both greeted with nice greetings at least from Inia.

Cryska relies on Inia, and Inia relies on Cryska. This isn't to say that either isn't independent. Cryska is more than trained to hold her own. Inia wanders around the base, holding the other half of the Berkut's standby form. She named the bear "Misha," which is a very fitting name for a very Russian bear (I mean, look at those eyebrows). However, Inia is not as strong as Cryska. She is just as smart, but her small figure is what keeps her from being a true threat to anyone outside of her armor form. That is why she is normally seen around Cryska, because Cryska will "always save her" and will "always be there to protect her."

They take baths with each other on a regular basis.
History: (See Cryska's history.)

Tsurugi Unleashed

Calling Phrase: Stiraniye Pamyati—Nichego ne Dolzhen Zanimatʹ (Стирание Памяти—Ничего не Должен Занимать; Rus. Erasing Memories—Nothing is Meant to Last)
Armor Appearance:

Height: 4.20 m
Weight: 2.25 metric tonnes
OS Name: ALS-47E
Special Equiptment:
Б-87 Mount Pylons: The Mount Pylon is a secondary-arm attachment for Mechi that allows any machine equipped with it to carry an additional weapon or piece of equipment into battle. With the aid of automatic control, the Mount Pylon can become a third and/or fourth arm with which the Mechi can fight with, albeit not to the full effectiveness of the Mechi's main arms. The Mount Pylon, like the limbs of a Mechi , uses a combination of carbonic actuator and mechanical joint systems, and as such essentials like its deployment speed is dependent on the power supply and operating capabilities of the Mechi it is equipped on. In combat, they allow for a Mechi to set down firing arcs in all directions, and are important for the usage of Gun Sweeper tactics. They can also be used to by a Mechi to rearm from a Supply Container without distraction. The hardpoints for Mount Pylons can be used to carry other equipment, like the ammunition box for the EML-99X Electromagnetic Induction Launcher, or drop tanks.

The Б-87 is specially designed to pass any equipped weapon over the Mechi's shoulders. While most systems pass Assault Cannons under the Mechi's arms, the Б-87 uses an overhead pass similar to how other Mount Pylons pass a Melee Halberd; given the nature of the melee capabilities of Mechi, such a method is safer and less obstructive for the Mechi. The system is comparatively easier to maintain than other Mount Pylon systems.

SE147-SU-600 Jump Unit: The Jump Unit is a hybrid propulsion engine that uses both fuel-burning jet engines and chemical rocket propulsion methods to produce thrust. As one of the core equipment sets of a Mech, the advantages that a Jump Unit-equipped Mechi has are near-limitless. Using rocket propulsion allows the Jump Unit to quickly produce thrust without waiting for the jet engine to "warm up"; the jet engine components of the Jump Unit allow the Tactical Surface Fighter to sustain thrust for a longer time with greater fuel efficiency. The Jump Unit, in actuality, refers to the twin booster components that are (usually) attached to the Mechi's rear; depending on model, either to the waist block or the rear upper thigh. Most Jump Units are similar in function to each other in that all contain an engine, are built with stabilizing surfaces, and can be purged in the event of an emergency, although some Jump Units have other functions that are unique to their model. Together with high-output and high-efficiency jump units with new forward swept wings, this allows the Su-47 to display amazing three-dimensional maneuvering performance. A new leg design has improved operational uptime by 30%. The Berkut also features additional thrust-producing engines that are be built into it, distinct from the Jump Units that all Mechis have. They do not produce enough thrust for lift, but are instead used as maneuverability multipliers; by mounting them on the back, shoulder, waist and torso block, they can be used to push the Berkut in a given direction in an emergency maneuver, or increase their speed in combat.

Wire Cutter: A Northern design aspect originating from the MiG-21 and closely related to Blade Edge Armor, the wire cutter is a piece of material designed to prevent damage to a Mechi's main optics by either blocking contact from a hard object or cutting through softer impediments, and is usually integrated into the design of the Mechi's head unit itself. In modern times, the wire cutter has also been installed on the Su-series of Mechi; given the smooth frontal head design of Sufoni's Mechi, the wire cutter often creates the mistaken appearance of two narrowed, human-like eyes.

Fixed Armaments:
Blade Motor: Perhaps the most iconic weapon of the North, the blade motor is a mounted melee weapon used by the the Su-series of Mechi.
Essentially chainsaw systems mounted on arm and leg mountings, usage requires the Mechi to stay with a target until it cuts through, requiring the target to either be softened up, the user to be brutal and overpowering in close-combat tactics, or relegating the blade motor for use on smaller targets that can be easily cut through. The effectiveness of the weapon is unquestioned, however, with numerous examples of Blade Motors blocking blows from another Tsurugi's sword in combat without damage. Maintenance of the weapon is simply done by replacing the entire set of linked blades on the chainsaw blades' belt.

Spike Vanes: A fixed armament of Northern origin, the Spike Vanes are blades affixed to Northern Mechi, usually on their shoulder blocks. The edges of the Spike Vanes are sharpened to the point where a simple evasive maneuver will cause clean and deep cuts in Tsurugi armor, and combined with the high-maneuverability of Northern Mechi like the Su-47, are devastating in close-range combat. Its only disadvantage is its short range and role as a defensive option, relegating the spike vane to a protective role in dismembering other Tsurugi that get too close.

Blade Edge Armor: Sharpened edges and/or components of Mechi armor built with special materials to withstand immense shock, blade edge armor components are directly integrated into the shape and frame of the Mechi itself. Derived from the Soviet-made spike vane, in combat they serve the same purpose of close-range defense during high-speed combat by cutting through any Tsurugi that attempt to pass a Mechi. The blade edge armor is a secondary weapons option, however, and should not be taken to have the same effectiveness of the Blade Motor in combat. Its use also results in degradation of its effectiveness, and maintenance of the blade edge armor is neither easy nor cheap. A variant of Blade Edge Armor is the Close-Ranged Fixed Melee Armament, often taking the form of pre-installed bladed weapons on a Mechi's frame. The mounted blades on the Su-47's feet are a type of these.

Optional Fixed Armaments:
DS-3 Multi-Purpose Supplemental Armor: Supplemental Armor is hand-carried shields for Mechi usage. Named the Schurzen; the DS-3 is a multirole equipment first seen on Su-27s, the shield carries a frontal section of sloped reactive armor plates that can be used both as an anti-laser countermeasure and an offensive measure against Tsurugi, and is equipped with Super Carbon blades on its sides and bottom for powerful cutting strikes. The super carbon frontal section lends stabbing power in close-combat, and an extra handgrip on the top allows a Mechi to wield the DS-3 with increased power, precision, and speed. Desperate pilots can even use the shield as a pivot for extremely high-speed quick turns by stabbing the shield into the ground during NOE flight.

Type-92 Autonomous Multi-Purpose Missile System: The Type-92 is commonly used to fire short-range homing missiles at targets identified by the phased array radar system that the missile system is equipped with. With this radar, the system can accurately guide missiles across simple obstacles to hit targets; this feature has afforded the Type-92 great effectiveness in targeting and destroying clusters of soft targets, Kazuuchi, and small cities. The system can be outfitted with missiles that use different warheads; the most common types are anti-laser and the standard high-explosive warhead types; the missiles are launched by having them fire their rockets for maximum burn. While this damages the interior of the missile box, the entire equipment was made to be disposable, making this a minute concern. However, in an attempt to make the system lightweight so as to not impede the Mechi equipped with the missile system, each Type-92 is limited to sixteen missiles. Once used, the Mechi can only jettison the launch system and must find a full missile box from other sources again, such as a supply container. It can not be equipped with the AIM-54 also equipped.

AIM-54 Finiks: The trademark long-ranged missile system of the MiG-29, the system is primarily used to launch cluster-munition warheads against Tsurugi during an initial strike or close-range support operations. The Finiks was developed with data from cruise missile systems; as such, the missile contains equipment sophisicated enough to make use of NOE flight, GPS tracking and other advanced maneuvering that enabled the missile to attain an extremely high precision rate. Throughout the years since the MiG-29 was deployed, the Finiks missile has been used to great effectiveness in destroying concentrated groups to open holes in the enemy formation during shore-landing operations, fire support and even as Tsurugi hunters. It can not be equipped with the Type-92 also equipped.

EML-99X Electromagnetic Induction Launcher: The EML-99X uses conventional railgun technology to accelerate shells to high velocity, giving the shells a high penetration power; a pair of rails guide the shells as an electromagnetic force is generated along the rails, pushing the shell out of the barrel at extreme speeds. The shells used for the EML-99X also have exhaust pods to add kinetic energy to the shell, as the ammunition itself is accelerated using the systems in the gun rather than conventional gunpowder or shell charges. The weapon is belt-fed to improve ammunition loading rates. Unlike most railguns, the EML-99X is built with rapid-fire capability of up to 800 rounds per minute, allowing users to quickly and efficiently dispatch large numbers; a sub-arm allows the user to stabilize the gun on the shoulder armor of the Mechi wielding it, further improving combat efficiency. A coolant tank and system has been built into the gun itself to compensate for the extreme heat generated by the friction of the shells against the firing rails during operation, but a failsafe will shut down the entire system in the event that the coolant system stops working. Coupled with the coolant tank and system's exposed placing, this has made engaging Tsurugi at medium- to close-ranges with the EML-99X a risky maneuver at best.

S-11 SD-SYSTEM: The S-11 SD-SYSTEM (SELF-DESTRUCTION-SYSTEM) is device stored in the skirt armor of all Mechi, expected to undertake high-risk missions. Generally used as suicide devices in case a pilot or their Mechi is critically damaged in battle while still surrounded by enemies, as a means to a painless death, and to destroy as many enemies as possible. Each device has an explosive yield similar to that of a tactical nuclear warhead. An S-11 also has a handle on it, in the event that it can't be used by the Mechi it is stored in, it can be taken out and used by another Mechi as a thrown explosive

Hand-held Armaments:
A-97 Assault Cannon: A specialized, high-calibur anti-armor cannon. The gun's weapons systems can be separated into two components; an RG-36 36mm chaingun makes up the bulk of the weapon, with a removable GG-120 120mm cannon attachment on the top front of the Assault Cannon. The weapon with all ammunition magazines loaded carries 2000 36mm chaingun rounds and 6 120mm cannon rounds, and has been proven to improve the maneuverability of Mechi by way of its design, which does not concentrate all of its weight on any single point. The A-97 uses a belt system for its ammunition, with 2000 rounds of 36mm layered together with multiple segments within a clip. To prevent jamming or empty feeding, a conveyer belt-type bullet feed is mounted on the top and bottom of the clip; power to operate this simple system is supplied by the A-97's own systems.

36mm Ammo Types:

  • 36mm high-velocity armor-piercing (HVAP)
    The standard 36mm round type, which is caseless and tipped with depleted uranium for greater piercing properties.

  • 36mm tracer
    A 36mm round that burns a pyrokinetic charge when fired, providing a light source for allied troops and as a guide for the firer to see where his/her aim is. An essential round type mixed with the standard 36mm HVAP, the 36mm tracer was used during the early years of the invasion to provide sight advantage for allied Mechi during night fighting; in modern times it is used more as a visual aid for ground troops.

120mm smoothbore cannon ammo:

  • 120mm canister shot
    A 120mm round that when fired spreads fragments at high velocities over a wider area, usually used to deal with clusters of opponents.

  • 120mm armor-piercing sabot-discarding fin-stabilized (APSDFS)
    A steel arrow/dart fitted with an external shell (sabot) that allows the dart to be fired out of a cannon barrel. Once in the air the sabot falls off to reveal a finned steel dart not unlike an arrow, with additional rocket propulsion to improve the dart's muzzle velocity. This round type is usually reserved for use against larger and more well-armored opponents.

  • 120mm high-explosive squash head (HESH)
    A 120mm round that does not focus on penetrating power, but instead uses the force from its explosion and impact on a surface to transmit the resulting shockwaves to whatever is on the other side, causing damage to soft and hard objects alike.

  • 120mm armor-piercing capped and balistically-capped high-explosive (APCBCHE)
    A 120mm round that deals damage by piercing a surface and detonating an explosive payload once within. While the round is rocket-boosted, its penetration power is does not match up to the 120mm APSDFS round, and the APCBCHE is usually reserved for less-armored large opponents.

Mk.57 Squad Support Gun: The Mk. 57 allowed Mechi to provide their own cover fire with the Mk. 57; strategies, such as thinning operations, could be focused more on speed and mobility, further enhancing the tactical advantages a Mechi had. With a range beyond 2 kilometers, the Mk. 57 has become the long-ranged weapon of choice for most Northern pilots. Intended for a wide variety of roles from crowd-control fire to pinpoint light artillery, the Mk. 57 uses a modular barrel attachment system to easily swap components in order to fire a variety of ammunition types, ranging from 57mm rounds to heavier 105mm and 220mm munitions. The 57mm round in particular can be outfitted for buckshot; with a rate of 120 shells per minute, even the Mk. 57's basic configuration has proven highly effective on combating

Smerti: Пятое поколение формуле Общего назначения Ϲистема Управления (Pyatoye pokoleniye formule Obshchego naznacheniya Sistema Upravleniya; Rus. Fifth generation of the formula System Utility Management ) | Short form: ПОϹУ

Smerti Abilities: ПОϹУ is a multi-phase Smerti. The first phase is the Zatmeniye (Затмение; Rus. Eclipse) phase. This takes a full post before the second phase can be initiated. The Zatmeniye phase cloaks the Berkut on radar. It can be called "true stealth." It keeps the Berkut completely masked on radar and sensors, but it is still visible to the naked eye. The second phase is the Polnoye Zatmeniye (Полное Затмение; Rus. Total Eclipse) phase. In this phase, the Berkut creates a blue glow around it. The glow starts by changing the red eyes and red glowing systems to a bright blue. The outer glow is four long wings from the back of the Mech. They have an eerie shape to them, resembling fire and smoke dancing. This also takes one post. The effects of this being activated are rather scary. If there are any unmanned Krovi in the area (in the thread), they become under the command of Berkut. If there are any Kolichestvo in the area (manned or unmanned), they too become under the command of the Berkut. This leads into to the Zatmeniye Storno (Затмение Сторно; Rus. Eclipse Reversal) phase, which is the final one. It is, essentially the stabilization phase of it. It lasts for six posts. The main ability of this is something few Mechi and even Tsurugi overall are capable of. It resembles Shunpo, except it can be more comparable to instantaneous teleportation. This allows the Berkut to move behind its opponent in speeds comparable to the highest-level Shunpo users. Overall, the Berkut's speed is increased as well. During this, Inia and Cryska speak in perfect unison and talk like one person. There is another ability during the Zatmeniye Storno phase, which is that the bladed weapons have an extended range length-wise. It is essentially compressed air compressed and moving along with the chainsaw blades and other blades.

Smerti Drawbacks: The scary thing about ПОϹУ is that it was designed without many limiters. This sounds bad (and OP), but it is truly not as bad as anyone could imagine. By limiters, I mean things that limit the Berkut to keep its pilot(s) alive. This means that the Berkut has a very high chance of wounding, or at the worst killing, its pilot(s). This means it is up to Cryska (and Inia) to make sure that she doesn't push the Berkut to wounding her, or to make sure that it does it within the limits of the mission. It also has a twice per thread usage with an 8 post recharge.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Cryska Barchenowa. An irregularity. Her birth was washed away. She has no memory of her mother. She knows nothing of her father. Her hometown is a mystery. Nothing about where she came from exists to Cryska. But to her, that is okay. To her, that is what was needed. Cryska was taken from her father and mother under a specific plan started by the Northern Government. Appearance-wise and genetically, she matched what the military needed. Right? Wrong. That's what the non-classified documents say. In actuality, Cryska was never "born" in the traditional sense. Cryska was created. She has no father. She has no mother. She has no relatives. Cryska is an experiment. She was born to be able to handle the next test craft of Northern military might—the Su-47 Berkut.

For the longest time, Cryska was alone. They had to do baseline tests to make sure she was adequate to get onto the true field of testing. After she passed them, she was transferred to a facility filled with girls and boys her age. They all resembled Cryska somewhat, and Cryska somewhat resembled all of them. They were all part of the same plan. There were two parts, the Bronya section and then there was the Serdste (Cердце; Rus. Heart) section. Cryska was part of the Serdste section. That section quickly... thinned out. The children unable to endure were disposed of behind the base. Cryska eventually became the last of the Serdste left. That's when another girl gave her a single yellow flower.

Technically, the flower was a weed. But Cryska was surprised this girl with long hair talked to her. This girl was Inia Sestina, part of the Bronya section. Inia had been created in a separate facility from where Cryska was, but they were the same age. Eventually, the two were the only ones left. However, the mastermind behind the plan—Jerzy Sandek—has long before decided these would be the ones used in the plan. From the moment that Cryska accepted the flower, Colonel Sandek realized the two had a nigh-impossible synchronization rate. One day, Inia was taken away. Cryska screamed, begging for Inia to be brought back. Within two days, Inia was back. There was something different about her. Col. Sandek explained what must be done: Cryska had to make a contract with the now-Mech Inia. Cryska without a second thought accepted the deal and made the contract with her best friend/sister-turned-Mech. Over time, the two learned how to synchronize more effectively. Cryska was taught how to fight just like the North's Spetsnaz. She was taught to survive like the Statsi. Inia only went through routine upgrades and compatibility tests. In fact, the two rarely trained together unless it was a weapon's test for part of the North's weapons programs for its Mech.


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PostSubject: Re: Cryska Barchenowa [Approved, 0-4+, Tsurugi]   Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:26 am

Application Checklist
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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
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Comments/Notes:Aleksei: CRYSKA!!!! -RUNS INTO A BARBED FENCE-
Tier:Approved, 0-4+.

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Cryska Barchenowa [Approved, 0-4+, Tsurugi]
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