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 "Where is Everybody?"

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: "Where is Everybody?"   Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:20 pm

The following is an episode of the Twilight Zone I watched a few weeks ago, that I placed into written form. I just felt like placing it into words. Since I wrote this from memory, some things may be out of order or not exact.

A bright sunny day, the location somewhere down south in the desert regions. In all directions it appears to be barren, devoid of any real feature besides the ground and the brown foliage that layered it. As the wind blowed, dust is stirred up and blows across the lonely scene. A single man is found walking down the road. He carries a single stick and he is swinging it back and forth as he walks, occasionally striking at the ground. He is a white man, slightly tall, with an average build. His hair is short and brown, slicked back all the way. He wears some form of uniform, though what it is is as of yet unknown, being different from any unifrom one might know of. The man walks down a the dirt road for a short while in this manner, until he eventually came across a diner. It was a lonely building on the lonely road. Despite the constant dust cloud whenever there is a gust of wind, the building is mostly clean. The walls are white, with only perhaps a few hours worth of blown up dirt on its walls.

As the man spots it, he drops the stick and heads for the front door. The sign hanging indicates that the diner is open, and thus the man enters. As he enters, he is greeted by the sight of the small, rather generic, interior of the diner. On the stove there is a pot of coffee heating up with steam coming out. There is no one behind the counter, or within sight for that matter. The man walks over to a nearby Jukebox and sets it to play an old song from about the 50's. He then walked over and sat himself on the stool in front of the counter.

"Hello, you've got a customer!"

The man called out.

"I've got money, 2 dollars and 50 cents American money!"

There was no response.

"Hey, I got 2 dollars and 50 cents American money, a customer!"

Still, no response. The man tries to look through the door behind the counter to see if anyone is in sight. There is no one in the room behind the counter.

"Hello? You've got a customer, a paying customer."

The man got up and climbed over the counter and headed into the doorway. He glances left and right, still seeing no signs of anyone. He pulls his head back and looks to the coffee on the pot. Seeing as no one is coming to serve him, he grabs a nearby mug and picks up the coffee. Pouring it into the mug, he takes a quick whiff before taking a small sip.

"You know, it's strange. I haven't seen anyone since I've got here. Actually, I don't even remember who I am. I just woke up and found myself walking on that road and, well I didn't even wake up. It was like I was just suddenly walking."

Drinking some more of the coffee, he glanced and saw there was a door to outside the diner on the other end of the small room. He put down his cup and ran through to the back, emerging from the back of the diner.

"Hello? Customer up front."

Still, no sign of anyone being around. The man looked left and right with a rather perplexed look on his face. Reentering the diner, he finished up the coffee and walked out the front door, flipping the sign to say closed. He looked up the road and, in the distance, could see a small town. Feeling he could find someone there to interact with, the man began to make his way up the road. Upon entering the town, he looked around. There was no one on the roads, it seemed deserted. Walking about the town, it looked rather well upkept. It wasn't old or falling apart like a ghost town would. There had to be someone around, there is no way a town like this would be deserted. Glancing around, the man saw a truck parked with a woman sitting in the passenger seat.

"Hey! Hey you!"

The man walked down towards the truck, calling out all the way.

"You know, it is the darnest thing, but you are the first person I've seen in this town. The diner down the road was empty, and I'm just really glad to have found someone."

The man reached the truck and went to open up the passenger door.

"Do you have any idea where ever-"

He was cut off as the woman fell from the seat onto the ground, revealing herself to be a manequian. The man looked puzzled, and backed up and looked at the truck. The side indicated it was for a manequian company. The man looked around before picking up the maneqian and placing it back into the truck and shutting the door. He then went to the side door of the nearby building and opened it. It was a factory floor, and the man pushed maneqian after maneqian to the side as he made his way across. He entered one of the offices, but there was no one there. However, the sink in the room had a sink. The sink was turned on full power. The man turned back and left the building. He was becoming more and more confused with his situation. Glancing into the town square, he saw a phone booth. The man wasted no time in running as fast as he could to the booth and walking in. He popped a coin into the slot and picked up the phone.

"Hello! Hello operator!?"
"We are sorry, the number you have reached is not in service."
"Operator, operator. I am in this town and I can't seem to find anyone and..."
"Please hang up and try again."

The man put in another coin and tried again, but he got the same result. He let out a worried sigh as he turned around and attempted to exit the booth. As he tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge. He shook it several times violently.

"Very funny, who's the wise guy who locked the door?"

He kept pounding on the door, desperately trying to make it open.

"Hey, let me out of here!"

After a lot of pounding the door flew open and he got out as fast as he could. He walked away, walking backwards as we looked at the booth door bounce open and closed a few times before finally shutting again. The man was becoming frantic. No matter where he went, there seemed to be signs of life yet no life. Finally, his eye caught the police station. He ran over to the police station and entered. He went immediately to one of the offices.

"Hello, robber here. I'm here to rob the police station."

There was no one, yet glancing down he saw smoke. It was rising from a cigar sitting on the desk, obviously recently lit. In a panic, the man ran into the cells of the police station. In one of the cells there was a mirror. He went up to it slowly, going into the cell. The man remembered something Scrouge had said, about his partner's ghost being some undigested piece of food, claiming that this was perhaps a dream.

"I have the strangest feeling though, as if I am being watched."

As this man went on, he heard a slow creaking. In the mirror, he saw the cell door was swining shut. In a panic, he ran and, just before it shut all the way, pushed it open. Walking away backward, and suspiciously. He exited the police station. By this point it was dark, almost no sunlight. Making his way down the road, he found a bookstore. He entered, and once more there was not a soul. Walking through the book displays, he spun some of the racks. He went from rack to rack spinning them, until he stopped an looked at one in particular. As the rack stopped its rotation, he read the title. All of the books on the rack were entitled "The Last Man on Earth"

Suddenly the sound of devices clicking on could be heard from outside. Running to see what it was, he could see the entire town had lit up. The clubs, theatres, and even the whore houses all lit up.


He didn't understand it. He could find no one, yet the town came to life. He decided to walk in to the theatre, as it was the brightest of them. The title of the movie playing was simply "Air Force". The man walked into the room where the picture would play and, same as all places before, there was not a single person there.

"Air force..."

The man thought about it, then glanced down at his uniform.


The man ran up and down the isle.

"I'M IN THE AIR FORCE! Wait. If I'm in the air force...was there a bomb? Did a bomb go off? But if it did, everything would be destroyed. Yet everything is fine."

As he spoke, suddenly the projector flickered to life and the picture began to play. Glancing up at the projector the man shouted.

"Hey! Who's running the picture?!"

The man ran out of the room and ran up the stairwell to the projection room.

"Who's running the picture!?"

Upon reaching the room, there was no one. He kept shouting as he went in front of the projector and looked down towards the seat. Still, lifeless. The man in a frenzy ran down the stairs and exited the theatre. He ran down the main street, shouting all the while.

"Anyone! Someone!"

He repeated those words and similar until he came up to a traffic light, which the pedestrian crossing signaled to stop. The man ran up to the button to change the street light and began to press it over and over repeatedly.

"Get me out of here. Someone, anyone. Get me out of here."

His voice was in tears. The background shifts, and the man is in a small confined space pressing a button labled "panic". Zooming out, the man is in a small contained box, within some large facility. Up in a nearby control room, some men dressed in officer uniforms watch the cameras as the man has a break down.

"Someone, get him out of there!" Shouted the highest ranked officer.

A squad went down to extract the man from the containment chamber. At the same time a group from the press enters the room. Slowly the man is extracted, all connected devices to monitor his vital functions are slowly detached and he is placed on a stretcher. As the officer makes his way to the stretcher, the press speaks.

"So what happened when he pressed that button?"
"Ferris was placed into confinement approximately 17.3 days ago, before having a breakdown from the confinement. that is enough time to make it to the moon, make a few orbits, and back." Replied the officer.

The group approached the stretcher.

"I'm really sorry I freaked out like that sir." Spoke Ferris.
"What happened, what was it like before you pressed that button?" Asked the officer.
"I was in this town, except no matter where I looked I couldn't find anyone. It was horrible, I don't want to go back there again."
"Ferris, we can give you food to eat, a place to do your business, books to read, but the one thing we can't accomadate you with is human interaction." Spoke the officer.
"So next time it's going to be the real thing?"
"Yes." replied the officer.

Ferris looked up from his stretcher and, through a window, saw the moon.

"Hey, don't you go anywhere. Next time will be the real thing! I'll be there soon."

Ferris was taken out of the room into a medical facility, a prime example of the thing that lurks around every corner and in the shadows. A thing called lonliness.


"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox
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"Where is Everybody?"
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