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 Ushiromiya Battler [Approved 0-5 Magus]

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PostSubject: Ushiromiya Battler [Approved 0-5 Magus]   Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:53 am


Name: Ushiromiya, Battler
Nicknames: Endless Sorcerer; Sento-kun; Lord BATTLER, Golden Endless Sorcerer of Miracles
True Age: 13,267 - technically 3,267 due to temporal displacement
Gender: Male
Class: Magus, formerly Regular

With a deathly fear of water and a worry that no matter what he does, boats will throw him off and drown him, Battler almost seems to be stuck in the thoughts that align with this--he rarely bathes, preferring to take a shower... even then, he has difficulty getting himself to do it. However, if it is utterly and totally necessary? He won't even budge. You need to drag him on, grabbing him by the arm and making totally sure that you can do whatever you have to to get him onboard or into the water. Because of this, he can't swim, nor will he likely ever learn.

With an extremely twisted sense of humor, there are many people who have quickly become frustrated with a lot of Battler's childish antics, his parents often included. He enjoys making obscure and disgusting jokes at the spur of the moment (though he does actually know when a bad time is a bad time), and as long as you have boobs, you're likely to be the target of his perversion. However, there is a large difference between Battler and most other perverts. Where most perverts will go through with their fondling or perversion without express permission, Battler's taught himself to be able to hold back until he's told he can--and to a greater extent, even train girls to fight back against perverts by allowing himself to be used as a punching bag.

Although he is extremely stubborn, Battler has a bad habit of breaking down when he thinks everything is utterly and totally useless. This is because he likes to be in control of his own mind and the situation that he's in, so when something occurs that stops him from being in control, his mind suddenly can't handle it and forces him to break down. One of his usual lines is "It's useless! It's all useless!" That said, it doesn't take long for Battler's very stubborn will to pull him back from the brink, Battler often lying to himself in order to convince his own mind that he's okay, he's going to be fine. This could also be due to the fact that he's very honest to everything else, so lying to himself can be the only way.

Despite his perverted traits, Battler shows an exceptionally intelligent and logical mind. He has a habit of "flipping the board" in a sense, allowing himself to be able to see the same situation from everyone's points of view--a trait which has transformed itself into one of his more versatile and most-used abilities. Although he acts as if he's not listening to any single person, he takes in all facts at the same time and presses them through and outwards, making sure that he understands what he can about the situation before making a judgement. He'll never accuse anyone of anything he's not 100% sure that they committed, though he has, at times, made up strange and ludicrous stories that have actually proven to be true.

Although he retains his kind and logical mindset, he has a sense of haughty arrogance to him. This isn't as strong as it used to be, however it is still relatively frustrating for those around him--he can be quite convinced of his superiority to other people, especially when they don't seem to prove themselves worthy of his views. This gives him the occasional cause to underestimate his opponents.



Appearance Age: 21-24
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 62 kg


"Battler is the sorcerer that knows that miracles do exist and can create one."

Origin: Miracle

General Use:

Flipping the Board: This is, for all intents and purposes, the most basic of Magecraft that Battler has to use, yet it can also be used most effectively. If Battler knows and understands beyond all shadow of a doubt that another party has witnessed an incident that has occurred, he is able to do what is known as Flipping the Board, or turning the incident around to see the events through the eyes of the witness, sifting through their memories of a certain amount of time. This is, of course, able to be done without permission, though it's certainly more comfortable for Battler if he gets their permission first.

It's also useful to remember that, even though this gives him the view of a witness, this may not be exactly what they saw--especially if they happen to be good at forging memories--nor will it be of any use in a court of law.

Golden Sword: The one truly weaponized power that Battler has, he's able to create a golden-colored sword out of Reishi, holding it in battle as if it were as strong as a Sacred to fight with.

Blue Truth: Originally devised as the total opposite to the metaphysical Red Truth of the Golden Witch, Beatrice, the Blue Truth has since been designed to apply to nearly anything. The use of the Blue Truth can be analogous to a shotgun in contrast to the Red Truth, which would be akin to a single shot handgun. The Blue Truth enables him to attack whomever he's attacking with multiple possibilities at once, like the scattering effect of an exploding shotgun shell. Though most of the projectiles may miss, there is still the possibility that at least one shot will hit the target.

Main Magecraft:

It's difficult to call what Battler Ushiromiya uses 'Magecraft'. Instead, it would be more logical and intelligent to refer to it as a 'Miracle', of sorts. Ushiromiya Battler does not use Spiritual Power, or at least not for the reality of his Magecraft. Instead, he uses what is simple enough to call a pure magical energy, one that had been refined long before his own creation. Although he retains control over Spiritual Energy, he really comes into his own when he uses his Magecraft.

As stated above, "Battler is the sorcerer that knows that miracles do exist and can create one." However, it's not quite as easy as this. In order to fully create the necessary conditions to fulfill a chosen miracle, Battler must have a certain requirement occur:

"The probability of success must not be zero, though it must be somewhat close--the closer the probability of success is to zero, the higher the probability of a miracle occurring is."

A 'Miracle' can be almost anything that could occur throughout the world itself, defined as:

  1. A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.
  2. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment.

There are a few tricks that Battler can manipulate without really needing to hope for a good roll, however these are paltry and more party tricks than anything. (Water to wine, walking on water, etc.)

This is a constant-use, passive Magecraft that can't actually be activated with mere words. It is a constant and consistent part of Battler's being and psyche that stays hidden and only makes itself known when it's needed. A single Miracle can be attempted each round.

In order for a proper system to be made, two dice rolls will be used. A d100 roll will determine the probability of success. Depending on that probability, another die is chosen.

  • d20 - From 99 - 80 - In order for a successful miracle to occur, the roll must come up in the top eigth: Therefore a successful miracle will occur if the roll is anywhere from 18 to 20.
  • d12 - From 79 - 60 - In order for a successful miracle to occur, the roll must come up in the top quarter: Therefore a successful miracle will occur if the roll is anywhere from 10 to 12.
  • d10 - From 59 - 40 - In order for a successful miracle to occur, the roll must come up in the top half: Therefore a successful miracle will occur if the roll is anywhere from 6 to 10.
  • d8 - From 39 - 20 - In order for a successful miracle to occur, the roll must come up in the top half: Therefore a successful miracle will occur if the roll is anywhere from 5 to 8.
  • d6 - From 19 - 10 - In order for a successful miracle to occur, the roll must come up in the top two-thirds: Therefore a successful miracle will occur if the roll is anywhere from 3 to 6.
  • d4 - From 9 - 0 - In order for a successful miracle to occur, the roll must come up in the top three-quarters: Therefore a successful miracle will occur if the roll is anywhere from 2 to 4.

If the miracle has occurred successfully, the thing Battler feels that he needs the most at that present moment will suddenly occur, be it an escape route that he so desperately needs, or the sudden gaining of a burst of speed. Almost anything is possible, as long as it's possible within the scope of existence. So Battler can't suddenly gain a new form, but he may be able to pull forth a Kidō spell to use.

However, just because a roll may have failed, does not necessarily mean that an effect is not going to occur. It may not end up being the originally intended effect, however there is a possibility that something else might occur. This list shows the possible added effects that may occur if Battler's Miracle fails. There are a few that are known as 'Divine Mysteries', which fall under the impossibility category--as such, they are exceptionally rare and only have one roll chance. A d100 roll chooses the effect if a 'rare' roll hasn't occurred.


  • 01-05 - The nearest character to Battler has their movements slowed for a single post.
  • 06-10 - For three posts, the nearest character to Battler is outlined by a soft light which prevents them from going invisible or hiding their presence.
  • 11-15 - For the next post, Battler is deluded into thinking that his Miracle was a success.
  • 16-20 - A large gust of wind spreads out from Battler's body, going at speeds of approximately 50mph.
  • 21-25 - Battler learns the surface thoughts of the nearest character for one post. (Surface thoughts are just general thoughts, such as 'what am I going to eat for dinner tonight?)
  • 26-30 - A cloud of putrid gas emanates from Battler's body. Everyone within 30 feet of him is able to smell it, and it lasts for three posts. The smell doesn't catch to anything.
  • 31-33 - Heavy rain begins to fall for three posts, in a 60 ft radius that's centred on Battler's body.
  • 34-36 - Battler summons an animal—a rhino (01-25 on d%), elephant (26-50), or mouse (51-100). The animal is 2-1 tier and counted as an NPC, staying in existence for three posts.
  • 37-46 - A bolt of lightning is shot outwards in the direction that Battler faces, flying forwards for 70 feet and melting anything that would be melted by normal lightning.
  • 47-49 - Stream of 600 large butterflies pours forth and flutters around for 2 rounds, blinding everyone (including Battler) within 25 ft.
  • 50-53 - Every being within 60ft of Battler doubles in height and multiplies their weight by 8 for two rounds.
  • 54-58 - Impenetrable darkness spreads 20ft outwards from Battler's body. Normal lights are incapable of lighting it up. It lasts for two rounds.
  • 59-62 - Grass grows in 160-sq.-ft. area around Battler, or grass existing there grows to ten times normal size.
  • 63-65 - Turns any nonliving object of Battler's choice ethereal for three rounds. Ethereal objects are invisible, inaudible, insubstantial, and scentless to anyone in the Material World.
  • 66-69 - Reduces Battler to 1/12 of his height for 1 round.
  • 70-79 - Flings a ball of fire straight ahead that flies for 100ft before dissipating. If it comes in contact with anything, the blast radius is approximately 20 feet, catching anything within.
  • 80-84 - Battler turns completely invisible for two rounds.
  • 85-87 - The nearest character to Battler has leaves cover their body for a round. They disappear upon Battler's next post.
  • 88-90 - 40 gems suddenly appear out of nowhere in a stream directly forwards. These gems are worth 10000 yen apiece and don't disappear. They do damage if they hit someone.
  • 91-95 - Shimmering colors dance and play over a 40-ft.-by-30-ft. area in front of Battler for one posting round. Anyone within that area who doesn't have sufficient protection may be blinded.
  • 96-99/100 - Battler (50% chance) or the character closest to him (50% chance) turns blue, green, purple or yellow for the rest of the thread. This is decided by two d4 dice rolls. (1,2 for Battler, 3,4 for closest character; 1, 2, 3, 4 for respective colors.)
  • 100 - Battler can redo his miracle roll. This effect cannot happen more than once in a round. (If it's occurred, then see above for the effect.)

(Just to clarify, each of the chances of actually getting the roll are listed as well)

  • 66-6 - Beast Summoning: Summons a Guardian Beast to Battler's side to fight alongside him. The familiar is of 0-3+ tier, and is capable of the basic abilities that all Guardian Beasts are capable of. If not killed, it will dissipate after 5 rounds. Is under Battler's full control. (1/100 * 1/12 = 1/1200 chance of success)
  • 00-1 - Quickening: All friendly characters within 50 feet of Battler have their cooldowns immediately reduced to nothing. (1/100 * 1/4 = 1/400)
  • 46-5 - Full Heal: All of Battler's wounds are instantaneously healed without question. (1/100 * 1/10 = 1/1000 chance of success)
  • 59-5 - Level Up: For two posts, all of Battler's skills are increased by one, and so is his maximum Tier. (To a limit of 0-2++) (1/100 * 1/10 = 1/1000 chance of success)
  • 90-1 - Precognition: For two rounds, Battler gains intimate knowledge of his surroundings, and is able to perfectly understand exactly how to react to all attacks within fifty feet of his body. His reflex speed is increased to allow for the reactions as well. (1/100 * 1/20 = 1/2000 chance of success)


Born into the world as a regular Sugiura, Ushiromiya Battler would begin life at full speed, attempting to take everything as it came. He would quickly contract himself with a Guardian Beast, earning himself Joushou, Zenou and Kyuu Kyou in the span of fifty short years. He had quickly learned and mastered his abilities, yet there was always one thing he could never quite grasp. It's unknown if this is because he had a completely different wavelength to the ability idea itself, or just because he didn't actually believe in it. However, Battler Ushiromiya had no way of using magic. In fact, he refused to--saying that there was no way that something like that could exist. He was shown it, time and time again, yet he could never perform or even believe in it. This stubbornness proved to be his greatest downfall.

Thirty beings surrounded him, all seemingly with the heads of goats--were they familiars of some kind? He had heard stories, but he was relatively certain that they were weak-minded Demons, controlled by a greater and more powerful being. Fine. "Joushou! Burn with the Flames of Righteous Fury!" A sword in his right hand lit up bright red before flashing with a great fire upon the blade. He had gotten used to the searing heat that he felt by now. It was warm to him, reminding him of the power that he carried upon his fingers. Slashing wildly at the beasts, he danced around them with great vigor. However, for each one that he cut down, three more would take its place, all of them moving in on him and surrounding him. A few spins and a blast of fire or two would take care of a larger group, yet even that group was replaced by one even larger. These goat-headed Demons would slowly encroach upon him, and one would suddenly grab the arm holding his Joushou with a surprisingly Herculean amount of strength. "--Guh... Let go of me!" Of course, the beast didn't exactly listen.

And then, he felt a sharp pain in that arm. Looking at where the pain had come from, he saw a disgusting sight. The Demon had moved its head down... and taken a bite out of his arm. He shouted out in pain and started to struggle further, but he then felt another beast grip his other arm and take a bite out of that too. He could hear the sounds of their gnashing teeth and the crunching of his bones as his arms were ripped from his body. He no longer had the energy to cry out, Battler falling backwards with his back on the ground and eyes empty of emotion or life. He could only watch as the beings descended up on his body, preparing to rip the very flesh and bone that he had spent 3000 years trying to build up to their greatest. In the midst of the crunching, gnashing and roaring, one could hear a quiet voice coming from the midst. "...someone... please... help me."

Some would say that's when the first Miracle truly occurred. Others would say that Battler would've had this happen to him when he died anyway. However, he didn't truly die. Yes, his body had been destroyed and any signs of life that had once existed had disappeared. The consciousness, however, was returned to the Root and left to sit, in pieces. It was at this point that Battler began to think and consider.

First, he had to rebuild his body. This was probably the largest and most difficult portion of his 10000 years. 6500 years it took. 6500 years to consider every little piece that made up the body that was his own, down to the last strand. Sifting through memories and trying to rebuild his own being, Battler would later describe this as 'watching the reruns of an old TV series, over and over again, for 6000 years.' The seconds, minutes and hours simply melted into one another.

Once he had pieced together his body, he had to rebuild his 'self'. Unfortunately, the original 'self' that was Ushiromiya "Battler" had already been destroyed forever. The self is a part of the mind, and that mind was shattered and left with just the essence. So he had to build a new self. Using the memories that were etched into his consciousness, he tried. And he tried some more. Yet for some reason, he could never truly do this properly. In the end, he had to try and understand.

If Ushiromiya Battler cannot come back, then what else defines Ushiromiya Battler?

The disbelief in Magic. What if that was what was holding him back? Considering this, he decided to think. He would sit and think. Wonder about what exactly had occurred in order for him to have been brought to this place. And he thought, and considered, and continued this line of thinking. Unbeknownst to him, however, his true power was beginning to manifest as he continued to think. The last of the thoughts left his mind, and he found himself in a new understand. He was reborn anew, not as "Battler", but BATTLER. The last of his ten thousand years of solitude were spent trying to manipulate and understand this power, and once he was done, he found himself sitting in the spot upon which he had died. However, it was a different place entirely... Had time really and truly passed in this spot?

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Ushiromiya Battler [Approved 0-5 Magus]
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