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 Simon Barabbas [APPROVED 1-3]

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PostSubject: Simon Barabbas [APPROVED 1-3]   Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:44 pm


"Down With the Sickness"

Name: Simon Barabbas
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Personality: To say that Simon’s personality is complex would be an understatement. For starters, because of the many long years he has spent isolated in an Insane Asylum; his Psychosis is now literally in control of his mind. That’s right, whoever Simon once was or was going to be has long since been swallowed up by his insanity; leaving seemingly a puppet for his mental conditions. Because of this, along with the time his Psychosis was allowed to grow; it is physically impossible to “cure” him of his “conditions”. His Psychosis, however, has split itself into three distinct different states, or “Personalities”. The three states can each be described by a Psychological term; Paranoia, Hallucination, and Psychotic. While it is unclear what triggers each of these three states, Simon can move through them both quickly and gradually; making him highly unpredictable.

The first state, or “Personality”, Paranoia, is his most common state, and he will often revert to this state after battle. As its name suggests, Paranoia can be summed up by a few specific traits. First off, Simon will usually be slightly hunched over, keeping his arms close to his body and normally closer to his face. Secondly, Simon will constantly be looking around, his eyes moving sporadically as if he was expecting to be attacked from any and every angle. Finally, Simon will tent to talk to himself in a hushed, almost mumbling tone; stuttering a bit and keeping to himself. During Paranoia, Simon is easily spooked, and while he is more prone to flee, he can also have a violent reaction to any surprises. Whilst not his most dangerous state when compared to the others, it is advised to avoid Simon or approach him slowly and quietly, as well as announce your presence to him.

Simon’s second “Personality”, Hallucination, is the next step up from Paranoia. While the triggers that lead to this change is unknown, it seems that he could potentially change at any time. As with Paranoia, Hallucination can be summed up by a few of the specific traits of the actual mental condition. For starters, while he always hears sounds to a certain degree, Simon will begin to hear even more sounds and more loudly. While it is unknown what determines which sounds he will be hearing, Simon has many different sounds that he can hear. Also, while all of the sounds are in his head, Simon seems to believe that they are real, and will often tell others of them; even going as far as trying to get others to “hear the sounds”. Secondly, Hallucination causes Simon to see things that are not there. This can range from distorting his view of reality and changing others into “monsters” in his eyes to actually seeing things that are not there at all. Strangely enough, his “visions” often seem to coincide with his opponents attacks; making it seem like he can see attacks beforehand. This, however, is mere coincidence, and really falls down to luck. Finally, Hallucination also seems to be paired with another Psychological diagnosis; Dementia. During this state, Simon seems to forget events quite quickly; often adding more fuel to his Psychosis. This is considered to be the most dangerous of his three stages because he is completely unpredictable and can be set off by seemingly anything.

The third and final state, Psychotic, is quite different from the other two. Just like Hallucination, this state follows the previous one, and its triggers are unknown. Psychotic, however, is much more linked to Hallucination than Hallucination is to Paranoia. In this state, Simon has seemingly come to the realization that whoever his is fighting or talking to is unable to hear “the noises”. While this may seem like a glimmer of lucidity, Psychotic is far from anything that even remotely resembles normalcy. After the seeming realization, Simon becomes much more aggressive, and his powers receive a tremendous boost. In fact, one could compare this final “Personality” to a Shinigami’s Bankai or an Arrancar’s Resurrección. Because he now “knows” that the other party cannot hear what he hears or see what he sees, Simon will say that “the voices said that you aren’t chosen…so you must die”. This is the only state in which Simon clearly hears voices that “tell him what to do”, not just random noises. Whilst this form is extremely dangerous to whomever he is fighting/conversing with, it is relatively harmless to bystanders as it seems to pick a single target. After fighting in this stage, Simon will most likely revert back to Paranoia; unless there are other “threats”.

While each of his “Personalities” is easily defined from each other, there is the slight chance that they will sometimes overlap. While it seems more likely to happen during the changing between each of the states, it will usually wear away rather quickly. The very rare occasions when it doesn’t wear away, however, can make Simon much more dangerous than he normally would be. Because there is no “mental entity” of Simon left, it is pretty much impossible for him to form any connections or relationships with others. The only way to seemingly “appease” Simon’s Psychosis is to actually convince him that you are hearing the same “noises” as him. This, of course, is extremely difficult, and will often not last for very long. A failed attempt to do so will automatically cause Simon to enter Psychotic.

Diagnosed Mental Conditions/Disorders: Psychosis/Psychotic Disorder, Dementia, Chronic Insomnia, Mood Affective Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder (a.k.a. Multiple Personality Disorder), Manic-Depressive Disorder (a.k.a. Bi-polar Disorder), Schizophrenia, Paranoia/Paranoid Personality Disorder, Hallucinogen-Related Disorder, Hypomania, Delirium, Anterograde Amnesia, Retrograde Amnesia, Panic Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Tic Disorder NOS, Schizoid Personality Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Height: 6’4”
Weight: 140 lbs (Severely Underweight)
Hair Color: Saint Blonde (Sometimes Dirty)
Hair Style: Longer and Unkempt
Eye Color: Shifts Between Blue and Blue-Green

Appearance: As one would expect, Simon’s features often convey the fact that he is not truly “mentally” there. Although he is 6’4”, Simon often walks hunched over, and always sits with a slouch. Facial feature-wise, Simon will either have a deluded grin, psychotic smile, or general paranoid look upon his face. Simon’s body features, such as muscular tension, occasional hesitance (when in Paranoia), and other such disturbing movements also hint to his loss of mentality. Clothing-wise, Simon wears a red hoodie open without a shirt, black/green pants that usually hang loose with a studded belt, and a pair of brown combat boots. On his left wrist, Simon has what appears to be a medical bracelet, made out of some type of unknown synthetic material. On this bracelet is written his name “Barabbus; Simon” and “Extremely Unstable, Handle With Care”. This bracelet is obviously from when he was in the Insane Asylum, and its description is because Simon has far too many Mental Disorders to list on it. It is also the only way that Simon and others are able to know his name.

Extra Pictures:

Weapons: Dual Metal Claws (as seen in his pictures)
While Simon's claws are spiritually imbued and able to harm spiritual beings, they are not actually connected to his powers. That being said, they seem to have the durability of a Zanpakutō, and as Simon becomes stronger and his powers progress his attacks will become much more powerful.

Powers: Mentis Tenebras (lit. The Darkness of the Mind; Latin)
Meaning "The Darkness of the Mind" in Latin, Simon's powers, Mentis Tenebras are aptly named. Literally put, Simon's powers were born from an innate spiritual prowess and his own Psychosis. In fact, by now, it is impossible to determine whether Simon's powers were born from his Psychosis or his Psychosis was born from his powers. Either way, now that his Psychosis is in complete control of his mind, Simon's powers are extremely advanced; although when fighting his attack patterns seem varied and random. Although his powers had been steadily growing in strength since birth, he was incapable of utilizing them due to the massive amounts of anti-psychotic medications and tranquilizers/sedatives he was given multiple times a day while in the Insane Asylum. While this may have made his body appear sedated, it only gave his Psychosis all the time it needed to devour his mind. So, once the hollow invasion of Greece took place and Simon was freed (by a lucky coincidence), Simon's mind was entirely gone, and his powers were advanced to a very high level. And now on to the actual powers.

Simon's powers, Mentis Tenebras, are quite unique in both their functions and mechanics. Unlike other powers, they actually seem to feed off of Simon's Psychosis, becoming stronger as he moves through each of his different "Personalities". The powers are, although explained quite simply, the ability to form and manipulate a type of Black Energy; fed by and formed from his innate spiritual powers and his Psychosis. While the energy seems to be related to reiatsu, it is not quite fully composed of reishi; the Psychosis somehow altering the actual make-up slightly. Because of this, while it is an "energy-based" power, it is different enough from reiatsu that it can get around a lot of its constrictions; including being blocked by Kidō. When blocked by an actual Kidō barrier, the energy will be able to rip through the barrier, but will have to do so before being able to attack the target. While all of the powers/abilities of the Black Energy are created from and controlled by Simon's mind/Psychosis, he does seem to have to use certain hand gestures to use some of his attacks. Also, while it is technically "energy", it also shares some qualities with solid matter; such as being able to cut, stab, or crush actual matter. This makes it a very powerful technique, having the mold-ability of non-solid energy, but the power and abilities of solid matter. This also makes it very improbable to either cut through or grasp the energy. Cutting through the energy would be futile, seeing as it is the true form of his powers, and is very durable because of that. Attempting to grasp the Black Energy would severely damage one's hand and maybe even their arm. Because of his powers, however, Simon is constantly experiencing some level of pain; both mental and physical. Of course, because the Psychosis IS his mind, the pain only seems to fuel him on and deepen his mental conditions. After using the powers for too long, however, Simon's body will shut down and he will be required to regain his energy. From Simon's point of view, however, he will simply blackout.

However, the full power of Mentis Tenebras does not simply stop at how the energy works, but also what it can do to an opponent. Being the "Darkness of the Mind", Simon's Mentis Tenebras has a few unique abilities that set it apart from being simply energy; namely how it can affect an opponent's perception. Seeing as the black energy is directly linked to Simon's Psychosis, after an opponent has suffered a number of hits from it, they will begin to experience some very noticeable side effects. For starters, after only a few hits, the energy will start to work on building up paranoia within the opponent, mainly through causing them to see wisps of the black energy or shadowy figures out of the corners of their eyes. While this may seem like an ability that is affecting the opponent's mind, this is not necessarily the case; nor is it an illusion. To put it simply, the "things" the opponent is seeing out of the corner of their eye are actually there; the Mentis Tenebras energy seemingly beginning to "attach" to the opponent so that it can mess with their heads. Of course, while the wisps and figures are actually there, the opponent will never be able to fully see them; for as soon as they move to try and locate them, the wisps and figures will have already moved to once again be bordering on the verge of sight. Also, because these visions are made of the black energy, they can be sensed just as Simon is himself, and as such, can hamper an opponent’s ability to sense Simon clearly and keep them from knowing truly which direction he will strike from if they cannot see him. The second of these unique abilities, though it only begins to take effect after a few more hits from the first, is actually quite similar in theory. Essentially, through the Mentis Tenebras energy that has begun to attach to the opponent, Simon's "thoughts" begin to be transmitted to the opponent. While normally this might seem like an advantage for the opponent, one must realize that, without a "mind" of his own, Simon does not actually "think". Instead, once this stage is reached, the opponent will begin to hear sounds similar to what Simon himself is hearing; such as the drums, bells, or ticking. Along with this, the opponent will also begin to hear dark, unintelligible murmurings, essentially a form of the "suggestions" Simon's Psychosis is giving his body so that it can function. However, because these murmurings are not actually any language, they will not aid an opponent in fighting Simon in any way. Aside from the obvious effects of attempting to drive an opponent crazy through making them hear what Simon hears, this second ability also has another use; drowning out other noises. Because the opponent will begin to hear these sounds from the Mentis Tenebras energy that has attached to them, it will be the closest thing for them to hear, and because they can get quite loud, it can make hearing other noises more difficult; such as the sound of Simon attacking.

Abilities: (Note: because Simon pretty much has complete control of the Black Energy, I will only be listing a few specific/important abilities. This will not include his general attacks. Instead, I will have an ability called "General Mentis Tenebras Control.)
Tenebras Momentum (lit. The Moment of Darkness; Latin): Simon's "high-speed movement" technique, it is quite simple in how it works. Simon simply has the Black Energy surround both of his feet, then uses it to propel himself in any direction. While this can be a constant ability, Simon does not necessarily always have it active. Speed wise, it is as fast as or sometimes even faster than Shunpo (Shunpo in General). With this ability, Simon can also stand on vertical surfaces, in the air, and even upside down; the Black Energy around his feet able to keep him in place.

General Mentis Tenebras Control: Because of the nature of Mentis Tenebras and its Black Energy, Simon can manipulate in multiple general ways. This can include but is not limited to hands, claws, fists, darts, shields, drills, slashes, and maws/jaws. While most of these seem to coincide with a particular hand movement, it is not clear whether they are a necessity or just a reaction from his Psychosis. This is mainly questioned when he punches his fist forward, which can create a fist out of the Black Energy that punches at the opponent or a drill made of the Black Energy that shoots at the opponent. This leads one to believe that his body acts as more of a puppet to his Psychosis, it being able to freely adapt what shape it's powers take.

Tenebras Ascensionem (lit. The Ascension of the Darkness; Latin): An odd technique given Simon's mental state, he literally has two large wings made out of the Mentis Tenebras/Black Energy. While this may seem like an impressive technique, it is in fact mainly used for long-range transportation; and is often paired with Tenebras Momentum when used for long-range transportation. Of course, the wings can be used in battle, though it is made slightly difficult due to their size. When used in battle, the wings can be used as shields, leaving Simon free to counterattack. The wings, however, can be broken if attacked enough, so long-range transportation is their main function.

Pupus Tenebrarum (lit. Puppet of Darkness; Latin): While this is an ability of Mentis Tenebras, it is actually used by his Psychosis and is passive once activated. It's effect can be quite easily guessed from its name; Simon's Psychosis can physically control any and every part of his body like a puppet. It is much like the Quincy's technique, and is used for Simon (or maybe more correctly his Psychosis) to continue fighting even after a limb has been broken or incapacitated. Because it is using Mentis Tenebras to actually control the body, it can bypass any paralysis or numbness techniques; using the Energy itself as Simon's skeletal system and muscular system.

Insania (lit. Insanity/Mania/Madness; Latin): A sort of "Last Resort" ability that can only be activated by his Psychosis and while in his Psychotic "Personality". While there are no verbal commands, once it is activated, not only do Simon's powers increase, but he undergoes a slight physical change. The black, tribal tattoo will expand and grow to cover his entire body except for his head. As stated, this is a last resort technique, and as such, it has a rather short duration. Afterwords, Simon's body is left exhausted, and he blacks-out soon after. The strength he gains during the ability, however, is extremely powerful, and almost seemingly puts him on a different level.

Extra Abilities:
Hollow Protection: Only active when asleep or Blacked-out, something about Simon's body makes it so that Hollows don't see him as "food". It is assumed to be associated with Mentis Tenebras, but no actual link has been discovered as of yet. It is known, however, that it is activated by Simon's Psychosis, and is only effective when he's either asleep or blacked out.

Multi-Lingual: Although Simon has had little to no human interaction through his life, he is seemingly able to speak almost any language. This too is controlled by his Psychosis, and is most likely influenced by Mentis Tenebras. It is unknown why his Psychosis would develop and maintain a way to communicate, but still it exists. Also, Simon doesn't seem to have much of an accent.

Immense Physical Strength: Along with his mind, Simon's unique "Psychosis" has also effected his body. While it does not have a complete control of the body, it has strengthened it beyond its natural limitations; and gives Simon seemingly insane strength compared to most others. When Simon "undergoes fits of rage" (the closest thing to compare, seeing as he is merely the "puppet", so his "feelings" are not technically real), his already immense physical strength reaches even higher levels, seeing as he is going into a frenzy.

History: Born in Greece, Simon Barabbas' past is anything but normal. Although neither his parents names or fates are known, it is know that each of them suffered from a few different "Mental Disorders" each; though nothing compared to Simon. It is also known that Simon was an only child, but not the reason why. Even from his birth, it was obvious that something was wrong with Simon. He was also born with a great deal of spiritual power; the source of which is unknown, but it is believed that it had something to do with recessive genes that both of his parents had. This spiritual power, however, would only make things worse for him. He displayed none of the normal qualities of a baby, and he grew up, things only got worse. Although Simon developed speech and mobility at an astound rate, his actual mental status seemed to only get worse. By the age of five, things got so bad that his parents actually had to send him to a Mental Institute. This, of course, was not beneficial. By the half way mark of a year, Simon had to be kept confined and under close supervision; as well as given a large amount of medications for a child. By the time he was six, things were so bad that Simon had to be sent to a very special and slightly controversial Insane Asylum. After being sent to the Asylum, he lost all contact with his parents and the world; his parents seemingly disappearing shortly after.

As soon as he was sent to the Asylum, Simon underwent a rigorous and in some ways painful psychiatric evaluation. While his mental conditions and even his Psychosis were already very severe by now, this "evaluation" made things even worse. Afterwords, it was "decided" that he was the most severe case they had ever seen, as well as discovering that his body could withstand more than double the lethal doses of tranquilizers, sedatives, and anti-psychotic medications than the average person could. After having a straight jacket specially made for his size (since he was still a child), Simon was thrown into a padded and secluded room; secret from the public and even some of the staff at the Asylum. He was also started on a twice daily doses of enough anti-psychotic medications, tranquilizers, and sedatives to kill a man or maybe even two. While this was enough to pretty much keep his body from doing anything but the absolutely necessary to life processes, it left his mind, or more accurately, his Psychosis, free to grow. Although he was on anti-psychotic medications, his Psychosis was something that not even medicine could define; due in part to his naturally high spiritual power. Of course, because all of the medications were physical, they were unable to keep his spiritual powers from growing; which they did at an exponential rate, seemingly keeping pace with his Psychosis.

By the age of ten, Simon's Psychosis had managed to completely devour his mind, leaving his body as pretty much nothing more than a puppet for his Psychosis. Of course, as his Psychosis had been devouring his mind over the years, Simon had to have been given more and stronger medications just to keep his body in the "sedated" state. And just as before, the higher doses did nothing to hinder his Psychosis or his spiritual powers. In fact, the only reason that his Psychosis hadn't actually used any of it's powers from Mentis Tenebras was because the actual body was so restrained. In all actuality, his Psychosis seemed to be it's own entity, although it was confined to only a mental form. Because of the seclusion of the Asylum, as well as a slight understanding, though very poor and mostly mistaken, of some kind of power they could not explain (i.e. spiritual power), neither Shinigami nor Hollow was able to detect his presence; although his newly developing "extra power" of "Hollow Protection" played a role as well. Still, because they were still completely unable to even grasp the concept of spiritual power/reiatsu, Simon's Psychosis was able to grow it's powers pretty much unchecked. And grow it did; at an exponential rate. Over the next ten years, Simon's Psychosis and powers were able to grow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because of this, his powers progressed much more quickly than that of even a Shinigami; simply because there was no restraints.

Up until five years ago, Simon's powers continued to grow. Of course, as guessed by the date, this is when everything would change. While the hollow invasion had started a few days earlier, the seclusion of the Asylum and the lower priority of the areas for invasion, things were still operating semi-normally. This, however would soon change over the course of a few hours. Unlike usual, his bi-daily medications were late, and Simon's body had begun to regain consciousness. Noticing this, his Psychosis began to fortify itself and it's powers, ready to break out of the straitjacket and blow the door off of it's hinges. However, before he was able to do that, A lone Hollow, drawn in by the reiatsu it felt "waking up" inside Simon burst through the door. It seemed that the "Hollow Invasion" had finally made it's way to the Asylum, and to the hollows, it must have seemed like a feast ripe for the devouring. Of course, the Hollow hadn't anticipated Simon's body to have finally regained it's full functions, and his Psychosis ready to release it's powers. "...Can you hear...the ringing?" Simon, or rather his Psychosis asked in a truly disturbed tone, getting higher by the end of the sentence. Before the hollow could even react to the words, a large and powerful burst of Mentis Tenebras' Black Energy erupted from Simon's body; both killing the hollow instantly and ripping the straitjacket to shreds. Standing there, the entire wall that the door had been secured to having been blown away, a smile; a wicked grin crossed Simon's face, as his Psychosis knew it was finally free. "So-ho-ho, let's spread...spread the marvelous...NOISES!"

Because of the intensity of the blast as well as the reiatsu that was now able to exert itself through Simon's body, pretty much every Hollow within the Asylum was alerted of his presence and immediately began to converge upon the secret "prison". Luckily for Simon and his Psychosis, not only did that mean that every Hollow would have to squeeze through a narrow passage, but because of the area's low priority, only the weaker hollows, while still quite vast in numbers, had invaded the Asylum. Of course, after being constrained for so long, his Psychosis was more than eager to finally test out the powers it had spent every hour of more than the past ten years refining. And, as expected, it was not long until a group of three Hollows could be heard from outside the now destroyed "cell". Because Simon's body's joints were stiff from years of almost no use, his movement was a bit awkward; stumbling a bit and taking awkward steps. By another stroke of luck, his Psychosis had been able to regulate what little reiatsu was available from his body being reduced to not more than a vegetable to maintain the strength and integrity of his muscular and bone structures. As he exited the room , the three Hollows had stopped at his movement, staring him down like a pack of wild animals ready to pounce. Simon, however, still had a psychotic grin upon his face. "Oh joy...it's...it's...IT'S THE BELLS! THE GLORIOUS BELLS" Simon shouted, his tone still as crazed as it first was. While this temporarily confused the Hollows, they wasted no time in rushing him.

(Note: For this part of Simon's history, his powers will be much more powerful than they are normally. They are at the Psychotic "Personalities" level right now because his Psychosis had stored up so much power.)

That, of course, would turn out to be a very bad idea. In the blink of an eye, Simon had extended both of his arms; creating two large fists made out of Mentis Tenebras' Black Energy. Without hesitation, both of the "hands" grabbed the two Hollows on the sides, leaving the middle Hollow alone. At seeing it's two "comrades" incapacitated in the blink of an eye, the middle Hollow stopped it's charge; only to watch as the other two Hollows were literally crushed to death by the two Black Energy hands and tossed down the hallway with tremendous force. Because there was a turn in the hallway, the bodies of the two thrown Hollows actually broke through the wall before their bodies could fully disintegrate. After the sight, the remaining Hollow was literally left scared shitless, something hard to make a Hollow feel. Of course, it wasn't left much time to make any decisions; as mere seconds after the other two Hollows had disappeared, a large, rotating drill, also made of the Black Energy, shot directly at it. Unable to dodge, the Hollow was literally ripped to shreds by the powerful drill made of the black energy; spraying the Hollow's blood and what remained of its body parts over the small hallway. Still grinning, Simon's Psychosis knew that this was only the beginning. His body now ready for movement and actual combat, Simon began to make his way through the Hollow infested Asylum. Of course, only a few meters from Simon's now destroyed "cell" was a room that managed to catch his Psychosis' attention.

The door to said room was quite plain in appearance, though it seemed to be reinforced in some matter. Of course, not even a door made of pure titanium would have been able to keep Simon out, and with a swift punch from his right hand, a fist made of the black energy punched the door away; ripping out part of the wall it was attached to. As the door and wall fragments fell to the ground, Simon was left peering into what looked like a scientific laboratory; and while small in size, it held something that immediately caught his Psychosis' attention. Of course, it wasn't sight alone that had done it, but also sense as well; the sense of some type of item heavily imbued with reiatsu. Said "items" turned out to be a pair of claws, heavily imbued with reiatsu, and seemingly strong enough to compare to a Zanpakutō (though, he did not know what a Zanpakutō quite was yet). Grabbing the weapons, Simon's Psychosis didn't care at all why the were there or what had actually been going on inside the Asylum, and even if he did, everyone besides Simon was dead. Even now, the exact origins and even materials of the Claws are unknown, but it is believed to be somehow linked to Simon as well as Humanity's slowly gaining awareness to spiritual powers.

Using the claws and it's powers, Simon's Psychosis was able to massacre every single Hollow within the Asylum before eventually finding it's way out. Here, however, was where problems finally began. Whilst his Psychosis had stored so much energy, it had released it way too fast. That, combined with Simon's body still needing to adjust to the powers, caused Simon to blackout. It is not known for how long he was blacked-out, but thanks to his Psychosis' "Extra Power" of "Hollow Protection", Simon remained undisturbed by any of the hollows. Either days or hours, Simon couldn't tell which, he finally recovered from his blackout. Over that time, his Psychosis had been able to examine it's weakness and effects on Simon's body, adjust his body to the powers, and split itself into three distinct "Personalities" so as to conserve it's own powers. This, of course, left Simon in his Paranoia "Personality". As Simon began to move away from the now ruins of the Asylum, he began to get the odd urge to make his way to Japan. But...how did he know where it was? Simon had only been "in the world" for five years, so he shouldn't know any geography. The answer, just as with everything else about him, was his Psychosis. While it's control over Simon made him seem completely out of his mind, it was somehow able to "learn" at an astounding rate. Yet, none of this information could mentally be shared with Simon's body, so his Psychosis had to use "urges" to convey what to do. Luckily for the Psychosis, Simon's body was his puppet, and although the delusions were extremely powerful, it was at it's beck and call. Before actually going too far, Simon managed to find a city that, while still destroyed, had many of the inanimate objects still intact to some degree. After clothing himself (in his current clothes), Simon used his Tenebras Ascensionem ability to fly across the Eurasian continent; resting for a day before continuing on to Japan. While it is unclear why his Psychosis wanted to go to Japan, it can be assumed to have something to do with the reiatsu presence within the nation. Simon has spent the five years since the hollow invasion simply wandering around the ruins of society, his mental condition kept to himself for the most part due to his seclusion from other forms of life.
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PostSubject: Re: Simon Barabbas [APPROVED 1-3]   Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:30 pm

Application Checklist
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  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
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Comments/Notes: Well...that happened
Tier: 1-3


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Character Archived!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Simon Barabbas [APPROVED 1-3]   

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Simon Barabbas [APPROVED 1-3]
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