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 Reira, the Azure Lotus [Approved; 2-1+ Tsurugi]

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PostSubject: Reira, the Azure Lotus [Approved; 2-1+ Tsurugi]   Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:09 pm

Tsurugi Template


Name: Reira Fujimura
Nicknames: Azure Lotus, Death Doctor
True Age: ~500 Years
Gender: Male
Personality: Reira is a scientist at heart, and dear lord does it show. He rarely loses his calm without the involvement of Murasame, and was known as a prodigy of medical science for his incredibly calm and observant nature in general. He is softspoken and friendly to almost all people, but also distant - he refuses to associate with people below his intellect for long, which includes the vast majority of non-scientists, making him stand out amongst society. He is fine with that, though, and socializes just enough that it doesn't have negative effects on him - as a doctor, he knows that no human contact at all is bad for physical and mental health, after all.
Obviously, this also makes him a curious individual. He will often agree to help people with unique or interesting injuries and sicknesses free of charge, but those with 'common' wounds better have a bit of spare cash handy, because professional help doesn't come for free. His particular field of interest are Tsurugi, or more specificially, 'Shinuchi' - his fascination with their curses, and his constant attempt to find ways around them and how to cure them, gave him the nickname of 'Death Doctor' long before he even became a Musha himself.
He is not at all interested in the medicine of the mind, though. Psychology and the like is accepted by him as necessary, but not as something he'd ever specialize in. Something he does agree on, though, is that any kind of addiction is self-inflicted harm and stupidity - he'd never actually use any addictive materials like cigarettes or alcohol, and despises their continued existance.
Another thing to note is that he can't deal with children, at all. He greatly dislikes being close to them, unless he just met the next teen genius, and will instantly show a rather cold side of himself. Oddly enough, he is rather protective of his Tsurugi, even though she acts like a child at times, and will save her from any harm, self-inflicted or not - and not caring for right or wrong, either.
To him, the existance of 'good', 'evil', or justice is completely irrelevant. Morales exist because they simply do, and he keeps himself restrained by them to make life easier - but if he has to, he has no qualms breaking out of them when needed.
A last, and rather important part about him, is his pacifism. Reira greatly dislikes physical confrontation, despite his apparant skill with blades and fire, seeing it as barbaric. He accepts Martial Arts as a way to train ones body and mind, but would never even think about using it to harm others normally, were it not for his Tsurugi. He is not stupid, though. When faced with life-threatening danger, he will retaliate with violence like any normal warrior, but he'd turn down any proposed sparring match, and would also never blindly slaughter people for amusement. Violence to answer violence is only accepted because it is necessary, not because it is a good or valid state that should be preserved.

General Appearance


Animalistic Traits: None are directly visible.
Appearance Age: ~19
Height: Slightly shorter than average.
Weight: Average.

Natural Abilities

Magic: Reira knows basic fire magic, which allows him to make small flames dance around his hands. While they can potentially be used for attacking, their effect is rather limited.
His true magic talent is within healing magic - his expertise is quite astounding for someone as young as him. He can apply his skills in a magnitude of ways, from simply knitting back together cut flesh up to healing burns, freezes, and even restore blood and repair damage to internal organs that still somewhat function. Each of these skills require a lot of focus and medical examination, thus he can't use them on himself besides the basics of normal healing magic.

Other Weapons: None, refuses to carry weapons on his person. He does have a small pouch with medical equipment with him, though. This 'small' pouch is only small on the outside - a dimension warping spell makes the inside a lot larger, and he routinely stores all assortments of the most modern technology in medical science in there, as well as more crude objects like normal scalpels for when the high-tech can't be used effectively or in a timely manner. He can produce anything from a bandaid to a rebreathing apparature from this pouch if needed, and he usually carries it around slung on his shoulder with a large band, making it look like a rather small book bag. It even opens like a book, and could almost be considered the 'spellbook of medical magic', considering the high end things within. He'd never even THINK about using a scalpel or high powered laser cutter as weaponry though, making it little more than baggage during a combat situation.

Other Skills: Reira is a 'Bladedancer', a highly trained user of dual weaponry. He is rather skilled and talented in the art, even though he lacks combat experience. He uses this Martial Art to reinforce his mental state and bodily health, and if he were forced to use it to combat person to person, he'd prefer the usual combination of long and short weapon, in right and left hand respectively, but his Tsurugi makes him able to wield two large sized weapons even in human form if needed by creating two blue nodaichi for him.


Name: Murasame, the Azure Lotus
Type: Shinuchi
Curse: Once the blade has been drawn, blood must be spilled, or the life of the user is forfeit.
Smith: The creator of beauty eternal, Murasame
Standby Form Appearance: Murasame takes on the form of a moth in standby mode. The eyes are glowing red, with golden antennas on the head and blue, glistering wings, making Murasame appear very beautiful and serence. Some gold ornaments on both the backside and underside of the wings make even the big moth look more delicate and like an artwork instead of war machine. The legs of the moth form are in a darker red, and overall it is big enough to carry Reira comfortably on it's back. Obviously, it is not very fast on ground level. Since it is made out of metal, the actual 'flight' is achieved by anti-gravity fields produced by the golden markings.
Humanoid Form Appearance:
Personality: Murasame seems like a rather childish girl at first glance. Something is just 'off' about her behavior, it is always in high spirits, no matter the situation. She is generally very nice to people, even those that threaten her, making it apparant that she does never really feel endangered. This is different for people that threaten Reira, though - she gets extremely protective of her Musha, and has no qualms slaughtering anyone who tries to harm him.
As a happy go lucky girl, though, she's also easily distracted by anything cute, especially cats. For some reason though, cats don't seem to like her back, not that she'd understand it, really. She's also got a slight sweet-tooth, and candy is an effective way to shut her up often utilized by Reira himself when she gets too obnoxious for him. Or too murderous.
Which leads to the slight elephant in the room - Murasame is thoroughly broken, which leads to her aloof nature. The curse which is only supposed to lead the actions of the Musha has affected both her body and mind, leading her to snap frequently and try to suddenly stab people without warning, although Reira is completely safe from those impulses, it seems. Her body also requires to absorb blood through both her skin and hair frequently, otherwise she could very well die from withdrawal, much like a Musha using the Murasame armor could. This leads to a magnitude of problems on a regular basis, especially since Murasame never sleeps, bringing her to using up all of her strength rather quickly to require a new load of blood.
As she has no recollection of her previous life before becoming a Tsurugi, she doesn't fully understand the goal of Reira, but still supports him the best she can. However, she doesn't understand why he constantly refuses to use her armor form unless absolutely necessary.
History: Once, there was a well-known Sugiura craftsman by the name of Murasame. He was known in the entirety of both kingdoms for his beautiful and unique work, forging wonderful trinkets out of valuable, rare metals and gemstones. While his work was well appreciated, he only had nobles and royals for his customers, meaning his income was rather small, but enough to live peacefully and while constantly crafting new art.
Once Murasame managed to get a big project for the eastern kingdom, he did not let the money and services he had earned go to waste, and bought himself his perfect residence in a small village on the border of the two kingdoms. Nobody thought much of that at first, since many an artist required seclusion from other people to create their perfect work... But Murasame did not even know himself what he got into with the arguably 'fair' deal on the house.
Because deep in the cellar of that house, something other lived. Hidden behind multiple walls, encased in the ground itself, sealed away so it might never see the light of day again, it was the masterpiece of the one that had lived in the house prior to Murasame - an unknown smith that had gone mad ages ago. And that masterpiece was still leaking out raw madness into the mansion...

It started with Murasame having weird nightmares and hearing voices at night, until he didn't even get nightmares anymore - because he refused to go to sleep, being absolutely sure he'd get killed by whatever was living in this house with him. Terrified, he tried to flee his new home, but something always brought him back - he was unable to escape. Nobody in the village heard his pleas for help... until he fell asleep once more.
The thing that opened his eyes the next day was not the smith of art, Murasame, anymore. His new 'art' was something far more sinister... But outwardly, no change had occured. Until the disappearances started, that is - slowly, more and more people from the village went missing, and the old smith was seen outside of his house less and less. The final straw that broke the camels back, though, was the sudden disappearance of a rather young, travelling agent of the kingdom sent to investigate.

When the villagers stormed the mansion of the mad artist, they found only terror. Blood and guts smeared against walls, the stench was nearly unbearable - and with the blood, messages were written on all the walls.
"Blood is key." "He sleeps now." "Below, below, it whispers." "Calling, for me" "AwakeAwakeAwake" "C#&%bi$%"
Any further messages were nothing but random assortments of letters and runes that nobody understood. At the heart of the mansion, though... They did not find the artist, but simply a ladder into the bowels of the earth. Down this shaft, they found the man... and the secret that had taken over his mind.

Sealed below ground, a fragment of the ancient evil had been sleeping. The old artist was dead - his lifeless corpse on the ground was clear sign of that. However, here, in this twisted underground hall, something else awaited the villagers - a motionless, blue suit of armor. And besides it, just as lifeless as the creator of this magnificent piece of craftsmanship, was the investigator - floating in a pool of blood and some black, thoroughly evil liquid, the girl was floating like a white angel, the eyes closed peacefully. This tomb was the final answer of the artist - to trap the curse that had taken him forever, he had sealed it within a Tsurugi, but as his own soul was too weak to become part of it, he had sacrificed the soul of the next best person he could find.
When the silence of the chamber was broken by the armor moving, the people fled in terror. The ones that had been unfortunate enough to enter the chamber first, did not make it out in time. As blood splattered the magnificent blue, the curse of Murasame began.

What climbed out of the ruin of the house that had now been torched by the remaining villagers right before they fled, was a girl in white, with eyes of red blood. Without anywhere to go, and without memories of what she had been beforehand, she turned into a motionless, beautiful statue of a moth, right in the middle of the remains of the village...

Tsurugi Unleashed

Calling Phrase: To color everything in darkest red, the rain of crimson flowers falls - That is the meaning of this sword! Murasame!
Armor Appearance:
Height: 2.5 meters
Weight: ~300 kg
OS Name: Red Rain System 1.5. This OS takes note of any blood drawn by Murasame during the course of battle, as well as saving any information gained on vulnerable parts of the enemy body and/or armor. Should no blood be drawn over a longer usage period, the OS will start to bug out and make the armor behave irrationally in a desperate attempt to obtain blood, potentially endangering or directly damaging the pilot. Too long of a period without blood spilled will cause a freak system crash which has a high chance to fry the users brain, and will shut down the armor.
Fixed Armaments:
  • Gravitational Drain: The gold 'blades' on the legs, the gold on the arms and the one on the shoulders are all filled with the energy of Murasame, making him able to reduce gravitational effects on himself and even reverse them. This allows for Murasame to literally drag someone closer to his hands, or block a sword with the bare hands by creating an anti-gravity field. As a side-effect, changing gravitational pulls gives Murasame incredible speed, at the cost of raw defensive power if something DOES get through - in actual defense, the gold plating is as weak as actual gold would be.
  • Blood Seeker: The visor of the armor is equipped with a special filter. It allows the user to easily estimate where large veins and blood vessels are in the body of an enemy without thick armor, to allow easier 'access'.
  • Red Trance: Upon contact with enemy blood, Murasame goes into a heightened state, increasing the armors output in all regards to 1.5 times usual strength. Drenching the entire armor in blood overclocks the systems into 3.0 times the power for a short period of time.
  • Arrow Rain: The metal shafts on both the shoulders and legs are not simply methods of looking good. They can open up at the front and fire out a swarm of energy-filled arrows that explode upon contact with a solid surface in a small-scale blast. They need 2 posts after firing to recharge, that goes for every single arrow tube, meaning firing only a few leaves the others ready for attack.

Optional Fixed Armaments: None
Hand-held Armaments:
  • Plasma Nodaichi: Murasame carries a rather unusually large pair of Nodaichi as his weapons. the slighty curved swords are made from solid energy, and cut through common materials like a hot knife would through butter. Accuracy is rather important with them thanks to the size, and they are more useful for concentrated attacks than wide, sweeping ones. A normal warrior would be slowed down by two swords of this size, but Murasame and the pilot are both trained and on a supernatural level that allows them to use them effectively like one would use a long and short sword combo normally. The blades also leave a glittering trail of orange dust, giving them an ethereal appearance. The more saw-like blade instead of a standard cutting edge doesn't reduce effectiveness thanks to being made from hardened energy, but allows for an easier forced bladelock with the enemy, which can easily spell the end for a foe with a single blade that can't retreat quickly enough.

Shinogi: Crimson Flower Dance
Shinogi Abilities: Once the armor has consumed enough blood, this technique can be activated. Scanning the enemy completely, the armor goes into overdrive, coloring the azure steel in the color of blood itself, before Reira dashes forward with speed that breaks the laws of reality - the blood magic of the armor allows him to strike multiple times at the same 'time' in reality, creating a storm of dancing slashes from both blades at the enemy. Each slash is aimed at a large collection of blood in the enemy - a large blood vessel, internal organs, or even the heart. Up to sixteen attacks in total, eight per blade, are executed at all once, giving the armor an ethereal and dancing look of multiple movements happening at once, in order to overwhelm the opponent and slice them open.
Shinogi Drawback: Using this move consumes the blood collected by the armor so far. Should the move fail or miss the target, and thus fail to draw new blood, the drawbacks of using Murasame hit back in full force, possibly killing the pilot. This can even happen if the spilled blood takes too long to leave the target's body and to hit Murasame, meaning intense pain is ALWAYS following the attack for Reira, successful or not. Also, thanks to the armor overheating through the usage of extensive blood magic, all combat parameters are cut in half for three posts.


[b]Character Background:
Reira is an only child, born to a soldier of the eastern Kingdom of the Sugiura and his wife. As such, he was expected to carry the family legacy from a very young age - to become a warrior and soldier on the level of his father, and to surpass him, as it was the norm within those families. And at first, that worked out quite nicely.
From a young age, it was obvious that Reira wasn't exactly going to grow up to be a walking tank - he was always lean, but also incredibly active and dexterous from childhood on. Of course, having so much pressure on him wasn't exactly healthy for such a young boy, but his father was no idiot - the first training that Reira ever had was disguised as a new 'game' to play, and so, the first years went by. It wasn't until he was roughly the equivalent of eight human years old that Reira was ever given a training weapon, and his actual training with it did not start until a few years after that.

And when it began, the world looked even brighter to his father. Reira had inherited all of his fathers talent, and then some - he was learning quickly, with a sharp mind and quick wit about himself that no child and young teenager should posess. He was, quite literally, a teen genius of every single field, a miracle come true in personified form... For a few years, at least. Because right as his training as a Bladedancer was nearing completition, and talk about him joining the army first surfaced, a traumatic event was going to forever change how Reira percieved combat, and the usage of blades to hurt and destroy.

During a show fight, Reira was set to battle one of the few people he called a friend, to prove his worth as a warrior infront of a larger crowd at a festival. This was supposed to cement his position as a likely candidate for high positions of the army, in conjunction with his high intelligence. Reira's friend, while not nearly as good with the sword, was easily as intelligent as the Bladedancer himself, one of the few kindred spirits he still had. While his father was always well-meaning, Reira had never felt able to talk to his parents about absolutely everything in the same way he felt towards this friend of his.
At first, the show battle went quite well. The weapons, while certainly dangerous, were not nearly on the level of perfection and craftsmanship expected from real weapons, so the danger was supposedly minimal for both of them.
That was, until his friend slipped on a loose rock on the ground, just as he was moving to intercept an attack made by Reira. And with horror, the new Bladedancer had to watch as the sword that he could no longer stop cut right through the side of his best friends neck.

Everything after that has by now turned into a complete blur for Reira. Thankfully, a magician of the Magic Association was amongst the watchers, since Reira himself was lacking any kind of medical training or magical expertise - and with an artery cut open, his friend needed immedeate help for his brain not to die from having the blood cut off like this. The mage was there mere seconds after the accident, and his magic proved successful - after the event was cancelled and Reira had been escorted from the grounds, he was told that his friend survived the injury. No fault was placed upon him, as the whole ordeal was labelled an 'unfortunate accident'. For a moment, hope glimpsed back for Reira, as his father helped him change out of the blood splattered clothes.
Hope that was shattered when Reira first met his friend in rehabilitation. As it turned out... the damage from the blood loss and the shock had more severe effects than at first anticipated.

Put in the truest terms, the incident had lead to brain damage for Reira's friend. Large enough amounts of it for them to become disabling in high regard. In function, his best friend, the one person on his intellectual level - proved to now have the mind of a young boy, without any hope of regaining his former memory, intelligence or sharp mind. Seeing him like this broke something inside of Reira - his heart. And as always, Reira ate away these feelings into himself, running from talking to anyone, refusing to even speak to his concerned father, who saw it as nothing but an unfortunate accident that could happen to anyone on the fields of battle. He had lost friends before in battle, and the continued service as a soldier had made him numb to understanding his son.
Reira started to hate himself. But not only himself, he also started to hate his talent with the sword, his affinity for such a gruesome tool - all he had ever heard of was the glory of the Sugiura army, never the hardships, which had been conviniently skipped by the adults. In all of his genius mind, Reira was still young and naive, a teenager that didn't know any better. He started hating kids, for how they reminded him of what had become of his best friend. He started to hate his father, for leading him into this path. And eventually, Reira even began to hate the medic that had restored his friend into a state one couldn't even call living anymore.
But eventually, hate just didn't fit with Reira. What was hate going to do? Destroy him. He was too smart to simply let it consume him, so he tried to turn it into something different. Outwardly, he appeared to return to his normal self - training day in, day out, being reserved and intelligent as usual. But instead, deep within, Reira became obsessed with another idea.

If he had been a magician - if he had been able to cast healing magic himself, right then and there, it would've saved precious seconds. And he was a genius - why shouldn't he be able to be BETTER at magic than some random wizard from the Association? That idea began to grow, larger and larger, within him. To avert tragedy like this... he had to be able to heal. To restore. What good was handling the sword? With cold steel, a life could not be brought back from the brink intact.
So when the day came for Reira to take up arms as a soldier of the army... He declined. To the great shock and disappointment of his father, he didn't even show up to the ceremony welcoming new, promising recruits - instead, he simply left a letter behind, declaring his wishes to never associate with the army again. Outraged, his father has since then denied talking to his son again - the only one in his family that Reira still has contact with is his mother. But as always in his life, she was barely even background - he always wondered if it was because of how radiant his father had been, or if his mother was simply the more thinking and less talking person of the whole family, since she actually approved of his decision when he confessed it to her.

After turning his back towards his own family, Reira turned towards the Magic Association for education. While he was normally too old, and from a too common bloodline to be easily accepted, his intelligence got him inside - he was one of the few people to ever 'ace' the entry exam. Afterwards, his affinity was found - the element of fire. Still, Reira insisted on learning medical magic, and buried himself within the books and teachings of older and wiser people than himself, to soak up any knowledge he could within his head.
But what was knowledge, without a purpose? His studies made Reira a prodigy, that much was for sure, even though this time it was through hard work rather than large natural talent. But he needed a goal, a defining point he wanted to reach with his magic - and seeking challenge, as always, he turned towards the one injury of body and mind hardest to heal. The curses of evil beings, gods, and the Tsurugi themselves - the ancient armored warriors, bound by their curses to keep their power in check. If he could be the one to decypher those curses, and unlock the strongest of the Tsurugi to use without drawbacks... He was sure, that if anything could win him back the favor of his father, of the army, AND make him a legend in just one act, it would be to undo those curses forever.

His studies led him to a remote village, or what was left of it. Nature had reclaimed a lot of the village that had once been home to Murasame, the legendary and insane smith that had slaughtered many innocents - obviously a victim of a curse, at least for Reira everything pointed at one. At the time, he had no idea that a Tsurugi was even involved in the whole ordeal.
Within the ruins, in the middle of the village, he found something odd. A statue of a giant moth in white color, seemingly untouched by nature. On his way to the village, Reira had missed a single step on a treacherous path and managed to gain a few small cuts on the palm of his right hand - and, not knowing of the curse this moth beared, touched it ever so slightly with his hand, and a miniscule amount of his own blood touched the statue. A bright light, and then... everything went dark for the aspiring medic.

When Reira woke up, he was still in the same place, but day had turned into night. Above him, a person was standing - in white, with eyes as red as blood, but also a friendly smile and a chuckle that warmed his heart the moment she noticed he was waking up.
"You woke me up! I'm... Well, I don't really know who I am. I just stood here, because I had nowhere to go. Will you be my Master? I'm a strong Tsurugi, really!"

A fateful contract was sealed that day in blood. Reira knew how foolish it was to accept a curse that even the Tsurugi he had claimed didn't fully understand, but if anyone would ever be able to break the curses... it would be a Musha, not just some magician researching them. First-hand experience was his goal.

Over time, Reira and his Tsurugi became better acquainted towards each other. For the first time in years, the young genius felt connected to someone - and it was someone obviously not as smart as himself. Not only did this surprise him, but also frighten him a little... But in the end, 'Murasame' turned from an enigma, into the closest thing Reira ever had to a sister.

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PostSubject: Re: Reira, the Azure Lotus [Approved; 2-1+ Tsurugi]   Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:38 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Bueno !
Tier: 2-1+


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PostSubject: Re: Reira, the Azure Lotus [Approved; 2-1+ Tsurugi]   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:07 pm

Please archive.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Reira, the Azure Lotus [Approved; 2-1+ Tsurugi]   

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Reira, the Azure Lotus [Approved; 2-1+ Tsurugi]
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