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 Tonberry, The Karma Keeper [WIP]

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Tonberry, The Karma Keeper [WIP]   Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:26 pm

Hollow Template


The sheer power and justice of this beast! It can only be the power of sardines!

Name: Tonberry
True Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Personality: Silent and mysterious are the only words that truly mark Tonberry. For the most part, he appears in an area mysteriously. It is unheard of for someone to find Tonberry when Tonberry is not already aknowledged by someone else. He just seems to appear. He will not speak for the most part. Generally docile to any to encounter him, except hollow and those whom have built up a lot of bad Karma. He will remain silent, and tends to peer at any in the area. Hollow, known criminals, and those obviously about to do something harmful are automatically targeted for death. Others though, he may seem to just blankly observe. Interaction with Tonberry can be rather unpredictable, though he will never do any harm. He may react to stimuli like a little child, or like a cautious adult. He may not speak at all, or he may speak and act in various tones of voice and personalities (varying by the encounter). There is no pattern, save he will never kill anyone who is good (or barely bad) unless said person attacks first. Even then, should his lantern still discern that they are not evil, he will not finish them off. He acts with no purpose, other than seemingly purging those of evil. No matter how he acts, even when acting and speaking as a normal adult, his true motives and purposes will never be explained.
Hollow Class: Adjuchas

General Appearance

Hollow Mask: The mask is unknown, but it has been reported that some strikes to Tonberry's face strike something about a cenimeter off, suggesting that Tonberry's mask is transparent over his face.
Appearance Age: N/A

Natural Abilities

Overall Ability:
Karma: The lantern which Tonberry carries contains an Karmic energy. Upon being attacked, whether or not it misses (the attack merely needs to come close), Tonberry absorbs the latent hostile energies from the attack and uses it to trigger his lantern. An somewhat quick stream of energy, almost looking like souls, comes streaming forth towards a target. This stream has moderate seeking capabilities. Upon making contact, should such occur, the enemy is attacked by their Karma. Their good and their bad in mind and actions is weighed automatically upon contact. Those with bad karma, those who do much more harm, be it killing or simply causing others some form of pain in for selfish reasons, are the ones who take damage. The greater the weight of their misdeeds and intention, the more damage their body and soul will take. Those who do more good than harm, or have good karma, are unharmed. Those with slightly bad karma, but not much, take a ;ittle damage. Etc. etc. It is an especially great defense against hollow, as they simply kill and kill in order to sate their hunger. Anyone who is more bad than good will take some form of damage. People like Yoshine, despite misdeeds they caused in the past, would take no damage based how much good they had done and how long ago the bad was. Generally Tonberry will never attack anyone who takes little to no damage based on this technique, unless it is self-defense. His targets are those whose Karma is bad. This attack can't kill anyone whose tier is above 5-1+, though the damage if it strikes can instantly knock someone out if their misdeeds outweigh their durability. Even the leaders of the Espada, despite how much they have done, can likely tank one, or several, of these despite how many misdeeds some of them cause (as an example of who can handle their massive bad karma). The damage of this ability is based off of karma and how how close to a person's core it strikes. The only way to avoid damage completely is to dodge or use an external shield, as armor does not constrain the power of this technique. Kido shields and other walls are a good defense, though anything made from someone's energy will take scaled damage based on the user's karma as well. Those of great "evil" will generally have a kido shield block one shot and shatter in an instant. Those of no evil will have said shields never shatter, no matter how many times it is struck. Deflection using melee weapons (or unarmed combat) is not possible, as it will merely cause the attack to do some form of damage by connecting too close to the target. On a final note, it appears a sort of "Karma" mark is created upon contact. Should a target be killed by Tonberry within an hour, they are sent to hell or the one of the other dimensions (SS or Sugiura) based on the same logic a Shinigami would, including purification (if the original soul was not evil either).

Knife: His other method of combat, when going for a kill or defending himself, is his knife. Despite being known for slowly waddling to an enemy, the moment things get rough he can move at breakneck speeds in order to put his knife through a target's chest. He can wield that knife like a form of swordplay, so caution must be taken to block or dodge his attacks. The force behind his attacks can shatter some fellow Adjuchas' mask in a single blow, this showing the stabbing power he can have. The knife is much like a Zanpakuto of equal tier to Tonberry.

Travel: It is unknown how Tonberry travels, as he has never been witnessed doing so. All that is known is he tends to just appear at some point where no one is looking, do his thing, and once finished with an area, go out of sight and vanish.

Chef's knife: Tonberry's basic form of a kill, he jabs with his knife with major force. He can wield it like a small sword or Katana, but this stab is his basic method he generally attempts first (when the target is far weaker).

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: There is little known about Tonberry, where it comes from and how it came to be remains a mystery. All that can be assumed is a soul became a hollow, which evolved in an abstract way do to some energies based on its location. Whatever the case, said hollow eventually fused into a Gillian, and later evolved into an Adjuchas. Whether the lantern and knife are a separated part of itself, similar to a Zanpakuto minus the releases, or something constructed remain unknown. The knife is most definitely used as a weapon, as Tonberry has been reported being seen slaying hollows and some humans with it. The lantern's nature is partially unknown. Tonberry has been spotted in all dimensions at some point or another. One report stated that as a Sugiura family was about to be robbed and killed by a stronger Sugiura, Tonberry appeared and the energy from its lantern brought the assailant to its knees, soon ending it. Just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. Some reports in the human world state that on some rare evenings, known criminals running from the law are found dead, with occasionally with knife wounds, sometimes absolutely no noticeable damage or poisoning. Even more common is the innocent soul saved from being a hollow's dinner. Its targets are always of negative origin. Its purposes remain unclear, though it is capable of reacting to others interacting with it, and is even capable of speech (albeit the personality remains inconsistent).


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Tonberry, The Karma Keeper [WIP]
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