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 Magoichi Saika [WIP]

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Magoichi Saika [WIP]   Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:00 pm

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Magoichi Saika
True Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: Magoichi is sort of a womanizer. That is his most obvious trait. If he sees a pretty girl, you can pretty much guarantee he is going to try and flirt with her, rather shamelessly. He isn't even above flirting with several women at once, or when failing at wooing one, jumping to another. It is quite simple why really. Women are his favorite thing. Magoichi simply loves women, especially the pretty ones. His advances tend to not go well, but he doesn't allow that to stop him. He likes to interact with women, and even do favors for them in order to get on their good side.

When it comes to his work, he is a mercenary, and a skilled one at that. He can do work involving just about any type of gun. Pistols, Sniper Rifles, you name it. He even has amazing accuracy, even on weapons with poor accuracy. He takes jobs from subduing a group of thugs, to subduing a group of hollow. If it is a job he feels he is capable of doing, and you put money on it, he will do it. Of course, he has his morals. He won't work for criminals, he won't harm innocent people in any way, none of that. Still, if it some kind of war scenario, where both sides are trained soldiers, he could work for one side one day, and the other the next. When acting as a mercenary, your friend one day could be your enemy the next.

If someone was to befriend Magoichi, he would be a good and loyal friend. Though he prefers to only do favors for women, he will help a friend out regardless (though he may start it with "I don't usually do favors for guys you know, so you better appreciate this"). He can joke, laugh, and have a good time with a friend like anyone else. Even so, if his work puts him on the opposite side of the battlefield than a friend, he will still fight them. However, as long as that doesn't happen, he will be a loyal ally.

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Appearance Age: 26

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Magoichi Saika [WIP]
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