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 Kazuma Kenzaki [APPROVED. 3-1]

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PostSubject: Kazuma Kenzaki [APPROVED. 3-1]   Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:52 pm

Human Template

Basic Information

- Name: Kenzaki Kazuma
- Titles: Kamen Rider Blade, Navy Joker
- Age: 20
- Gender: Male
- Affiliation/Rank: Ally of the eastern Sugiura Kingdom - Agent of BOARD, the organisation dedicated to recapturing the 52 Undead

- Appearance Picture:



- Personality: Kazuma is a good guy. That is not just something nice to say, or a trait that people notice in him - it is virtually the extend of what and who he is. By any judgement and measurement, Kazuma is just a good and nice guy through and through. He is hardworking, friendly, and helpful, and just as likely to get a cat out of a tree as he is to jump infront of a bus to stop it with his bare hands to save an old lady. He's playful and determined, too - the one thing slightly 'off' about a good guy, in fact. His determination is almost unhealthy, as he will even get back up after multiple bones have been broken and organs been smashed around - to keep him down, he needs either a heavy blunt trauma to the head or a blade to the heart. He keeps on going, no matter the cost for himself, to help others.
And that is mainly why he is such a good guy. Kazuma's desire is to help people, nearly nothing else exists there - he doesn't expect rewards or even thanks. He just wants to make sure that he's made an impact on the world by helping and never feeling helpless again. As such, he's also a really good person to talk to or talk with - his incredibly positive nature will make it hard to bear with him for long, but he's certainly going to lift your spirits, and if only because you want to beat him senseless after instead of moping.
As another nice trait, Kazuma is glad to help people out with minor things as well. Things like cooking or keeping a pet fed while you're on vacation? Count on Kazuma, he always keeps his word! However, animals take an instant dislike to him in most cases, thanks to his weird DNA that is not entirely human anymore. While this certainly is a downer to the nice guy, he won't feel down because of it, ever. That is just not his style.
In a way, Kazuma just never wishes to be depressed or lonely, so he makes himself your backup, your friend and your protector all in one so that you'll respect him and spend time with him gladly. The more friends he has, the more at peace he feels, and the more he'll do to keep his friends safe and on his side, through thick and thin. Once you're even closer to him, and a 'Nakama' or comrade, then he'll follow you into hell itself to stomp on the face of Hell's Will if needed. And if you fall into the darkness, then he'll be the first to reach inside and pull you out, even if he has to take your place - that is the ultimate extent of his determination. He knows that using his special power will eventually make him non human, and might very well erase the person that he now is - but he accepts that, so that he may have the power to protect in his hands. Even turning into the Navy Joker does not scare Kazuma at all.

In the rare cases of NOT having to fight for his life or helping people, one will quickly notice that Kazuma isn't one for keeping his own rooms clean and tidy, as long as he can find what he searches, he's fine with absolute chaos. His sense of taste is rather screwed up by now, and most of the food he cooks himself is what people would call inedible normally - things like ketchup on a salad are tame to him. He does still eat normal food, however, there is a reason behind his screwed up senses - normal food loses more and more taste to him the closer he becomes to being Undead, and he needs the conflicting and strong tastes to be really satisfied.
As for fashion sense - Kazuma has none. He just walks around in the stuff he finds in shops designed for bikers, most of the time, as he owns a motorcycle to help him hunt down Undead and also enjoys just riding it through the wind at breakneck speeds (but only when the only one in danger is himself). He even wears a helmet usually when driving his bike, although he could probably get away without it thanks to his status as a BOARD agent.

Formerly, Kazuma was also known for hating the Undead, as he was taught that the 52 Undead went around murdering and marauding like wild animals. However, he has found little to no evidence of outright malice by the 52 ever since they re-emerged, apart from acts of revenge against the Magus who sealed them and his followers, and against those that claimed their former territory. Together with the words of a strange girl in white and the King of Spades, he now questions wether or not the Undead are really his enemies.



Kenzaki is the owner of a Masked Rider System developed by the Sugiura Kingdom. This system was designed to grant its user the ability to use the sealed powers of feral Guardian Beasts and rogue Undead, so that their abilities would not go to waste. The system is made up of multiple parts, although only two are carried on his person visibly - the Bay Buckle System and the ♠A: "Change Beetle" card (spoken: Ace of Spades: Change Beetle), the sealed form of the Beetle Undead. The card is inserted into the Bay Buckle, which then produces a belt around the waist of the user - a switch is flipped, the card activated and the spade insignia of Kamen Rider Blade appears. A large, transparent blue version of the Ace of Spades card appears and drifts through Kenzaki, transforming him into Masked Rider Blade. For future reference, this basic form is called 'Ace'.

As Kamen Rider Blade, he obtains access to the following extra tools:
  • Blay Rouzer: AP Cache: 5000AP; 7400AP (after initiating Jack Form) Blade’s primary armament; a hi-tech saber which serves as a weapon for combat and storage unit for Rouse Cards, including Proper Blanks (which can be used to seal Guardian Beasts and Undead). It has a built-in 'rousing' technology, which enables Blade to "rouse" the sealed Undead's power to utilize personally. After activating Jack Form, the Blay Rouzer gains an enhancement in the form of a blade extension. Its extended length aside, all of the standard features and functions remain intact, although now its AP Cache has been largely expanded.
  • Rouse Absorber: A special accessory developed by Aura to bolster the Rider’s capabilities. The Rouse Absorber was designed to be a supplementary Rouse device to Rider System and specialized container for the top category Rouse Cards. Its system was designed to harness the ♠J: "Fusion Eagle", ♠Q: "Absorb Capricorn" and ♠K: "Evolution Caucasus" Rouse Cards and is only compatible with those cards. Initiating either Jack Form or King Form, modifies the Rouse Absorber with a signature spade-plaque (a spade-eagle plaque for Jack Form; spade-Caucasus plaque for King Form). The object takes the form of a bracelet on Blade's left arm and needs to be outfitted with the Absorb Queen/Capricorn card first to work.
  • King Rouzer: AP Cache: 9600AP (Or maybe more) The King Rouzer is the signature armament of Blade in King Form. Modeled after the broadsword, the King Rouzer is Blade's most powerful Rouzer weapon given its size and weight. That aside, the King Rouzer functions as most Rouzer weapons, although its AP Cache has been given a much larger expansion. Where as Rouze Cards were roused by scanning the cards through the system, the King Rouzer does it differently by having up to five Cards be inserted into the slot where the blade of the Rouzer meets the grip.

These armaments give access to the following abilities:
  • Spiritual Enhancement: The Blade armor allows for humans to fight on par with spiritual beings.
  • Protective Shell: One has to break the armor to actually damage the body of the user, which is very hard to do. Pain and fatigue still get through, though.
  • AP Transition: Kenzaki transforms his Reiatsu into special power that his armaments use, called 'AP'. These AP are needed to load cards and use them with the suit, and the AP Caches are filled up gradually during combat. If Kenzaki stops moving for a moment and focuses, he can instantly recharge the AP with his Reiatsu. The upside to it is that the general cost of Reiatsu for moves is lower than they would be otherwise, and charging a move can go as fast as Kenzaki can scan cards.
  • Blank Draw: Uses an empty card to seal a Guardian Beast. While designed for feral Guardian Beasts, they can potentially seal even sentient ones, so it shows the great trust placed into Kenzaki that he is allowed to wield them.

To use Ace form to the utmost potential, Kazuma can use a couple of special attacks utilizied by rousing the power of multiple Undead cards by sliding them through the Blay Rozer's slot. Each attack requires the combined cost of AP that the cards are made up from. AP costs are increased in King Form (see below). Blade can only use cards labelled as 'Spade' cards. This is a list of all cards and their effects:
  • "CHANGE" "SPADE ACE" Initiates transformation when inserted into the Blay Buckle; boosts the power of Combos when in King Rouzer. 0 AP
  • "SLASH" "SPADE TWO" Enhances attacks with the Blay Rouzer; effects boosted when in King form. 400 AP/600 AP (K)
  • "BEAT" "SPADE THREE" Enhances the power of punches; sets fist on fire for additional damage when in King form. 600 AP/800 AP (K)
  • "TACKLE" "SPADE FOUR" Enhances the momentum behind tackles. 800 AP/1000 AP (K)
  • "KICK" "SPADE FIVE" Enhances leg strength and power behind kicks. 1000 AP/1200 AP (K)
  • "THUNDER" "SPADE SIX" Supplements the next attack with elemental lightning. Covers sword in electricity powering up the attack. 1200 AP/1400 AP (K)
  • "METAL" "SPADE SEVEN" Transmutes body into metal to reduce damage. 1600 AP/2000 AP (K)
  • "MAGNET" "SPADE EIGHT" Enables a limited control of magnetism. 1400 AP/1800 AP (K)
  • "MACH" "SPADE NINE" Enhances speed and agility. 1600 AP/2000 AP (K)
  • "TIME" "SPADE TEN" Allows the power to control time within a certain radius. (Staff approval only) 1800 AP/2200 AP (K)
  • "FUSION JACK" "SPADE JACK" Transforms Blade into Jack Form when Absorb Queen is inserted into the Rouze Absorber +2400 AP
  • "EVOLUTION KING" "SPADE KING" Transforms Blade into King Form when Absorb Queen is inserted into the Rouze Absorber +4600 AP

Next up is the form accessed through Fusion Jack - Jack Form.
The Jack Form is a vast improvement over Ace form in many ways. The larger AP Cache allows for more successive moves powered up by cards and for more, stronger combos, while also providing better armoring by additional golden plating. However, the best feature of this form is the addition of wings, which allow Jack Form to fly in nearly any environment, defying the laws of gravity. Generally the mobile form of Kamen Rider Blade, air supremacy is hard to win against him.

 photo 007405_zps681f8758.jpg

The most powerful form, though, is easily the one accessed through Evolution King - simply titled the King Form. Besides granting a far stronger, larger sword to the user, it also gives Kazuma one of the strongest armors to ever be created - it is seen as nearly impossible to seriously damage the user of this armor. The defense and increased AP Cache and power make King Form into a slow, but deadly juggernaut that will not stop at anything to reach his goal. In any way you could imagine, it is superior to Ace form, and in almost all it is superior to Jack form as well. One wonders why it is not permanently used, but that is because of two things. One, using King Form for extended periods is highly taxing on the body, since the large and thick armor does not only bestow great physical power and defense, it also requires the wearer to have great strength to begin with. As such, it taxes the body. The second reason, however, is tied to Kazuma himself. While in theory, any person can use a Masked Rider system, only very few are compatible enough to use Fusion Jack, let alone Evolution King, as it merges human and Undead DNA. But Kazuma has a body that goes beyond that - the fusion with his body is so complete that using King Form slowly but surely turns him into a being not fully human, and not fully Guardian Beast. It is fact that, should the King form be used too often or for too long, that Kazuma will cease being human and evolve into something completely different - a 'Joker Class Undead'. An Undead that has neither human nor Guardian Beast originals, and simply exists, not belonging into either world entirely, the user will cease being human for good.


Should the worse happen, and Kazuma turn into an Undead, the armor will allow him to combine the power of both Masked Rider and Undead... to become the Joker King. A form that is more offensive than defensive, it has weaker armor than the regular King form, but offensive power to compensate for any lost battle power and then some. Also, the AP Cache doubles from what it is in normal King Form.

 photo c90f0443420869fdf7f58d797d6cca6c_zpse4a9676c.jpg

Background History

- Background: Once, long ago, there were the 'first Undead'. Combined from human souls and the 52 'original species', as they became known.. They asserted their dominance and a reign of terror during the turbulent days after the fake god had been killed, before the kingdom of Zefonse could be properly established. They also raided and attacked the Sugiura Kingdom building in the east, but no matter how many times they were killed, these special Undead would always return to life, thanks to the 'Joker Undead' among them.
In order to ensure the safety of the kingdom, the great wizard Zelretch devised a plan to capture them once and for all. Through his magic, all of them got sealed inside of a stone tablet, to remain hidden away for many aeons, stored deep inside the treasury of the kingdom, to keep anyone out foolish enough to attempt controlling their power.

For many years, the threat seemed to be gone for good. That was, until a certain Sugiura unsealed them out of spite - Saeko, once banished, snuck into the chamber of the stone slab and broke it into pieces, unleashing the 52 Undead back into the realm to wreck havoc once more. Once it became known, the Sugiura assembled the taskforce BOARD to stop the Undead, no matter the cost - but once again, these special Undead were immortal thanks to their mysterious leader. However, many years had passed since Zelretch's sealing spell - and the Sugiura developed their own way of copying this magic, and developed a system to not only seal the Undead, but to the their own powers against them and abuse it for their own goals. Needless to say, BOARD is a shady group...
So they started searching for those who could use the Masked Rider System, developed to enslave Undead power.

Enter Kazuma Kenzaki, a perfectly normal human boy... until he was 11 years old. In a freak fire accident, his parents dired, and that moment of complete helplessness where Kazuma was unable to help those dearest to him shaped him for the rest of his life, giving him his determination and fierce drive to protect everyone, while also giving him the extreme nature that makes him seem so... off and extreme.
This determination is what caused the BOARD project of the Sugiura to take interest in him. When scanning for suitable energy signatures to use the developed Masked Rider systems, they quickly discovered that Sugiura themselves did not have the unique DNA needed to use Undead powers properly, but the human body had a much more variable and wildcard nature to itself, making him a prime subject for possible Rider material. As such, BOARD approached the young Kazuma, who desperately wished for the power to protect people...

Wisked away into the Sugiura Kingdom, Kazuma was taught the ways of the sword and learned how to access his latent, but impressive spiritual energy that made him a suitable user for the systems. Using his fierce determination as fuel and inspiration, he became the designated user for the System-02, the second one finished - one made for headstrong, wild combat and to never back down. The Kamen Rider Blade system was given to Kazuma on his 17th birthday by BOARD, together with a single sealed Undead card - Change Beetle.
The next years were the darkest times for the Undead. Thanks to the Blade system, other Spade-type Undead became attracted and drawn towards Blade, engaging him in combat one after another or even together. And through his initial failings, lost fights and scraping escapes, Kazuma hardened as a fighter - to protect his new home from the Undead, he managed to defeat each and every one of the Spade Undead, sealing them away into his Blank Cards. But before he was able to fight them all, seal them away and become a true terror for the Undead...
He was met with a slightly unsettling notice. Apparently, BOARD had noticed that his fusion efficiency with the Undead cards was incredibly high, although it stayed within parameters and didn't seem immedeatly dangerous. As if on the note exactly, a girl in white appeared before Kazuma that day when he wanted to go to sleep, and handed him a bracelet and a card like he was used to using...

"Absorbtion Queen. But always remember... If you continue fighting what you hate most now, you will become just that one day."

And sure enough, the next Undead that Kazuma fought was nearly unbeatable to him, stuck to the ground, while the flying monster bombarded him with attacks... until he used the one card that had been unuseable, the Jack card, turned out to be compatible with this new gadget. Using Jack form, Kazuma was able to beat the Undead while also turning into a far stronger, far more 'Undead' form himself. And slowly, he noticed that this girl had not been speaking in riddles before disappearing - it was a fact. If he continued like this, then at some point, he'd have to face his own darkest parts of the soul, and chose a path...
But the Undead didn't stop attacking. Drawn by the power of his sealed brethren, the Spade King appeared, strongest Undead of his kind. But instead of fighting, he sacrificed himself willingly to Kenzaki - giving him the Evolution King card, with just another ominous message.

"To beat what you fight, become it. You're the only one who can do it."

Bewildered by a sudden request from an Undead like that, Kazuma became a lot wearier of BOARD, and began questioning just what it was that he was doing... if he was helping them seal away a big threat, or actually helping create an even bigger one without knowing it. Now, he is searching for answers that could endanger his life, his humanity... and the ones he calls friends above everyone else. With everything for him at stake, Kamen Rider Blade braves the darkness... for he is the Blade Brave, the only one of pure heart within BOARD.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
Kamen Rider.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuma Kenzaki [APPROVED. 3-1]   Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:07 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Tier: 3-1

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PostSubject: Re: Kazuma Kenzaki [APPROVED. 3-1]   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:06 pm

Please archive.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuma Kenzaki [APPROVED. 3-1]   

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Kazuma Kenzaki [APPROVED. 3-1]
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