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 Mikoto Suoh(WIP)

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Fuji Ren

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PostSubject: Mikoto Suoh(WIP)   Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:24 am

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name:Mikoto Suoh
True Age: 25

When one glances upon Mikoto’s form, the main misconception that is always connected to him is that of a menacing Gang leader, feared by many, accepted by no one. However, anyone who knew him most intimately would tell you that such a claim is false.  Even though Mikoto has a tough outward exterior, he is a very composed individual, capable of making wise decisions based on the situation at hand. Furthermore, unlike most Gang Leaders who take pride in bullying the weak, Mikoto is a gang leader that takes in the weak and makes them strong enough to stand up to those who antagonize them. Mikoto actually doesn't consider his gang as a pack of delinquents, but rather a clan compromised of brethren who look out for and defend one another. Each one has a sense of right and wrong, and like Mikoto, would never commit a heinous crime unless there was a huge reasoning behind the act itself. Mikoto isn't your typical hero by any shape or form, but it is easy to see why he is respected among the many people who know him. No matter how many shortcomings he has, Mikoto can be a father figure; he can be that big brother; and in those times when you need him most, he can be that shoulder to lean on.

Mikoto doesn't have a welcoming aura due to his violent temper, but once people see beyond that, they quickly realize that he’s as down to earth as can be. In hard times of need, Mikoto is there when it matters most. These are the positives. Now, we move towards the negatives, however bad or laughable they may be. Mikoto loves food, and no matter how much he might dislike a certain meal, he’ll scarf it down in an instant. His love for food is so strong that on days when he can’t afford something, he’ll get a part time job just so he can have money to pay for his meals.

Moreover, in moments of hilarity, when a member of his group can cook, he will shower them with praise, much to the dismay of his fellow clansmen. Mikoto even has a dark humor about food, evident by one time where he suggested naming a horse “Basashi” and got hungry, just by staring at its shoulder, a commonly eaten part of the horse. He is unconditionally fond of people who know their way in the kitchen. Recall the saying; “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and you will realize how much that defines Mikoto when it comes to eating. Another shortcoming of his much to the chagrin of others, is that he is very, very lazy. Sure, when you need him most, he’ll get the job done and won’t look back. But when he’s not doing anything? He takes the time to lie down and sleep for hours on end.

This doesn't mean he has a low metabolism or any sickness that makes him weary; he just enjoys sleeping very much, sometimes to the chagrin of his peers. Likewise, when people wake him up – sometimes through harsh methods – he remains calm and composed, and will actually act as though nothing occurred.

Despite his laziness, he does show times where he can do things on his own, even if he ends up failing miserably. One time, when he attempted to cook a basic pot of ramen on the pot, he kept it in their for so long, that the pot itself started to burn and ended up melting completely, leaving him with soggy noodles… which he still managed to eat despite the horrible taste. He may love food, but making it is an entirely different story altogether. Simply put, if you let Mikoto in your kitchen, prepare to have your kitchen turned into a war zone.

There is one thing that does make Mikoto scary, however. His undeniable temper. When he gets angry or his people are seen in danger, Mikoto takes on the visage of a man who has crawled from the deepest part of hell. It becomes so terrorizing, that if you hurt or kill someone close to him, he will make sure his men search the entire city, the entire world, the entire nations…. to see you six feet under.  He has no remorse for those who attempt to hurt the weak and justify it through questionable means. Again, he doesn't consider himself a hero, nor does he consider himself the Red King – a moniker which he still questions how he acquired to this day. In fact, Mikoto isn't a man who actually cares about titles. You could be the King of Heroes or sir-douchebag (yeah, I’m looking at you Beunor and Gilgamesh) – and he’d still bring the fight to those who openly harm others, especially his own comrades. In conclusion, Mikoto is a man who fears no one. He might fear losing those closest to him, but he considers that fuel for his undying fire. When push comes to shove, and your heroes are measured in worth, he will not quit.

General Appearance


Appearance Age: 25

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Master hand-to-hand Combatant: Due to the way Mikoto was raised, his martial prowess concerning the field of close quarter combat is peerless. He doesn't rely on much elegance, referring to elegant styles such as "Wushu" as nothing more than a dance performance. Of course, he does recognize such warriors as threats, no matter how flowery their movements are. As such, Mikoto relies on educated striking, using a ground and pound style interspersed with devastating kicks and lightning-quick jabs. Mikoto's sole form of combat is Jeet Kune Do - the art of fighting without fighting. Although his skill is by no means close to that of the legendary Bruce lee himself, Mikoto embodies the same ideal that Jeet Kune Do expresses - that is, "Absorb what is useful, and reject what is useless for you. " What that signifies is the idea that all form of martial arts are made towards a variety of situations and environments.  There is no ancient mysticism connected towards this ideology. Indeed, one could  say that it is truly the art of war. Whenever Mikoto is in battle, he will resort to whatever is useful to him at that exact moment. If he is required to wrestle his opponent, he will resort to grappling. If he is faced with an enemy who uses speed, Mikoto will incorporate a quicker style of martial arts into his repertoire.  Every part of his body is a weapon - this further being compounded by the element he possesses; Fire. This makes Mikoto a very difficult opponent to deal with. As the opponent is unable to grasp the answer as to what his next move will be, Mikoto can fight with unpredictable yet flawless precision. Mikoto enjoys his style of fighting because he isn't weighed down by a plethora of stances or a certain ideal following the way of Bushido. For someone who is quick and to the point, there could be no better form of fighting.

Devastating strength: In terms of physical strength, Mikoto is so formidable that most of his combat is done at close range. So strongly does he pride himself on physical combat, that when he is on the battlefield, he will waste no time trying to pulverize the opponent with his fists. Years of fighting day-in and day-out has turned his body into a weapon. His physical strength is formidable enough to allow him to fight on par with a captain without resorting to his own powers. Every single one of his punches, enhanced with his own ability or normally, are enough to turn high-rise buildings into debris. Applying that on the physical spectrum, he can disorient most opponents by executing hard strikes that will leave prominent bruise on their skin. In addition to punching power, Mikoto has a formidably mighty grip.  Unless an opponent is nimble enough to escape from his grip, he can easily catch an opponent off-guard by appearing as though he is going to aim a punch.... only to apply an arm lock or a technique that revolves around the grappling arts. If given time, he could even break someone's neck, or worse, their entire body. This feat can be accomplished through tackling his enemies in a straight-out charge, similar to how a football player must take the opposing side's star player down using his full body. Overall, Mikoto's strength is one of his more prominent skills, which allows him to hold himself very well in the heat of battle.

Enhanced speed: Although it is less pronounced than both his strength and combat prowess in close combat, Mikoto is quite an agile man, possessing superhuman speed. In an non-enhanced run, Mikoto can reach a top speed of 350 MPH. At full speed, he can keep up with a seated shinigami officer, though against a captain or vice-captain he may be at a disadvantage. Mikoto's speed can be likened to that of a car which boasts formidable horsepower. Once the car starts up, it cannot be stopped unless it hits the break. Mikoto works along the same line of logic. He can run when there is something urgent, but if its anything else, he'll walk at a slow, relaxed gait. He finds running to be bothersome, though he does admit it is good for keeping his body in shape.

Keen intellect: Comparable to a veteran war general, Mikoto's intellect when it comes to battle is on a higher level than most can even fathom. Whenever there is a situation where he finds he or his comrades in danger, he formulates a plan of action without losing his cool, and acts upon it without a moment's hesitation. He doesn't allow trepidation to creep inside his mind nor does he let himself lose hope in the face of formidable odds. His intellect goes far beyond leadership, however. Whenever he is in battle, he always

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PostSubject: Re: Mikoto Suoh(WIP)   Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:50 am

Reserving App Checking Rights!!! D:< NO TOUCH!! ISH MIIIINE -Flail whine-

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Mikoto Suoh(WIP)
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