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 Leysa von Zarkonheinz [Approved 1-5]

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PostSubject: Leysa von Zarkonheinz [Approved 1-5]   Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:18 am

Quincy Template


Name: Leysa Sofiya von Zarkonheinz
True Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: Leysa is a quiet, judgmental girl. She has a set of signs with the numbers 1 through 10 on them, which is how she rates comebacks, puns, and the like. She reads and prefers not to talk to most people. Her own family, especially her mother, are the only people she regularly speaks to. Her mother, Natalia von Zarkonheinz, is her idol. She is one of the few people who can match her father in resolve, which surprises even Leysa. However, there is one non-relative she speaks to. A man known as Risteárd Engel.

Leysa knows the meaning of true love like no other girl, or even he, will ever know. Some of the love is for his own good. Be sure to remind her how much you love her and basically compliment her as you would any women. Be careful about criticism, though, because she’ll probably go a little over the top in attempting to fix this problem, and if she can‘t, she‘ll try to fix the perceptions of this problem instead. When prompted, re-affirm hatred of those other skanky, dirty whores. Putting down other people is fun anyway, right?

Consider what the phrase “tops from bottom” might mean. Leysa merely wants her Risteárd to love her as much as possible, and to this end will try to make him happiest by doing whatever he wants, which is pretty submissive. However, recall that she's allowing--nay, demanding that he use her body as physical proof of the depth of her unconditional love. On the other hand, there are certain times where Leysa will tie Risteárd up for no reason other than to trap him so as to keep him all to herself. This put into perspective, be wary of considering the yandere a “doormat” sort of girl, because if you do, it’s very likely that the doormat is going to be walking all over you.

She will never --- NEVER --- betray him. Even when he's dead. She will never --- NEVER --- give up. Even if you end up hating her for it. When she starts talking nonsense, she is being put under stress. This stress is based on the belief that you are being unfaithful or planning on leaving her. Pacify her with constant, unadulterated attention and sex. Remember that one of the best things about yandere is that they’re completely devoted to you, so why shouldn't you return at least some of the favor? This entire fiasco can be summed up in a single line: “It’d be great if he was nice and looked only at me. Yes, only at me… He can’t look at any other girls. I’d look only at him, so he should look only at me. It‘s only fair, right?”

Leysa is not completely lucid in he perception of fidelity, often adopting the assumption that he has forsaken her for another woman without any cause for belief at all, thrusting him into a less “boring” position at the drop of a hat. Do not make the mistake of taking the “not cheating” aspect lightly. She shuns any contact with the opposite sex and dedicates herself to be the perfect wife for him and him alone... and if he doesn't do the same SHE WILL FUCKING MURDER HIM.

Leysa will never, ever share Risteárd , nor will she accept any kind of rival; to her, other girls are nothing but enemies. She doesn't feel the kind of isolation some normal girls might, and so will never believe herself to be different or special to other girls. To Leysa, other girls have the same filthy desires and conniving thoughts as she does, which is why she loathes other girls so much; she firmly believes other girls are out to steal Risteárd. No mercy, no surrender.

She’ll never let you down, either. She takes her entire budget of caring and places it all on him. Other people are... irrelevant. No bad fortune, villian, or evil conniving cheap slut will be allowed to have their ways with Risteárd for long. There is pretty much no limit to how far she'll go just to get his attention. Contact with the opposite sex in public should be kept to a bare minimum -- the assumption should be that Leysa IS watching. When she’s with you and you talk to other women, she’ll either flaunt you in front of them or discourage prolonged conversation. Occasionally she’ll become openly hostile to women she finds you speaking with, so diffuse that bomb before it explodes. Female relatives probably will not be accepted by Leysa, though for the sake of her façade she‘ll usually ignore them.

Leysa will only ever overstep her boundaries if you’re overstepping yours, maintaining a façade of perfection elegantly - and scarily - up until the point where it must be dropped, and even then, she is often very forgiving, even coming with warning signs if he looks for them. If she’s becoming a “nuisance,” think of something to occupy her; she likes to do things for Risteárd, so keep her busy doing chores that make her feel she is strengthening the relationship. This is one of the best parts about the yandere since she’ll spoon feed you if you ask her to and she won’t even see it as strange, so basically all you need to do is give her chores. This is pretty damned simple. Anyone with half a brain can get someone else to do everything for them. This is one of the Leysa's greatest pros: -20 in sanity in exchange for +20 in homemaking.

Leysa will attempt to attract Risteárd using "conventional" means, as she believes from her own upbringing and education that this is the correct method for getting him. If she knew she could get him by raping him at gun-point, she would do so immediately. When it comes to her killing someone, the only thing that needs to be asked is, “did she clean up well?” Oh, right, she’s a fucking yandere, of COURSE she did. What the hell are you complaining about? I mean, these things should be expected, you know. If there’s little to no chance of the killing being traced back to you or her, there is no dilemma.

Leysa is not opposed to safe sex, but she is opposed to mechanical means of birth control. It's not because she enjoys sex physically more than any other girl, it's because she views sex more as a spiritual ritual in which she becomes closest to combining with Risteárd; she will always demand sex to be as raw as possible. If birth control is desired, she will have no problem taking the pill and consider condoms to be a barrier to achieving oneness with him.

General Appearance


Summer Outfit:
Athletic Outfit:
School Swimsuit:
Lounging 2:
Archery Gear:
Concept Art:

Leysa, with a little styling and removing of makeup, can add up to six years to her appearance.

Concept Art:
Appearance Age: 18
Height: 157cm
Weight: 54kg
BWH: 84 59 83

Natural Abilities

Reishi Color: Light blue in formal attire, [/color]crimson[color=#59b1d4] in non-formal.
Quincy Cross: Leysa, especially in her "unprofessional" attire, wears multiple crosses. One would think that the big cross pin would be it, but they'd be wrong. In fact, people normally would not see her cross as a cross. It's actually two crosses fused together (she calls it the bond between her and Risteárd). In fact, it is two Quincy Crosses almost welded together. They were almost matching in the beginning. One of them was Risteárd's and the other was Leysa's original one. She says that the two crosses being fused allows her to not go berserk like that first time she used her bow.
Quincy Items:
Kensen: (剣川; lit. River Sword) Kensen is a special blade, made for Leysa. It is a physical weapon capable of cutting on its own. However, it is quite special. The blade is hollow. It's actually made from a metal that conducts reishi and the like from one end to send it at a more enhanced rate from the other end. Thus, Leysa can infuse reishi like in her bow. When she does it, it's like wielding a solid Seele Schneider. However, being cut by it is like being shot by one of her arrows.

Spirit Weapon

Spirit Weapon Type: Leysa's bow is not a bow like Quincy use. It is a physical bow, hollowed out. If she does not use that bow, her actual bow is very out of control.
Spirit Weapon Appearance: Leysa's physical bow is a black, wooden (reinforced with a carbon fiber lining) daikyū-style bow. It dwarfs Leysa's height at being 2.33 meters long. It can fire Quincy arrows as well as physical arrows. Her non-physical bow, however, is a different story. It makes Leysa's normal bow look like a midget on a basketball team. It is a whopping 6.9 meters. However, it is more raw in energy, and so she burns her hand(s).
Spirit Weapon Abilities:
Hanabi no Yajirushi: (花火の矢印; lit. Arrow of Fireworks) Leysa can "overcharge" her arrows. This means she puts enough energy into them to where they explode on contact. She compares it to taping sticks of dynamite to an arrow tip. However, overcharging them causes them to burn her hands. Using it too much will do serious damage to her hands.
Kakuyoku: (角翼; lit. Angle Wings) Leysa's signature move with arrows. She can manipulate the arrows' fletchlings (feathers) to change their angle. What this means is that parts of the fletchlings will have notches in them. She can fire an arrow straight ahead, one fletchling will break, causing the arrow to go upwards. Another breaks and the direction changes to go down and to the right. Then, the last breaks and it goes right and hits the opponent from behind.That is an example of how she uses it, as the number of attack angles is uncountable. There is one drawback, which is that it causes her to focus more reishi into the arrows. This means that they'd burn her hands still.


(She can learn it, though she doesn't currently have one)
Vollständig Name: N/A
Vollständig Appearance: N/A
Vollständig Abilities: N/A

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Leysa is the first daughter between a mercenary and her ancestor. Sounds weird, but it's true. Her mother, Natalia Kaminski, is currently in a relationship with her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkoheinz. However, Leysa takes more after her mother than her father. However, she takes her nonchalant attitude from her father. She was born in a field hospital in a refugee camp, but Leysa was always with Natalia. Even with Leysa as a newborn, Natalia never left her job. All she had to do was support from farther away.

However, she realized Leysa needed better. So, she found some of her former clients who were an elderly couple to look after Leysa while she was working. The clients hadn't paid Natalia, so she traded nannying Leysa for the rest of their debt being cancelled. For years, Leysa just watched her real mother come in and out, visiting about once a month. And then, Leysa entered high school. It was then she started to feel tingling in her hands. Her mother took a break from her job to see Leysa, where they talked about school life and the tingling. It was then that Natalia explained that Leysa was probably a Quincy. However, she said to watch out as she felt something... wrong with her powers.

Leysa never tried to use her skills. She never needed to. And then, a student attacked her. Well, she thought it was a student. Actually, it was a soul about to turn into a Hollow. She pushed him away and tried to get away, but the push was the last straw for the soul. Before her eyes, he underwent hollowfication. He charged at a cornered Leysa. She followed her instinct and created her bow. It burnt her hand as she tried to force the hollow back. She was able to push him back, but that wasn't enough. She fired more and more arrows at the Hollow. Her hand was almost superheated as she finally could not fire any more. Then, a man in sunglasses appeared in front of her.

The Hollow was dead, but she could not move much. She grabbed a cross-shaped necklace of his to try to pull herself up. However, her hand was so hot and still brimming with superheated, raw reishi, the pendant on his necklace almost melted. She subconsciously placed it against her own Quincy Cross. Leysa awoke about a day later in the guy's office. Turns out he was the headmaster. She really didn't know how to thank him. She knew that the only thing she had to give was herself. And so, she has devoted her life to him, as it is what he saved.

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PostSubject: Re: Leysa von Zarkonheinz [Approved 1-5]   Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:58 am

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Leysa von Zarkonheinz [Approved 1-5]
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