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 Silim Savertin WIP

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PostSubject: Silim Savertin WIP   Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:59 pm

Magus Template

Welcome to my head.


Name: Silim Savertin
True Age: 504
Gender: Male
Origin: Mask
Personality: Silim doesn't talk much, to be perfectly honest. Especially when dealing with people that he doesn't know - he is rather antisocial at the core, and slightly apathic. He COULD try to get to know people, and talk to them... But why bother? He feels no real connection to most people, if any of them, at all. Almost as if to support this antisocial behavior even more, he always carries a modern music player and headphones with him, listening to music nearly every waking second of the day. He doesn't have the music so loud as to be unable to hear other things, though, and will generally slip them off of his ears when needed. Generally, they serve as a big "Don't talk to me" sign to most people, just what Silim wants from them. Thankfully, the music player is powered by magic and thus won't run out of batteries in the near future.
That's not all there is, because antisocial behavior and apathy like his has a deeper cause. Mainly, Silim is insane. Not just because he has some mental 'condition' defined by psychologists as insanity, but because of the power he was granted, he is one of the few people you can call properly insane without ever being wrong about it. He sees the world 'for what it really is', thanks to having seen his own 'Tartarus'. He sees advertisements for the giant CONSUME indotrinations that they are, people that let themselves be shaped by society around him appear as little but black shades with red eyes and mouths to him, and the sky rarely has any other color than a sickening, dark green. In other words, the world looks cold and uncaring to him on completely absurd levels. Other than that, Silim can fall quickly into a 'psychosis' state, where he just wishes to annihilate something that has, for any reason, pissed him off to a major degree. He can be needlessly cruel at times, but this depends on how strong his current fit of complete insanity is.
He can also be seen talking to beings not really there, because they are 'there' for him, within his inner world, whenever the two 'mix' to him and he is virtually two beings at the same time. While he can, for now at least, surpress these urges, he generally can't be assed to do so during combat, making him incredibly uncomfortable to have against you or with you on the battlefield. You never know what he sees that you might not see, and vice-versa. In turn, ever since his insanity has reached this point, Silim has become completely immune to pain - even if you stab him right through the gut, he will not feel it at all. This can be both blessing and curse, as he could potentially cut himself in other situations without even noticing until he sees the blood. While those are all the current effects of his mental state, these might change depending on his level if immersion within the Tartarus and are subject to even sudden complete change, unlike normal mental states would be. Needless to say, any therapy would be wasted on him completely.

But what lies beneath that apathy? What, in reality, IS Silim without the mental baggage? Well, quite different to his normal behavior, in fact. He's a caring, if snarky and sarcastic soul. Whenever he DOES speak to people, he's known for having such a dry and dark sense of humor that most people assume he's just trying to get them to leave him alone again, but in reality, he isn't any different around friends either. When he lets someone actually inside of his own little world, they neeed to be 'vibrant' individuals, as he sees only those as their true bodies instead of black spectres of people. He wishes the best for people, and will rarely use his powers for his own good when not currently under control of a fit of complete insane rage. As such, his dark sarcasm and snark should not be ignored or only seen as insulting, as it often contains brutal honesty nobody else wants to really say. Silim voices his beliefs, wether you want him to or not. It doesn't matter to him if you're a king, president or just any other person, he'll still speak his mind.
As he has quite enough to deal with, slowly going completely nuts and all, he doesn't give much for politics or anything like that. Wether he'd even raise his hand in war would depend entirely upon if someone he cares for is fighting, in which case, you'd have a soldier on your hands that brings his own army. In short, during combat, Silim is not just cruel and unpredictable because of his melding worlds. He's also incredibly capable of destruction and killing if need be. He has a natural talent with all weapons - that is thanks to his inner world once more, since he uses nearly all weapons there to survive, so he learns them before ever picking them up in reality. Sometimes a detail or two will be different and throw him off, but he's still a quicker learner than almost everyone else.

One last part of his personality is well hidden under apathy, snark and hidden friendliness. And that is, self-sacrifice. Silim doesn't hold himself in higher or lower worth than others, but he is entirely capable and willing to sacrifice everything about himself for others. Be that his health, the last remnants of sanity or even his entire life... If it can save others, he will do it. What he does NOT know, however, is that within sacrifice lies the power to control the Tartarus, instead of being controlled by it... And might be the only way to become sane again.

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age: ~18

Natural Abilities

Basic Magic: Like his Magecraft, Silim unleashes the basic magic through Tarot cards. By throwing the glowing blue cards, he can unleash any of the basic spells. Protective spells are used by shattering the card in his hand instead.

Magecraft Unleashed

Magecraft: Silim wields the rare gift known as 'Inner Abyss'. The one with this power will slowly go insane the more they use it - the world appears to them in a twisted way, and they hallucinate of their own personal hellish world of trials. The more of their personal dungeon a user explores and defeats, the harder it becomes for them to keep close to reality, and fits of insanity and twisted vision occur more often, in exchange for more power and more powerful 'Persona'. Persona are 'fragments of insanity and sanity' within the inner dungeon of the users mind, and are creatures that can be drawn forth for single attacks and combos as weapons. Every user has their own way of utilizing the Persona, and Silim can channel the power of his insanity with the use of Tarot cards, each Persona being assigned to a specific Arcana.
Silim's inner world is the 'Tartarus', a gigantic spiral tower that makes little to no actual geometrical sense. Every floor seems to look the same, and for every floor he manages to defeat and climb higher, his power grows in tandem with his insanity. The stairs disappear the moment Silim takes them up to the next floor, making return virtually impossible. Silim assumes that once he reaches the top of the tower, he'll achieve his greatest power, but also lose his mind completely at the same time.

Once the power is active, Silim will almost always be surrounded by weird, floating tarot cards in shimmering blue color. His eyes also start glowing in the same blue the moment his Magecraft becomes active. In theory, Silim can also drag someone into his inner dungeon and force him to fight there, in which case his opponent will obtain a Persona of his own strongest personality trait to fight against Silim's strongest Persona in a battle to the death. Doing so isn't easy, though, and requires Silim to overpower his opponent mentally to force the engagement.

Two more aspects of the Inner Abyss remain. The first of those is the 'trueform' of Silim, which, when accessed, causes him to take the Personas into his own flesh and blood and utilize any power they posess themselves, turning himself into a 'Demifiend' for the duration. This mode is not triggered conciously, it simply happens whenever Silim needs it to happen. Wether or not he knows that he needs it himself is not important in those cases. This mode is easily identifiable by the black markings on Silim's body, and symbolize the original way to utilize this power in the first place. As such, it is also far more potent than simply summoning the Personas to fight on their own.
 photo sample_34483540cb52657689d667b05d00_zps8c5fde74.jpg

Of course, Silim doesn't have infinite choice of which card he'll use, and has yet to even unlock many of the different Arcana. To unlock a new Arcana, Silim has to form a 'bond' with someone that has a personality corresponding to either the positive or negative side of the Arcana, preferably both. Doing so is called a Social Link. The more he develops, the stronger he'll become... And the more likely is he to become strong without relying on climbing the Tartarus and saving himself from complete insanity. The current list is as follows:
  • The Fool - Orpheus: Modelled after the bard that travelled into the Hades, Orpheus represents Silim's connection to music. Once summoned, he will attack either by bashing someone with his instrument or by summoning the fire from the pits of Hades itself with a tune from it, to burn the opponent in a sudden pillar of flame.
  • The Magician - Pyro Jack: A small spirit, representing someone who tricked hell but was not granted access to heaven, forced to wander the earth inhabiting a pumpkin and misleading travelers with his light. Once summoned, Pyro Jack can attack by summoning multiple fire projectiles in the air around himself and throwing them at the opponent like fire grenades. Very effective, very destructive, and about as accurate as a drunk sailor. The fire can also be used to shield Silim from projectile attacks.
  • The Magician - Jack Frost: A happy ice fairy with a meanstreak. Can freeze someone into a solid block of ice with a chilling ice-wind, or throw a spear made out of icicles. Far more accurate than Pyro Jack, but also less destructive.
  • Minor Arcana - The Sword: Summons different swords out of the card, either to be thrown while still in card form, or to equip Silim with a wide variety of swords. Different types of swords are simply used for their differing shapes and styles, they all share equal strength.
  • Minor Arcana - The Wand: These cards are used to trap basic Sugiura Magic within, and can be used directly or set up as traps on the ground, where they unleash their spells the moment an enemy steps nearby. Even a complete hiding of the own presence will not protect from such a trap card.
  • Minor Arcana - The Coin: This card represents wealth, and can be used in conjunction with any other card to boost the strength of it.
  • Minor Arcana - The Cup: Granting energy, these cards produce more energy than they require to be created, and can thus be used by Silim himself to regenerate his energy, or given to others to strengthen their energy reserves.
  • Death - Alice: Representing deep change and foreboding doom, the Death Arcana is home to the strongest Persona there are - and Alice is no exception. Taking the form of a little girl wielding magic powers far beyond her understanding, she is nearly completely autonomus from Silim when summoned, and will kindly ask enemies to "Die For Me!". This move unleashes a terrible wave of dark power, making countless speark and electric surges shoot towards the opponents to impale and roast them alive.
  • The Tower - Shiva: The Tower represents inescabable doom, so needless to say, Silim can summon a rather powerful one of this arcana. Shiva is a multi-armed god, and the spear it carries holds great destructive and piercing power when used to attack. It can also heal Silim and his allies instead, though.
  • Justice - Archangel: A warrior-angel that appears before Silim to protect him with his sword skill. Has expelling abilities that make him incredibly dangerous to all entities fuelled by darkness or death, and render him nearly useless against 'holy' opposition.
  • The Devil - Succubus: Representing either one's tempation in negative ways or the healthy sense of commitment in positive, Devil Arcana Persona are hard to control, but also hard to fight against. Succubus expresses... Well, it should be obvious what she expresses, and she controls the power of temptation. Her 'sweet kiss' sends out a weird energy towards the opponent, and if it makes contact, will 'charm' them into attacking their allies, or 'berserk' them into relentlessly attacking and abandoning all strategy, depending on what kind of person is affected. Those that feel strong love can render the attack completely useless. In direct combat, Succubus is not very useful.
  • Death - Thanatos: The strongest Persona that Silim can use currently, and the strongest Persona of the Death Arcana. Being incredibly powerful and also intelligent, Thanatos and Silim share a weird balance where they both pull at each others strings for control. His figure can be seen floating around him even when not summoned, and he can stay after being summoned for far longer than the other Persona. He wields a long, destructive sword, and his coffin-wings can serve as an effective shield in combat. He relies on a magnitude of different sword skills, instead of a single attack, and can cut an entire area with countless hits with a single swing, power-up a single strike to cut even the hardest materials or just bash someone's face in with his wings. His voice can generally not be heard by others, but always resounds in Silims own head.
  • The World - Revelation: This card is strange because Silim can NOT control it. Instead, it will only appear whenever he is ready to sacrifice even his own life for the good of others - as such, he has not yet even realized it exists, as he has avoided bonds with people so far since he gained his powers. When it appears, it will reveal to Silim his true 'ultimate Persona' and show him the person he really is... And give him the power to save the world from within his own mind.

    Thou Art I... And I Art Thou

There is one last part to Silim's power, the 'untapped energy' that was given to him. When fully taken over by his power, Silim's entire body turns into a weird greyscale version of himself.
 photo b896c2a22d54b76c76f290a9e5c9374f_zpsea928fe0.jpg
This self is much like the Alter of a normal Sugiura. It speaks every single word backwards, making understanding it nearly impossible, and the intentions of this power are unclear - but they can't be anything good, considering that this raw power taken form is mostly controlled by Thanatos himself, and loses the light of 'The World' completely. This form has the same power as Trueform, just that Thanatos is ALWAYS fused into it, in addition to whichever card he choses to use. As such, this form is far more powerful than any other. To release Silim from it's control, he has to be knocked unconcious without killing him.

Other Weapons: He summons all the weapons he needs from within, but he DOES have a so-called 'Evoker' gun with him at all times. The bullets from this weapon can't hurt anyone, but if pointed at his own head and fired, will forcefully evoke a Persona from within him, even if his power has been blocked off otherwise.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Silim Savertin, an ordinary Sugiura from an ordinary family, with nothing special about him... At first. He was born as the son of two normal Sugiura, but unlike them, he was a born Magus - without any chance of ever obtaining a Sacred. Even as a child, though, his actual potential for Magecraft was determined to be incredibly awful - and that never changed, even as he grew older and went through the tests again and again in a vain attempt of entering the Clocktower.
As such, he was just not a talented person in magic OR swordfighting. Not to worry, there were other things in the world... Just that he was even more terrible at them. Give him an axe, he's going to cut his own arm off before even hitting a tree, THAT kind of terrible, for pretty much anything. The only thing he had remote success at? Music. Not creating completely own creations, he was terrible at that - but finding music that fits every situation. In a way, fate forced him to be a hobby-DJ to even get through life, having been dealt a shitty hand in the talent section.

As such, Silim never had any real power over his life, or anything, really. And he hated every single moment of that life. He grew apathetic to the world and other people, even those he had considered friends, moved around all the time, and never stayed in one place... Because if he did, then he'd probably settle into complete routine, and become a nobody for good. But what is a nobody supposed to do, that wants to be SOMEONE? How can you gain power without talent? It turned out that the answer was simple.
You couldn't. At least not without help. And also, leaving with an intact mind wasn't on the agenda either.
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PostSubject: Re: Silim Savertin WIP   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:17 pm

Please archive.

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Silim Savertin WIP
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