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 Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man [Approved; 2-4]

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PostSubject: Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man [Approved; 2-4]   Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:32 pm

Normal Human Template


Name: Tony Stark
True Age: 35
Gender: Male
Personality: The eccentric billionaire, Tony Stark, is a simple jerkass on first inspection. He definitely enjoys having money and uses it to have all the fun he wants to have, or so it seems, but really, money isn't all that important to him on a personal level. He much more enjoys everything he has earned by his own accord instead of through the tons of money his company makes, with or without him at the helm, as it is too big to really fail even under idiots leading it. Taking a closer look at Tony Stark is best done through pointing out the major parts of his self...

Insufferable Genius
Tony IS a genius, there is no denying that or arguing. As far as humans go, he is probably up there with all well-known scientists and engineers of his time and the times before. That shines into his personality in a variety of ways - he ALWAYS wants to know how things work, and is rather open-minded. He will accept magic being the actual cause for something if he gets to know how that magic works, for example - for him, nothing is too out of the ordinary. This great curiosity is almost childlike, and can make him seem scatter-minded and lose sight of whatever he was actually thinking about or working on, which can be both good or bad depending on the situation. He also likes to remind everyone about just how freaking smart he is, which can be incredibly tiring even to the most patient people, and alienates him from normal people. Usually you can snap him out of full-on curiosity drive by just shouting at him loud enough, though.

Tinkering Mind
Going with his intelligence, Tony likes to build and improve, invent and enhance. Every new design for his Iron Man armor was created both out of necessity, and because he simply thought it would be cool to create it in the first place. Rule of cool does play into his style, and he is never one to give much for cover or subtelty - he is in your face, flashy as hell, and looks good while doing so, all because he will always reinvent himself and his gadgets if he can. Even some more impractical gadgets stay in the Iron Man suit if they don't take up too much space if he likes their flair enough to warrant a spot under the plating. Even the colors of the Iron Man were designed out of his favorite ones, shining gold and hotrod-red.

Love for Speed
Tony loves cars quite a bit, and highspeed races and chases. Needless to say, he tries to utilize that to his advantage with the Iron Man, but even without his armor he could be dangerous in a car. He's not exactly considerate of traffic laws, so to speak, and always seeks the thrill mostly in speed of many ways.

Smug Gentleman
There is a certain something about Tony Stark, combined from high self-esteem, his charming smile and controled nature that makes him naturally attractive, and boy, does he know how to take advantage of it. He's not known as a womanizer for nothing, even if they just actually want a hand on his money. He's not an idiot in this regard though, and getting through to him by throwing yourself at him is probably going to be about as successful as trying to fight the Iron Man with a spoon. Tony knows when to be charming and friendly, and when he can get away with being a total jerkass through indifference or indirect insults, and always wants his OWN will to be the dominant one - he's not the best team player, but he knows how to make many people see things his way.

Lately, Tony has started to realize the terrible effect his buisness practices and company have had on the world, global stability and the state of innocent civilians across the globe. After being thrown into a figurative hell and clawing his way back out, he is actively trying to clean his act up. He's too smart not to know that he's way too full of himself and a smug asshole most of the time, and he also knows that working with him is terrible - but he does the best he can, trying to change who he is, and what he does. Gaining a conciousness for the actions of his company has led him to become a literal superhero of technology, working to rid the world from any serviceable war machinery, if it wants to give it up or not is not something he'll care about. Even more, he's also dead set on finding a way to end the worldwide energy question with a definite answer for good. All in all, Tony tries to make up for all the times he and his father and granfather screwed up, while continuing to screw up more, and knows he's probably digging himself a deeper and deeper hole - but damn if he isn't determined to do so with flashy lights and blasting metal and rock music! You can not break his will once he's set on a goal. Tony Stark isn't just the user of the Iron Man suit of armor. He IS Iron Man.

General Appearance

Appearance:  photo c57fde08fec89b27e552a07fb8e8b1ab_zps23c1a40b.jpg
Appearance Age: mid 30's

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:
  • Engineering Genius: Tony is, simply speaking, a genius, and he doesn't have that title just for show. He's a master of tinkering and engineering like nobody else, and his vast ideas and smarts make him able to do things with technology that others would find impossible to ever achieve. The Iron Man suit is completely of his own design and making, the same thing goes for his chest battery.
  • Arc Reactor: After getting injured on the battlefield through a freak accident, Tony Stark had multiple metal shards blown into his chest, where they are slowly burying their way towards his heart, in what is known as the 'creeping death'. To keep them back, he has a metal tube inserted in his chest, together with an electromagnet, powered by the small generator powered by the rare Arc Reactor technology. This generator and magnet create a strong enough field to hold the metal splinters in place in suspension, and while medicine is not yet advanced enough to remove the splinters without killing him. The energy created by this chest reactor also powers up the Iron Man armor, as it produces loads more energy than his electromagnet needs.
  • Bottomless Funds: Probably not truly bottomless, but damn close to it. Tony is the head of Stark Industries, and it shows - he has so much money that he could probably buy the entire USA and still have enough left over for what he does anyway. These funds allowed him to develop the Iron Man suit, and continue to supply him with the money to invent and tinker with whatever he wishes for.
  • Trained Physique: He's no body-builder, but Tony Stark keeps himself in shape big time. While he has no actual martial arts training of any sort, he's certainly no pushover in a normal, straight-up brawl.

Can See Spirits: Yes

Iron Man

The first Iron Man was a crude armor made from leftover war machinery and old plating, designed to help Tony Stark escape from the battlezone he had been injured in. Changed by his experience of month long capture and torture, Tony used his great mind for the good of others for the first time - improving on the design and power he had discovered while in captivity, he built the first real suit of armor for himself - he became the invincible Iron Man!
Thanks to Tony's ability to see spirits, the armor is imbued with the power to resist and attack spiritual beings just like it would regular physical ones.

Currently Used Armor: Iron Man Mk2
Appearance:  photo how-to-draw-iron-man_zps4034c6a3.jpg
  • Repulsor Beams: The trademark weapon and tool of Iron Man. A special forcefield, created by strong negative magnetism and acceleration of raw energy from the Arc Reactor, these beams do just what it says on the tip - repulse, or, push away/push through something like a speeding, thick bullet with quite a hell of a punch. Besides the repulsor gloves on the arms, the armor also has repulsors on the legs to allow for flight or to become makeshift weapons. Repulsor beams are pure energy, with no physical part, but they do not deal burning or searing damage like most energy, and instead simply 'repulse' things with extreme power. Using them on normal war machinery and vehicles usually leads to explosions thanks to the beams rupturing fuel tanks and creating sparks to ignite them at the same time. The effect on the human body can be quite extreme if used on full power, but the Repulsor Beams can be adjusted to lower, more manageable levels for that.
  • Chest Radiator: Although it looks a lot like it, you do not look exactly at the Arc Reactor when seeing the blue light on Iron Man's chest. The strongest repulsor is embedded right above the reactor, and powered directly through a full-feed line - the blast of this Repulsor can only be used if Tony has solid ground under the feet and can use both arm repulsors to cancel out some of the recoil. The power of this beam is immense, a good comparison would be a Cero Oscuras if used by someone on the current armors power level.
  • Heavy Armor Plating: The Iron Man armor is thick and durable, and actually has no iron in it. It can withstand the force of an impacting tank shell or weaponized laser beam, as long as said laser beam isn't absolute high-end and might be able to melt through the armor. Industrial-grade high precision lasers are required to manufacture this armor. The shock absorbtion build into the armor makes sure that Tony isn't crushed into fine mush while wearing the armor and being hit. However, this also means that the armor is incredibly heavy - it very much is like wearing a small tank as clothing. Thus, should the connection between Arc Reactor and armor fail, Tony will be unable to move or remove the armor by himself without the help of someone that can operate high level machinery or possesses the supernatural strength required to remove the plating manually.
  • Magnetic Module Technology: The armor is thus kind of hard to even put on, so Tony developed a special technology for it. The armor is split into multiple parts - leg-armor, boots, repulsor gauntlets, the main part of the armor, and the helmet. Each one has a minor battery installed, with just enough strength to open, let Tony slip inside, close and connect to the other parts. The parts are held together by a strong magnetic field that effectively fuses them just as close as actual physical unity would, and this field slowly weakens if the armor is deactivated. Tony also has multiple machines in his home that can rapidly equip him with the armor in seconds. Manually, he can detach any part of the armor as long as it still has power. As the armor also increases Tony's strength, he can for example take off the helmet. Said helmet also has a special visor that can be retracted to reveal his face, though.
  • HUD: In the interor of the helmet, Tony has a special screen installed. This screen displays instantly the image of what happens infront of Iron Man's 'eyes', together with multiple useful overlays floating around - current energy levels, armor status, incoming enemy tracking fire, electrical surges in the vicinity, and more. The armor can't be shielded against EMP attacks because that would effectively render the magnetic modules useless, so instead, the circuitry is made out of the hardest imagineable material to allow a different solution - electric surges will deactivate the armor for a short time, or interfere with some sensors, but effectively, the armor will restart. The warning of the HUD is simply there to alert Tony to an incoming shutdown of his armor for a short time.
  • J.A.R.V.I.S.: Jarvis for short, is an artificial intelligence programmed by Tony Stark a few years ago. Originally intended to help with accounting and to control the security of his home, Jarvis has effectively been modified and has evolved by itself to almost autonomity that helps Tony Stark with high-speed calculations while inside the armor by downloading itself into the internal processor of the armor beforehand. Earlier tests with simple transmissions towards the armor had proven ineffective underground or on the ocean floor. Jarvis also helps Tony Stark with armor designs, by directly calculating any of his wild ideas in a logical manner and giving them a working basis for the duo to improve on. Jarvis can be even snarkier and more deadpan than Tony himself, as his personality is roughly based on the billionaire himself.

Weaknesses: Tony would like to think differently, but the Mk2 is far from perfect. It has problems with icing on high altitudes, and while it can reach supersonic speeds in full flight, it is not the most mobile fighter in a direct combat scenario. Electric and EMP attacks screw with the armor sensors and systems, and while they won't disable it, can cause a whole lot of problems while fighting.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Tony Stark was born lucky. As the son of the Stark family, there was never anything he couldn't get throughout his entire life - the Starks had been weapon manufacturers since the second world war. The recent third world war had only made them richer while everyone else was fighting to get rid of the scars of war - producing new weapon systems and developing the next generation, all ready to go to supply the next global conflicts surfacing.
There was one thing Tony could never buy, though. That was the approval of his strict father. He never got to know his mother, but his father was a cold, uncaring man that only cared for his buisness. Tony was left with paid servants and butlers around himself, spoiled to all hell - but he wasn't stupid. And he'd never just become some rich kid that just threw around daddy's money to feel important, even if he was the inheritor to the biggest private company of modern times. Instead, his mind was quite brilliant - and Tony did everything in his power to use that intelligence to impress.

And quickly, he became a well-known researcher in his own right - while his father died when Tony was still a teenager. Inheriting the company, he became the youngest CEO in the history of Stark Industries, and was just as scrupelous as his father - selling weapons to both sides of a conflict was acceptable as long as his standing in production countries was not endangered, and while he never openly sent any weapon to terrorists, there was always unjustified talk about him betraying the USA and supplying them as well as the military, but nobody ever found any dirt on him or his company, no matter how many official government people searched all records of it.
During this time, the young adult Tony Stark became a ladykiller and even borderline alcoholic. While not wasteful, he certainly knew how to party at least two times each week, with rich and beautiful people, all incredibly inferior to him intelectually. What kept him from sliding off the slope and maybe becoming a useless idiot after all, though, was a remnance of his father and grandfather... A technology that they had once developed, but never refined above the level of a nice dream.
That technology was the 'Arc Reactor'. While trying to understand this technology that seemed to have even extraterrestial designs in it, Tony discovered the old prototype of it - and after firing it up and supplying it with energy for a short while, he had effectively created a stable system that produced just enough energy for the Stark Industries main production facility, by using a rare mineral called 'Pradium' that had been discovered by his grandfather, the reactor was a stable and safe constant source of energy, a miracle that bended the laws of physics. Still, to Tony just like to his father and grandfather, the Arc Reactor was nothing special - just a side-project.

It changed only when Tony faced the first hardship of his life apart from his father's death. When inspecting some field deployment of new equipment he had shipped to the USA in an unstable region, his convoy was attacked by terrorists - and to Tony's terror, he recognized the weapons as ones from his own production line that the terrorists had either stolen or acquired through the use of a more questionable buisnesspartner. He was gravely wounded during the attack by a nearby grenade and passed out on the battlefield, where the terrorists took him hostage.
In captivity, Tony was rudely awoken to a grim fate - he was going to die within at the most a day or two thanks to the grenade splinters slowly burying their way into his heart, giving him intense pain at each living moment. The terrorists though wanted to use Tony as their personal weapons designer, and so he was given an ultimatum - agree to build weapons of mass destruction in exchange for his continued life. The Stark accepted, and an electromagnet was embedded into his chest (without any painkillers, mind you) and hooked up to a crude, large battery. After the surgery and some recovery, Tony was to face his new fate as a slave and worker...
Just that he had other plans.
Requesting very special parts to build a 'megabomb' for his captors, they didn't ask any questions - they believed the billoinaire would be too scared to try anything risky. What they didn't know was that those parts and the rare mineral were not meant for a bomb... And with pecision that could rival a machine and industrial computer, Tony slowly tinkered out a round, somewhat flat object that'd fit into the metal tube inserted into his chest.
A miniature Arc Reactor. To activate it, though, he had to go through a great risk - and rerouted the rest of the power from the car battery into the reactor, THEN inserting the activated Arc Reactor into his chest, connecting it correctly to the magnet, all while his heart would go into stillstand through the shock during the procedure.
Needless to say, it hurt like hell - but Tony Stark pulled it off. The captors finally noticed that something was wrong, and stormed the workshop - but Tony was prepared for them.

In a hulking suit of metal and weapons, he awaited them, powered by the miniature Arc Reactor in his chest that was producing nearly infinite amounts of energy now. With the new suit, Tony not only managed to escape alive, but he also blew the base of his captors up - which caused a big enough explosion for a detachment of the army to find and rescue him after his armor fell off after flying out of the base with the prototype of the repulsor boots.

Back at home, Tony not only underwent surgery for a smaller, but also better magnet construct, but also constructed a better small arc reactor for his chest. The experience had changed him - sure, he was still a jerkass, but a jerkess with a concience. A lot of good soldiers died through his weapons, and even more were wounded - and so, after resuming his position as CEO of Stark Industries with the blue glow of clean energy in his chest, he announced the ultimate shift in company image.

"Stark Industries will immedeatly halt all production of weaponry and cancel all contracts. The current storage of weapons will be disposed off and destroyed. The company will make a shift - for the better. Stark Industries will no longer stand for war, but for peace - with clean, affordable, and perfect energy. Those who wish to follow us can merge with our company. Those that stand against us will go bankrupt in the energy buisness once our technology is fully on the open market. Ladys and Gentlemen, today is the day - the Arc Reactor technology, the final dream of my grandfather, will come to fruition."

Ever since that day, Tony had to deal with more than just angry stockholders, but also multiple countries trying to strong-arm their promised weapons out of him, but he is not budging one inch. And nobody so far dared to try to force Stark Industries, either.
Because earth has a new superhero now. One that is clad in red and gold, powered by the blue light that promises infinite energy. Iron Man, the defender of tomorrow. Tony Stark, the idealist. One and the same, they now face their ultimate challenge - find a source of the rare element that powers the Arc Reactors for a nearly unlimited amount of time, and distribute them across the entire globe - so that the energy crisis will forever be averted and end. With the Arc Reactors, earth will finally be able to use as much energy as needed.

"Oh, and before I forget? I'm Iron Man. Have a good day, people."

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PostSubject: Re: Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man [Approved; 2-4]   Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:36 pm

finished and ready for checking.

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PostSubject: Re: Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man [Approved; 2-4]   Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:26 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [Omit]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [Omit]

Comments/Notes: looks good to me; Approved
Tier: 2-4

Diablo Cortar ~ 0-3+
Dracula ~ 0-3+
Ravana Ichiro ~ 0-3+
Albert Wesker ~ 0-3
Hijikata Toshizo ~ 0-4-
Renamon ~ 0-5
Krieg ~ 1-1
Shyanne/Canaan ~ 1-1
Okita Souji ~ 1-3
Simon Barabbas ~ 1-3
Zachary Torren ~ 1-5
Hanako Ikezawa ~ 2-1
Abiru Kobushi ~ 4-3
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PostSubject: Re: Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man [Approved; 2-4]   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:07 pm

Please archive. May be worth keeping around as a NPC at staff discretion because of his established role as an arms dealer

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man [Approved; 2-4]   

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Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man [Approved; 2-4]
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