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 Tara Okashi [Approved; 2-1]

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PostSubject: Tara Okashi [Approved; 2-1]   Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:34 pm

Quincy Template


Name: Tara Okashi
True Age: Twenty-Two
Gender: Female
Personality: By outward appearances, Tara can be seen to have a calm, serious, aloof, and detached personality. She believed that the traumas she experienced in her youth had enlightened her to the true meaning of pain and suffering. She seeks to sow the seeds of such pain in others to that she can make others feel the torment she feels every day due to her past, with no moral qualms about her actions. She feels that no one can understand her and the pain she felt, no matter what she causes to others.

Tara has no friends or family left, nor any ties. And because everything was taken from her in the past by her one love, she holds great animosity towards lovers of any type. She has no hope for love herself, and in fact seems to hate anyone and everyone off the bat regardless of their personality and identity, whether or not she shows it. She doesn’t seek to fix this either, as she refuses help, friendship, and love. There is only darkness left in her heart, and she enjoys letting it out by harming and killing and destroying. It's one of the few things she enjoys nowadays: causing destruction for others.

Tara has the curse, or gift as some may call it, of masochism, meaning that any pain she feels will feel like pleasure to her. This doesn't alter damage, merely her perception of the sensation of agony. When she goes into extreme pain, the full effects of her masochism reveal themselves, turning Tara into a reckless, sinister person who enjoys pain way too much. Sometimes when she causes great pain to others, this side of her can activate anyways. She loses any moral restraints regarding killing, and pursues slaughter with a religious calling. She takes considerable pleasure in making her enemies' deaths as painful as possible. She is also quite willing to inflict injury and pain on herself with great joy.

General Appearance


The image above is almost accurate: She is a young woman with a light skin tone, and perfect complexion. Her hair is black and long reaching down to the small of her back, with bangs curled to the sides of her face so that eyesight is not compromised. Her eyes are black, blending completely with her pupils and giving her a look of shallowness. Her nose is small and her lips fine. On her right shoulder is a black tattoo comprised of many curves and swirls, yet also sharp points. For clothing, what she wears is quite simple in concept, but odd. Her top is a black tank top that does cover her stomach but has a collar low enough to reveal some of her cleavage. It is easy to tell that she is not wearing a bra despite that her breasts are at least F size. On her hands are fingerless black gloves with a rectangular section missing from their backs. For her lower body she wears a pair of loose fitting blue jeans, only held up by a brown belt. For footwear she actually wears very dark green combat boots. Tara almost always has a pack of smokes, a lighter, and an iPod on her person, found in the pockets of her jeans.

Appearance Age: Twenty-Two
Height: Five Feet and Four Inches
Weight: One-Hundred and Twenty-One Pounds

Natural Abilities

Reishi Color: Burgundy
Quincy Cross: Tara actually possesses two Quincy Cross, one for each of her guns as she oft wields them akimbo. The 'Cross' in question is based in the grip of the gun where any normal pistol would slide its ammo in. From there the energy can be fired straight out the barrel as Tara desires.
Quincy Items:
  • Senzu Pills — Senzu Pills are light green marble-sized consumables that give the user immense regeneration for a very brief period after being swallowed whole. When consumed, the recipient gains high-speed regeneration akin to a Hollow, which completely heals any non-fatal injury near instantly and without any scars or marks. Regarding the more vital injuries however, they can also be healed but only if the user is not already dead or unconscious, and the regeneration for them is slow and may not completely heal before the regeneration effect wears out. The regeneration effect lasts two posts in combat, one minute outside of it, so if any injuries are caused in that time frame they too may be healed. Of course, since these are pills and not a power of Tara, they do not use any of her energy. The downside is that they are consumables, and disappear after use. Not only that, it requires Tara to swallow the Pills whole, as they do not work when crushed or imperfected; and they can be even stolen from her and used against her. Last of course is the fact that such invaluable objects are incredibly expensive and time-consuming to produce. Tara can only carry three on her at a time, and cannot always afford them fast enough to replace ones she may have used. (Tara can only reacquire a new Senzu pill once she has completed a topic, up to a max of three.)

Quincy Abilities:
  • Hirenkyaku — Hirenkyaku, otherwise known as God Step, is an advanced Quincy movement technique that allows Tara to move at high speeds by riding on the flow of reishi created below her feet. Essentially, it is the Quincy equivalent to the Shinigami's Shunpo, or the Arrancar's Sonído. Through a swift process of gathering spiritual particles under her feet, she rides them to the desired location at speeds that cannot be tracked by a normal eye. Visualize a platform of Reishi stuck to the bottom of the Quincy's feet so that she may stand upon it. Then, instead of the Quincy herself moving at increased the speeds, the platform is the object moving, carrying her along with it. It can also be used to hover or fly for long distances, essentially allowing Tara a form of free flight. Tara's own personal skill with this ability is quite impressive, along the lines of speed equivalent to Soifon and her Flash Step.
  • Spiritual Awareness — As spiritual beings, all Quincy can sense Hollows and other spiritual beings at a significant distance or tell in what direction they are in with a surprisingly natural proficiency. In addition to the basic sensory of Reiatsu, Tara can tell exactly where any trace amount of spiritual energy is residing without even looking in its direction, as long as it remains in a range of three kilometers. Plus, she can track a person based on aged reishi that would be left behind by their mere presence. Every person has their own signature energy, and Tara is capable of distinctively telling each apart by any subtle difference.
  • Reishi Absorption and Control — A typical Quincy uses the Reishi in the atmosphere and combines it with his or her internal Reiryoku to create weapons such as their bow, or a sword in some cases. It also makes up many of their abilities. They ordinarily fight using the power outside, thriving in environments with higher concentrations of spiritual particles such as in Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. Tara possesses this ability to pull in external energy from the environment. Since she is capable of this, what she has practiced was taking in any energy variant without bias, and has formed a special system of metabolism within herself, that breaks down foreign energies and takes only the necessary power while it expels all negative compounds of the energy absorbed. This makes it so that tainted or poison energy types will not interfere with her soul or powers, and that the energy taken in is fuel and nothing more.

Spirit Weapon

Spirit Weapon Type: Akimbo Pistols
Spirit Weapon Appearance:
Both of Tara's Spirit Weapons are modeled after the Beretta 92FS, and are silver in primary color. The Beretta 92FS is a short-recoil operated, locked-breech pistol with a silver aluminium frame. The locking system is of the Walther type, with a vertically-tilting locking piece located below the breech area of the barrel. The trigger is double-action, with an exposed hammer. The gun comes equipped with a slide-mounted safety lever. The iron sights are of fixed type, with a dovetailed rear blade, usually with high-contrast inserts. The length of the weapon is 217 millimeters, while the height is 140 millimeters. The weight of the weapon is 952 grams.

Spirit Weapon Abilities:
  • Heilig Pfeil — This is the primary attack used by all Quincy. Like all Holy Arrows, these projectiles can be created by collecting any type of energy into the desired bolt shape. However, most Quincies have differing qualities about their arrows that make them more or less effective in their own fashion; this is the case with Tara. Since her spirit weapons are guns, the shape of her 'arrows' represent 9 millimeter rounds of a pistol, though they lose no effectiveness because of it. Each bullet is meant to perforate any object with its concentrated energy—superheated to one-hundred thousand degrees farenheit and capable of maintaining this heat for its entire flight. Most any object will be pierced by this arrow without so much as hindering its flight, and even incredibly strong spiritual beings will catch this arrow embedded halfway through their body where it will burn them until it dissipates three seconds after being stopped. This specialized Holy Arrow replicates and improves the piercing capabilities of Seele Schneider, thus rendering said item decrepit in her arsenal. Each bullet naturally has intense vibrations that not only increase the piercing power drastically but soften the spiritual energy of anything it comes into contact with, allowing ease in stealing that energy away from Tara's opponents. Tara is capable of firing arrows from these pistols at speeds of up to 896 meters per second at maximum (the speed of an average bullet), at max ranges of one kilometer. She can also ricochet individual shots off of walls to shoot around corners, make the direction of her attacks unpredictable, and curve the direction of her shots while in flight in tight arcs despite the immense speed of the arrows.. These arrows are very powerful, but as a result they sacrifice much, and that is the fact that Tara can only fire them semi-automatically with the trigger of her Spirit Weapons, limited by how fast either of her thumbs can move. There is no option for rapid fire.
  • Special Effect: Agony — This is a passive effect that is laid down upon any foe that Tara strikes with her special Quincy bullets, causing immense pain in the general area struck by the projectile. It isn't just a minor nuisance that can be shrugged off, but a searing sensation that transcends what one's nerves are normally capable of feeling. It is 'true pain' that for five posts straight delivers excruciating agony that doesn't fade and cannot be numbed; only removed from the body entirely. It has been said that the pain alone can drive people insane with the time it is given, and has a tendency to cause massive muscle spasms and lapses of concentration. This passive ability can be muted by Tara at will.


Vollständig Name: Kujiku Mazohisuto
Vollständig Appearance: The only appearance change seen in Tara when she activates her Vollständig is the fact that her Reiatsu becomes blood red in color, just as her blood becomes imbued heavily with spiritual power. There is no other difference.
Vollständig Abilities:
  • Berserker's Blood — This is the primary ability of Tara's Vollständig, and yet it has no effect ordinarily. In fact, this ability also prevents Tara from entering Vollständig at will, as certain things must happen before this ultimate form activates. Kujiku Mazohisuto, also known as Masochist Break, is a Vollständig form that only activates once Tara suffers heavy injuries, and then remains on until she either runs out of energy to maintain it or until she stops feeling pain. However, it is difficult for either method to go through as her ability to absorb Reishi is enhanced by this form, and all pain against her is amplified as well. Now, Berserker's Blood is a direct counterpart to all of this, as it grants Tara power, but only if she is injured. The power that she is granted is directly scaled to how much damage has been done to her body at any particular point of time (The more damage, the more power). This power heavily improves the defensibility of her body so that it becomes harder and harder to injure her, to the point where she is on the verge of death and she is nearly indestructible. Berserker's Blood also grants her enhanced physical skills, making her faster, stronger, and even more precise. Any other person would grow weaker the more damage they suffer, but Tara's Vollständig makes her a beast to be reckoned with instead. Her 'tier' of power increases temporarily through this ability. This, however, does not empower her Quincy abilities to make them more deadly or invaluable.
  • Crimson Coup — As a result of Tara's fighting style in this form, there is bound to be a mass amount of blood along the battlefield. Thus, the second ability of Kujiku Mazohisuto is made extremely useful as it relies on using her blood as an offensive weapon. With the literal snapping of her fingers, Tara can cause any amount of her own blood whether fresh or dried, to combust into a napalm-like explosion. As she snaps her fingers, the targeted mass of blood glows molten red for a fraction of a second before detonating, causing an explosion equal to a half of a foot in radius per milliliter of blood used up in the explosion. Additionally, the fire inevitably caused by the explosion is—like napalm—very difficult to put out even with water.
  • Blut Puls — Blut Puls is a permanently passive ability of Tara's Vollständig that is an unorthodox form of high-speed regeneration. It does not actually heal her wounds or repair her tissue in any way; however it does regenerate Tara's blood as soon as she loses it. As long as her heart is beating, she has an unlimited amount of blood flowing through her, allowing her to stay living and on her feet where most others would simply bleed out, and unintentionally causing her wounds to seep blood at a much higher rate. This ability has incredible synergy with the Crimson Coup power, which would normally be very risky otherwise.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

Birth Arc: When the day of Tara's birth came, both of her parents were present; Cyrus and Elva. It was a painful time, but a rewarding one. Two things were noted when she was delivered: First, that the nurse had never seen such vibrant blue eyes before. And second, that she did not cry during birth, which was very unusual for a baby.

By a random whim, Tara’s parents found an old woman who passed off as a fortune-teller, and asked her to tell of their child’s future only a week later. No word about the honesty or reality of her prediction was given, but she did grant a prophecy to the couple. The fortune was read off of human bones tossed on a table top, and the old woman pointed out each part, telling of it most ominously.

The first part stated “long natural life”, which meant that regardless of the events and environment surrounding her, she would live much longer than the average human. Her second fortune was of her power, which was described as “a gift of the Ancients”, though it was actually part of the girl's genetics. Then the girl’s fortunes grew more difficult and clouded... The third part was told word-for-word like this: “The year the girl becomes a woman, three bonds will be severed and never to be mended again.” The fourth fortune told that Tara would have much energy as a child, but lose a lot of it in her later years. The fifth spoke of the girl becoming a great warrior... and then Tara’s parents stopped the woman before she could continue any further.

They didn’t like the overall predictions of the fortune-teller, and tried to put it all through denial. They left her business soon after, and ten days later the old woman left the city. Aside of that, Tara’s parents tried to ignore the fortunes of this woman as much as possible, because they were turning out to become more and more dreadful, especially that their innocent little child would become a 'warrior', in a city notorious for gangs; they just couldn't accept this. They figured that they could protect their child well enough, then they could stop the prophecies from occurring.

Schooling: As a resolution, Tara's parents would hire a private tutor for their child, who went by the name Gideon... such an odd name. She would learn everything that she would at a normal school from kindergarden to grade twelve, without her parents having to release her to the outside world. As anyone but her parents could expect however, Tara's behavior became antagonistic against such a system thrust upon her. She had too much energy to be trapped within the confines of a house, so she became a little trouble-maker. She was set on always evading the rules placed by her parents. She would constantly run away from home to go do as she pleases, and neither parent could ever catch him.

Though it may have been against her parents wishes, and a tad strange, Tara would attempt to sneak into the local school by herself. Though she did not enter any of the classes their, she tried to socialize with the other children there and participate in the extracurricular activities. Back at home, her parents didn't think it was possible for a child to have so much energy really. But at the same point that Tara began sneaking into the public school, Tara had become entranced by all the knowledge being taught by Gideon. The effort she put into her work was beyond the norm; her scores were aces; she was an amazing child.

Tara passed all the way through school early, going so far as skipping some of the more meager lessons because of how much she figured out by herself. She was so gifted, in fact, that Gideon's higer-ups wished to bring her right into a college with a scholarship. Surprisingly, her parents were ecstatic. They realized that they were too scared of the fortune that they didn’t even get to see how bright their child was. They made a milestone decision to drop the fear and embrace their child’s path with full support. Tara happily accepted her parent's new turn in life, and now entered the college.

Boom Arc: The next few years of Tara's life could be summed up by the effects of a Boom Town: It kept getting better and better, even when it felt like it couldn't get better at all. When she entered the college, she made many friends throughout her classes from the sheer charisma she displayed. Though there were two that stuck out, both in the same class at the same time. Claire, a feisty and unique girl who befriended Tara immediately, and Aron, an elder boy whom Tara thought cute. She got along well with them both.

Despite how smart Tara was, she wasn't the smartest. She had got into this class with Claire and Aron only because of her preceding brilliance, but both Claire and Aron were already veteran students, two years her senior. Both were glad to tutor her with knowledge they had already picked up throughout those two years. And that was not it; Gideon, her former private tutor kept in contact with Tara. She had grown accustomed to his presence in her home so much that he had become like another member of the family to her; she was more than glad for his occasional company. He too, helped her through college.

Aron's energy—his playfulness; his personality all attracted Tara so strongly. The last straw was his mystery, which intrigued her to no end. There was just something about his presence that threw her off guard and wormed its way into her mind and eventually her heart. She began to fall head over heels for the guy, and for months he never seemed to even recognize her heartset. It wasn't until one day when Tara stalked him to one of his personal relaxation areas that things were said and feelings revealed. The two came back holding hands together.

On Tara's 18th birthday (She had skipped an entire grade previously), her parents gave her her greatest gift; and that was the money for a world-round trip. Aron promised to travel with her, and Gideon told her that she would be able to leave the university for a time to have fun on her trip; he'd make calls to influential people to excuse her for the rest of the year. So, along with her new boyfriend, she would depart for the long travel, going plane trip by plane trip to the other nations of the world and learning about their history and culture. At this point, she considered herself the happiest person on the planet. Aron was more than proud to be Tara's lover. Cyrus and Elva had long forgotten about the prophecy of the old woman, and were overgladdened by how far their daughter had gone. Tara's life was so perfect...

But this was the peak.

Bust Arc: While Tara was on her trip with Aron, Gideon began to show signs of old age and weariness. He could no longer tutor any more students, stuck at home. And within weeks of this revelation, Gideon could no longer stand. Sickness had struck, and although he was hospitalized, the virus had already done so much damage to him that it could not be fixed fast enough. The bedridden man had written a letter for Tara as his last words... and by the time they had received his letter, Gideon had died.

It was depressing, but Tara did get over it and try to live on with happiness left in her. Tara still had so much left for her, and something new as well. She treasured the lessons that Gideon had departed onto her, cherishing all the she learned. With Gideon dead, Tara found solace in Aron while on her trip. Aron couldn’t be happier that Tara had grown so attached to him. The two were a real couple, and Aron was ready to take it one step further. It was fast approaching her birthday again, and he decided to reveal his plans then. Soon, the two would be home from their world-round trip.

Age 19, Tara finally turned into an adult, and her birthday had just begun. Her parents invited every one of Tara’s friends, which was a lot to be honest, as well as Aron. There was celebration and games, and the cutting of the cake... everything. Then near the end of the party, Aron brought Tara away from the rest of the crowd to tell of his plan. He wanted marriage, and all the implications. He was ready to drop everything to be with Tara. Everything looked perfect from his point of view…

But Tara refused. She wasn’t ready for commitment, and wasn’t ready to drop everything like Aron wanted her to. She still had college to finish and a job to find, and she wanted to live out her life before she settled down and got married. She tried to explain this to Aron, but he couldn’t get past her refusal. Something broke in him, causing him to leave the party crying. Tara tried to follow, but her parents stopped her at the door, worried for their daughter.

Apparently, both had seen something in Aron that worried them, that they both had talked about and had agreed. They were only worried for her and her future, of course, but Tara wouldn't listen, just as Aron didn't listen to her. Convinced she had said something wrong to Aron, Tara pushed through Cyrus and Elva and ran to the only place she could think to find him; the first place the two had truly come together; the secret urban park of their's.

She waited... and waited. Yet she never saw him. It was hours long before Tara even thought of returning home, and she was very unhappy at the time. What did this mean for her? What would be of her future? All of her questions would be answered soon enough when she arrived at home. It was deadly quiet, with a salty stench in the air... something that unnerved Tara. And then when she unlocked the front door and opened it, she came face-to-face with a living nightmare. She couldn't bear it, running away from the house as if it was toxic; screaming in agony. Because at the foot of the door were the bodies of her mother, father, and Aron, layed neatly in line... dead. The walls were stained with blood, and everyone who had gone to her party was killed.

Pain Arc: Tara never recovered mentally from the event: She never stopped blaming herself and she never was able to feel truly content a day later in her life. All it was to her now was a motion, an act to go through as the Gods wished. But when her stay in the living world came to an end; she would embrace it with a smile on her face. Because there was really nothing left for Tara anymore. In fact, the only things she had were broken memories. Her eyes lost their vibrant blue and became black, and her mind became a cold and calculating tool, locking away all the charisma and energy and happiness that had previously defined her. She turned her hatred out on the world around it, for it was a cruel world—she had traveled the world, but she had chosen to ignore the slums, the acts of cruelty.

She figured out an aspect of herself not too long later, that no matter how many times she cut herself, or shot herself, she could not kill herself. All her wounds healed near instantly, and pain stopped feeling like pain. Pain became pleasure compared to the torments of her past. And she felt consolation only in the pain of others. She adopted the nickname "Pain", and resolved that all the knowledge and power she had accumulated in her life would now be used to cause to others the hurt she felt every day in her heart and mind.

Pain is the best thing, like... ever! Don't ya think?

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PostSubject: Re: Tara Okashi [Approved; 2-1]   Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:51 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [Omit]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [Omit]

Comments/Notes: Everything looks good; Approved.
Tier: 2-1

Diablo Cortar ~ 0-3+
Dracula ~ 0-3+
Ravana Ichiro ~ 0-3+
Albert Wesker ~ 0-3
Hijikata Toshizo ~ 0-4-
Renamon ~ 0-5
Krieg ~ 1-1
Shyanne/Canaan ~ 1-1
Okita Souji ~ 1-3
Simon Barabbas ~ 1-3
Zachary Torren ~ 1-5
Hanako Ikezawa ~ 2-1
Abiru Kobushi ~ 4-3
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PostSubject: Re: Tara Okashi [Approved; 2-1]   Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Tara Okashi [Approved; 2-1]   

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Tara Okashi [Approved; 2-1]
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