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 The fuck did i create back then?

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Fuji Ren

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PostSubject: The fuck did i create back then?    Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:07 am

Well... i found this embarrassing - at least to me - story i wrote from way back when... and welp, i figured i should post it up and not be the only one gagging/gripping into my chest and laughing.

So.... i present to you, LOVE STORY.

Love story chapter one

in a world full of peace and tranquility there were a secret race vampire’s. and the human’s. both did not get along together reallly well. at best human’s were food to the vampire’s but there was one good one in a boy named Jaden. he wanted to make a peaceful type of way for vampire’s and human’s to get along. so one night he decided on something to go meet the human’s~

jaden had walked into the city on a dark night. he looked everywhere to see where any of the mortal’s where. since he could only be out in the sun for a limited amount of time’s. or be out I nday light where there was no sun. “ just my luck no one is out here again.” he thought. then a black haired girl. walking around the city holding a revovler. jaden thought he had seen the most beautiful site in his life. she had elqouent silk black hair that stoppped at the mid point of her neck.she had blue sky colored eye’s. she had a ebony/light skin. like that of an egpytian. and a normal size of a human girl. jaden then began to follow her. much like he was in a trance. he was falling in love with this human.

Jaden continued following her but then he felt a bullet graze his cheek. he flinched rubbing the slightly bleeding spot. he then looked to see the girl. she loooked at him with a expression as serious as a lion. “are you a vampire?”. jaden blinked moving some of the orange hair out of his face looking at her with his green and purple ameythst eye’s. “well uhm erm. yes.. hehheheheheehehhehe”. he said nervously holding his arm’s up.”so are you gonna shoot me?”. he said looking at her with semi-panicky feeling. the girl sighed. putting her revovler back in. the side of her long black jean’s. “well most vampire’s would’ve tried to retaliate whats your story?”. she asked curiously.

Jaden smiled. “well I am different from most of the vampire’s some of them are good really he said still looking at her beautiful eye’s. “so what’s your name?”. he asked walking a bit closer to her. “my name is isis. I am half african-american and half egyptian. and I am a hunter of vampire’s. but judging from how your acting. it seems I don’t have to kill you.” said isis. in a flashing moment of time. jaden was behind her and playfully poked her on the back. “hey hey come on I don’t want to fight. sides im much faster then you ms.isis you sweet princess.” he whispered in her ear. she quickly jumped back with a blush red face. “eh? what was that for? im sweet? for attempting to kill you. you’re strange for a vampire very strange. what is your name?” she asked flipping inches of hair off of her face. jaden replied “I am jaden. im a pure vampire in a way more a less.”. isis then looked back at him. “Pure? there’s no such thing as pure vampiire’s you people are monster’s.”. jaden felt a little hurt by that comment not all of them where monster’s. then another man came out. behind isis. he had very dark skin. and wore a long robe. and egyptian like crown on his head. “my daughter isis who is that man you are talking too? I hope he’s not a vampire you know how I feel about you conversing with this race.”. isis looked back at her father. “father. from what this vampire say’s he’s a good vampire.” the man scoffed and begin to have a laugh of sort’s. “you people are good really now! how marvelous.”. he then walked up to jaden poking his cheek and examining him. putting a shoulder over his arm. “yes you are good. I sense a different aura from you then that of the other’s. My name is Kareem. it seems we can befriend you. mr?”. “jaden”. the boy replied. he then pulled out a flask drinking a bit of wine. “well come on isis we must get back. you know how your mother can be. honestly if we told that woman we befriended a vampire she would be estatic!.” he said in a funny yet friendly tone. isis looked at him with a dumbfounded look. she didn’t know her father liked vampire’s in general. karim pulled isis along and went off back into the city where there clan was along with the human’s.

Jaden was starstruck. and surprised at the same time. ‘ok that was stranger then strange. but I think im in love.”. he thought as he seen the girl walking off with her father. “isis I will make you mine. and together we’ll make this a world where both our race and your’s can get along in peace.” he said as he walked off to go back to a hide out.

later when he arrived there. he seen two tall men around 7:1 in front of the door. “atlas want’s to see you.” said the two men. jaden gulped a little bit. atlas was a bad story. a bad type of vamp at a young age. most think it was society who most likely made him this way stopping him from getting to be I na relationship with the one he loved who almost killed him. yes the classic betrayal story. atlas loved a girl and she supposedly stabbbed him in the back with a literal meaning. before she jumpoed off the cliff to her aparent death.

this would forever change atla’s few on the human society. he viewed them as traitorous people monster’s in their own right he was a monster himself now. jaden walked in to see atlas with two vampire female’s sitting in his lap rubbing their hand’s around his blonde hair. he then seen jaden walking in. and smiled drinking out of a cup of which seemed to be a mixture of blood and wine. jaden then felt that evil aura coming off of atlas. “yo if it isnt my brother from another mother. jaden how have you been. a little birdie told me that you were talking with a human today.” he said sipping his cup. jaden’s eye twitched. this guy was always’s in his buisness. like he coudlnt due anything without him being in it. “yeah is it a problem?”. he said standing his ground. atlas made the two lady’s get off of his lap and threw his cup down as he began to show his fang’s. “yes it is a fucking problem. you know how I feel about those trashy human’s.”. he said growling. jaden then cracked his fist’s. “look atlas why cant you just move on the past should stay dead! what’s done is done.”. then in a few flashes atlas grabbed jaden’s collar throwing him into a wall into a bunch of boxe’s of wine’s and other thing’s. jaden got up only to get drop kicked back down by atlas. “look you dumb kid. when you get associated with human’s it’s like being fucked over to the fith degree.” jaden got back up as his hand’s glowed red he then jumped back on his feet going at atlas with a serie’s of back kicks. atlas quickly grabbed him in mid point ad picked him up swinging him around and throwing him back into the wall. he then coughed out a bit of blood. and fell to the ground. atlas then walked over to him and picked him up by his hair. “I know my methods are harsh kid but I’d rather you get your ass kicked by me. then have you be betrayed like I was.” he said in a somewhat brother like tone. then a yell could be heard from the door. “jaden and atlas what are you doing mother said that you two are not supposed to fight!”. said a human maid from outside of the door. atlas bit his lip looking at her made his stomach turn like he wanted to puke or throw up his lunch. “shut up you harlet.”. he said spitting the blood in his mouth from jaden’s kick’s o nthe ground. the maid spoke back. ‘you will adresss me by rosetta. mr.atlas”. atlas scoffed this time and began laughing in a smug and obnoxious tone. “ adress you you say it like you have authority in this house. it’s funny. just because your mom’s best friend and long time protector doesn’t mean you control our action’s! don’t make that assumption.” rosetta smiled at atlas. “who said such a thing. as I watched your mother. me and her were the best of friend’s not once did you see me betray her. and I will never do that to her. if only you could get past what that girl did to you you’d have such a grand future.”. atlas then ran up smacking rosetta to the ground. feeling the edge of the hit she hit the ground pretty hard. he then stomped his foot into her stomach. making her cough excessively. he then walked out in a rage. jaden ran over to her to see if the maid was ok. “miss rosetta are you ok?”. he asked in a panicking voice. rosetta nodded getting back up a bit wearily but got back up to full shape nonetheless. “yes mr.jaden I swear that boy has the devil inside of him or something. it’s sad really. since he use to be just like you. you see jaden atlas use to be a very nice young and handsome man. but. he felt betrayed by this human girl he fell in love with. she had amber hair and pale white skin. and green eye’s she was quite a sweet girl to begin with until one day she nearly killed him. because of her father making her. she wasn’t able to live with herslf and decided to jump off of the cliff to her death. atlas was never the same after that he grew ferociously scary and then nobody ever saw that boy ever again. today atlas is a monster it’s too bad.” rosetta said as she rubbed her face. ‘well jaden it’s about time for you to get to sleep” jaden smiled and got up wiping some dry blood from his lip. ‘guess what rosetta. im in love!”. he said in a loud voice. rosetta smiled “really now who is the lucky lady’s name?”. as he smiled he told her. “she’s like a egyptian princess and she’s a human, she has a nice body and everything but I wonder how her heart is. though.”. rosetta sighed and looked at him. “Jaden. be careful I don’t want you getting into something you cant handle. I don’t want you to go down the same road atlas is going. keep on eye out I wil not be bias in saying you shoudlnt go with us human’s it’s just that you have potential ot be great. now get to bed you have a long day tommrow.”


isis had been walking back with her father until she went into her own little place where some of her friend’s would bunk with her.

today her friend’s were sitting at a table. one boy was named kendall(yesi know it’s my name). another guy named jon and another named nikki. isis walked back in and jumped on the couch by jon and nikki. Jon was smoking some marijuana or mary jane as some people like to call it. and nikki was plucking his head. while kendall was sleeping on the bunk bed. jon had seen isis and offered her some of what he was smoking. most people him considered him a druglord. if you wanted it he had it despite this smoking allowed him to think better then he normally would when he’s not high. “hey isis babygirl come on smoke this mary jane with me”. he said jokingly. isis gave him one of those loook’s and pushed him off the couch he simply laughed laying there and continued smoking. nikki kicked him in the leg jumping on him and wrestling with him. isis then began to speak. “guy’s today I met a vampire today.”. jon stopped smoking throwing the marijuana in the trash. “did he hurt you?”. he said in a bit of a worried tone. isis shook her head. “no he was actually very nice. and kind of cute. I guess.” she said grabbing her blanket’s and begin laying down. nikki was now nuzzling jon while playfully hitting him. jon then smiled and looked back at isis. “well do what ya feel. cuz I think yur fallin in love with him. ya know?”. isis began having a blush. “eh shut up jon why don’t you and nikki get to bed already we all got school tommrow”. jon winked at nikki and then at isis. “I woould like it better if both of y’all slept in my bed with me I get lonely.”. isis threw her shoe at his head. he laughed again rubbing his head. and picked nikki up walking to one of the bed room’s to go to sleep.

kendall continued sleeping. and isis began going to sleep with that vampire in her thought’s maybe she was falling in love.”.

end of chapter 1.

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Fuji Ren

Posts : 233
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Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: The fuck did i create back then?    Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:29 am

To this day, I still gag whilst reading this.


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The fuck did i create back then?
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