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 Sion Atlasia Osiris [APPROVED, 2-1+, MAGUS]

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PostSubject: Sion Atlasia Osiris [APPROVED, 2-1+, MAGUS]   Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:39 pm


Name: Sion Atlasia Osiris (Originally Sion Eltnam Sokaris)
True Age: 2,520
Appearance Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: A perfectionist at heart, Sion's mind always seems to be focussed on her next calculation. If she's not thinking about one, she's thinking about the next--this one track mind can make her seem standoffish if someone tries to get in her way while she's thinking. Although she is a rather calm and composed individual most of the time, when someone sets her off, she can easily be moved to a rather moderate amount of emotion. She will usually get quite upset if you say something in a manner that displeases her. She is always one that's serious about things, no matter who you are. She's not the world's greatest fan of people who joke too much, either.

She has high priorities--she wants nothing more then the job completed, due to that one-track mentality. She is capable of thinking over multiple strategies in a manner of seconds, and implementing the ones she feels suit the situation best. However, this causes her to get quite stubborn and bull-headed where it counts, easily getting vocal if someone is causing her trouble while she's trying to work. She appreciates a quiet room above all other things, especially one where Riesbyfe isn't clanging about in her armor.

Unlike a lot of people, it doesn't take her a long time to do anything. In fact, her belief is that the quickest and easiest strategy is the one that will give the quickest and best rewards for the amount of effort used. Although this is a rather lazy point of view, it means that she'll always find the quickest way to get a job done. She enjoys having downtime just as much as the next guy, so this way gives her more downtime.

If the situation calls for it, and she deems it worthy, she will occasionally take time to think about certain things. We say occasionally, because this is a very rare thing indeed. Most things are done quickly, on a whim, and if Sion feels like she has to think about it for more than a minute, then it's obviously not worth the thought processes and she expels it. If she really feels the need to put more thought into it and not get rid of it, it's usually going to be very important to her.

Although she can be quite harsh and stubborn, she's capable of apology. Well, a little. She's quite prideful, so it's rather difficult for her to swallow it and admit that she's wrong, even if she knows that she is. There is a distinct difference between acceptance and admittance, and Sion doesn't like making that distinction. She feels like, if she's mentally accepted something, then she must have already apologized. A verbal apology can be one of the hardest things in the world for this woman to do, unless it's just a casual 'sorry' for bumping into them.

Due to her history as being quite an isolated and lonely individual, Sion never had many friends, and the ones that she was close to quickly betrayed her trust. Because of this, she is quite closed-up and has a cold, hard exterior. She dislikes feeling vulnerable, though there are one or two people she'll allow this side to be shown to: Riesbyfe being the most obvious. She'd given up a large portion of her being to allow that woman to live once more.

General Appearance


Animalistic Traits: None
Height: 161cm
Weight: 48kg

Natural Abilities

Magic: Right now, all Sugiura Magic is locked away from Sion's use, due to the degradation of her Magic Crest. She will be able to use it again if she ever fixes this.

Pistol Mastery: Using a pair of custom-made pistols, Sion has been found to be a crack shot with them. They're perfectly capable of injuring spiritual beings, and have a nigh-limitless ammunition supply. Sion has the capability to fire off approximately 50 rounds per second from two guns, therefore 100 rounds per second. In a post, there are approximately 6 seconds, give or take, therefore 600 rounds in one post is quite easily done.

Ethelite: Sion's main, non-Magecraft ability. Able to be used both as a whip and a restraining device, this material (named from a portmanteau of "Ether" and "Lite") is capable of reading the minds of those that it comes to skin contact with. Once it comes in contact with any skin, it will attach itself momentarily and pull out a singular, random thought from their mind. This thought will most likely be a surface thought--their next planned moves. However, if not in battle, and with an enemy that allows her to, or is completely helpless to the fact, she is able to use her Ethelite for a longer amount of time; this can grant her access to their deepest and darkest thoughts, sifting through until she finds what she needs. However, this comes with a 50/50 risk of "reproduction of memory", causing Sion to experience all of the memories of the target as well. This can overwhelm her quite quickly.

Barrel Replica: This is, for all intents and purposes, the most powerful tool that Sion has at her disposal. Its potential far outstretches that of her Magecraft, and it is one of the most despised and feared Conceptual Weapons of the Sugiura, despite only being a replica of the original, which was capable of turning immortals into mortals. The original has long since been destroyed.

The Barrel Replica is a Conceptual Weapon with the concept of "Natural Life". This weapon, appearing to be an normal pistol with ornate black markings down the barrel, fires singular projectiles that normally do the damage of a close-range shotgun blast. The projectile, on contact with an enemy, does damage proportional to a given age, depending on the race--for spiritual beings, this is about 5000 years old. For humans, this is 100. If an enemy is younger than this age, it will do less damage than if they were older, the damage growing as they reach that specified limiting age. The main limitation with this weapon is that Sion can only specify a single target at a time. Once that target has been designated, twenty rounds are manifested within the weapon. These rounds can only be used on that target, and new ones cannot be created, nor can the designated target be changed, until Sion has finished her twenty. The same target is able to be designated for the next twenty, however.

There is one way for the rounds to quickly be expunged, however. By using up the remaining rounds in her weapon (at a minimum of two), Sion is able to use an ability known as Barrel Replica Obelisk. In order to use this ability, Sion must tie herself down with Ethelite, or risk having herself blown back by the potential force. When firing, she fires off a singular, gigantic blast towards the opponent. All remaining rounds are used up. Depending on the remaining amount of rounds, the damage is multiplied by 1.5x the rounds remaining. Therefore, if there are 20 rounds left, the damage output from the Barrel Replica is multiplied by 35 times, before being multiplied again by the age ratio. Once used, the Barrel Replica cannot designate a new target for two rounds.

Example: Sion fires the Barrel Replica Obelisk at Okabe Rintarou-Rex, with 20 remaining rounds. Okabe is approximately 11,000 years old. The blast hits, doing the damage of a shotgun round at point blank, multiplied by: 35*(11000/5000), which is 35*2.2, which is 77x the damage of a shotgun round.

The abilities described beneath this statement are abilities that pertain to Sion's original Magecraft, which have fragmented and remained despite the shattered Magic Crest.

Calculations: Sion is capable of 'overclocking' her brain, in much the same way one overclocks a computer for increased processing power and speed. As a completely natural action, she can use this increased mental prowess to attempt to understand the trajectories and physics of enemies charging her, and projectiles coming her way, in order to better avoid them. This has an expanded role in her ability-set with her full Magecraft available.

Memory Partition: Although she could do it at a far higher level before she lost her full Magic Crest, Sion is capable of partitioning her own brain functions at an astonishing level. Able to split her mind up into seven separate slots, each with the processing power of her entire brain at hand, she can simultaneously understand and process multiple concepts and ideas. This has an expanded role in her ability-set with her full Magecraft available.

Magecraft Unleashed

Right now, Sion has no access to her Magecraft--her own abilities that she uses are simply fragments as such. This section will be filled once she finally regains her full Magecraft.

Alter Forme

Sion is a rarity among Magi--due to the unique creation and addition of her Magecraft to her body, she had to go through intense throes of pain. In order to store away the painful feelings (as she couldn't send them away, risking losing her power if she did so) she created a secondary being--this was originally known as the Dust of Osiris, and represented what could only be called Sion's disgust for humanity and all other beings. However, when the 'incident' occurred, Sion's mind and Magecraft partially degraded, her Dust of Osiris form being a large part of that. However, because she could not truly get rid of this personality, it has manifested itself into a somewhat different Alter Form; one that is more used for physical attacking as opposed to anything else. She has no real abilities outside of her physical attacks.

Natural Weapons: At the expense of losing proficiency with her pistols and Ethelite, Sion gains attacks that can be used with claws on her fingers, and heavily-sharpened fangs.

Darkvision: Sion gains the ability to see perfectly in the dark--though everything she sees is in black and white during this time. She is also dazzled in bright light, and blinded for a post if suddenly exposed to high levels of light.

Blood Drinker: Sion is capable of taking the blood of spiritual beings and drinking it to replenish her own energy stocks, though only while in this form. The victim must be either completely helpless, or willing. Drinking is an action that can only occur through the vein, and means that Sion cannot choose to attack again in-post.

Dust of Osiris

This was the true form of Sion's Alter; it has now been degraded into her current Alter--it will be updated when she finally unlocks the full potential of her Magecraft.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: A family that prided itself on its power. A group of individuals, each as strong as the last. Beings that only allowed for the best to be within their ranks. What could possibly be the link between these? A single girl: Sion Eltnam Sokaris. Her family was young, Magi with weak bloodlines, powers that hadn't quite fully intertwined themselves into the history of these beings. Because of this, it was often difficult for them to fully be accepted by the Mage's Association. Of course, there was always another option. Their only daughter, Sion, was a prodigy, one might say. Intelligent for her age, they could already tell that she was on the path to greatness. These beings, that were looking for the best? Atlas. Their leader wanted a successor, and the Sokaris needed a way to get their daughter the best life they could. So they handed her over to him.

Sion was renamed Sion Atlasia Osiris--her 'father' didn't think her ready to take on the title yet. And then, for about two thousand years, they started to train her. They trained her body and reflexes with a pistol. They trained her mind with puzzles and education. However, the greatest training came to her very spirit itself. Upon her right arm, at the very top of the shoulder, they started to engrave something over and over again, going over the shape with a magical needle and pouring in every ounce of knowledge that they had for this. Slowly attempting to infect her entire body with their Magecraft, these Magi were succeeding quite well. As the years went on, they started to impart another thing on her as well--racism, pride, bigotry. They tried to get her to see them as the superior race, and to hate everyone and everything that wasn't a Magus Sugiura. Although Sion acted as if these teachings were working, she was slowly pushing them into an individual compartment of her mind, using it as a feeding tube to create... something. Something that she dared not allow out.

After these two-thousand years were up, Sion was given a position within the ranks of Atlas, and told that she would eventually succeed them. However, an early mission would change that entirely. In a conjoint effort with a group of Squires from the Eastern Sugiura, Sion was tasked to lead a few members of Atlas in a mission to take down a rogue Beast Sugiura, that had been removed from their control by force. Apparently, the Beast's name was Zepia Eltnam Wallachia. She had never heard of it before, yet she would easily give chase to it as well. In the Squires, there was a woman leading them by the name of Riesbyfe Stridberg. Unlike most people Sion had met, she felt a connection with Riesbyfe. Even though they continued to hunt (this hunt took a few weeks) they started to get a lot closer to each other. It wasn't long before the pair had an encounter of the intimate kind, where Sion and Riesbyfe proclaimed mutual attraction to one another.

However, this happiness that the pair felt was to be struck down and cut short. Finally cornering the beast, Sion and Riesbyfe lead their individual teams in an attack from two sides. The battle was fierce, for maybe about an hour. Within that hour, their men and women were completely slaughtered by the being--the only thing keeping Sion alive was her calculation speed. However, they were now the ones that were cornered, Sion emptying hundreds of bullets into the head of Zepia, with nothing occurring. As it approached, she suddenly watched a flash of silver stream in front of her--Riesbyfe had charged Zepia in order to protect her, weapon at the ready. Sion shouted. One syllable was shouted out, and the look on her face was something that had never been seen before.

'No!' It was too late. She had already known it to be too late. Dropped to the ground was Riesbyfe, who had managed to kill Zepia, but at the cost of her own life. For the first time in her existence, Sion cried. Tears dripped down her face as she dropped to her knees in front of Riesbyfe's prone form.

Placing her hands at the woman's sides, Sion slowly rolled her over onto her back, looking at the barely-smiling face of the dead girl. "Why... why?" She hadn't even gotten to say goodbye. She had only been able to watch uselessly as this woman died in front of her. Placing a couple of fingers onto Riesbyfe's cheek, Sion raised her gaze up to look around at the massacre that had occurred. She had survived, but she had been too useless to do anything more than jump out of the way of his attacks. Her Alchemy was a waste in this situation--there weren't enough materials to properly prepare for an attack. Yet, she looked back down at Riesbyfe once more, not realizing that her fingers had moved from the woman's cheek to her lips, softly running along the pale flesh with a measured touch. Closing her eyes and swallowing back bile, Sion started to separate her mind into pieces.

Ten. Twenty. Fourty. Eighty. One-Hundred and Sixty. 160 processes, each running at a speed that was twice that of her normal thinking speed. Each of these processes were considering a singular part or process group of the spiritual form, each emulating humanity in some way. Her thoughts went to the materials needed, the power needed to restore one's soul to the way it once was. She knew that she wouldn't be perfect, however it seemed that her spiritual core was still intact. If she knew correctly, that would hold all of her knowledge, personality and a majority of her powers. All she needed was the material, and her eyes widened as she realized where this material was. All around her... the bodies of the defeated. It was reckless, risky and quite rude to the dead, but she didn't care. She just wanted Riesbyfe back.

Long tendrils of energy started to spread out, each of them seemingly coming out of Sion's hands that were planted upon the other's chest. The tendrils started to eat away at the material that made up the bodies of the dead, transplanting themselves over to her body itself, trying to build up the places that had been damaged by the attacks from Zepia, aiming to replicate and fix every process. She couldn't afford to miss anything, and she knew that as she attempted to consider everything.

It took her three hours of straight work, almost completely burning out her energy and mental skills as she did so. The sheer force of having to do such a thing almost blacked her out several times, but once the three hours were over, the completed and perfect body of Riesbyfe was laying before her... still dead. It had failed, had it not? She had failed, she couldn't bring her back, it was all useless! Or... was it? One process was still running. Breath. She needs to breathe. Knowing that it wouldn't work without her own assistance, Sion performed one last task. CPR. And it worked. She didn't know how, but it worked. Laying upon the woman now, completely devoid of energy and thought power, Sion could only place a tired kiss upon the lips of the other, before falling asleep with three words.

"I... love you..."

When she awoke, she could only feel a sharp pain in her head, and in her right arm. According to the man in the white coat who had found them, she had effectively destroyed the link between herself and her Magic Crest. It was still there and strong, but her mind was no longer strong enough to access it. When she asked him why he knew so much, he simply laughed a strange laugh and tapped his temple. "I'm a mad scientist. It's my job to know these things." With that strange answer, he disappeared from sight, not even giving his name. Next to enter the room was a sheepish-looking Riesbyfe, who appeared to had recovered enough from the encounter. Sion could only breathe a sigh of relief as Ries simply laid by her side. They held one-another for the rest of the night.

Two weeks later, and Sion was healthy enough to leave the house of this 'Mad Scientist', alongside Riesbyfe. Apparently, she hadn't been able to bring back the entirety of the Riesbyfe she knew. The personality and potential powers were the same, but she had only been able to bring her up as a Guardian Beast, rather than an actual Sugiura. They had been linked permanently, and Riesbyfe could only survive as long as Sion was alive. She knew that she couldn't return to the Mage's Association, not without getting the ire of these beings. But she also needed to get her own personal belongings, and another little thing that could help her in life.

Returning to Atlas, she stole into her own home and started to take objects pertaining to her self, putting them into a bag and having Riesbyfe take it away. When asked why she wasn't coming too, she simply said that she needed to do something and the other would be too loud. Moving off on her own, she went into one of the treasure rooms of Atlas, looking for something specific. Past the Conceptual Weapons that they kept stored, she found the one she was looking for: Barrel Replica. Taking it and leaving, she turned her back on the Association of Mages, leaving with Riesbyfe to the Eastern Sugiura Lands. The girl became a police officer, and Sion began to train herself back up. She needed to restore that mental connection. She needed to fix her Magic Crest...

She needed to give Riesbyfe the power of a true Sugiura once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Sion Atlasia Osiris [APPROVED, 2-1+, MAGUS]   Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:51 pm

Reserving the rights to check this

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PostSubject: Re: Sion Atlasia Osiris [APPROVED, 2-1+, MAGUS]   Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:58 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Tier: 2-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Sion Atlasia Osiris [APPROVED, 2-1+, MAGUS]   

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Sion Atlasia Osiris [APPROVED, 2-1+, MAGUS]
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