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 Abiru Kobushi [Approved 4-3]

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PostSubject: Abiru Kobushi [Approved 4-3]   Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:29 am



Name: Kobushi; Abiru
Nickname: Abi (pronounced Abby), Kobi (combining the letters of her last and first name)
Alias: Crash Test Dummy
Gender: Female
Age: 17


Height: 5’3½”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: She has heterochromia; her right eye is Brown and her left eye is Blue
Overall Appearance:

(both eyes being shown)


Personality: When it comes to her character, the best way to describe Abiru is, well, as an oddball. Aside from her appearance, which already makes her stand out quite a bit seeing as she is always wearing at least some kind of bandaging, Abiru has a few “quirks” to her personality that make her seem like a rather odd girl. First of all, and both most notably as well as connecting to her appearance; Abiru loves animal tails. While some people call this a “fetish”, it is not actually a sexual thing, and even then, it is more accurate to call her level of “love” as obsession. Yeah, she is obsessed with animal tails, both the tails actually on the animal, as well as mounted tails (fake tails that can be worn for cosplay). Of course, exactly how this obsession relates to her appearance is actually rather humorous. Because of her obsession, Abiru often spends time around or looking for wild animals, and has even taken up a part-time job at a local zoo. While this alone is harmless, it is what she does when around these animals that earns her the bandages. Whenever she is around any of these animals, she will instinctively pull on their tails, no matter how dangerous the animal, which of course makes them angry and attack Abiru. While she is definitely not “dumb” by any standards, her obsession with tails is at such a level that she simply cannot help but to grab at any tail she sees and try to cuddle up against it. Because of this, despite her love of animals and their tails, and the fact that she is generally good at taking care of them, most animals end up disliking her; making her pursuit of their tails even more difficult.

Aside from her tail obsession, Abiru still has a few more oddities to her personality that makes her stand out. For starters, she has a habit of openly speaking any single thought that may cross through her mind without a care in the world who might hear her; basically lacking any self censoring. While most of the time she just shouts out when she sees an animal tail or anything that reminds her of an animal tail, there really is no limit to what she will say out loud; so long as the thought has popped up in her head. Secondly, Abiru seems to enjoy the attention of others, somewhat tying back into her lack of censoring. However, it would be incorrect to classify her as an “Attention Whore”. While Abiru enjoys others paying attention to her and being the center of attention, she does not actually “fight” others for attention or try to take attention away from somebody else. If anything, she actually likes it when other people are garnering attention as well, as it usually means, in Abiru’s own words, that they “must be a really fun person!” While not necessarily patient, instead of trying to take attention away from others, she will instead join them and try to get everybody’s attention together; as it’s always more fun to do things together, right? Finally, at least for oddities in her personality, Abiru seems to have a rather… “unique” thought process for arriving at “logical” conclusions. Well, unique in the sense that her thought process is bouncing off the walls crazy, and they way she reaches conclusions generally uses little to no logic. This is not to say that she in unintelligent, as she actually tends to do rather well in school (aside from math, because she can never show her work for how she got a correct answer), but more that she just thinks very differently than most other people. To put it simply, Abiru could tell you the correct answer to a problem, but don’t ask her how she got said answer; it will most likely involve crop circles and giant space tigers… with fluffy tails.

When it comes to “combat”, Abiru’s tendencies… pretty much stay odd. Because of her ability that allows her to take any attack and survive, she doesn’t really think much about her own well being in battle; compounded by the fact that she can only feel pain up to a certain intensity. Because of this, her goal in combat is not so much an offensive one, but a defensive one; just in a very offensive manner. Basically, her mindset in battle is “I am going to run around and into all the attacks for my allies, yay!” She does not have a death wish, as her ability pretty much keeps her from dying, but instead she wishes to protect her allies. Of course, given her rather odd nature, even if she weren’t un-killable, it would still be well within the realm of possibility for her to be simply running around the battlefield like a chicken with its head cut off. Then again, seeing as she does not actually have any offensive abilities (as of yet), her only real use in combat is to serve as a mobile human shield. Oddly enough though, even when a battle gets tough, Abiru really doesn’t get too much more serious. Seeing as getting angry wouldn’t even give her the advantage of the strength of a blind rage and if she were to take things any more seriously and/or stop running around like a goofball she would actually less effective to her allies, there really is no reason for her to get too invested into battle. Still, if a friend of hers gets seriously hurt or an opponent is about to fire a very powerful attack, Abiru has enough sense to act accordingly and work to defend said friend to the best of her ability.

Natural Abilities

Partial Insensitivity to Pain: While listed as an ability, Abiru’s insensitivity to pain is actually caused by a rare disease; congenital insensitivity to pain with partial anhidrosis (a different form of congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, or CIPA). Of course, while this disease on its own is already incredibly rare, Abiru is in an even more unique situation, as hers is actually a mutated form of the disease. Normally, this disease does not allow for the nerves connected to feeling pain, heat, and cold to grow or bind properly, but in Abiru’s case, the diseased gene only carries half of the encoding for it. This means that the axons, dendrites, and the myelin sheath of all neurons connected to pain sensitivity are only allowed to grow and connect half as effectively as normal. Because of this, her nerves can only handle sending a very small amount of pain signals up to her brain to be interpreted. Once this threshold has been crossed, the neurons will actually break, stopping any further pain being signaled to her brain. While they do grow back rather quickly, they can still only grow to be half connected in the first place, and will have the same threshold for pain signals. Basically, when put into practical terms, Abiru is able to feel small amounts of pain, but as that pain is increased, it will quickly reach a level that her nerves cannot interpret and she will stop feeling pain at all (until the neurons heal). So far, it seems that the most pain Abiru has ever been able to feel is a stubbed toe.

Enhanced Strength: Although she may not look like it, Abiru is actually a lot stronger than a normal girl of her age should be. While she is by no means the strongest, and her strength is nowhere near actual “superhuman” levels, she does have enough strength to swing a bat hard enough to cause some serious damage. That being said, how strong she is usually depends on how damaged she is; as while she cannot feel pain, a broken arm is still a broken arm, and it will be vastly less effective until it has fully healed.


Un-Killable; a.k.a. Crash Test Dummy: While Abiru herself may seem to be quite the ordinary girl (sans her appearance and personality), she does actually posses one very unique ability; she is un-killable. Basically, Abiru is able to take any amount of damage or any strength of attack and survive, no matter how lethal the attack should have been. It is unclear as to how this ability has been achieved, but it seems that it is in part driven by her internal spiritual energy. Normally, spiritual energy works by circulating throughout the owner’s body, strengthening them and building pressure, much like electrical current, or voltage. For Abiru, however, all of her spiritual energy is almost completely still because it is not actually even used in most situations. The only time her spiritual energy actually does anything is when she becomes lethally damaged. Under these situations, her energy goes to work to keep her alive; allowing her to quickly fix the lethal injury. Because she has no other actual powers to draw from her energy, and because it does not move until she is lethally damaged, only get stored, this ability to keep any part of her body alive despite lethal damage is able to stay active almost indefinitely. That being said, Abiru does still take damage from attacks despite not being able to be killed by them. While this ability works to keep her alive, it does not actually heal her body at any faster rates, save for some very specific situations. For example, were an attack to break her arm, Abiru, despite not being able to feel the pain of it, will still have a broken and unusable arm until it can heal on its own. At the same time, however, she is actually able to heal any lethal damage due to this ability, but only the damage that is lethal; not any other damage associated with it. For example, say that an opponent were to break her neck; Abiru’s ability would keep both her body and head alive and allow her to heal her neck almost instantly, but she would still have any bruises or cuts associated with the actual act of having her neck broken. Oddly enough, this “healing any lethal damage” aspect also extends to the separation of limbs from her body. Simply put, were an opponent able to cut off an arm, a leg, or even her head, Abiru’s ability would actually allow her to effectively “reattach” it and it will work just fine; save for the fact that where said limb reattaches would still be cut, and most of the times this process ends up breaking her arm or leg if it is the limb being reattached. Because of this, while she can reattach the limb, and cannot be killed by attacks, she still has to bandage up her body so that she can actually heal properly. Whether it be a bandage for a cut or a cast for a broken arm, Abiru will still have to patch herself up (or be patched up by someone else depending on how severe the wound) after every battle, and will remain in such a state until her wounds heal. Of course, because she can only feel very small amounts of pain, she is actually able to fight while injured, however this will simply mean that she will have to wait longer to fully heal.


History: Being born with congenital insensitivity to pain with partial anhidrosis, Abiru never really had a truly normal life. While her version of this disease CIPA doesn’t prevent her from being able to feel hot and cold, it has always been affecting her ability to feel pain above a very low level. Because of this, her parents have been obsessively worried about her ever since birth; her life being filled with multiple stays in the hospital per year and being sheltered for much of her early childhood. Of course, such measures definitely weren’t without reason; seeing as even today most children born with this disease die before they reach the age of three. So, as one might have guessed by this, Abiru was under the most surveillance during the earliest years of her life. However, because her parents were overly worried, said surveillance lasted until she was old enough to enter first grade; attributing heavily to her awkwardness in social situations and a lack of a personal censor. Of course, there was one other major event that happened during this time that helped to shape one of the largest aspects of her personality.

When she was only three years old during a trip to the hospital, Abiru looked out of her room’s window and happened to see a stray cat wandering by. Actually, to be more specific, she only managed to see the cat’s tail passing by. This, however, was more than enough to pique the young girls interest, and she was soon wandering outside of her room as soon as she was alone, her parents having gone to get her some food. While she was quickly caught, seeing as a three year old walking (or more accurately stumbling) around proudly proclaiming “catti!” was rather hard to miss, her obsession with the tail she had seen was never truly sated. Of course, it also didn’t help that her parents were even more worried about her than usual and she was scolded for leaving her room; forever imprinting the tail into her memory. While she would spend many of her later stays at the hospital until she started school searching for that magical tail from her childhood, she never again found the cat.

Aside from this, nothing much of interest happened over her life. Well, at least, nothing that went to define her as much as her obsession with tails. Because she had been sheltered all of her childhood, as well as the fact that she wasn’t allowed to spend too much time away from home due to her disease (aside from school), she took every opportunity she could get to play with others and attract the attention she had only gotten from her parents whenever she left the house. While this persisted throughout all of her school years, she never really got too attached to any one particular person, since she only ever saw other people at school and through being paid attention to. Recently, however, there is one person she has managed to get rather close to (at least in her own mind); and that is the EMS/Ambulance driver who has become her regular mode of transportation to the hospital and takes care of her in-home visits.

Diablo Cortar ~ 0-3+
Dracula ~ 0-3+
Ravana Ichiro ~ 0-3+
Albert Wesker ~ 0-3
Hijikata Toshizo ~ 0-4-
Renamon ~ 0-5
Krieg ~ 1-1
Shyanne/Canaan ~ 1-1
Okita Souji ~ 1-3
Simon Barabbas ~ 1-3
Zachary Torren ~ 1-5
Hanako Ikezawa ~ 2-1
Abiru Kobushi ~ 4-3
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PostSubject: Re: Abiru Kobushi [Approved 4-3]   Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:45 pm

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Tier: 4-3

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PostSubject: Re: Abiru Kobushi [Approved 4-3]   Sat Oct 05, 2013 8:58 pm

Character Archived!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Abiru Kobushi [Approved 4-3]   

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Abiru Kobushi [Approved 4-3]
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