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 Doctor Kabuto Hebi [Approved; 1-1]

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PostSubject: Doctor Kabuto Hebi [Approved; 1-1]   Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:08 pm

Doctor Kabuto Hebi


Name: Dr. Kabuto Hebi
Alias:Kabuto Yakushi to Humans/Shinigami/Sugiura; Krishna Kurup to Arrancar; Dr. Hebi to himself and those he introduces himself to personally.
True Age:205

Absolutely F@#$ed in the head

Kabuto's mind… is not a safe place to be. From his childhood, there are constantly images of pain, destruction, chaos, death, ad all other kinds of hells imaginable. In fact, that's exactly what's so disturbed about it. His creativity and ingenuity combined with his amount of intelligence and extremely disturbing materials given by books have turned his mind into quite a disturbing place go into or messed with.

No Morals

To him, there is no such thing as white line. There's only what he can do and what he can get others to do. He performs unimaginable experiments with the same attitude that he flips pancakes. In addition, talking morals with him is completely fruitless; as what doesn't exist in his mind can't really be argued.

No Boundarys

If there's a way for him to accomplish something, he will do it. It doesn't matter if it's defying the laws of gravity, getting an important test subject from the soul society, or stealing Gilgamesh's gold. If he has the determination to do it, he will always act towards getting it, and is never discouraged by things that get in his way, as they make the victory all the sweeter.

Understanding of Madness

He completely understands most insane people. In fact, it's interesting; he himself is not mad, but he can communicate with almost any mad person. Of course, most of what they tell him, even though it is gibberish to start with, is still gibberish. He's kind of like a dog whisperer, but with crazy people.

Completely Manipulative

One of his greatest, and most central traits, are his manipulation tendencies. He will often play with the minds of himself and others in any way he can for his own amusement. To him, there is nothing more interesting than blackmailing a man to kill his own allies, ad then he himself be killed as a result. It makes his snakes wriggle whenever he successfully manipulates someone. And his snakes wriggle… quite a lot…


However, as he himself likes to say, he is not without pity. He finds it pitiful when a possible test subject or source of resources is lost; therefore, he will even do some out-of-the-way things, such as reviving near dead foes to examine them in his lab, or save a potential resource's mate from certain death to use against their spouse. However, despite this being linked to his Manipulative nautre, he himself honestly views it as feeling pity.


Dr. Hebi has special names for everyone that he meets, and will always refer to them as such, as he considers a name to be what the person is, not who they are.


No amounts of criticism from ANY person ever discourages him. Even if he's told to stop doing something by his superiors; he'll most definitely keep doing it. Most of the time, when it comes to criticism and insults, they barely effect him, showing that his mind is both mad and ice cold.

Perfectly Logical

Despite everything else, he is very polite soul. He always uses his manners, and he treats his opponents with a good deal of respect, no matter what they do. He has the utmost levels of patience; able to wait out nearly any verbal/mental abuse that his opponent uses against him. In fact, there is very little mental harm that opponents can do to him, as there is nothing in his mind that the truly values; he doesn't even entirely care for his own being other than his ability to create experiments and carry them out.

Information Hungry

He is extremely observant, taking in absolutely EVERYTHING his opponent does and recording it perfectly with his idyllic memory. In fact, his mind is so powerful when it comes to observation, that he keeps two copies of any information that he has within his head, just in case something should try to erase one of the copies; he would have a fail-safe. This is quite useful outside the realms of battle as well; as it can tie into his manipulative nature by giving him ammunition to use against the psyche of his targets.

Extreme Curiosity

His curiosity is of extreme levels. When he wants to find something out, he will go to the ends of the earth to find out everything he can about that one particular thing. He will use any and all of his means necessary to find it out; pain and sacrifice are but little to him he finds out just one tiny fact through his observation and experimentation.


Despite everything else, he is rather playful, when he is not being manipulative; in fact, this sometimes overlaps with his manipulativeness. For example, he often plays with his snake Hebi, smiles at his foes, and even lovingly handles the snakes he produces. So, he's only about 95% an abomination.

Uncaring about Self

He has no care at all for his own self. He could be in the process of being painfully abused and still work on his calculations inside of his mind. As such, he is extremely resistant to pain as well, especially so considering the tests that his body became accustomed to. In addition, he takes no insult from being attacked or harmed in any way; he just doesn't care one way or another.

Imagination of Horrors

His imagination is… terrifying. He can think of terrible, terrible things to use his resources with, as well as to manipulate. Thinking of such horrible deeds to be done and things to be created makes his snakes wriggle.

Insane Creativity

Along with his great amounts of imagination, he is also extremely creative. He can come up with off handed but very effective solutions on the fly; react at very high speeds to new variables in a situation and adapt to them, taking them into his calculations and finding ways to defeat them by referencing all the information that he already has.

Immense Deduction

His logic skills are also top notch. He is able to consider several different possibilities simultaneously, and judge each one to see the chances of it, using all the variables and information that he has already gathered and knows. This also helps him how to work out how an opponent fights, and discover quickly the best way to beat them out and win the battle.

Zero Ego

His ego is absolute zero. He will never say he is a better scientist or better chemist or logistic than anyone else. Indeed, he always tends to sell himself short. He honestly doesn't believe that he and his work are anything special, but doesn't really care when others are shocked by his research or how little he cares for how good of work it is.

Unmentionable Past

He never mentions his past; to anyone. Ever. Any inquiries into his own history are completely ignored. In addition, he completely ignores anyone who talks about his past. So, finding out ANYTHING about this snake-man is extremely, extremely difficult.

Gold Addiction

Perhaps it has to do with the ancient pursuit of alchemy. Perhaps it is merely his extremely odd nature. In any case, he is addicted to gold. He claims that it "Helps him think" and he has a bag of it permanently set in his cloak, right below his mouth. The bag is filled with solid gold flakes, perfect for snorting like a drug. When he goes any period of time without his gold, Dr. Hebi begins getting irritable and slightly more agitated, and gets much slower with his work. While he has it, though, he's happy as a clam. However, the ways he obtains his gold at times can be... sketchy.

Likes: Gold, Manipulating others, controlling others, snakes, his tail Hebi

Dislikes: Muffins (They give him bad snake-gas), Frogs, Mexicans (Long story), being given orders, not being able to find out new things, losing his tail and test subjects.

General Appearance


Look up strange in the dictionary. You'll see this dude's picture. Weighing in at one-hundred and fifteen pounds, Dr. Hebi is one really skinny snake. His appearances are one thing that himself does not care about; a trait easily shown by his unkempt hair. He would also have extreme body odor if it weren't for the fact that he doesn't sweat.

Around Dr. Hebi's eyes, he wears a very simple pair of glasses. Well, they are simple, and yet they are not. They extremely large and round, going from the edges of his face to the bridge of his nose. His entire body is quite pale; not extraordinarily so, but it is obvious that he does not get enough light.

His clothes are... Simple, to say the least. He wears no actual shirt, preferring to go bare-chested under his snake cloak. His Snake Cloak, however, is pure dark red in color, with very long sleeves. It has a zipper right down the front, and Hebi often goes under it, which has created permanent creases on the bottom of its back. The hood of the cloak looks like a snakes head about to swallow; indeed, Dr. Hebi is able to zip it up so that it seems to swallow his face and look out of its two lenses. These lenses are white on the outsdie, yellow on the inside, and are centered by a single black dot.

Around his legs he wears a simple pair of black pants. His skin… is odd… it looks like it has scales on the inside of it, to be perfectly honest. His eyes are slitted, yellow in color with the slit being black.

Appearance Age: 205
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 120 lbs

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Medical Drugs

He is an extremely adept doctor, believe it or not. He can treat almost all, if not every normal condition that a person can get from a supply of medicines that he has in one side of his cloak, in front of his chest. All these medicines are held in little bottles. However, he can also use his creativity and ingenuity with the medical drugs to turn them into weapons as well. For example, if he took an agent that decreased the feelings of depression in a person by speeding up the thyroid, he could inject that through Hebi, and the person would begin feeling extremely active at first, and then very, very tired a few posts later, and require some kind of energy restoration.

Snake Spawn

Dr. Hebi's tongue is extremely long to begin with, but it can grow. It is very similar to a tongue of a snake; slimy and thin. It is able to grow, using his Qi as well to extend itself. He can use this tongue as a whip, to bind things, grab things, or just lick his lip in an attempt to vastly creep someone else out.

Languages: Dr. Hebi knows several languages, almost all of the simple human ones. This is due to the fact that anytime he hears what something in a language means or even words he doesn't know, he automatically references it whenever someone brings it up again. This also includes lip reading and American Sign Language, allowing him to tell what someone is saying just by watching their lips. In addition, Dr. Hebi has the abilities to speak both Snake Language through hissing, and the Tongue of Madness, as discussed in his personality.

Qi Abilities

Type: Jínéng
Appearance change: He perpetually has a construction of Qi on his body, which takes the form of Hebi, the snake attached to him.

Hebi, The Tail

Being a Tail

Extending from his stomach, right in the center of his belly, and extending back behind his back. The snake is about a foot and a half in diameter, much thicker than most snakes. It is long enough that it curls up on Dr. Hebi's body, and goes under his cloak and up, facing behind him. However, the snake is a part of Dr. Hebi; and Dr. Hebi is a part of the snake as well. However, it also acts like a tail. Dr. Hebi can wag it around, use it to wriggle, press it on the ground for balance, or swing it at his opponents. Those are its very, very basic uses. It can be attacked and struck, and Dr. Hebi feels any pain from the tail; it will also heal like a normal injury.

Being a Birthplace

Using Dr. Hebi's ability of Mass Snakes, Hebi can pour out snakes from his mouth, real, living snakes; all of them able to be directly controlled from its own mind, which also share's Dr. Hebi's mind. So, while Dr. Hebi mostly uses his snakes as weapons, Hebi can focus on having the snakes focus on the opponent and specific tools, using coordinated movements to attack and perform missions. The Hebi can also view what its spawn views; and then send those messages to Dr. Hebi, allowing him sources of eyes to see things he otherwise wouldn't be able to be.

Being a Snapper

Hebi has another, obvious trait. Its teeth. Its teeth are an effective weapon; each of its four fangs is over a foot in length, able to slide out from its gums to reach its full capacity. However, each one ends in a point as thin as a speartip. These teeth are special, because Dr. Hebi can use them to act instantly as injection needles; he himself drinks whatever he wants it to inject, and the teeth bite into his opponent or other things and inject whatever it was that Dr. Hebi drank into the target.

Being an Eject Seat

Hebi has quite an… interesting ability. By completely straightening itself out, Hebi can pull Dr. Hebi from where he is standing, literally pulling Dr. Hebi into the snake behind him. This enlargens the snake, and it gains a crop of white hair on its face. It is only able to use its Swallower abilities and teeth while in this state. Otherwise, he can only move around like a snake and bite with its teeth. This is best used to dodge terrible attacks by having Dr. Hebi dodge into the snake; or even using it as armor by going inside of it.

Being a Ruse

Once every two posts, his snake can shed its skin… by making another snake out of itself. This snake is the exact same size as Dr. Hebi's snake, but without a host. This snake is best used to distract an opponent, as it can take a good amount of damage before it bites the dust. It is controlled the same as with the other snakes: through Hebi's mind.

Mass Snakes

This is his most common way of attacking his enemies. Basically… he can turn his energy into literal snakes. His energy transforms into snakes, effortlessly becoming the skin, the teeth, everything about them, making a regular old snake as it gives it a spark of life. As such, each of these snakes is an actual living thing; and each is directly created from Dr. Hebi's body. Therefore, he can create them from any point of his body, having the snakes slide out of the pores of his skin. They can emerge in droves almost instantly .

Most of the time, he uses these snakes that he's spawned from his own body in whips and chains of some kinds. Such as throwing out his hands and a huge horde of snakes, connected by their biting teeth, being thrown out of his cloak and slamming into his enemy before going back to him. Or him throwing out a foot and having a similar effect occur. Hell, he could have a bunch of snakes shoot out in a stream from his face, slipping out of his face's pores and firing at his opponent.

Body Split

Dr. Hebi has a very… interesting property. He can force half of his entire body to go through Hebi, being spat out as if it were a clone out of his body, or just completely splitting right in half, both halves reforming their body. Each of these bodies has exactly half of the users abilities, powers, defenses, everything on the bodya. However, this is most often used to dodge attacks; and while it has a very high success rate, it often comes at the price of half the users energy supplies until the thread has ended; as its most common use is to be not hit by something that would severely damage the user. The two parts can verbally and mentally communicate; but they can only exchange words. However, most of the time, due to the two being the same body, they can normally work together in almost perfect unison. However, only Dr. Hebi has the ability to rejoin the two halves; and he performs this by swallowing the other half through Hebi, returning the energy to him. However, he is unable to swallow the energy back until three posts later; so he is halved in his strength for three posts if not the entire thread.

Full Body Shed

Once per thread, Dr. Hebi can literally drop an entire layer of skin off of his entire body, slipping out of it. This is best used in a smokescreen or other such thing to lose the enemy; however, in using it, Dr. Hebi loses his cloak unless he retrieves it from his former cloak. Basically, the entire back of his skin, as well as the cloak, splits wide open, although the front and sides look totally normal. Dr. Hebi is then able to leap out of it, his body completely barren but for his underclothes and Hebi's true form completely bare.

Medical Techniques

In addition, he has a special medical technique of his own that allows him to heal his allies and other personages. Basically, Dr. Hebi holds his hands over his patient, and his hands begin glowing, sending positive Qi into the targets body. These medical techniques can break down and reattach tissues, isolate poisons and draw them out, restitch skin on a molecular level, replace tissue, and even pump blood through the targeted area. As stated before, Dr. Hebi is a doctor, a very, very potent doctor.

Qi Scalpels

Dr. Hebi is able to generate six inch blades made of Qi out of his hands, using them to cut things. The energy forms into solid blades, making them extremely sharp. These blades are able to cut through must flesh and tear it, as well as most objects. However, if the thing they hit against is too sharp, they will simply break, and he will have to generate them again. They don't take very much energy to generate again.

Perpetual Youth
His body does not age and grow old; he is stuck as a young person forever. He can still be damaged by outside forces, but his body's special system of Qi forces his internal powers to never stop reproducing cells at maximum efficiency, meaning that he looks the same that he did 200 years ago.

Sleepy Timez They Come

This is a… powerful hypnosis, you may say. Dr. Hebi is able to point his snake out, and anyone looking at the snake will naturally have their eyes drawn towards those of the snake, as the snake's eyes begin changing colors and swirling around into the middle. Dr. Hebi himself makes soft noises, cooing and hissing softly as this occurs; and staring at the eyes of Hebi is an extremely relaxing action. This typically makes NPCs and those with very little will power fall consciously asleep.While in this state, they are incredibly susceptible to orders, as they are extremely relaxed. However, they cannot be told to do anything they wouldn't normally do. However, this can be a terrific tool in calming down, capturing, or just mesmerizing a large crowd by drawing their attention to Hebi's head. A person can break out of the trance rather easily; most sharp noises will wake them, as well as fast movement in front of them, or something hitting them. It also only puts beings into a trance, and things such as animals, zanpaktou, Guardian Beasts, and weapons are not effected by this. This is a favorite trick of Dr. Hebi's; although, most of the time, he doesn't need to use it; as his words and slippery tongue almost always prove more effective.

Snake Cloak

This special cloak that Dr. Hebi is wearing at all times has quite an interesting effect to it. By lowering and zipping up the hood, Dr. Hebi is able to see through the snake's eyes that the cloak has. This cloak's unique ability is to block out most types of illusions, stopping all but the quite powerful from effecting Dr. Hebi. In addition, the snake eyes clear up Dr. Hebi's vision, and allows him to see through illusions to what really exist in front of him.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

The Doctor was born to very strange parents. Neither of them was very fond of the child they had conceived, and had merely done so because they both had strange properties about them. His father never made any sound, moving wherever he pleased without any detection. His mother was a strange woman, flexible for no reason; her body could move in any directions whatsoever. The Russian scientists didn't have much problems with paying them to procreate, and when the child was born, they took it in for observation.

As such, the child grew up as a science experiment. His mind wasn't normal, making it so that his emotions seemed to grow at a stunted pace. As he grew up, they began to understand that he wasn't a normal person. His mind, however, rocketed ahead far beyond his emotions. He would pore over thick volumes for hours, reading at a college level in a matter of months. That was the other strange thing about him, his entire body grew at a rapid pace. By the time he was five months old, he looked like he was a preteen. His mind moved just as fast, but his emotions were nowhere near that pace. He never had any desire to do anything but read, and his first emotion, the one that all humans first obtained, was curiosity.

He also wasn't quite normal in regards to pain; he never reacted to it. He seemed to honor its existence, but didn't seem to understand how he was supposed to react to it. As he continued to grow, he began to grow past the very doctors who raised him intellectually, and they began to become afraid of him. He was now a young adult in a matter of a few years, and they decided to get rid of him.

However, when they finally got to doing it, he was bound and dragged to a swamp. They dumped his body into it, the dirty swamp water filling his entire mouth and every orifice on his body, as he began to feel another emotion. Distaste. However, his entire body seemed to also accept the things around him, as the water flowed through him, and he felt a massive pain in his stomach. Without warning, out of his stomach shot a massive snake, white in color and like nothing he had ever seen, as it broke through the bag, shooting its head over the water and taking a breath. He gasped out loud as he realized he could breathe again, and got up off of the swamp floor.

His entire body would never be the same after that. It was not long before he found his way back to the lab, and he turned the scientists into HIS experiments. They found themselves locked up, and he began to experiment with the new energy he had learned how to manipulate. His morals never developed; as such, he took no pity on them, abusing them and wondering why they reacted the way they did, having complete access to their records of himself.

After some time, he eventually decided to leave. The scientists had all died, their beards white from age. However, Dr. Hebi, as he had decided to call himself after the Japanese, had not aged a day since he reached two years of age, remaining a young adult for all eternity. And so it was that he decided to explore the world, along with Hebi, and see what there was for him to find...

And experiment on...

Roleplay Sample:

The man moved slowly, his form seeming to flicker in and out as he drew nearer and nearer to the battlefield. I wonder... are there any interesting research materials here...? He wondered to himself, his eyes gazing from behind the cloak he wore all over his body with the exception of his face. The bodies were everywhere; after all, they had lost. Unsurprisingly. It was his doing, in the end. He was testing the power of typical humans with hollow bait; they never had a chance as they were completely decimated.

However, the Doctor needed a new experiment. He had no idea who he was going to end up using, as he looked around and around and around, not seeing what he was looking for before he blinked, realizing what he should be doing as he smiled. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as his immense sensory abilities fanned out.

Finally, his smile widened and Hebi quivered slightly as he found one that he was looking for. His body seemed to flicker slightly once more as this time, he merely shot into the ground, vanishing from his current location as he moved effortlessly through the ground. Quickly and efficiently, he rose out of the ground before the one being with enough energy for him to pick out. His painted-looking and yet natural eyes flashed as he saw the hard breathing female before himself, as Hebi rose up behind him. It's eyes were swirling as the Doctor cooed, and the girl lost her consciousness, falling into the Doctor's waiting embrace as he smiled. And that's one. He thought, knowing she had fallen unconscious from her exhaustion and the hypnosis he had used on her. He blinked as he held her to himself; for just a moment, he had seen her eyes. They had been a strange gold color, and that thought made him take a deep breath as his eyes closed peacefully, the element AU entering his body via his sinuses from the pocket in the mouth of his cloak. As he did this, his body and hers began to slowly lower into the ground, as he prepared to transfer them both via earth pass... back to his lab, where he would place her on an examination table, until she finally decided to awaken... and then... the tests...

would begin...

-Don't Fear the Doctor-

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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Kabuto Hebi [Approved; 1-1]   Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:34 pm

Application Checklist
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  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
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  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
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  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
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  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: Everything looks good to me, Approved.
Tier: 1-1

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Doctor Kabuto Hebi [Approved; 1-1]
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