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 Kimiko Kikuchi [WIP]

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Kimiko Kikuchi [WIP]   Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:12 pm

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name: Kimiko Kikuchi
True Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Kimiko is just a generally pleasant and happy person to be around. That is simply because she is. There are no underlying worries or any deep down sadness within her. She is happy, and she is genuinely happy. This doesn't mean she is super perky over the top happy. She is the average girl kind of happy. She can get excited, but she isn't excited at the drop of a hat. She can laugh, but she doesn't laugh at the drop of a hat (she doesn't giggle at everything). She is just a down to earth girl whom is pleasant to be around. She can make friends, and she cares about them as such. She cares deeply for her family. She is the type of person who would take a bullet for their friend if she had to. However, she is a nervous girl when it comes to serious conflict. If there is a dangerous situation, she might get a little shaky, and thus make her slow to react in terms of helping someone. She knows that if she was stronger, she would be able to kick the fear to the curb. However, with her being basically human (with only above average physical traits), she feels that she won't be able to take the heat. It might seem like she is a pretty average girl, and that is because she is. She has little experience with the spiritual realm, and by little I mean none. She is not actually aware of her powers. Thus, when her body weight fluctuates she gets confused, and embarrassed if asked to explain, since she doesn't know why is happens. Due to the average-ness of her situation, which way she goes in terms of just about everything is up in the air. She isn't naive, but she is oddly influencable. Enough of the right kind of pushing could send her in any direction. As in, if someone kept saying how cute and adorable she was, over a long span of time, she would somehow shift and start acting cute and adorable. If someone talked about how serious she was for a long period of time, she would shift in that direction.

General Appearance

Appearance Age: 16
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120lbs

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Increased Stamina: Due to random bouts of increased gravity she has gained increased stamina, able to use her muscles for extended periods while under normal gravity.

Increased Strength: Due to the same increased gravity, her body has adapted. Despite her muscled being that of a normal girl her age, she is stronger than most girls her age.

Increased Speed: Her leg muscles are also adapted, allowing her to run faster than most her age can.

Reishi Abilities

Type: Zhànlüè
Appearance change: N/A

Gravity Alteration: Kimiko has no control over her power, nor does she even truly realizes it exists. She knows SOMETHING odd is going on, but she can't figure out what is causing it. Her power is to alter gravity. It manifests randomly in a manner in that it shifts on her randomly. She will go from being normal gravity, to high gravity, to normal, to low, to high, and back to normal again. This will cause her weight to fluctuate with it. Sometimes, her power releases a "burst" and causes everything in a 10 foot radius to have altered gravity. If she had high gravity on herself, and she released a burst, she would be normal gravity (and thus normal weight) while everything around her had high gravity. Likewise, if she had low gravity and she released a burst, everything around her would have lowered gravity while she was normal. The effects of the burst as of now remain for only about 5 minutes before returning to normal. She has no control over the bursts as of yet. Somehow, her muscles are unhampered by altered gravity (her own only, other shifts will affect her) and she can move them as normal. The current shift of gravity is generally only slightly lower or slightly higher than Earth's, though after an extended period without the power being active, its activation can be strong enough to cause a more powerful increase, but only by a little bit.

Acceleration control: N/A This power exists within her, but has absolutely no ability to manifest, intended or otherwise, until unlocked at a later date.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Kimiko was born in Karakura town. Her family was nothing special, just an average family. When she was a baby, and everyone kept telling her how cute and adorable she was, she acted as such (because she was a baby). However, around the time the coddling stopped (because they didn't act so cute and adorable), she kept acting as such. At first the family ignored it, but eventually she was acting way out of age. They repeatedly drilled into her how she should be acting, she didn't listen...at first. Eventually, she actually shifted to how she should act. When she was in middle school, she began to hang out with a group of nerdy girls. As time went on, she shifted towards acting like a nerd. There was nothing wrong with this of course, but her family did find her personality change a little odd. When she moved into high school, she ended up with a group of bad kids. She ended up beginning to behave like them, doing things she shouldn't be. Her family didn't ignore this and tried to sit her down. She didn't want to listen and left. However, when that group of friends left on a vacation (that Kimiko couldn't go on), her family kept trying to make her act like a normal girl. Apparently, Kimiko is oddly influencable, and her "friends" were gone for the month. With her family constantly trying to help her, she eventually went back to normal. Now she is in her second year of high school. She acts entirely like a normal girl, but due to the previous events, she has no friends to speak of, since she doesn't talk to that group of bad kids. Now, she could go in any direction. She is a happy normal girl. Will it stay that way though? Only time will tell.


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Kimiko Kikuchi [WIP]
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