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 Yuichi Sachiyo [Approved 3-5]

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PostSubject: Yuichi Sachiyo [Approved 3-5]   Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:55 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: Yuichi Sachiyo
True Age: 165
Gender: Male
Personality: In general, what a lot of people will see in Yuichi is absolute seriousness or merely a neutral expression or attitude.  Yuichi does not just walk around smiling.  He won't just give off a happy vibe for no reason.  The look on his face will generally be neutral or serious.  His reactions to things will generally be the same.  He doesn't really get "excited".  Sure, he is capable of the emotion but even on those few instances where he will be genuinely excited, odds are someone wouldn't notice.  The only people who could notice are those who know him really well and have learned to see the subtle differences in his demeanor.  All of this might make Yuichi seem, at times, difficult to approach or talk to.  That is because quite simply, if you don't know him, it generally is.  He doesn't give off a miserable vibe, he doesn't give off an unpleasant vibe.  The only vibe he really gives off to random people is neutral.  One can't really tell which way a conversation with Yuichi will go due to this.  However, this does make him fairly efficient in a fight, as he can be difficult to read.  He also isn't easily made victim of his emotions, as of this date the only way to mess with him like that is to harm his sister, which will make hims quite mad and liable to tear the offender's face off.

There is a noticeable difference in demeanor when Yuichi is around people he has some positive relationship.  He still doesn't get excited, but he shows a much softer friendlier side.  People he knows can make him smile rather easily, even if all they did was act all weird and goofy.  He will talk in a friendlier demeanor, and be much more pleasant to be around.  He many times will still be fairly quiet company, taking comfort in his friends and family (sister).  He can be lighthearted an goof around and play, something he probably picked up while taking care of his baby sister.  However, he is perfectly fine with just being near people he cares about most of the time.  If he becomes close to someone, even their annoying (occasionally childish) habits might make him smile, because it is just them being them.  He is also fairly merciful when it comes to battle.  If it isn't a hollow, odds are he will give an opponent a chance to flee.  He may give them several chances, but the moment they feign giving up and then try to kill him while his guard is down, he WILL go to finish them.  He doesn't let his guard down, only a fool would let his guard down, as an enemy could have anything up their sleeve.

In terms of more intimate relationships, dealing with Yuichi can be rather difficult.  Not how he acts in relationships so much as actually reaching that point.  The first problem being that his neutral demeanor makes it very hard to walk up to him and talk to him, intimidating some who would try and go out with or flirt with him.  The second issue, is his general unresponsiveness to such advances.  If a girl just walks up to and flirts with him, she won't exactly get him to blush, flirt back, and they could even be hard pressed to get a smile.  Sure, he appreciates it in a way that someone would say that, but in the grand scheme of things, he doesn't think it would mean all that much.  There might be a little issue in the way of trust here, as he feels the girl is just trying to "have some fun" or wants something from him.  This causes him to outwardly either ignore the statement, or sometimes react in an un-enthused, or just serious, way.  This of course, drives away most other girls that his neutral and serious demeanor didn't immediately drive away.  This doesn't mean he wouldn't want a relationship, it just means that if someone wants to reach that they need to work for it.

Since he feels that most people who "show interest" aren't being genuine, it takes a lot of persistence to show him otherwise.  A girl would have to show continued interest, and more than that, she;d actually have to try hard to get to know him.  If a woman really worked to get to know him, if a woman showed continued interest, and if she showed that she really is worth the time, then Yuichi may finally start finding himself interested and starting to react positively to any advances.  His type of woman would be someone whom he felt he could trust, someone who could be mature.  Doesn't mean that they have to be the calm or quiet type, they could have tons of energy and be hyper, but they need the ability to be truly mature when something important happens.  When dealing with said person, he will still be quiet.  His affection is shown in a much more...subtle manner that some people.

Yuichi dislikes backstabbing.  He actually understands that people have their beliefs and will do what they need to to achieve their goal, he gets that.  People leaving their allies, even joining the enemy doesn't bother him.  That isn't "back stabbing".  What is backstabbing to him, is when someone changes sides in a manner that the mere change of sides screws over their ally.  Literal backstabbing, leading "allies" into an enemy ambush, those things get on his nerves.  He can respect someone who goes to do what they can to achieve their goal.  But when you use underhanded betrayals, there is no respect.  If one can't stand on their own 2 feet and support their goals without false friendship, without lying and tricking people whom think you have their back, then what respect could there possibly be?  Strategy, surprise attacks, those are all someone fighting for their convictions with whatever their mind can concoct, but betrayal...that to Yuichi, is the true sign of a coward.  This is also why trust is an issue with Yuichi.  He has a sister to protect, last thing he needs is to put faith in the wrong person and have it cost him everything.

Yuichi is one of those Shinigami who take their job as it should be taken.  Protectors of the weak, not oppressors.  He looks down on no one for their strength, only their demeanor and actions.  There are people who are stronger than him whom he respects, and those weaker than him whom he respects.  The opposite is true as well.  His goal, other than keeping his last remaining family member safe, it to keep as many innocent people safe as he can.  He doesn't devote every last waking moment of his life to this, as he DOES have his own life to live.  To Yuichi though, every life he saves makes him feel like he is doing his part in this world.  As long as he continues to save people, he will feel he has earned any leisure time.  After all, any given life is not renewable.  You only get one, and if he wants to stay alive, he knows others feel the same way.  Trust is irrelevant, unless he knows for a fact that the person has used his life to ruin or destroy others, then there will be no mercy.

General Appearance

Appearance Age:  20
Height: 5'7
Weight: 153 lbs

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Zanjutsu:  Yuichi is fairly skilled in Zanjutsu.  Considering the time he spent with the sword in his dojo, it didn't take him long to learn a new sword style.  He knows several techniques and can execute them fairly well.  He doesn't use the style that often, so he doesn't excel in this particular type of swordplay.  However, he understands the specifics of Senmaioroshi.  The only thing stopping him from executing it as it is meant to is he is too weak to move at those speeds as of yet.

Hakuda:  During his time in the academy he did well in all of his Hakuda techniques.  He knows the basics, and some more advanced moves.  He is able to use any technique possible at his level of spiritual energy, but as he doesn't prefer to fight hand to hand, he hasn't mastered Hakuda.  Still, if forced into hand to hand he can hold his own fairly well, though if someone has a natural knack for Hakuda they'd likely have an advantage.

Hoho:  This is one area that Yuichi excels in.  Whether it be walking on air or Shunpo, it came naturally to Yuichi.  Especially Shunpo, though his limited spiritual power prevents him from doing it repeatedly or for really long distances, he can use it more effectively than most his level.  When synergized with his sword techniques, it can make him fairly dangerous even for people with a little more energy than him.

Kido:  Once more, Yuichi excelled in this at the academy.  It came naturally to him.  He can cast many levels of Kido, all the way up to level 50, and can use the first 20 levels without an incantation.  He has used this since he left the academy, but since he prefers swordplay, his skill in this isn't up to his level of swordplay and this skill will likely develop slowly.

Iaido:  This is Yuichi's sword style of choice.  This wasn't even the style that was taught at the dojo.  Iaido is the smooth control of movements from drawing, slicing, removing blood from the blade, and promptly sheathing.  Yuichi can unleash a full-powered slice straight from the sheath, and he can remove the blood from the blade just as easily.  When he sheaths, he does not have to look, nor does he have to slide his sword along the sheath.  He can draw, slice, and sheath in less than 5 seconds and still have a dangerous strike, and if he adds another 2-3 seconds, he can remove the blood from the blade before he sheaths.  This style allows for quick and sudden unexpected strikes, and thanks to his sword being a Zanpakuto, even if it is blocked it is durable enough to handle it (unless the opposition puts enough force into their block, which could still shatter his blade.  He is also skilled in doing many successive strikes in a short period.  Excluding external factors like blocking, he can slice once per second and continue to do so for a short while before tiring.

Electricity Resistance/Lightning Rod:  Yuichi boasts a surprisingly high resistance to electricity.  He can be struck by lightning and stand up and walk away.  He could stick a fork in an outlet and merely feel a tickle.  Just about any level of electricity he can take and walk away from.  He also has electricity strangely attracted to him.  Most people don't get hit by lightning, meanwhile Yuichi has been struck at least 10 times in the last 2 years.  Yet he can always stand up and walk it off.  When he is near devices that run on electricity, sometimes a notable spark will stream from them to him (such as when standing close to an outlet).  Electricity is simply attracted to him, and even when there is enough to harm him, there is no major or permanent damage.

Zanpakutō: Yuichi's Zanpakuto takes the form of a steel katana, with a jet black sheath.  The hand guard is "circular" except that the edge of it zigzags.  The cloth on the handle is a purplish color, similar to a color seen commonly in lightning.

Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Shock and Awe, Rakura Iniau
Other Weapons: Yuichi carries a second Katana, one that looks like a regular Katana, just in case he is disarmed of his Zanpakuto.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Rakurainiau (to be struck by lightning)
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: (A picture or five sentences)
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: (Five sentences)
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: The world is a very rocky land.  Filled with hills, mountains, and occasionally cliffs.  Foliage does grow in some parts, but not all.  Notably, this world is eternally raining, and has an extremely high rate of lightning strikes.  Lightning rods are darted across the landscape, drawing in lightning and making it safe from lightning strikes when near enough to them.  There are bodies of water.  A few small lakes and one river that runs through, coming down a mountain and cutting through the center of this world.  Due to the constant rainfall, the river runs rather violently, though that makes it a good place for someone like Yuichi to test himself.


Shikai Appearance:
Shikai Abilities:


Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Yuichi was born to an average family in Rukongai.  They lived in one of the better districts in Rukongai, one of the ones closer to Seireitei.  As such, their life was not as hard as it was for most.  They were able to work and keep a home, as well as feed themselves, as Yuichi and his mother needed food to survive, since they had spiritual power.  At birth, Yuichi's mother was told not to have another kid or she wouldn't be able to handle it.  As such, he grew up as an only child.  Yuichi was always a quick little guy, and his agility stayed with him as he grew older.  He was very fond of his parents, especially his mother.  As such, he always loved spending time with them.  His life was carefree, up until he was 15 years old.  Despite what the doctors had told her, Yuichi's mother really wanted a baby girl.  Yuichi, of course, had no idea that his mother would die if she had a child.  For this reason, Yuichi didn't understand his father getting so worried after his mother got pregnant.  Yuichi didn't know what to think about the idea of having a little sibling, of course, that would change the moment she was born.  His mother was told not to have a child for a reason.  She gave birth to a little girl, but she ended up dying of complications in the process.  This greatly upset Yuichi's father, and this absolutely devastated Yuichi.  They took the child home, whom the mother had named Amai before she died, and Yuichi absolutely loathed her.  She was the reason he lost his mother.  Their father tried to keep things together, but he went into a depression.  Less than a month later, he ended up dying of a stress induced heart attack.  This left Yuichi alone with his sister.  He had to take over all of the work his family did, and he had to support a little girl he couldn't stand.  It remained this way for awhile, him working his ass off and then keeping a child he did not like at all alive.  However, after a little over a  year, she learned to walk.  She ended up walking up to him and tugging on his shirt.  He looked down, and he saw her looking up with her little blue eyes and an adorable look on her face, begging for attention (which he didn't give her all that too much before).  It dawned on him that it wasn't her fault, and so he picked her up and began to give her the attention a young child needed.

As Amai grew up, Yuichi taught her everything she needed to know in terms of education.  This was rather difficult for him, as he was a fairly busy person trying to take care of himself and his little sister, but he pulled it off.  One day, a member of a Dojo that was looking for recruits came up to Yuichi and tried to recruit him.  He honestly had no interest in it as he had enough to deal with in his life, so he declined.  Not even 12 hours later he woke up in the middle of the night and his little sister was missing.  He ran out in an effort to look for her, and he looked everywhere.  There was too wide an area to search, he shouldn't have found her.  As he was searching, he was approaching the forest.  He was becoming increasingly paranoid.  He could only picture something really bad happening.  After a few minutes, his stress peaked.  Suddenly he felt his vision blacking out.  His body felt weak, he ended up falling onto one knee.  Looking up at the forest in front of him before he fell down all the way and completely blacked out.  He wasn't out for long, as he soon opened his eyes and stood back up.

He looked around and then saw something that wasn't there before...he thought anyway.  A sword was just lying on the ground...and there was what looked to be a body.  Did the sword come from the person?  He thought that, but the blade was so far away from the man it was hard to believe it was his.  Still, Yuichi picked it up and...there was a sort of symbiotic connection of sorts he could feel from it.  Did this...come from him?  Or...did it come from the man?  He didn't have time to think about it, as suddenly something came shooting out of the woods.  A hollow.  Yuichi, in a snap panic reaction, haphazardly swung his newly found weapon and sliced the hollow's head in two.  It was a small one, so it wasn't too hard to break the mask.  Then he realized that must have been what killed this man, and his sister was still out there.  He ran faster than he ever had before.  Soon enough he found her, lying on the ground screaming as a hollow pounced.  In almost an instant he bolted in, drew the sword from it's sheathe (which he brought with him), and the hollow died in a single strike.  Yuichi held the sword at his side as he turned his head and looked back at his sister, with a relieved but saddened look on his face.  The next day, he went back to the dojo and accepted their offer.  Next time, he'd prefer to have a clue what he was doing with a sword.

In time, he took care of his sister while learning how to fight with a sword.  After learning the basics of the swordplay they taught, which was more traditional and universal, he found a book on Iaido.  Considering he sliced the hollow in 2 while drawing his sword, and the fact that when he tried to sheathe the sword the first time it would not go in, he took great interest in it.  The dojo of course tried to talk him out of it, as they were not nearly as well versed in Iaido as other methods, but Yuichi went to teach himself none the less.  He learned incredibly fast, despite the fact that Amai and other members in the dojo kept playing pranks on him.  Yuichi no longer felt comfortable keeping his sword out of his sheathe for extended periods unless absolutely necessary.  He learned how to deal a killing strike as he was drawing his blade, he learned how to clean it, and he learned how to sheathe it in an instant.  He never got mad at Amai or the instructors.  Amai was too cute, and Yuichi knew that.  Time eventually passed though, and Amai matured.  Oddly (in Yuichi's head), Amai came to admire him greatly.

Amai never was taught much.  Yuichi honestly felt it would have been better, but everyone else insisted she shouldn't learn how to use a sword.  Obviously they didn't realize that when properly trained, most people survive MORE often than less often, gender doesn't change that.  This, of course, proved to be a problem when they found out the place Amai was buying food was attacked by hollow.  Yuichi gave the leader of the dojo an unamused "I told you so" look before grabbing his sword and rushing out with everyone.  They found Amai, killed all the hollow, and when Amai had a sword in her hand, Yuichi just smiled as she refused to give it up.  Soon though, Amai wanted to join the Gotei.  Yuichi wanted none of it.  The Gotei was not some perfect wonderful organization to be a part of, but obviously Amai refused to listen.  He said no about a hundred times, and she got extremely immature about it too.  Not talking to anyone, trying to sneak out.  Her immaturity had made him furious, but he controlled it.  Eventually, realized something.  The members of his dojo kept trying to shelter her, not teaching her anything.  He still stood by his point she should be allowed to learn these things, so he decided to say yes.  Unfortunately that forced him to join to make sure she didn't get herself killed.  Beforehand though, he had unfinished business.  He challenged the master of the dojo to a duel.  He held no grudge, not against anyone, but he had more to prove.  He was letting his sister become a Shinigami to prove she could handle herself if taught, and now he had to prove that the choice to study Iaido was the right choice, despite what the master still insisted.  

The master accepted his challenge.  They prepared for the duel, and faced off.  Yuichi took a defensive pose, hovering his hand over his sheathed sword.  The master went in for the first strike...countered, and a blade edge to his throat.  Yuichi within one strike had proven he had won, if it was a life or death fight the master's throat would have been slit.  Yuichi had spent so much extra time training just to prove his point.  He may have had less spiritual energy, but he most certainly had strength, speed, and technique to back himself up.  The master acknowledged Yuichi's skill, and the two left, mutual respect now achieved.  At the academy, Yuichi breezed through the courses, and even managed to match the teacher in skill (though his speed and strength were inferior due to having a lot less energy).  He passed with flying colors, and was now a member of the Gotei.

Roleplay Sample: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)


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PostSubject: Re: Yuichi Sachiyo [Approved 3-5]   Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:06 pm

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Yuichi Sachiyo [Approved 3-5]
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