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 Arisa Kajiyama: The First Vizard [APPROVED, 1-1+]

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PostSubject: Arisa Kajiyama: The First Vizard [APPROVED, 1-1+]   Sun May 05, 2013 3:58 am

Vizard Template


Name: Arisa Kajiyama
Alias: The First Vizard
True Age: 2050
Appearance Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130


Personality: With everyone on the planet, peoples behaviors and actions change depending on their moods and how they feel at the time. When in a good mood, Arisa really is a kind and caring person. She does have little habits that can sometimes make her seem otherwise, but she really does care about people. Arisa has a tendency to use her attractive figure to mess with people. She is quite seductive and carries herself in a very 'sexy' manner. Arisa has no problem flirting with people, telling them she finds them attractive, changing her tone, and using physical contact to make them blush. This is usually done to people that are already a couple or seem to have an attraction to each other. Arisa has this problem. She's quite bitter towards couples, people she sees that are on dates, and people who make those obvious hints that they like one another. She doesn't like what she feels towards them and understands that it is a stupid a bias feeling that was only brought on when she felt abandoned by the one man that she was in love with. It's just that, when she does see them, she gets this overwhelming feeling to mess it up. Sometimes she feels that this emotion is brought on by the presence of her inner hollow, because this is not something she would have ever normally felt, but will still take action against these people by intentionally getting in between the couple in question. In this case, she is also a little protective of girls in the sense that she doesn't want them getting screwed over in the manner that she felt she was. She will convince them to avoid men at all costs and be an independent woman. Though she is bias when it comes to her opinion of men period, she can tell some of the bad one's and the good one's, but will still insult both. If she doesn't like someone, she can become passive-aggressive towards them. She'll act polite and kind, but even with her kind tone or a smile, her words can be rude and hurtful. If she feels someone has wronged another, especially a man towards a woman, she becomes spiteful and tries to seek out revenge. She also has a tendency to be argumentative towards someone she has decided she dislikes, or doesn't want around. Even if she is wrong, she'll continue on the subject until forced to give up or the other one gives up first.

There are certain things that Arisa values and believes in that make her feel that she is a good person, and help her tell whether she feels that another person is good as well. For one, dependability. A friend, or even lover, has to be someone she can depend on. Someone that she trusts to be there for her, to not abandon her, to not turn the other cheek. Because she feels she needs this in a person, she also tries to be this way. She keeps her promises, helps people when they need it, and refuses to turn her back on a friend. Secondly, Safety and Security. This can go along side dependability in the trust factor as well, but she more or less means that she doesn't feel like they would hurt her or let her get hurt. It isn't just keeping promises, but also not doing anything to endanger her life. Security comes along with the idea that things are suddenly going to change, like she isn't suddenly going to lose a person or anything that she has worked for. The main difference between her value of dependability and safety/security is that she asks her self "Are *they* dependable?" and "Do *I* feel safe with them?" Also along the lines of dependability and trust, is honesty, another thing that Arisa values in herself and a person. Beyond those things though, Arisa's trust issues make her feel like she needs to show affection to people, so she has no problem giving hugs at times, or holding someone when they need it. The big thing is, she *needs* it to be shown to her. Everyone shows affection in different ways, and she knows that, but she prefers physical contact and eye contact. Sometimes, the way a person looks at you can show so much. Now... Arisa cannot stand stupid, idiotic, or illogical behaviors. She needs a person to be mature to feel like she is having a stimulating conversation with them. Being around someone stupid can put her in a bad mood, and she'll even become aggressively violent towards them if she feels it will make her feel better.

Side Notes: Loves Research and Invention, Can't Stand Crowds

Character Background:

The very beginning is way too far back to remember. Arisa doesn't remember whether or not she died and was brought to the Soul Society, or whether she was born there. What she does remember is the start of her own horror story. It was during the inception of the Gotei 13. She was keeping near one of her dearest and most trusted friends, Genryūsai Yamamoto. The introductions of the newly appointed Captains and Lieutenants had finished and everyone was just scattered around, talking to one another and trying to create a bond of friendship between those that were going to be working together. At this time, Arisa was a little anti-social. She didn't trust very many people, so being in a room full of strangers was not easy on her. There was one man that was able to catch her interest though, Isamu Tadashi. He spoke to Yamamoto a lot and was very polite and official in his behavior. He was quite handsome and there was something about the way he held himself that was refreshing and highly intriguing. Once a few conversations began, she even started her own conversation with him. It seemed that Yamamoto was able to sense the change in Arisa's behavior when it came to Isamu, because after a few minutes he stepped off and told the two of them to get to know each other a bit. She did her best to get to know him, asking him questions, and keeping the both of them quite entertained. Something that interested her was the mention of art, his paintings in general. He was handsome, polite, official, extremely good looking, and an artist? That was a lot of attractive gathered in a single person. Over time, the two of them got to know each other even more and strong feelings began to develop between them. After a while they even began calling themselves a couple and decided to move in together, on one condition. Arisa wanted him to paint her. He explained many times that people were not his specialty, but landscapes were. It was proven when she finally convinced him to just paint her. People really were not his cup of tea, but it only made her giggle and she kept to her side of the deal and moved in with him. And dare she say that she was falling in love?

Time passed and this Gotei 13 was coming together quite nicely. Her relationship with Isamu seemed like it was absolutely perfect and her life was just amazing. Unfortunately, something so wonderful and perfect never seems to last long. It was a single mission gone wrong. False information had been given and her entire squad was wiped out in the middle of the Rukongai Forest. Arisa was bloody and beaten, fearful of her own death and never seeing the man she loves again. She laid motionless on the ground and hoped that someone would come and help her. Arisa passed out in a pool of her own blood and was unaware of what was going to happen to her. The hollow that caused this and that she thought was defeated, merely shrunk down to the size of a small snake because his energy had been completely depleted in battle. This hollow slithered it's way over to her and force itself through her mouth, down her throat, and into her stomach. Next thing she knew, she was waking up in her bed at home. She was healed pretty well and felt much better than in her last memory, so she figured that was a good sign. Unfortunately, she was unaware of the growing inside of her very being. That hollow began eating away at her reiatsu to become stronger, but because it was also very weak, it's energy and Arisa's some how began attempting to work together, meshing with one another to keep themselves alive. In the process, their energy was fused in a manner that seemed unbelievable and the hollow was able to realize that before Arisa even got a chance. At night, when her consciousness was not in control, he would take over. It began using her body to attack and kill multiple members of her Division and any one that she came across. Because she always killed her victims, this was able to go on for two weeks without anyone figuring it out. And it continued to last until she was forced into battle with one of higher power than herself, and the man she loved.

During this unfortunate battle against Isamu, Arisa was gravely injured and everyone realized that she was the one killing members of the Gotei at night. Even though he knocked her down multiple times, she was always forced to stand back up and continue fighting, and was still defeated. Knocked out, bloodied, broken, and on the edge of death, Isamu brought her home against what the other Division members told him he should do, all in an attempt to heal her. Her body was so badly damaged that he fears having to carry out his reputation as the Butcher of the Gotei on the woman he loved. He began trying healing kido, but was accidentally pushing her energy in a direction that it was not supposed to be. The hollow energy inside of her was counteracting the healing, feeling threatened by it, and trying to take over. Suddenly, Arisa's body began to convulse violently and she began to thrash around. Her mouth opened wide and this slimy, disgusting, worm like creature slithered it's way out of her body. Once out, her body fell limp and the hollow escaped. The life and energy was starting to rapidly decrease within Arisa, so Isamu continued trying to help, but another problem got in his way. Her reiatsu fluctuated, but was giving off unfamiliar hints of energy. It fluctuated again, and again, and again, until finally her eyes snapped open and she began to scream out in pain. The two very different energies within her were fighting, trying to dominate over the other for control. The amount of energy emitted caused Arisa to even blow quite a large hole within their roof and immediately informed the rest of the already alerted Gotei of their position. Everyone else, including her Captain Yamamoto, showed up just in time to see a white, hollow-like mask, form on her face. Everyone could sense the hollow energy within her, so they realized what was going on, though they had not every come across it before. Turning into a hollow? That was something that they deemed impossible. And if it were true, what would they be forced to do.

Only two people were willing to get close to her at this point, Isamu and Yamamoto. They attempted to let her hear them and try to get her to calm down. They told her to not let it control her, to become the dominant of the two. Their answer was more strange screaming, howling, and high pitched hissing. They feared she would not be herself anymore. After a few more moments, the final explosion of energy came, strong enough to knock a large amount of Division members back from her position. As the dust settled, they would see Arisa standing there like normal, but with a white mask on the upper part of her face, seemingly tracing along her facial features in an elegant design. And though everything else was Arisa, they saw the yellow eyes behind the mask and wondered what would happen now. Arisa took a step forward, looked around for a moment, and then her eyes met Isamu. She kept her eyes on him for a moment and then crack, crack, crack... shatter! The mask fell from her face in pieces and Arisa fainted. She woke up three days later in a cell. The moment they realized she was awake, they cuffed her, and dragged her into interrogation. This happened day after day until finally, someone that didn't hate her for what she had done came to speak with her, Isamu. He let her know about a plan to dissect her, to do experiments on her. "Wow... a few mistakes and suddenly I'm a guinea pig to cut open!?" Arisa was furious about their treatment towards her. These people were supposed to be her friends, yet they pushed her aside. They were informed about her body and mind being taken over by hollow, but still she is guilty? It was then that he held her close and told her that he was going to get her out of there. That night, Arisa was to be transferred by Isamu himself, which shocked her, but she assumed they had an ulterior motive. During the transfer, Isamu removed her restraints and told her to get out. He managed to get her as far as the forest out in the Rukongai, but there they were forced to part ways.

Arisa does not remember why, but she expected him to return. She can't remember whether he said he would come back, whether she asked him to, or whether anything about him returning to her side was ever even mentioned. One thing she does remember, and it tears at her heart to this very day, is the fact that he never said he loved her. She didn't know whether he wasn't ready or if he just didn't feel that way, but she tried making it obvious that was how she felt. After some times, she got sick of hiding, running, and waiting for him to return. The days passed, and her bitterness towards him and men in general began to grow. She felt abandoned and always felt alone. Her love for him turned cold, parts of her heart along with it. Over time, Arisa became naturally bitter towards men and couples in general. She kept herself isolated from most people, refusing to spend an extended amount of time around them. Centuries passed and Arisa was still continuing to run. She accomplished a few things during this time, like dominating this being that was created the day she transformed. She noticed her energy having traces of hollow in it, and realized what was going on. She grew to call it 'hollowfying'. She even began to research it, using her own blood and energy to experiment and find out more. She found out that when the mask was on, she would be granted extra powers and enhanced abilities. It enhanced her speed, as if she needed that, and her strength, which she actually did need. It gave her the ability to use cero, just like she would see the hollows use. At first it was hard to maintain, but after years of practice, she practically mastered her abilities, though she noticed her advancement at Shinigami was slowed just enough for her to not be able to make it to the level that she wanted when it comes to the amount of reiatsu she had. Luckily, it did not hinder her physical or skill advancement at all, and she was able to become extremely strong over time.

Centuries slowly passed her by and Arisa was finally able to stop running and hiding. Apparently something happened that created a large amount of Vizard, just like herself. She could sense their arrival in Karakura town instantly. Until now, she had not ever sensed someone like herself. The moment they showed up, she went to investigate and saw many of them, along with two rather powerful Shinigami. Her trust of the Shinigami was practically gone, but still, she confronted them. It had been explained to her that something big is going down and they had just been experimented on, turned into exactly what she was by someone they had been foolish enough to trust, a man named Sosuke Aizen. Arisa offered help and gave them a safe place to get well. Although she was not very friendly towards them in a smile or cheerful way, she still treated them in a kind manner. Because of that, she soon became friends with Shinji Hirako, Hiyori Sarugaki, Hachigen Ushoda, Lisa Yadomaru, Kuna Mashiro, Kensi Muguruma, Love Aikawa, and Rojuro Otoribashi. At times, she could wonder if this "friendship" was actually what it was said to be. They all argued a lot and seemed to all dislike each other. Every now and then, she'd watch their hollow-selves take over. At first they wondered if they were too dangerous, but Arisa offered help and showed them that it can be controlled through practice. After a quick demonstration, their training to control and maintain their hollow masks began. It took some time, a hell of a lot of work, more fights then she wanted to remember, and a great deal of frustration, but they were beginning to advance. Unfortunately for them, they did not come as far as she did before she felt it was time to part ways, but they did pretty good. Arisa just felt way to crowded, and even though it was fun watching Hiyori kick Shinji's face in, there was just too much hidden discomfort that she no longer wanted to deal with, so it was time for them to leave. They all thanked her for what they had done and moved on.

In more "recent" events, Arisa pretty much stood back and observed the multiple fights around Karakura. She observed a group of friends, including some Quincy brat, come into their powers, but she never went to confront them on it. She even enjoyed watching the slaughter over Karakura town after sneaking through the barrier with the other Vizards, though she had been hoping to see a certain person there. After that battle, another war came that spiritually aware humans ended up taking part in. She also sat back and watched, refusing to lift a finger for any damn person there. Why? She had grown to not care about any of them. She can put on a fake smile, flirt, seduce, and have fun when she feels like it, but actually caring is a different story. She has a hard time trusting anyone, so how can you care about something you don't trust? Even with that, she has learned to go day by day alone, doing her research. Luckily a certain group caught her attention. Though she did not like the idea of being around too many people, she figured she would have to get used to it to be able to do what she wanted, and that was to invent, create, observe, research, and study as many thing as she possibly could. So, Arisa decided to apply for the Vizard Corp. There she handed over a few of her inventions, all that are actually used quite often: The Codec, Denreishinki, Portable Gigai. Those being the only current ones that she has allowed the Squadron to use. The others stay with her for her own personal use. So currently, Arisa is just doing her own thing within the Vizard Squadron, having learned that there is only one person, male in fact, that she has learned to trust, and that would be her leader Snopy Saika. Other than him, mistrust issues all around.

Natural  Abilities


The Codec: Upon seeing the growing need for communication between the higher ranking members of the Vizard Squadron, without having to summon up a kido that takes forever, Arisa invented this simple little device. This device sends highly encrypted messages that decode once the message is fully sent, making it a very secure line. By stimulating the bones and muscles within the ear, it makes it inaudible by anyone else, usually making the person seem like they're talking to themselves. The Codecs can also send and receive digital images, though the process takes a few extra seconds to send them.

Denreishinki: After inventing the Codec for higher members, she created this, unknowingly mimicking a design that the Shinigami already had and inspired by cellphones in the World Of The Living. All members are now outfitted with her cellphone-like communicators. Though they are very similar to the Shinigami variation, it is not connected to the same network. Instead it is connected to a private network that Arisa invented especially for the Squadron.

Portable Gigai: Since most Vizard Squadron members want to have a regular life outside of the organization, Arisa created a Gigai with the inspiration of Soul Candy and regular Gigai that the Shinigami have, she decided to combine the two. Now, instead of being forced to live inside of a false and uncomfortable body, by putting this little pill into your mouth, it temporarily fuses with their energy to create a body that meshes with them perfectly. Like this, it allows the Vizard to walk among humans without any suspicion. More details stated within the Vizard Squadron.

Unreleased Abilities:

GrandMaster Swords-woman: This is different than her abilities with Zanjutsu. This is what she has completely mastered. She was advanced with her sword at the time of the Gotei 13's inception, so over a thousand years, she has completely mastered using it. If she needed to, she could even bring out a second sword, obviously not her Zanpakuto, but she can dual wield quite easily. With her training in this art, she has brought her reflexes and speed almost to the maximum.

Zanjutsu: Arisa's level in Zajutsu is on the advanced level. Because of the fact that Zanjutsu had not been in existence when she first was a Shinigami and she doesn't have someone to show her how it's done, she is forced to learn through observation of other Shinigami. She will likely ask someone of the Vizard Squad to host a few training sessions with her so she could become more proficient in the art. Since she has been learning on her own for over a thousand years, she has mastered all of the basic techniques but is merely intermediate in the more advanced and masterful techniques.

Kido: Arisa's level in Kido can be considered Master. She can successfully use numbers 1 through 99, excluding forbidden kido, and can pull off 1 through 65 without incantation. There is one other spell that she can use without incantation, but that is because it is her specialty. Hado 73, Soren Sokatsui is one kido that she has concentrated on and practiced to the best of her ability, intentionally trying to make it her strongest kido spell.

Hakuda: Arisa's level in Hakuda is merely at an experienced level. She doesn't usually use it in combat and sticks to her sword, so she doesn't practice this too often. Her regular hand to hand combat level is on a more advanced level, but she still doesn't use it very much. Because of her immense speed though, she is able to pull off certain moves at a faster rate, and her high reflexes allow her to dodge and react pretty quickly. Even though she isn't very good at the techniques themselves, her being able to move faster can give her the upper hand.

Hoho: Arisa is quite experienced in one aspect of hoho, and that is shunpo. She can be considered a master of shunpo, but all other aspects of hoho she is a beginner of. She can't use Senka or Speed Clones, and she has only used Utsusemi successfully eight or nine times since she learned it, which was probably around one hundred years ago. Shunpo though, one of the most used and easier of the Hoho techniques, she uses all the time and has been able to completely master it. She can use probably a good one hundred before she feels a bit of fatigue and still can go for another hundred or two after that.

Zanpakutō: A normal black katana from hilt up.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Awaken

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Endellion
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Endellion, En or Endel for short, is pretty much what Arisa was before she transformed and seemingly abandoned by the man that she loved. Endel is kind, caring, sweet, energetic, loves to smile, and affectionate towards people. She always tries to convince Arisa that not all men are that bad and that she just had a really bad experience with one. Endel is outspoken, honest, but does try not to hurt peoples feelings. She and Arisa get along quite well and are very good friends. Endel and Grey on the other hand are a different story. Arisa is the dominant of the two, treating Grey like she is there because she is "allowing" her to be there. Arisa keeps her distance from Grey and if Grey gets to close, the two can and likely will began to fight each other, though never go far enough to kill one another in fear of what would happen to them.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World:



Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities:

Incandescent Blade: Upon the activation of Arisa's shikai, her energy flows from within her self into the blade of her Zanpakuto. The energy is controlled perfectly and pushed through the blade in a circular motion, similar to the way a the blades of a saw move. The energy speeds up rapidly, soon moving at such a ridiculously high speed that the blade will begin to vibrate. The speed of these vibrations increase and increase to such a high speed that it seems like the blade is not moving at all. Arisa's energy running through the blade at such a high speed will cause friction within the blade. Quite quickly, the blade will begin to heat up and continue to do so until the blade is hot enough to glow. The temperature of the blade can be determined by it's color; please refer to the chart in the bankai section. In shikai, Arisa is only able to get to the first three levels of temperature. The factors of extremely high temperatures and immense vibrations allow Arisa's blade to cut and/or melt practically anything that it comes in contact with. Fighting against her shikai, the best thing to do would is to dodge, unless you have an item that can withstand the amount of heat that her blade emits. It takes one post for the temperature to raise one complete level.


Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities: For Arisa's bankai, everything from her shikai is brought over. The only addition are the rest of the levels of heat on the chart below, and the fact that she can now expel the heated energy that is usually stuck swirling within her blade. Arisa's bankai gives her the ability to shoot out different sized energy attacks that are the same color and temperature of her blade at the time. The higher the temperature, the faster the energy is shot out towards her target.


Vizard Abilities

Inner Hollow Appearance:

Inner Hollow Personality: Grey, although it is her name, it is no way in hell an accurate representation of her personality. The way Grey came about was through a very unstable energy trying to dominate another. In that little battle of domination, Grey lost to Arisa and Endel, so has actually started to act, keyword act, in a more submissive manner. She sits in a corner pretty quietly and just rocks back and forth, keeping a close eye on Endel. Every now and then, she does pick a fight and attack Endel, but is usually put back in her place rather quickly. Grey has a very sporadic, random, and wild way of fighting. She thinks only of inflicting pain to her opponent, desperately trying to inflict a good wound on them to see that sight of blood. She has a tendency to laugh and enjoy the pain of other people and when she gets that sight of blood, she goes even crazier in an attempt to see more. She can even sometimes be seen sniffing an licking up blood when she gets the chance.

Hollow Mask Appearance: Arisa's mask is hard to describe. It forms at the front of her face in between her eyes and moves outward. This mask can be compared to a masquerade mask, only covering the area around her eyes. It goes all the way around her head to the very back, right in the middle of the back of her skull. It then moves downward to gently cover the back of her neck.


Vizard Abilities:

Enhanced Speed: Upon hollowfying, Arisa's speed is increased immensely. She was naturally one of the fastest Shinigami that she knew of, but to add enhancement over it was almost unnecessary. Because of this, her movements are extremely hard to read and can be just as hard to dodge or counter. Her movements are fast enough to match, and sometimes out-power shunpo, so not only does she not need the technique, it is very hard for her to control. If she uses them together, she can end up fifty feet passed her target without meaning to, definitely a facepalm moment for her.

Enhanced Strength: Arisa was never that strong to begin with, so this enhancement really is a blessing. Up against a more powerful opponent, this enhancement can definitely help her keep on her feet. Sometimes speed is not enough, so she'll need to be able to defend herself if her back is too a wall. This enhancement will allow that. It increases her strength by about four or five times, allowing her to smash a hollows mask with a single punch.

Cero: While hollowfied, Arisa is able to use kido like normal, but it is enhanced with hollow energy. She can also use cero, but her cero is not very good and can be classified along the lines of adept or apprentice. Even though her cero always has speed on it, it does not pack a strong punch. Since her entire energy and being is based off of speed this shouldn't be surprising in the least. Being hit by multiple of her cero can definitely pack do some damage at their speed, but since cero is harder to charge, and she has yet to learn something along the lines of bala, she hasn't had the opportunity to actually multi-cast a cero in the manner she wishes.

Mask Protection: Most Vizards have this ability that they are able to ignore most of the damage done to their body, almost like they are not feeling the pain. Arisa is no exception to this. Being the very first Vizard, she has been able to practice and research the limits of her own hollowfication to a high point. One of her favorite things is that when she puts on her mask, almost all pain dulls to practically not being there. Larger wounds are also numbed, but not as much. Her body even begins to start a very slow regeneration process that has actually saved her life on multiple occasions.

Augmented Powers: Incandescent Saw: This applies to both her shikai and bankai. Both information from shikai and bankai are brought over here. The augment that her hollowfication allows is that her energy can now move outside of the already heated blade and spiral around the blade in the exact manner of a saw. This causes wounds to hurt a hell of a lot more, bringing out the evil and sadistic intent that her inner hollow provides during hollowfication. The saw does make things a little harder to cut though, but the heat and rapid saw-like motion of her blade will cause more damage than what her normal Incandescent blade would cause. If in bankai while hollowfying, the energy that she is able to shoot out in bankai will also have the saw like effect when shot towards a target. Once again, it makes it a little harder to cut through things, but the damage done is increased by 75% when the target is actually struck. The increase in damage is the same for both shikai and bankai.

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PostSubject: Re: Arisa Kajiyama: The First Vizard [APPROVED, 1-1+]   Fri May 24, 2013 12:58 pm

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Arisa Kajiyama: The First Vizard [APPROVED, 1-1+]
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