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 Saya Higashikari [Approved 3-3]

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PostSubject: Saya Higashikari [Approved 3-3]   Thu May 16, 2013 4:59 am

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Saya Higashikari
Nicknames: --
True Age: 17
Appearance Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120


Personality: Saya is anti-social in practically most, if not every single definition of the word. She doesn't enjoy talking to people, and if someone is able to pull her into a conversation, she will reply with short and direct answers, rarely every using any detail to explain anything. When she is at school or around people in public, Saya can be seen forcing up a fake smile in an attempt to make them feel less uncomfortable or awkward around her. She may be anti-social and stoic, but that does not mean she doesn't care about the well-being of other people. Saya does not have a good sense of humor and is almost always completely serious. She isn't even one of those people who wants to go out to have fun. Fun, isn't usually something on her to-do list either. In other cases, Saya can be quite merciless. In less violent situations, she will make sure someone gets the correct punishment for something they have done. She won't go and "tell on them", instead, she'll take thing into her own hands and deal with it herself. In battle, Saya will do whatever it takes to win, whether that means taking a persons life or incapacitating her opponent. Saya has a tendency to be brutal, so unless instructed by a person in authority, she will likely tell the merciless killer route. Though, even if she is told by a higher authority, if she feels the need to, she will be as brutal and 'evil' towards a target/opponent as she possibly can. Saya has the mind of a killer, an assassin. She believes in being quiet, quick, precise, and unseen. She is accurate in her movements at all times. Saya is also extremely intelligent. She is knowledgeable of things that most people would assume someone her age would not really care about. Things such as history, English, Geology, Myths, and Psychology are on that list.

Saya has a habit of researching things that she feels might be important and or useful to her in the future. One of those things includes researching the people she is constantly around. People that are in her apartment building, students her classrooms, work on the school campus, and things along that lines. She will run background checks on them, observe their habits, and even look into their family history. There are times that she will even dig into their personal lives, all to make sure no one can get the drop on her and because she trusts almost no one in existence. With her line of work and what she has been trained in, people have attempted to take her life over and over again, so she does her best to make sure that the people she is around are not undercover and only attempting to kill her. Some people even try to befriend her in an attempt to get close enough to her to actually take her life. Luckily for her, she doesn't trust anyone easily at all. In fact, Saya doesn't really like anyone, nor does she enjoy really anything. The only exceptions to that rule are her love for the sword and training with it, and anyone who some how is a good person and can accept her for anything and everything she is and all that she does. Saya is honest about herself, but does not just spout out information because someone asks. She doesn't really hide who she is. If someone attacked her at school, she would take their life without any hesitation, and she won't care about anyone who sees. The only thing she will watch out for is whether or not someone is going to get in her way, causing someone who is innocent to get hurt.

Side Note: Saya always carries around this art tube on her back. She never opens it in the World Of The Living, but inside is a katana that she always has on her person to make sure that if she is transferred into the Ashimei Seken, she will have a weapon on her. She has lost many katana's inside of the Ashimei Seken, but immediately goes to get a new one when she is transferred back.

Character Background:

Saya was born in Tokyo, Japan. When she was born, she had crimson red eyes for the first ten minutes of being out of the womb, but that went away when she finally stopped crying and calmed down. Her mother and Father were normal humans, powerless. Neither of them ever had a problem with the existence of powerful, spiritually aware humans because they had never been bothered by any before. They understood and accepted their existence, and even became friends with a few. Unfortunately, they did not ever come across a child like their own daughter. The first few years were wonderful. Saya was a happy, sweet, beautiful child that was growing up normal, seemingly powerless besides the random change of eye color every now and then. When she reached eight years old, everything changed. She began to develop an unusually large amount of energy that, at such a young age, she was not able to control. This energy she was developing began to become dark and thick. Even people with weaker amounts of spiritual awareness were able to see the dark, black colored energy begin to surround her at times. At first, it was never a large enough amount to initiate anything too bad, but it continued getting stronger. One day, while it built up, it suddenly spread out over a five foot radius around her body. At the time, her parents and a friend were all in that radius. Her eyes flashed that same bright crimson color and suddenly everything around them went black. The blackness only lasted for a second and Saya appeared in a very dark, strange world that she could slightly recognize. When she looked harder, she could tell it was Tokyo, but everything was messed up. Buildings were half destroyed, a black shadow enveloped a lot of the city, and the sky was a blood red. And then, she saw that her friend and her parents were no where to be found.

Saya was forced to spend three entire days in this dark world. Saya saw things that terrified her. Monsters, mutant creatures, freaky humanoid like beings that seemed to want to kill her. She ran from them, hid, and searched for any signs of her parents. First, she found her friend, but the girl had been stabbed, cut up, and sliced through multiple times. Her friend was dead. Saya continued to search for her parents through out her time in this evil world, but never found them. Still looking for some sign of normal life and running to save her own, something within her shifted. It wasn't even a minute after that strange shift within her that she vanished into blackness and reappeared in the world she had grown up in. She searched through her home frantically looking for her parents, but could never find them. She only hoped that what she had been through was a dream. She even went to her friends house to see if she were there, but was only greeted by worried parents who asked where she had been for three days. Three days? It wasn't a dream. Everything was real. She told her friends parents what happened and what she saw. She described it as being taken away to another world full of monsters and that she couldn't find her Mom and Dad. Hearing that, her friends parents shunned her, blaming her for the death of their child and even tried to have her arrested, but their was not evidence that they could use against the young girl. After the "disappearance" of her parents, Saya was sent to live at a Shrine with her uncle. When she explained to him what happened, he immediately realized what it was. It was the same power that his own Father had and caused him a great deal of pain and suffering over his life time. Saya was told that she would be forced to keep her distance from people. She would need to learn to fight, kill, and survive in the most brutal ways she could think of, and immediately began her training.

Year after year, after year, Saya trained, studied, and fought. This routine was drilled into her very being and it was the only reason she was able to live as long as she had. Every now and then, she would randomly be pulled right back into that world, that evil town where the monsters would hunt her down in an attempt to kill her. She had no control over it. She never knew when it was going to happen. At times, she would even accidentally drag innocent people into it, being forced to find them somewhere within the town to protect them for as long as she could. Many have ended up dead, but she has been able to protect and keep just as many alive and get them out of there. In her teenage years, Saya became very anti-social and would even hold herself in an intimidating manner to make people want to keep their distance from her. Over time, she has even memorized most of the layout of the town, creating a mental map and remembering which monsters would spawn where, even though some of them went everywhere. One day, while in Ashimei Seken, Saya found a large doorway that lead downwards. She went down there once and found that it was similar to a prison, an underground prison stuck under this dark town. She only got about fifteen feet into the main structure before something down there frightened her so much that she now refuses to ever step foot in that area again, and won't even go in after anyone who decides to wander down there. If you go down there and don't come out on your own, in Saya's mind, you are shit out of luck. There is just something about that place that she cannot handle, it frightens her. Still, with all of this horror in her life, Saya has been able to live a semi-normal life. She goes to school and trains most of the time. She avoids people and intentionally intimidates or threatens anyone who gets a little too close, though it is for their own well being.

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Unnaturally High Movement Speed: Running for your life, being forced to react quickly or be killed, having to dodge an increased amount of attacks, and constantly trying to move from one place to another as fast as you possibly can for such a large portion of your life can definitely give you an big advantage in this aspect. Not only that, but the constant training and working to become faster than those who constantly chase you add to that advantage. Saya is a very fast young woman. She is able to run at an Olympic level and that is not even when she is pushing it, that's just normal. Her reaction times can be compared to the reflexes of a super enhanced cat, allowing her to dodge some of the fastest attacks. Her reflexes are above that of most human beings, some times reacting to something before her eyes could follow it completely.

Martial Artist: Saya has studied the martial arts since she was nine years old. Even if she is young, since she has been practicing for eight years, she's quite skilled. Though she has looked at some Jujitsu, her main focus is Taekwondo. She is quite advanced in the skill and still studies it with plans to master the style before she's twenty. Like many things in her life, when she fights, she has the ability to devastate her enemy with fast blows. She does not use a lot of strength to take down an opponent, but instead the ability to strike certain areas, multiple times, and in quick succession.

Master Swordsman: Although Saya loves fighting and using her sword, she did not begin training for it because she wanted to, but because she needed to. She has grown to love it more than Taekwondo, and is even more proficient and accurate with a sword than with anything else. It has been said many times that Saya's ability with a sword easily out matches those who taught her. Her strikes are very fast and precise, some times having the ability to leave her opponent confused on how, when, and for a moment where or if she was able to strike them.

Senochi: This ability can be compared to the Shinigami's shunpo. By rapidly pushing Qi through her body, she is able to move at speeds just like the Shinigami's shunpo and appear to teleport from one area to another. Saya's only recently found she can use this abilty, so she is just getting the hang of it. She is able to do ten so far, without getting tired. Fifteen is her max if she doesn't want to be out of breath and almost helpless. Also, because of her energy type, Gōngnéng (External), when she enters the Ashimei Seken she just has to hope that she has enough energy stored within her body to use this ability if needed.

Qi Abilities

Type: Gōngnéng (External)
Appearance change:

Saya's Eye Change


Eagle Eye: Although their appearance is obviously more cat-like when they change, they have been given the name Eagle Eye because of the main ability it gives Saya. The first ability is the fact that she is able to see quite clearly in the dark, though she is color blind during it's activation. The main ability though, is Saya can "zoom in" or "focus in" on objects. So, if she thought she saw something far down the street, she could easily zoom in onto that location to see if anything is out of the ordinary. If she is searching for someone in the town, she moves to a higher spot and looks around, using the "zoom in" to pin point or get a better look at something.

The Ashimei Seken:

The Ashimei Seken is an unusual and potentially dangerous ability. It isn't an attack, barrier, or some sort of defense. It is an alternate universe that is similar to the regular world, but with a very, very different atmosphere. It is a dark place filled will freaky monsters and insane creatures that will attack and attempt to kill her. This alternate universe goes through cycles, being called by the normal night and day. Day is not like the regular world. Day is a dark, grey sky that makes it seem like it is going to storm. There is no thunder or lightning, just dull, grey, and lifeless day. The only reason it is called Day is because it is the only time that you can see like normal. Night is the the horrifying part of the cycle. During the Night it becomes very dark and the sky is a dark crimson red color. Sometimes you can't even see what is in front of your face, especially if a light isn't on or there's no fire going. At Night, all of the monsters come out, each having their own motives and unique traits. All are found in different types of areas and there is an unlimited amount of them. Those that are killed simply vanish once Day comes and then reappear the next Night. The Ashimei Seken is a town that is cut off from the rest of the world. You can go from one end to the other, but you will eventually find that all roads suddenly stop and you'll be standing on a cliff. The only safe thing to do is to find a safe place to hide, wait for Day, and wait for you to be transferred back to the normal world.

Saya cannot control when she is suddenly brought to the Ashimei Seken. Some times she is brought in during Day and sometimes she is brought in during Night. Though she is unable to control when it happens, she can sense when it is about to happen and usually has a maximum of thirty seconds to get to a safe place and away from anyone that may be dragged into it with her. Saya first senses the start of the transference when she feels her own energy fluctuate in a pattern that is opposite to what she is used to. As a way to describe it, if her energy is normally going clockwise through out her body, it will suddenly change and shift, now moving counter clockwise. Between ten and thirty seconds, the time never having a real pattern, Saya will suddenly vanish from the normal world and reappear a second later in the Ashimei Seken. Saya has memorized every single inch of the town, excluding anything below the ground and the layout of a few buildings, so she is able to find her way quickly. Now, during the transfer, if someone is within ten feet of her body, they will be transferred into Ashimei Seken along with her. Unfortunately, the transfer is never the same, so there is a high chance that the person/people brought in with her will be scattered along the entire town. And when someone is transferred in, anything on their person will be brought in with them. Even if someone is holding another person's hand and that second person is out of the ten foot radius, they will be dragged in as well. Because this is naturally Saya's territory, her eyes have a natural adaptation to the surroundings and whenever Night comes, she is able to see in the dark, which is why and when her eyes change color.

Note: The length of time spent in Ashimei Seken varies from 1 to 72 hours. Dying in Ashimei Seken doesn't happen. Sure, you can die while in the world, but as long as Saya is able to bring your body back, you will return unharmed. If Saya is transferred back to the World Of The Living and accidentally leaves you behind, the wounds sustained during her absence do stay with you.

Ashimei Seken does not allow spiritual energy, or any energy that is not it's own, to live for even an instant in it's atmosphere. Ashimei Seken cannot alter or kill the energy that is already within a person's body, but anything that is attempt to be exerted outside of the person's very being is instantly canceled out, killed, destroyed, or any other way you want to put it. This means that spiritual based abilities, including things similar to the activation of shikai, bankai, kido are not able to be preformed. Excluding a few techniques that a person may possess, Ashimei Seken forces those within it to fight in the manner of a normal, powerless human. People will have to rely on their normal skills, intelligence, and the others that are within Ashimei Seken as well.

Ashimei Seken Monsters: Monsters come out during Night and vanish during Day. Your goal is to survive during day, or until transferred back to the World Of The Living. Effects like acids and poisons, injuries caused by these monster vanish during Day and luckily do not come back when Night returns.


These bugs are venomous in their bite, but the stinger will slowly cause a paralyzing effect to the limb, or area that was stung. It does wear off, but getting stung in the chest area can be fatal. These bugs are attracted to sound. They are blind and can often be seen bumping into walls. Their venom causes loss of balance and blurry vision. They also vary in size. Some are big as a tennis ball, while older ones can reach the sizes of basketballs. Just like any bug, they can easily be squashed, but often move in swarms of ten to twenty. They are seen outside of buildings, unless intentionally flying into one, but they prefer to keep to wide open spaces.
These bugs can easily be compared to the beetle, including in size. They have a thing for the taste of flesh, so it's best to avoid them. By themselves or in small amounts, they are not that dangerous and tend to avoid coming in contact with anything, but when their numbers increase to the hundreds and some times thousands, they will chase down a meal. By themselves, their bite is no different than a big ant, but when hundreds are eating at you at once, it's not something to shrug off. Luckily, they are able to be out run and since they cannot climb vertically, getting to higher ground is safest. These little creepers can be found in the streets, the sewers, and on the first floors of some buildings, like the school or hospital.
These slimy little things can be compared to larva or maggots. They can be found on dark, wet, ,or moldy surfaces and don't usually become a threat. On their bodies, is a slimy acid-like substance that will slowly melt away clothing and flesh, so keep clear and try not to touch them. Even stepping on these things can cause problems. Don't want a hole in your shoe, now do ya? Once the acide touches you, it's practically impossible to get it off without spreading it. They will leave you alone as long as they're not disturbed, but if something happens to disturb them, they will chase you and they move much, much quicker than a normal bug would. These also can climb, so getting to higher ground won't help. Just be glad that they avoid light and heat at all costs because that will be your only way of getting away if you're not fast enough.

The Spitter
The spitter is an armless, man-like being with no face and strong legs. He does have a mouth and he uses it to spit a toxic mist that, if inhaled or comes in contact with skin, will intentionally move towards your lungs and slowly begin to shut them down. The toxic mist slowly causes you to cough, then makes it where it's hard for you to breathe, and then shuts your lungs down completely. Beyond his poison, the fact that he does not have arms makes it easy to knock him down. He has a hard time returning to his feet, so that will be the easiest way to get away and bring him down. When he is standing, if he chooses to give chase, his strong legs allow him to move very fast and is easily able to catch up to people. They are found near the shops, housing areas, and in the streets. Enter their domain and they will attack. Just be sure to not disturb them. You can sneak past, but too much noise will wake them up.
The Scraper
This thing got it's name because of the two blades that it has for hands. He is constantly scraping them together, which is why you can always hear him coming. He follows the scent of human flesh and blood and is constantly hunting them down. He is extremely fast and uses his blades to slice and stab his prey. He is a man with duel weapons, the ability to run like a track star, and only the instinct to kill. He won't be found. He will only find you.
Luckily for those within Ashimei Seken, these bitches are usually only found in the hospital. There have been times that they unknowingly wander from their domain, but they usually return. In the hospital, they are frozen like statues. They become active through light and through sound. Certain areas in the hospital are pitch black for a reason. Once they are active, they will swing their weapons at the source that catches their attention, so pretty much at any noise. The moment the noise/light stops, they freeze instantly, but if it starts up again, they will continue their actions towards whatever woke them up again.
Pyramid Heads
Now these giant bastards are one hell of a threat. Starting at that giant piece of metal surrounding their heads, you will notice that it covers most of their vital spots, like their neck, heart, lungs, and anything else that would give an easy kill. Sure, you can get close to him and go under it for that easy kill, but getting too close may not be the smartest idea. Not only do they have thick, tought skin that is hard to cut or stab, but his sword is massive. That giant sword he carries is definitely no laughing matter. Although it is obvious he is compensating for something, strength is not it. He can swing that thing the same way a baseball player can swing a bat, it's easy as hell for him. It makes it very hard to dodge. And with his strength and the sharpness of that blade he has, he can even cut through metal doors, so hiding isn't the easiest thing to do. Running is most peoples best bet, because he can't, or won't. He has not ever been caught running, and people will be glad about that because if you can't out run him, you will likely die. His entire nature is to hunt intruders and kill them. For instance, if a nurse is out of her hospital and he catches her, he'll kill her. If a spitter enters a building, he will kill them. Any humans that invade his world, he kills.  


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PostSubject: Re: Saya Higashikari [Approved 3-3]   Sat May 18, 2013 5:17 pm

Application Checklist
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  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
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Comments/Notes: WHAT IS BELOW GROUND?!
Tier: 3-3

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Saya Higashikari [Approved 3-3]
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