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 Tadashi, Isamu[Approved; 0-2 ]

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PostSubject: Tadashi, Isamu[Approved; 0-2 ]    Tue May 21, 2013 2:32 pm

Watashi wa kizu to ken, giseisha to shikeishikkousha。
I am the scar and the sword, the victim and the executioner.

Shinigami Template


Name: Tadashi, Isamu (正 勇 「いさむ ただし」)
Nicknames: Butcher of the Gotei; Scarfed Traitor;
True Age: 3,400
Gender: Male

Blood and destruction shall be so in use
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quarter'd with the hands of war;
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:
And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;

A man of war. A man of death. A so-called dealer of it. However, one must realize that Isamu does not like killing. To be quite honest, he despises it. When history books record the first Gotei 13 as a bunch of thugs, the reports were far from incorrect. Violence is sometimes the answer. Something most people don't expect from Isamu is that he is usually the first to suggest violence as an answer to something. Negotiations break down in a hostage situation? Rush in with a flash bang-esque Kidō barrage.  Nothing is quite like striking down someone who stands in his way. It's not a joy, but a rush. A rush to release his Zanpakutō, no matter how much he wants to keep it sealed away. 'Everything this sword cuts, it kills' is what he says about his Zanpakutō. Considering what it does in both Shikai and Bankai—it isn't that far from the truth. While he may seek violence like that, it does not mean that Isamu is unrefined. Even in violence, one will not find a random move. If he can't defeat an opponent in a single strike, he creates a grand play for them. Eventually, all plays have their curtain fall and Isamu's would be no different.

Pain means nothing to him. Seeing blood means nothing. Seeing bones crushed and bodies mangled means nothing. He is a doctor, a man meant to heal. When there was no Kidō to be used to heal, Isamu's hands would be covered in blood as he would use whatever it took to heal someone. He is someone who'd cut into a body if there was just candlelight and still feel confident in his ability to save them. He values living, but not life. If he can not save someone from being a vegetable, he will not let them live, as that is not living in the sense that he values. He values being able to love, laugh, appreciate, etc. consciously. A person who is alive in title only is not worth saving. That is not life, that is being alive. And even though he is a doctor, he is someone known as nothing less than a butcher. The injuries he treated were mainly treated by one thing: amputations. He was a great doctor, but so was his father. Even before he became a swordsman, he was always extremely precise in his cutting. His mother was an artist, and he got her attention to detail. Thus, his father would do everything but an amputation or closing a wound. His reputation as a butcher came from that, but don't think that's all he can do.

Isamu's someone whose first reaction to anything is to take a step back and assess the situation. This isn't because he's a strategist or a tactician. He's not really good at planning, actually. Neither is it to see what his options are. That's a tertiary thought. His main thought is if he'll have to use that. Whether or not he'll have to use his Zanpakutō is an always-bouncing concern in his mind. If he can avoid using it, he will. If he can't, he'll wait until there is no other option. As stated above, he does try to end a conflict in a single strike. However, he doesn't make that strike until he has adequately assessed the situation. He will never strike out of anger, at least not physically. His tongue is one of his most prominent weapons, and he's not one to be afraid to let the snark out.

Isamu is a patron of the arts. He is absolutely amazing when it comes to painting landscapes. This is due to his mother's teaching allowing him to become a doctor. However, he's not good with painting people. In fact, his faces are the inspiration for the restored Jesus fresco in Spain. A woman who meant the world to him patted him on the shoulder and said "Stick to your landscapes, okay?" Ever since then, Isamu has not painted a single person and refuses to do so. Isamu has a Isamu speaks in a tone reminiscent of poets of old, specifically the poets of war. His tone is somber and slow. That is, when he isn't with his blade drawn. With the cursed blade being swung around gracefully, his tone is more uplifting. Or rather, it is more demented. It is more violent, yet it has not lost a bit of its charm nor its refinement. When he smiles with his sword drawn, it is said to be the equivalent of a starving beast about to feed. His eyes are reported to glow a bright crimson as he charges.

General Appearance

Appearance: Isamu is a rather handsome man. He has blue eyes and dark black hair. His gaze is always serious and direct. His hair extends to his mid-back, but he keeps it in a loose ponytail tied with a rather exquisite white cloth. He has a few scars on his torso and back, but he has many more smaller ones on his fingertips. His build is slightly muscular with an emphasis on flexibility. No matter what clothing he wears, he has a white scarf that is much like Byakuya Kuchiki's, albeit much cheaper. However, it is self-cleaning. No stain will remain in it for longer than a few hours. He also sometimes ties his hair back with a more battle-ready cloth made of a tougher version of the material his scarf is made from.
Isamu's main attire is his Shinigami uniform from his days as a Captain. He did not have a normal Haori, as he was part of the doctoral division. His Haori was a light blue with white triangles around the sleeves. He keeps a first aid kit around his shoulder when he wears his Haori. The color and design is there to show that he is neutral in any conflict, or that's what it used to mean. When on Earth or in a formal meeting, he wears a vastly different outfit. It resembles a mixture of a suit and a military uniform. It is all-black, except for the white sash that holds his two swords, a white undershirt, a dark blue pelt, and a pair of grey armbands. The armbands are made of a tough mesh that is slightly harder to cut through. He also wears a pair of black gloves and heavy black combat boots.

Appearance Age: Early 20s
Height: 180.5 cm
Weight:  59kg

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:
Zanjutsu Founder: The reason why he is in 0 Division is this 100%. He is one of the two founders of the Shinigami standard sword style—Zanjutsu. There are two founders because "one person is not enough for a style meant to kill the opponent." Basically, for Zanjutsu to work, there needed to be an attacker and a receiver in the training. The other founder and Isamu were variable in that role in training to hone their own skills. Overall, as a founder of the style, he is matched only by the other founder. He knows the different "techniques" such as Shitonegaeshi, Ryōdan, Senmaioroshi, Suikawari, Agitowari, and Hōzuri. However, that is not his specialty. His specialty are the Yon Kirizuku (四切り傷 「よん きりずく」; lit. Four Cuts). However, what makes him so much of a master over others is that Zanjutsu was originally a left-handed style. Yes, Zanjutsu in its original form is left-handed, like Isamu himself.

  • Hitotsume: Nadegiri (一つ目: 撫で斬り「ひとつめ: なでぎり」, "The First: Killing Stroke"): A precision cut of extreme force and speed. It can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, they are not even aware of it until after it has taken place. It is devised from Iaido, but it is a technique that has a telltale hint. The user's hear is lowered before the slash. Right before the unsheathing, the user steps forward.
  • Futatsume: Hosatsu (二つ目: 捕殺 「ふたつめ: ほさつ」, "The Second: Catching Killing"): A strike that uses Shunpo to reach its full effect. While a normal lunge could reach, the attack is meant to use Shunpo. Hosatsu was eventually developed into Senka. This is because Senka is safer to use. Hosatsu propels the user forward, directly towards the target. The user holds the sword to the side. As they pass by the target, it is intended to cut them in half. However, if someone defends with a strong enough sword, it could even break the user's hand.
  • Mittsume: Gobudameshi (三つ目: 五分試し 「みっつめ: ごぶだめし」, "The Third: Killing by Inches"): Gobudameshi is a single, strong strike. However, the blade isn't what is dangerous. The sheer speed and strength of the strike creates a three-inch "pocket" of air that cuts just as much as that blade would. The strike's main problem is the strain it puts on joints. Not so much that it only hurts, but that the joints are dislocated. Thus the more it is used, the closer it is to dislocating the user's arms' joints. Isamu can do approximately five Gobudameshi consecutively (1 per post) before his joints are dislocated.
  • Yottsume: Shichinenki (四つ目: 七年忌 「いすつめ: しちねんき」, "The Fourth: Seven Death Anniversary"): A state considered the strongest form of musō, the state when warriors are one with their weapon. Shichinenki is not a single-person technique, although it acts as one. The body is put through incredible strain for this. It somewhat negates damage. Non-instant-death injuries... are not dealt. It is only between two people, the user and the last person who the user's blade touched. Shichinenki applies both to the user and the other, meaning that the user and the other can only deal instant-death injuries to each other. However, any damage dealt to the user before the opponent is killed or if Shichinenki runs out of time is dealt after Shichinenki is over. It can only be used once per thread. Isamu can keep Shichinenki up for 5 posts, but he will not have enough energy to release his Bankai afterwards.

Extreme Doctoral Skill: When Isamu was the Captain of the 4th Division, it was a time that didn't have healing Kidō. Thus, wounds and such had to be healed manually. Unfortunately, due to how Shinigami fought in his time, there were many wounds that only healing Kidō could fix. Most of those wounds happened on arms and legs, and Isamu was usually forced to amputate. He became known as the Butcher of the Gotei, thanks to that. That name became twisted with his Zanpakutō, although the two have no correlation with one another.

Blacksmithing: Isamu crafted his other sword himself. As a painter and a doctor, he is incredibly gifted in the details that come with crafting a sword. His swords are somewhat of an obscure treasure, as few know of his skill and fewer know his name. His swords are crafted to be of the same strength of a Zanpakutō, while also reflecting a specific patron.

Zanpakutō: Isamu's Zanpakutō is a plain sword. Its handle is wrapped in black cloth, and the end cap is silver. The tsuba is black as well, and has only a cutout of two lines and two "c" shape curves. The scabbard is black as well. The interesting thing is where it's carried. His Zanpakutō is carried on his right, as he is left-handed.

Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Blossom (開花 「かいか」; Jap. Kaika) | Blossom and Scatter (開花と散乱「かいかとさんらん」; Jap. Kaika to Sanran)
Other Weapons:
Ken'o no Keikyoku (嫌悪の荊棘 「けんお の けいきょく」; Jap. Thorns of Hatred): Ken'o no Keikyoku is Isamu's main weapon of choice. He doesn't use Higanbana for its Shikai being a strange release type. It looks exactly like his Zanpakutō, and is crafted exactly like a Zanpakutō.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Higanbana (彼岸花 「ひがんばな」; Jap. Red Spider Lily)
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: A beast that represents both Isamu and the twisted reality that is its Shikai and Bankai. When it first speaks, it is nothing more than a blackened suit of armor. An entire Samurai with no human insid.The cloth is a deep scarlet. Its sword is crimson, and that is not all that is crimson. The more speaks and if it battles, the more twisted it becomes. The armor rips apart to reveal crimson eyes, mouths of black ragged teeth, and demented outcroppings.

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: A cackling glutton. His raspy, grating voice is always asking Isamu what is there to eat. What he can eat. What can be devoured. Isamu tunes the samurai out, but that is not enough. Higanbana only cares about what he can devour. He doesn't care how Isamu feels towards something. He just wants to eat, and that's what he will do... one way or another.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: A castle filled with many luxuries on fire. The luxuries do not belong to Higanbana, and he wants them or no one else will have them. Thus, his siege on this castle is that of gluttony and greed.


Shikai: Higanbana no Hagakure (彼岸花の葉隠 「ひがんばな の はがくれ」Jap. Hidden Leaves of the Red Spider Lilies)
Shikai Appearance: These is no real change, except his sword now has an eerie crimson glow to it.
Shikai Abilities:
Enhanced speed: Isamu's speed is a very heightened form when in Shikai, though it is not his maximum. While not able to fully keep up with the likes of a former 2nd Division Captain and his former subordinate, Isamu is still far above the norm in Shikai. He already was above the normal levels, but this is enough to make some current Captains wonder if he is real or not.
Asu he no Hōkō (未来への咆哮 「あう へ の ほうこう」; lit. The Scream Towards Tomorrow): A truly terrible ability. The Zanpakutō is released whenever it detects Isamu's reiatsu. His sheath prevents his Zanpakutō from releasing. When it is, it creates a craving for blood. And it can't be sheathed until it has blood on its tongue. Asu he no Hōkō can be alleviated with his own blood.

Live Zero (無効脛 「らいヴ ぜろ」, Raivu Zero; lit. Nullified Reliance's Effect): Live Zero is the only ability of Higanbana no Hagakure. It is the reason Isamu hates his Zanpakutō. It eats. That is, essentially, all it does. To be specific, it eats what the blade cuts. People, attacks, buildings, cars, etc. are all a feast for this disgusting Zanpakutō. The longer the blade touches something, the more it eats. It even eats the air, the reishi, etc. around it. In enclosed spaces, eating the air can be fatal to Isamu and his opponent(s). While its hunger will never subside, there is one downside to Live Zero that makes Isamu hate it even more—it gains weight. Much like if someone eats too much, Higanbana no Hagakure becomes heavier and heavier if it eats too much. And because it gets heavier, Isamu will eventually be unable to lift the sword. Without his sword striking things, it takes around 8 posts until he can no longer lift it. He then has to either drop the sword or de-release it (as that causes the 'weight' to reset) and wait four posts.


Bankai: Higanbana no Hagakure Monogatari (彼岸花の葉隠の物語; Jap. Tales of the Hidden Leaves of the Red Spider Lilies)
Bankai Appearance: This is where Isamu's Zanpakutō definitely changes. Or rather, he changes. Isamu's hair is turned stark white. His eyes now constantly glow crimson. He is a true demon of the sword in Bankai.

Bankai Abilities:
Asu he no Hōkō (未来への咆哮 「あう へ の ほうこう」; lit. The Scream Towards Tomorrow): A truly terrible ability. The Zanpakutō is released whenever it detects Isamu's reiatsu. His sheath prevents his Zanpakutō from releasing. When it is, it creates a craving for blood. And it can't be sheathed until it has blood on its tongue. In Bankai, Asu he no Hōkō can not be alleviated with his own blood.

Real Eater (正喰者, Rearu Ītā 「れある いいたあ」; lit. The One Who Eats the Right Things): Real Eater is the upgraded version of Live Zero. And by upgraded, I mean it is infinitely times more hated and  many times deadlier than Live Zero. Live Zero can only eat tangible things. Buildings, people, cars, etc. are all considering food for Live Zero. Real Eater, on the other hand, can eat both the tangible and the intangible. Life, death, thoughts, illusions, etc. are all food for Real Eater. Even a Reality Marble will slowly be eaten away by Real Eater. That is not all of the differences from Live Zero. No, it is far more gruesome than that. For one, Real Eater's effects aren't just from the blade now. There is a oval-like sphere that surrounds Real Eater that expands one meter from the tip of the blade, the end of the handle, and halfway down the blade. Anything in this area will be eaten at. Isamu's tangible body is immune to the effects of it to an extent. Let me rephrase, Isamu's body is immune to it eating the tangible things. This means that Isamu's life is being eaten at when he uses his Bankai. That is not all. Real Eater is more like a stomach than Live Zero as it can regurgitate what it eats. It can either be what it eats or the opposite. For example, if it regurgitates 'life,' it can either revive/heal someone... or it can be the opposite and cause massive damage. It can be in many forms, such as beams, waves, mists, etc., but all of them are visible to some degree. Isamu can only keep his Bankai released for six posts without its eating at his being too much for him to handle. If he keeps it released over six posts, it starts to truly harm his health to the point to where he begins to experience the feeling of rapid blood loss.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

In the soul cycle, high treason based offenses are considered especially heinous. In the Seireitei, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Zero Division. These are their stories.

Isamu was born in the world of the dead, the Soul Society. His mother, Yui, was an artist, and his father, Gendo a doctor. He never was told how they met, other than his father "left his mother in stitches." Isamu never learned if that was a joke or if she was horribly injured. Isamu... was a complicated birth. He didn't kill his mother initially, but he took a toll on her body. She was house-bound for the rest of her life. Her longing for art never wavered. Isamu was a helping hand to his mother and father from the earliest he could help. His mother, and his mother's sister helped raise him. When he began to help, his main job would be to pick up supplies for his parents. His aunt would, of course, help him but he could do most of it himself.

Isamu would try to "help" his mother and father. Of course, he couldn't do much. He was taught by his mother how important art was and how it could show desires and hatred. His father taught him how important life was (as ironic as that is) and how it could be used for good and for evil. Those lessons were repeated and expanded upon. They tried to create someone who could do better in life than both of them. And from a young age, his perogative was protecting art and life. He was taught it was okay to be angry and to hate, but not to act. Acting on those feelings would be "evil." And so, he would always help... to an extent. If someone was breaking a law or rule, he would ignore it. His father told him that if he could stop someone from acting, then he would not be "evil." And that lesson... twisted Isamu's developing brain.

This was a time without a true police force. There were small militias that had rules for the territories they protected, but that was it. Thus, most things were settled by vigilante justice. And that's what Isamu did in his spare time. The most he'd have to deal with were small time theft. Rarely was violence actually required. However, his father's health sharply declined due to stress and a sudden illness. Isamu was forced to take over the business of healing. Thanks to his mother's stressing of attention to detail, Isamu was almost a natural at it. He had a little training from his father in basic medical things, but he was still uneasy when it came to treating a living person. One mistake and the person was dead is what he always thought. However, he was slowly getting more and more skilled with being a doctor.

However, no practice could have prepared him for an emergency surgery. It was common practice for the head of a household to have a sword for self-defense, just as it was common practice for the head to train the first born child (normally the first-born son) on how to defend his or her future property. And that was what was happening in front of the house across from Isamu's family business. However, one of the two swords broke... and the father's blade cut deep into his son's arm. Isamu didn't rush over. Instead, time almost stopped for him. He was the only one who could help the boy. He was the only one. Him. Him. He was frozen in shock and fear. He did not feel that he could do something... like this. From an open door, Isamu's bedridden father threw a heavy medical dictionary at the back of Isamu's head. Isamu snapped out of it, sort-of. He still was not confident in his skills, but he had to at least get the boy stabilized to the point to where he could be taken to someone with the proper skills and equipment.

Isamu dashed to the injured boy, explaining that he was a doctor in training to the father. The two carried the passed-out boy while keeping pressure on the wound. He would save this boy's arm. From just a glance at the wound, Isamu felt it wasn't fatal unless there was a lot of blood loss, so the main threat would be the loss of this boy's arm. Isamu immediately began to treat this deep cut. Thankfully, it was a clean cut. The edges were not rough. There wasn't any damaged tissue that he could see. He cleaned the wound and then put an antibiotic in the wound. He then began to suture the laceration. His sutures were incredibly precise. They were done rather quickly, and they all were tightly bound. After the last suture was in place, Isamu bound the arm in white gauze. He told the boy's father that everything should be okay. He said that the arm should be observed frequently for signs of infection. He said that if the symptoms of infection appeared, that he should contact someone with more training than he had. "Sutures that accurate and tight won't be infected." Isamu's father spoke up from the doorway. The doctor was proud of his son.

Isamu's father's health took a turn for the better, and within two weeks he was back in business. Isamu and his father ran the clinic together. Isamu would handle surgical and suturing needs, whereas his father would handle the medicinal side. Isamu gained many years of training as a surgeon and a doctor while under his father's wing. However... no matter how skilled he was, he could not save his mother. She passed away on a rainy Spring day. Isamu and his father both closed the business for 7 days, and mourned her. They both knew that it would happen one day, but no matter how expected it is, death is still something that wrings the heart. It strangles the hope out of it, and then there is nothing but negative feelings. But as the hope escapes, it gets stronger. The desire to want to see that person who no longer is there is stronger than anything else other than the desire that this was all a dream.  That the dream will end, and there will be a morning where everything will be as it was before the death. Unfortunately, those feelings are nothing but a impossible mirage.

And yet, her memory still lived strong in Isamu's mind. His father closed the clinic after her death as he fell into a deep depression. Isamu went more on his vigilante patrols. Every day and night, he'd make sure there was no trouble in the small neighborhood. He would be paid a little by the town "head," just like the other vigilantes. He was originally armed with nothing more than a wooden bokken, but his father eventually sold medical equipment and bought Isamu an anvil, a small furnace, some high-quality metal, wood, and a hammer. Isamu was forced to make his own sword. If anything, Isamu could also sell other swords to make more money. Every day for a month, Isamu forged his first sword. He followed advice from all of the blacksmiths in the neighborhoods around him. In the outdoor blacksmithing workshop, Isamu noticed that red spider lilies grew around the anvil and furnace. When the sword was finished, he named the blade 'Higanbana.'

Isamu kept Higanbana on his side at all times as he patrolled still. He was appreciated mainly by the elderly who didn't have the strength or skill to hold a sword or other weapon. One woman sewed him a beautiful white scarf for his service. Eventually, the other districts sent representatives to be part of a larger, more organized group. Isamu was the first choice for his district. His skill with his sword gave him his position with the group as one of the thirteen "Captains," who would command the lower members. When it came to selecting where he would go—Isamu was selected to lead the medical unit. In the gathering of the Captains and Lieutenants to recognize the forming of this vigilante group—Isamu met with the leader Shigekuni Yamamoto. He thanked the semi-bald man for accepting him into there. However, a beautiful young woman approached the two and began talking. Years later, the two entered a relationship after their first meeting.
This section is non-central to his history for now. It will be expanded on, but it mainly covers the aforementioned relationship.:

The other Captains of his time were mostly rough vigilantes dishing out random justice and ruling the streets how they wanted. Isamu was no different in that general aspect, but Isamu was always seen as the most neutral. As an expert doctor, he was always relied on by the rest of the Gotei. However, this was before healing Kidō had been created. Isamu's main work was at forward hospitals. They never had enough materials, so he had to constantly improvise. And sometimes the best option was to amputate. Eventually, his tactics of improvising and amputating caused him to gain the name of "the Butcher." He was someone who was both feared and revered within the Gotei for his skills at saving lives no matter the cost to them.

During whatever time he could, Isamu would work on his swordsmanship. He'd cut practice dummies, trees, and even stones to create his style. However, he wasn't fully into creating the style. Not yet. Isamu was among the last to learn his Zanpakutō's name. His constant talking to it during training sure did help him in not being the last. The spirit  introduced himself, laughing. He said "This is the last happy day you'll have with me." Isamu had no idea what it was talking about. When training the next day, he noticed something different. Higanbana felt... strange, as if it were more powerful now. As he cut, he noticed that areas larger than the cut were affected. This did not concern Isamu. He continued to train, and eventually gained his Bankai.

It was then that he learned how truly fearsome this sword was. Whenever his sword was drawn in Bankai, he'd feel as if he were getting weaker... which was normal, it was Bankai. Then he discovered that whatever it was in his Shikai making the cuts larger... was now actively "eating" away at what was around his blade. If he stabbed a Hollow and left it in, the Hollow would be eaten away. He thought nothing of this. However, he held his sword too close to his Lieutenant one day. The effect of Higanbana's Bankai ate through the young man's clothes and into his heart, creating a massive hole in his chest. Isamu did not realize what this ability did... until then. He heard Higanabana's voice cackling as he resheathed the now-hated blade. Isamu could not save the lieutenant, but he tried. He cried as he did so.

Isamu was taken to trial. The Central 46 almost immediately found him guilty. "Based on your previous experience with the Vizard incident and this, we have determined that you are too dangerous to be allowed to be outside of a prison cell. We are sentencing you to two-thousand years in 5th Level of the Central Great Underground Prison. You may have a single item in your possession during these 2,000 years." Isamu responded with a practice sword capable of lasting that long. He was given one and banished, his Captaincy revoked. This was only the beginning of two-thousand-year training session.

Isamu practiced every day and night, formally crafting his sword style. Unbeknownst to him, the Gotei had adopted his notes as its official sword style, calling it Zanjutsu. And despite not knowing this, he continued to practice. There was nothing else to do. It was the last level in the prison that did not have full restraints on its inhabitant(s). Isamu eventually perfected his sword style. He had no idea how long he had been in there when the door swung open. A woman with purple hair, escorted by two men, entered. She tossed him a sword and drew her own. She charged, and he blocked. However, you could tell that he was the one she was looking for by the look on her face. "Such precise and quick movements. You're definitely him." Escorting him outside, she explained herself.

She did not introduce herself, but instead explained that while he had been imprisoned the Gotei had taken his sword style as its own. And it was her fault. She was someone tasked with cleaning out his office, and in doind so she read his journal of ideas for his sword style. When she presented it to the Captain-Commander, he made her take credit for the ideas. They could not have a man they had imprisoned be such a revered member of society. That was 1,500 years ago. Over those years, Zanjutsu had become the standard sword style for the Gotei. It... simply did not have the same enthusiasm nor skill Isamu's notes had. And once he had shown how quickly and precisely he had blocked her charge, she knew that the task she had was complete. Someone high up had found out the truth of the matter and pardoned Isamu... but there were no records of him, thus only skill with a sword could determine if it was Isamu Tadashi. Upon exiting the prison, Isamu was reunited with his Zanpakutō and given freedom. Currently, Isamu is nothing but a painter in the Soul Society... although his Zanpakutō is well-hidden now.


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Ready to be checked

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I can't check it now, but i'd like to reserve the rights to check this app.

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Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes:Sexy app is sexy.
Tier:0-2(Seeing as he's pretty much a master of the sword, a Zanjutsu founder, and has a powerful Zanpakutō, i thought this tier was fair, somebody can over rule me or request a revoke if it's not to their liking. No biggies. )

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Tadashi, Isamu[Approved; 0-2 ]
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