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 Alessandra Bianchi [APPROVED 3-1]

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PostSubject: Alessandra Bianchi [APPROVED 3-1]   Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:16 am

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Alessandra Sophia Bianchi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125

Personality: Quiet, reserved, and always in her own little world. Alessandra is a kind young girl with a creative mind. She usually keeps to herself, not talking often at all. She's one of those people who actually prefers to be stuck in a corner and left alone. She's a voluntary wallflower. She doesn't enjoy getting large amounts of attention. Some call her 'shy', but they are wrong. She can easily talk to people when she wants. She can keep a conversation. She doesn't feel awkward when talking to others, nor does she try to avoid them. Girls around her age are usually obsessed with the way they look. Alessandra has been blessed with naturally clear skin that seems to just maintain itself with routine baths. Because she never felt the need to really do herself up, Alessandra never understood or took part in the more 'girly' aspects of life, such as tight clothes, make-up, mani-pedicures, or other things along those lines. She prefers to keep herself covered, and outside of her school uniform, usually wears sweaters, jackets, baggier pants, and won't ever show any cleavage. She never finds any of that fun, it bores her. All of the fun this little lady has is within her mind. Alessandra has a habit of living in her fantasies. She prefers them over real life. She is caught daydreaming a lot or dazing out. At times this can annoy people, especially if they are talking to her and she just dazing out and hears nothing of what they are saying. There's really only one person that can keep her attention at the moment, and that is her older sister Emilia. Alessandra really loves her older sister and admires her for her confidence and 'in your face' attitude. Alessandra is very reserved in what she wears and how she acts, so seeing her sister be a confident woman is something she enjoys. She isn't jealous of her, no. She only admires her for being who she is and not allowing anyone, including their intolerant parents, to change her in any way.

Speaking of intolerant parents, being the younger sister of the two, not much was expected from her. A lot of pressure was put on her older sister and she hates that. She knows that Emi is a good woman, but she feels that their parents overbearing, obsessive, and dominant nature over both hers and her sisters lives have pushed them both in directions that they might not have gone otherwise. Her prime example in this is her sisters 'rebellion' towards her parents. They wanted her to be something that she wasn't comfortable with, and now it's pushed her to saying 'fuck it' and doing whatever the hell she wants and not letting anyone stop her. Alessandra on the other hand, being treated the same way, though to a lesser extent, rebelled by not listening, turning to her own little fantasies and 'not growing up', like her parents would call it. Alessandra can be as grown up, mature, serious, professional, and strict as anyone else out there, but she chooses not to. She likes the world she's created in her mind. It helps her through a lot of the tougher times. Alessandra has a tendency to be playful and sweet at times. She has this habit of turning her parents into ducks just to get on their nerves, usually when they're yelling or picking on Emi. She also likes animals, especially fluffy ones that are considered cute, such as dogs, cats, squirrels, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc...

Note: Fan of Takane Shijou

Character Background:

When two young people are brought together by love and are sure they would be together for the remainder of their lives, one idea pops into their heads; starting a family. That is exactly what Leiko Okiel and Gerardo Bianchi decided on after falling head over hills for one another while on vacation in Milan. Gerardo instantly fell in love with Leiko and, though they were together for a short time, asked her to marry him. Leiko accepted and agreed to move to Messina with him. The two were meant for each other. Gerardo wanted to start a family right away, feeling that a child would be the stepping stone to continuing their lives, but a tragic discovery took place. Leiko was unable to have children. They were never given any real reason as to why this was, but after months of trying, the fact became apparent to them both. Devastated, they searched for anything to help them. Finally, the idea of a 'miracle cure' was pointed out to them. All Leiko had to do was drink lily tea with three drops of a special extract made from rose petals. As she was instructed, Leiko drank this 'miracle cure' for three months straight and their miracle was able to take place. Leiko was pregnant. Not long after that, the couple had their first baby, a daughter they chose to name Emilia Rose, after the tea that seemed to grant them the ability to have their child. The family lived happily with their miracle, but felt she needed some sort of companion, someone to share and grow with. Three years after the birth of their first, they move on to bringing their second child into the world, Alessandra Bianchi.

Alessandra was just a baby when her sister made a slight discovery, but after some time passed, Alessandra and Emilia were taken to be tested for any latent spiritual energies. Both children were discovered to have control over Qi. Upon further examination, Alessandra's abilities were not discovered. Her energy was described as 'variable' and they moved on to examine Emilia. More and more time passed and Alessandra had gotten over the constant habit of turning her Father into a duck. Now, in school, she merely stood by and developed her abilities away from prying eyes. She tested on no one but herself, animals, and insects, but never did any harm to them. One day, Alessandra was randomly told to pack her bags and get ready to move. She wasn't given any explanation as to why this was happening, but knew that it had something to do with her sister. The family moved on to Artemis, a city where people understood their powers and many had powers of their own. Within the city, Alessandra grew to be what people would call a 'geek'. She never went out with friends, never talked to people, and always kept to her books. She was a perfect student, quite knowledgeable of many different things. She kept to her schooling while she sat back and watched her sister bloom into the person she wished to be; beautiful, confident, talented, and loved. She admired Emilia for it, though there were a few habits her sister had that not everyone would approve of and made Alessandra feel uncomfortable. It didn't matter though, Alessandra cherished her sister more than she'd ever admit. She knew for a fact that her sister felt the same way as well. There was no way she could ever say otherwise. Not after that night...

23 October, 2097

Alessa had only tried hurrying across this street so she could get out of the rain. She had not intended to drop the book. It was too important to just leave it be. She thought the way was clear; she hadn't seen the low beam lights. Who uses low beams on a dark corner, at night, while it's raining? Still, she should have looked a little harder. Screech... and the Alessa was down. She was hit hard. She was spitting up blood before her sister even made it to her side. That's right... Her sister... "Alle..." she heard Emilia talking to her, but wasn't able to respond. She could barely breath, her body was convulsing, she was on the verge of blacking out. Emilia yelled for her again and again, yet she still could not get up the strength to reply. Her breathing began to slow, her body was calming. She could feel her heart slowly coming to a stop. This was it, she was going to die here."Alessandra Sophia Bianchi," a muffled sound echoed through her ear, an foreign energy resonated within her mind. Something was happening.

"You are not allowed to die, so long as I live!"

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

The Wands: What is a witch without a wand? Alessandra worked for an entire year to create the Pristine Crystal Wand and for six months to create Ebony Wand. Each wand was carefully crafted out of teak wood and then combined with different 'magical' (Qi Enhanced) ingredients to enhance it. Because of this, each wand is extremely difficult to even scratch, let alone break. Alessandra uses these wands to increase the strength of the spells she casts by a certain amount. Certain spells also require a wand to be used, otherwise they could harm her in the process.

Pristine Crystal: This is the more powerful of the two wands. This wand has a crystal at the bottom of the handle that holds a large amount of Qi that Alessandra stored. The wands crystal has four colors it moves through before it hits the maximum amount of Qi that can be stored. For each color, the damage of the spell that is cast using that Qi is increased by a certain amount. The colors are Orange: 50%, Blue: 75%, Green: 100%, Red: 150%.

Ebony Wand: The Ebony Wand is Alesandra's basic wand; the second wand in the picture. It allows her to cast spells at 25% increased damage when compared to not using a wand.  

Qi Abilities

Type: Gōngnéng (External)
Appearance change: Depends On Spell
Abilities: Alessandra is what a lot of people would call a 'witch'. She doesn't cackle and hover over a cauldron while stirring green magical goo with a wooden spoon, no. She merely has the ability to cast spells, create potions, and the cliche of flying on a broomstick, but only because she finds it hilarious and enjoys it. Her powers are channeled through her hands, eyes, and voice. When she casts a normal/neutral/defensive spell, the words she uses allow her to alter the Qi within and around an object, or just in an area, to create the desired effect. When she is casting an offensive spell, the words she uses allow her to alter the Qi within or around an object to create the desired effect as well, but the difference is that she has to keep eye contact with the opponent or object she is trying to cast it on. Because she has to complete the chant for the spell to work, many of her spells are easy to dodge. Her powers show through her hands when she is creating potions. By combining different ingredients, she is able to create different potions that will have many different effects. Her powers also show through her hands when she touches an object and it changes in some way, sometimes physical and sometimes in other ways. Alessandra also preforms different rituals in different ways, depending on what she is wanting to happen. Yes, this also means she has the ability to curse and bless people when she wants to. Of course, every spell and potion have their price, whether that be energy, blood, or anything else along those lines.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Alessandra's Potions List <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  1. Aging: Temporarily causes the drinker to age rapidly depending on the amount they drank. Drinking too much can cause death.
  2. Animal Affinity: Allows the drinker a temporary understanding of a certain animal's language. Creation calls for a sample of the type of animal the user wishes to understand.
  3. Binding: Temporarily binds a human's ability to connect with their spiritual energies. A concentrated version that allows powers to be permanently bound is available and must be willingly ingested. 
  4. Blinding: This potion causes a 2 second blinding effect to anyone who sees it. The user throws it at the ground, or any surface that can break the vial it's in, and once it's broken, it instantly shoots out an extremely bright light.
  5. Blood Replenishing: The drinker's natural blood replenishing rate is increased by 500% until the body is at the amount it needs.
  6. Confusion: Temporarily causes the drinker to become confused, unable to understand some of the most simplest of statements, questions, or situations. They'll often be forced to ask what something means, and will still need clarification on the explanation given. Lasts depending on the amount that was ingested.
  7. Fire Resistance: The drinker is temporarily given a 75% resistance to fire and heat.
  8. Hiccuping: Temporarily causes the drinker to suffer from a continuous hiccup attack.
  9. Love: Temporarily causes the drinker to become overly infatuated with someone. The potion calls for some sort of DNA sample, otherwise they'll fall for the first person they make full eye contact with. There is an antidote, but it usually lasts a week or two.
  10. Poly-morph: Temporarily allows the drinker to turn into whatever person or animal they wish. Potion calls for the DNA of the animal or person, hair sample being easiest. Lasts from 2-24 hours depending on the amount ingested.
  11. Sleeping: Causes the drinker to fall into a deep sleep. Depending on the concentration of the potion, the sleep can last from 2-72 hours.
  12. Shrinking: Temporarily causes the drinker to become 2-3 inches tall.
  13. Truth: Temporarily causes the drinker to constantly tell the truth. It forces them to speak the truth, so they can't just stay silent to keep from hurting anyone. If they are asked a question it forces them to answer. Depending on the amount drank, it could last from 10 minutes to 3 hours.
  14. Wound Cleansing: By being poured into a wound, the would is completely cleaned, all dirt and negative bacteria being destroyed or forced out. If it gets into the blood, it can cause some sicknesses to be cleaned from their body, but it only lasts for 2 minutes, so it might not have the time to do so.

Alessandra's Spell List

Fulmine: (Lightning) Wand Required

  • Uses Per Day: 5 (400 once)
  • Incantation: (The Incantation is only used if she is bringing down a powerful burst of lightning from the sky and not creating it herself.) Giù dal cielo, i miei occhi segnano il punto, colpo di fulmine! (2 seconds to say, .2 seconds for attack once incantation is completely finished.) 
  • Effect: Whether being created from her hand, wand, or brought down from the sky, the victim of the strike will be burnt, shocked, electrocuted, all depending on the power within it. There are five ranges: 25, 50, 100, 200, 400. 
  • 25 is equal to a strong shock, like when you're rubbing your feet along a carpet.
  • 50 is equal to being shocked by a taser, the body usually stiffening and momentarily losing regular function.
  • 100 is the equivalent of being electrocuted in a house, it can be deadly if lasting long enough.
  • 200 is a weak lightning bolt that is either shot from herself or from above, can be fatal on hit
  • 400 is a massive lightning bolt brought down from the sky. It takes a lot of energy and has to hit the correct target or is useless. It is equal to being struck by lightning in a big storm and already being covered in water! Deadly, if not killed results in extreme injury.

Lampeggiare: (Flashing) 

  • Uses Per Day: 25 (Jump, 5)
  • Incantation: Incantation is for Jump Only: Segna questo punto con gli occhi del falco e rivendicare come proprio. Una volta che il vostro, salvarlo. Attendere che la mia chiamata e io qui evocare. 
  • Effect: Regular: Allows her to instantly flash up to 20 feet from her location, usually to escape an attack. Jump: After placing the spell on a certain spot using the incantation, she speaks the spells name and is transferred to that area. She cannot be more than 300 feet from the area she wishes to flash to.

Guarire: (Heal)

  • Uses Per Day: Minor 35, Moderate 25, Major 1
  • Incantation: Major Injury Only, Ritual... Ricostituire il loro sangue, chiudere le ferite, guarire il loro corpo completamente. Proteggere la loro vita, calmare la mente, permettono ai loro lesioni a svanire davanti ai nostri occhi. Impedire la loro morte e permettere una seconda possibilità. Must be repeated multiple times through out healing process, depending on how many are being healed and how abd the injuries are.
  • Effect: Heals a person, or people, depending on which she chooses to do. This spell does not leave scars unless interrupted, which can still be healed later.
  • Minor, placing her hand over the wound, she speaks the name and the wound will be healed. Minor injuries consist of cuts, scraps, small gashes.
  • Moderate, placing her hand(s) over an area that is injured, she recites the name of the spell and the wound will begin to heal, continuing until full heal or until interruption, which is usually between 2-5 minutes. Moderate injuries consist of some broken bones, gashes, stabs wounds, or larger cuts and scrapes.
  • Major injuries being healed requires ritual. By having the person needing the healing in a safe place where it should not be interrupted, she places both of her hands over the body OR stands while expelling the healing energy around a large group of people, and continuously repeats the incantation. If interrupted, the healing will stop instantly and she cannot recast the healing spell. She can't break focus. She has to remain concentrated and can't miss a beat.

Barriera: (Barrier)

  • Uses Per Day: 1-2-3, 25, 50
  • Incantation: Suscitando un muro invisibile, io do la mia forza per proteggere gli innocenti, le vite di coloro che all'interno di questa barriera. Keep on, erigere e tenere te stesso. Essere forti, sheild quelli all'interno di pericolo, liberarli da un destino orribile. Mai cedere e mai lasciarli morire!
  • Effect: Erects a barrier of different sizes, depending on what is behind shielded. The barrier is a deep ocean blue color, similar to Alessa's eyes, and easily seen through. It covers an item/person entirely, surrounding it/them in the shape of a sphere. Hitting the barrier is similar to hitting a solid steel wall about 1-3 foot thick, depending on which one is used.
  • Single Sized: A barrier to surround Alessa only. Can be used up to 50 times a day. (1 foot)
  • Group Sized: A barrier able to surround ten to fifteen people, can be used up to 25 times a day. (2 feet)
  • Audience Sized: Incantation needed, A barrier erected to surround any amount of people above 15. It can reach up to 60 people max. 15-30 can be done 3 times a day, 31-45 twice, and 46-60 once. (3 feet)

Deviare: (Deflect)

  • Uses Per Day: 15
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: A simple spell that deflects incoming energy attacks or projectile attacks. It is not a close quarters combat spell. It stops the attack two feet from her body and sends it flying in a different direction, the direction chosen by Alessa's movements when the spell is cast.

Assorbire: (Absorb)

  • Uses Per Day: 5
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: Allows Alessa to absorb the energy from an incoming attack and use it as her own. Usually channeled through her hands, she says the spell. Once the attack makes contact, she is immune to it's effects during absorbtion. Complete absorbtion takes 1.5 second for larger attacks, .5 seconds for smaller attacks.

Fuoco: (Fire) Wand Reqired

  • Uses Per Day: 25
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: Upon using this spell, whatever Alessa is using it on will catch on fire. It's not massive, nor is someone bursting into flames. It's like taking a match to something without the actual match. Sure, the fire can spread if not tended to quickly. It also cannot be used on a living being, whether human or animal. Spiritual beings are a different story.

Infiammare: (Ignite)

  • Uses Per Day: 5
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: Alessa places this spell on an item, putting up a timer between 1 second and 1 hour. Once the time is up, the spell will be set off and the item will burst into flames, 2 seconds later it will explode, and then the fire will expand if not stopped.

Ghiaccio: (Ice)

  • Uses Per Day: 15
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: A simple spell that allows the creation of ice on or around whatever Alessa is using this spell on. It can be modified to shoot at people in the forms of shards or even summon ice for a drink that she felt got a little to hot. It's merely a creation of ice in small amounts, nothing large.

Ghiacciare: (Freeze)

  • Uses Per Day: 10
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: A simple, yet pretty powerful spell. This spell blows super cooled air towards a target in an attempt to freeze it from the outside to the inside. It's usually used as a defensive spell to slow down attacking enemies and render them useless, but can also be used offensively to hurt another. To actually cause damage though, they would have to be in this spell for at least 3 seconds. Any time under that is merely to slow them down, freezing them to make it harder for them to move.

Ventata: (Gust)

  • Uses Per Day: 10
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: A strong burst of wind is shot forward at high speeds. This spell uses enough power behind it to push someone completely off their feet and up to ten, twenty, and even thirty feet away from her. It all depends on how much power she decides to put in it.

Torcitore: (Tornado)

  • Uses Per Day: 3, or 3 tornadoes at once
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: By pointing her wand to the sky, she uses this spell to summon 1-3 tornadoes of F2 to F5 capacity, depending on what the weather is like how much power she uses within the spell. If F5 is created, the spell can only be used once per day. It's no different than a normal tornado, Alessa can also be caught in it, and she has no control on how long it lasts. Though, it can be stopped by knocking her out or disrupting the wind patterns within it.

Spingere: (Push)

  • Uses Per Day: 15
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: Actually one of her more powerful spells, this allows Alessa to send a massive burst of energy forward towards a target. It creates a wave of energy that shoots forward at 300mph and slams against it's target to push it as far back or as hard as possible. Upon impact, it contiues forward until it is some how dispelled, hits a solid object, or reaches it's maximum travel length of seventy five feet.

Intrappolare: (Ensnare)

  • Uses Per Day: 3
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: A thin rope of energy shoots out and winds itself around 1, 2, or 3 targets, depending on the situation. If there is one person snared, the chance of breaking it is 15%, two people snared, chance of breaking is 30%, three people snared the chance of breaking is 60%. After two “rounds” of posting, meaning each person in the thread has posted twice since the ensnarement, each percentage is increased by 15%. So 15 is 30%, 30 is 45%, and 60 is 75%. The pattern continues.

Illuminare: (Light)

  • Uses Per Day: No Limit
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: It creates a small ball of light to allow people to see. Yes, It's a flashlight of awesomeness that Alessa can bring up at will. It's brightness is so epic that it can even allow a darkened room to be lit up and takes no electricity at all. It lasts just as long as electricity too, forever as long as you keep it on. The difference is, you don't have to pay a bill at the end of the month. She can make hundreds of these little guys. She can light up her Christmas tree without burning it, make sure no one goes blind during a power outage, and if someone is scared of the dark, she can always dim it to be a little night light for them. Yes, she can dim it and brighten it to her liking, making it blinding or just enough to walk around a dark house without waking anyone up. All of this.. because this is so awesome.

Fiammata: (Flare)

  • Uses Per Day: Unlimited
  • Incantation: None
  • Effect: When using this spell, she points in a certain direction, usually in the air, and shoots off a red light that is similar to a flare. She can also create small flares to set in areas. They do not burn, so things catching on fire is not a worry. They last for five minutes if set, or 10 seconds if shot into the air.


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PostSubject: Re: Alessandra Bianchi [APPROVED 3-1]   Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:14 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: LIGHT OF AWESOMENESS, yea, cause it is THAT awesome.
Tier: 3-1


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PostSubject: Re: Alessandra Bianchi [APPROVED 3-1]   Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:33 am

Archived until further notice...
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PostSubject: Re: Alessandra Bianchi [APPROVED 3-1]   

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Alessandra Bianchi [APPROVED 3-1]
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