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 Sigelinde Lieselotte von Scharnhorst [Approved 1-2]

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PostSubject: Sigelinde Lieselotte von Scharnhorst [Approved 1-2]   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:33 am

Quincy Template


Name: Sigelinde Lieselotte von Scharnhorst
True Age: 23
Gender: Female
Personality: Sigelinde is not a bubbly, cheery person. Even though she may almost-always have a smile on her face, it doesn't mean she's happy. That smile is merely a shield to stop "Are you okay?" As long as people think she's okay and don't bother her for wondering how she is, Sigelinde is fine. She is a rather selfless person; she's the type to go without food so her ally could have it instead. However, don't think that she won't do things for herself. She needs to feel good sometimes too; otherwise it could bring her friends down too. Her mask can only do so much. One of the best things one can do to cheer her up is get her something sweet. Not as in "awww," but as in diabetes-inducing-sugar-levels sweet. She can stomach things too sweet for most people, but can not take a bit of sourness. Another fun fact about this Fräulein is about her and alcohol. Give her a small amount of beer and she'll be knocked out. Give her a glass of wine, she'll be fine. Vodka is too strong for her, but her favorite drink is Japanese whisky. She keeps a bottle of premium whisky in a safe in a bank; but she always has a bottle of normal-quality Japanese whisky in her room.

Sigelinde does not have so-called pride. She isn't someone who finds herself to be better—or worse than—other people. She doesn't look down on others, and respects every person she comes across. But wait, how can she be a killer if she respects everyone? She doesn't respect everyone. She doesn't look down at other people, but there are people that to her are not actual people. To this Quincy, they are beasts in men's skin. Sigelinde views people like terrorists, murderers, and jaywalkers as subhuman. She does not respect them. She doesn't have strong morals, but moreso a strong conviction to the laws. Her feelings aren't even so much justice either. They aren't the "right thing," but the "better thing." Sure, there are times when a result could be achieved by unlawful means—but to her the risk is too great. However, she does have a slight confusion on when laws should be broken.

Sigelinde also doesn't have "Quincy pride." She isn't someone who finds herself to be special, even though she's first Quincy from her bloodline in many generations. She has a different spirit weapon type than most Quincies, and so she has nothing to take pride in. Sure, she may have some decent overall skill in the Quincy crafts, but Sigelinde doesn't find anything special about her. Part of this is because her spirit weapon is not meant for frontline combat. She doesn't feel like she can truly contribute to anything with her spirit weapon, as it is more suited for a support role. Though, her weapon is capable of holding its own. It's just that in the middle of a large-scale battle, it's suited more to have as someone's backup.

General Appearance
Appearance: Sigelinde is almost a statue. Not in the sense that she's always tense and strong-built, as she is far from either of those. Sigelinde is a statue in the sense that she is a work of art, almost too good to be real. Or rather, she's too exotic to be real. Her pale complexion plays into this, but it is her hair and eyes that are most defining. Her silver, almost platinum hair extends below her waist. While it is not like silk, it still is strangely soft to the touch. Her eyes also play a part in her distinctness. Their crimson shade is extremely distinct from the white the rest of her atmosphere holds. The pupils are a slit that varies in width, much like a cat's. However, they rarely—if ever—fill her entire eye like a cat's. Sigelinde's clothing varies. Most of the time, she is in casual clothing more suited for cold weather. It's not that she doesn't like to wear more formal clothing, she simply prefers the maneuverability more casual clothing has. That's why her so-called "battle outfit" is more open to move around. Sigelinde wears two pairs of small spandex-like shorts with extra padding to keep people from seeing her underwear or worse.

Appearance Age: Around 19.
Height: 173cm
Weight: 57kg

Natural Abilities
Reishi Color: Black with violet outline.
Quincy Cross: Although she has it with her at all times, Sigelinde only has it show on certain outfits. It looks like a pin and has four equally long "arms" that look like spades. Inside each of the "arms" is a black cross.

Quincy Items: Strangely enough, Sigelinde doesn't normally carry any Quincy Items, although she is training in use of Seele Schneiders so she may carry one or two of them around with her. She's not too bad with the items, but she definitely needs more training to be anything more than decent.

Spirit Weapon

Spirit Weapon Type: Special
Spirit Weapon Appearance: Sigelinde's bow initially takes the form of a pair of fingerless gloves. They have a light indigo band for the wristband where the energy for her arrows concentrates. The bow, when active, does not glow. After her limiter is released, she changes almost completely. Her bow is no longer the gloves, but her wings.

Spirit Weapon Abilities: Instead of firing off arrows with punches like one would think, Sigelinde normally fires hers off with random movements. This creates wider and more varying firing arcs. Though, she CAN fire arrows with punches, but they only fire one at a time. When surrounded, an interesting thing she can do is fire up to one hundred arrows from the tips of her fingers. Although they are much smaller and thus deal less overall damage, they are faster than her normal arrows.

Jagdpanther: A risky move, much like a shotgun. Based off of the idea with the smaller arrows, Sigelinde has to grab something. Then from her palm, 200 of those small arrows are fired in one direction—similar to that of beehive rounds. This is only good up close and really best against a stationary target. She can do this once per thread.

EXCEED BREAK: A sort-of limiter placed on Sigelinde. The limiter is only used for one thing: as a regulator. It's more like a voltage regulator to make sure that there isn't too much energy pushed through or there's no backfire. Once the limiter is removed, she can (in theory) power her bows with every bit of reishi in an area. Of course that would destroy her body before she's capable of even getting halfway done charging the arrow(s). Essentially, it allows her to use much more reishi than how she could have before.


Vollständig Name: Schwarze Walküre
Vollständig Appearance: Schwarze Walküre is, essentially a super version of EXCEED BREAK in terms of appearance. Sigelinde's outfit and hairstyle changes, but the biggest change is to her back. Where in EXCEED BREAK, Sigelinde would have a set of wings that'd look like a bird's—in Schwarze Walküre, the wings have no shape. They look like twisted flames in a way, but they each have strange markings on them. The markings move around and vary from release to release, but they all glow a bright red. These are more like heightened conduits from her body, but they are placed on the wings.

Vollständig Abilities: Schwarze Walküre is, essentially a heightened version of EXCEED BREAK. She is faster and can first many more arrows. She can also now fire arrows from her wings. Her wings are also capable of cutting through things much like a Seele Schneider—albeit much weaker on their own. Each wing is about 1/3 the power of a Seele Schneider, meaning that three together makes it capable of standing up to a Seele Schneider. But the main ability of her Vollständig is in her wings. Although the designs look cool, they serve as extra conduits for Sigelinde to gather and use reishi. She can now use six times the normal amount of Reishi, meaning she can fire more arrows more powerfully more quickly. Or just a lot of arrows. Or just powerful ones. Or just quick ones, it really doesn't matter. But what does matter is that Sigelinde gets a little trigger happy while in her Vollständig. The longer she is in it, the more prone to destruction she's in. By about 5 posts, she's unable to tell friend from foe and will start blasting left and right. It's at that point that she may cast Gottes Licht just for the hell of it.

Jagdtiger: A more powerful version of Jagdpanther. Like with Jagdpanther, Sigelinde has to grab something. Then from her each of her palms, 400 of those small arrows are fired in one direction—similar to that of beehive rounds. This is only good up close and really best against a stationary target. She can do this once per thread.

Blattjagd: Blattjagd is interesting because the appearance isn't what it is. Blattjagd looks like a continuous beam of energy coming out from each of her wings. However, it's far from continuous. Instead, it's just an uncountable amount of arrows being fired at such a high frequency that it looks to be solid. Sigelinde can move around while using this, although not quickly. It makes a good attack for attacking enemies behind cover. She can keep firing for three posts but can only use this once per thread and can not use any other named ability for three posts.

Blitzjagd: For Blitzjagd, Sigelinde condenses her six wings down to two. This causes them to lose their glow and instead turn black with a red outline. Using the extra conduits on her wings, Sigelinde forces more reishi to go under her feet. This puts her speed at higher than any other Quincy's normal Hirenkyaku—although that claim only covers non-augmented Hirenkyaku. However, it's only good for one attack, and that attack is essentially a dive bomb. Using her enhanced speed, Sigelinde propels herself towards a target with her wings spread out wide. Using that, Sigelinde essentially has two massive Seele Shneiders. She can only do this once per thread. Though the main drawback is if she misses. If she gets her calculations wrong and the opponent is on the ground, Sigelinde could simply crash into the ground. It'd be a rough landing that she'd probably be KO'd from.

Gottes Licht: Sigelinde's most powerful ability can not really be called an arrow—although it technically is. Instead of using her conduits to get energy to create multiple arrows, Blitzjagd changes that to focusing all of that energy to one arrow. With the extra conduits, this creates a single, massive arrow that simply looks like a giant ball of light from one angle. From other angles, it looks like a giant nail. The radius of this can be—at maximum—200 meters. Its length is 10 times that, giving it a maximum length of 2 kilometers. However, don't think that it's fast. No, a Hoverround could outrun it even at a small size. And don't think that Sigelinde can move around. She has to stay in one place (although she can move around such as kneeling or lying down) and keep providing stability to it. When it strikes, it's essentially a small nuclear explosion without the fallout. But because of how close Sigelinde has to be, she'd be caught in the explosion and would at least be severely hurt by it. She can obviously only use it once per thread and it has a risk of being like the Quincy Final Form to a degree. The risk would "destroy" her Vollständig and cause her to have to learn it again... if she even could. And it restricts her from using her bow for the rest of the thread. She can still use Hirenkyaku, however.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Sigelinde... to understand her past, one must understand her family's past. Before the Quincy extermination, Sigelinde's ancestral bloodline was rather strong in terms of Quincy abilities. However, it suddenly started to decline, though the exact reasons why are unknown. Those that researched that bloodline say it was like what was happening with horses of today. They started to get so selective on "breeding" to keep the Quincy powers strong, it became close to inbreeding. Thus, the quality took a sharp decline... right in time for the Gotei 13's extermination of the Quincy. This decline kept that bloodline from being seen as Quincies any longer. And for many hundreds of years, they forgot that the power still was in their blood. Then it began to spring back up in the 1900s. That power—once forgotten—was now returning. That power took a sharp turn for the better when Sigelinde was born. She is regarded as the most powerful Quincy in her family's history since the great decline started. While nowhere near her ancestors, she does have room to grow.

But Sigelinde herself was born 23 years ago outside of Berlin in a rural hospital. There were no complications, no mysterious explosions, or confiscation. For most of her life, Sigelinde  didn't exhibit many abilities like her father—a true von Scharnhorst—had. That was until she was about ten. On accident, she released an arrow that exploded the family cat. Well, it really vaporized it. After that, her father began training her on how to control that power. He had heard rumors of Quincies in Japan making more of a comeback, so he began lessons for her to learn Japanese. However, her father was only really good with maintaining a spirit weapon. All of the arts with the Quincy tools had long since been forgotten in the von Scharnhorst history.

And eventually, she mastered her Quincy abilities so much to learn a Vollständig. And with learning that, all that her father could teach her was complete. She was about 18 at the time, and had just finished her formal education. Instead of pursuing a degree, Sigelinde took off to hear about the rumors in Japan... as well as to get some of the best whisky around. She had, by this time, developed a certain taste for alcohol. And upon arriving in Japan, Sigelinde began going to different bars and getting whisky. Eventually, there was a bar whose bartender couldn't understand Sigelinde's semi-broken Japanese. So she swore in her native language. Then from across the room, a rather suspicious-looking man replied "Hey, beruhige dich. Ich kümmere mich darum." and ordered her drink more fluently. Sigelinde was surprised that someone spoke her home language, so she struck up a conversation with him. The two drank and cut up until the bar closed. However, he had left her a business card after learning she was a Quincy. She doesn't remember how that was dropped into a conversation, but it was. Johnathan Walker. She definitely wanted to see what he did.

A few days later, Sigelinde met with the John, who further introduced himself as one of the leaders of an organization called 'Alpha Protocol.' He explained what they do and why, and then introduced her to the leader—Anneliese Nicolette. Upon the introduction, Sigelinde burst out that she wanted to join. She felt this would be the place for her to hone her skills... and maybe do a little good. But Anneliese wanted to see what she could do... as did John. A bit nervous, Sigelinde entered a training ground. It wasn't much, just a blank room with various terrain simulations. But it was all painted the same color grey, meaning there wasn't a desert one, a plains one, etc. There, Sigelinde was tasked to take down as many of the pop-up targets as she could and to stay in there as long as she could. Three hours later, Sigelinde finally stopped. She was exhausted and could barely walk, but she definitely was approved for the organization. And because there had been a recent shuffling around of the entire organization's structure, Sigelinde was offered one of the leadership roles—in which she accepted.

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PostSubject: Re: Sigelinde Lieselotte von Scharnhorst [Approved 1-2]   Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:40 pm

Ready to be checked

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PostSubject: Re: Sigelinde Lieselotte von Scharnhorst [Approved 1-2]   Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sigelinde Lieselotte von Scharnhorst [Approved 1-2]   

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Sigelinde Lieselotte von Scharnhorst [Approved 1-2]
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