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 Snopy S [Approved 0-3]

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Snopy S [Approved 0-3]   Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:48 pm

Vizard Template


Name: Snopy Saika
True Age: 243
Gender: Male

General Appearance


Snopy has a very lean appearance, weighing about 119lbs and standing at 6 feet and 1 inch. Considering the height and weight factor, he is rather skinny and lacks any noticeable muscle definition. It is unknown why his weight is the way it is, either way it doesn't make him the most menacing person. He has blonde hair that extends down to the bottom of the neck. Considering his nationality is Japanese, one would wonder as to where such a hair color came from. However, his skin is colored normally for his Nationality.

His eye color tends to catch many people off guard as well. He appears to have obtained heterochromia iridium in some way. Though normally caused by some kind of inflammation or irritation, the nature of this is rather different. He was actually born with silver eyes, and lived his entire living life with that. However, shortly after death he was struck by some surge of energy, and his eyes changed. His left eye is a bright pink color, while his right is a deep purple color. One gene test he took in the Gotei even confirmed that it was somehow hard coded into his genetics to have multi-colored eyes. No one knows how his genetics changed, especially since it isn't a genetic condition.

When it comes to attire it is fairly simple.  He is usually found wearing casual attire, even on some missions. He wears a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals much of the time. To top it off he has a pair of sunglasses he uses to cover his eyes sometimes. The main reason being he just enjoys wearing them, as he feels no shame in his eye colors. The colors of said cloths vary, as he has no real preference.  He also wears a necklace with a little blue stone at the end that his sister gave him.

Appearance Age: 20
Height: 6'1
Weight: 153 lbs


Laid back

Snopy is a very laid back individual.  There is nothing in his personality that makes him look at a situation too seriously unless he needs to.  This easygoing attitude makes him fairly easy to talk to.  He doesn't look down on anyone unless they give him a real reason to.  He prefers to just sit back and relax than to get up and work unless there is need to.  If someone messes up, he won't get too upset, yell, or anything like that.  Unless he needs to do otherwise, he will forgive mistakes in an instant.  He hates formalities, as well as the idea of a uniform.  No matter the relationship with him, as long as he doesn't dislike someone, he is willing to talk about anything if the person really needs it.  He likes to make a lot of lighthearted jokes, and is as casual as can be.  He can be a bit of a smart ass though, even in the most serious of situations.


Snopy has a determined mind for anything he goes for.  If he wants something or has to do something, he will do everything he can to get it, so long as the method doesn't break his morals.  Even though he prefers to sit back and relax, when the time comes to work he will get the job done.  Snopy doesn't know how to give up, because he never does it.  This isn't talking about training fights or whatnot, those he can accept defeat, but in actual serious situations he won't just give up.  Unless not giving up would lead to the deaths of far too many people, or just one person he cares about, he will keep trying to find a way.  No matter the enemy, if he is pressured, he will fight harder.  He is aware that sometimes retreat is the best option, however he is able to fight to the last breath if it ever came down to it.


Snopy is, if nothing else, calm.  No matter how bad things get, he can often retain a sense of inner calm that few can match.  He doesn't yell often unless it is needed to get a point across.  Few have really seen him get mad.  That is because, unless someone attacked and injured someone he cares about, he doesn't usually get angry.  Even then, he can retain his calmness at times.  He can get angry if enough happens, but it would have to be along the lines of getting into a bad argument or a lot of stupid shit happening in a short span.  Also, if someone repeatedly does something that bothers him, he might get a tad ticked off at them.  He is more easily annoyed than angered, and if he gets annoyed enough, while he won't yell or anything, he may come off a bit short with people.  If he isn't in his laid back manner for some reason, one will usually get an air of stoicism if they try taunting him or anything to that effect.  His calmness also contributes to how easy he is to talk to at times.


To say Snopy isn't intelligent is a major understatement.  In fact, there is little he can't figure out.  He notices just about everything given the observation required to make an accurate deduction.  He can figure out an enemy's attack patterns after observing it for awhile.  He can sometimes tell if someone is lying by their subtle reactions.  He is no fool, and he isn't easy to trick.  His knowledge is immense, but no matter what, he never acknowledges it.  No matter how many people call him a genius, he won't admit it.  He sees himself as intelligent, but he doesn't see himself as genius quality.  He also has a habit of researching things he doesn't know about, making him very knowledgeable and a good source of information on various subjects.  He can speak Japanese and English fluently, and even knows some German and French.

Honor?  Glory?  You don't get it do you?  Your enemy wants you and everything you love DEAD.  Fight them with honor and glory?  What, and give them more of a chance to have their way?  We have to minimize losses, innocent and otherwise.  Show them you aren't one to be fucked with.  Embarrass them, use their strength against them, trick them, stab them in the back.  Make them into the fool, where their own movements become their downfall.  They want to kill you and those you care about, then make them regret ever crossing your path.  And if they live, make sure every step they ever take again in their life is filled with fear that that very step is playing into your hand.

Natural  Abilities

Reiatsu Color: Pink/Purple, it changes from time to time.
Unreleased Abilities: (Does your character have any special abilities when he or she is not using his or her Zanpakutō?)
Zanpakutō: The Zanpakutō's blade is the size of a regular katana and is a deep black. The hand guard is like that of a regular katana. The handle is black with pink colored cloth around it. The second blade is the same, but with purple cloth on the handle.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Let the energy flow, Tsuin Megami Reijingu
Other Weapons:

Energy Revolvers

These pistols look like nothing more than regular revolvers on the outside. The pistols do not fire regular bullets, but bullets of condensed energy gathered from its user, making them rather useless if one is completely powerless. They take on the power of the user, meaning if the user was a 0-4, the bullets can be fired with the power of a 0-4. The user can also adjust the output of the gun, making them able to make the bullets any strength from almost nothing all the way up to their tier level.

The energy leaves in the shape of a bullet, but the user may make the energy less condensed, which will not only lower the power of the bullet itself, but give a wide radius of damage, possibly leaving a giant hole in an object it fired through (imagine firing at a wall of a house and a several foot wide hole being created on more extreme powers). Since the user can fire repeatedly, and it is fueled by their energy, it also drains energy from the user. However, since the revolvers can store energy over time, the first shot fired from each pistol (in a thread) will cost no energy, as it built over time (does not apply if the threads take place very shortly after one another).

Finally, their construction makes them extremely durable, able to absorb most powerful attacks that are below 3 tier. However, if the user is stronger than that, then the gun takes on the durability of the user's Zanpakutō (or what it would be if they had one). Finally, it is synced up to its user. That way, no one can get their hands on it and use it unless they find some way to decode the gun's mechanisms and remove Snopy's energy from it.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Tsuin megami reijingu (Raging Twin Goddesses)
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

The perky half


Fumiko is a somewhat large chested girl who stands at about 5'1 and weighs somewhere around 100 pounds. Fumiko has the look of a teenager around 16 or 17. She is somewhat innocent looking and tends has an extremely attractive body. She has long bright blue hair which either extends down her back or, more often, is in a large ponytail that is off to the side. Her eyes, like her hair, are a bright blue.

Fumiko tends to be a happy person. As such, her movements are as such. She is always seen with a smile on her face. She tends to move around energetically, sometimes skipping around. This makes people who see her generally see just how hyper she can be.

She tends to wear revealing outfits. She is as innocent as can be, but she likes to show off her body a little. Thus the dresses she wears generally cover minimal amounts of skin on her arms and legs. When she wears something that isn't a dress, she wears a tank top and a skirt or shorts. Most of the time a bit on underwear is showing. Some of her outfits tend to show off her cleavage a bit. Clothing like this is one of the causes for her arguments with her sister.

The calm half

Reiko is a small chested girl who stands at about 5'7 and weighs somewhere around 120-130 pounds. Her bodily features are all around feminine as one would expect from a female, looking around age 25. Her body is an extremely attractive one. She has long black hair that extends down to about half-way down her back. Her eyes are a dark brown.

Reiko always has a serious look plastered on her face. She never really shows much emotion in her actions or face. When she walks, it is always graceful. She never walks like she is depressed, she never walks with energy as if she is happy. The grace shows the content nature of her personality. This makes her look rather elegant in most people's eyes.

It is nearly impossible for anyone to see a large portion of her body (and the beauty within) because she hides it with clothing. She doesn't wear anything revealing, nor anything that highlights her attractive aspects. Her cloths generally are made up of a long sleeved shirt and pants. Very little exposure of her skin in her clothing. She prefers to keep it that way, as she doesn't like to go flaunting things like Fumiko and Ayako do. Still, even with the outfits, she still has an air of elegance around her.

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:

The hyperactive half: Fumiko goes around and always seems to have a smile on her face. She is indeed quite a cheerful person. Sadness isn't something she is too familiar with, and simply being content isn't enough for her. If she isn't happy, she feels something is wrong. This lighthearted attitude tends to show itself in her voice and movements. If she isn't happy, she is either upset or bored.

She is also quite energetic about it. She seems to have a lot more energy than someone her size needs, so she tends to move quickly. She runs around occasionally, she jumps around a lot, and anything that seems to show an excess in energy reserves. This especially shows in her voice. Fumiko talks loudly, really loudly. Her voice is somewhere in-between loud and yelling. It isn't quite yelling (most of the time), but it certainly isn't quiet.

Fumiko is what we could call "trigger happy". When there is a problem, her answer is (almost) always to blow it up. If there is something to fight, she wants to go all out. When Snopy fights she always tries to get him to blow things up. She likes using that kind of power, almost as much as she likes explosions. She isn't dumb though. If Snopy is upset with someone he cares about she won't tell him to "blow them up." She won't tell him to blow up random things, especially in a city or town. She does not want to commit murder.

Fumiko is actually a rather kind person at heart. She doesn't like needless death, just like Snopy. She is also protective of Snopy and even the people Snopy cares about. She cares about Snopy's friends and family through extension. She really does care for their well fare, as well as her sister's. When one of them is in trouble, she can show actual concern on her face rather than joy. However, if she feels things are going to end well, she will be extremely happy as usual. An example is when Snopy is in trouble, but someone cones to help and she feels the battle is going to be a win.

She is extremely attached to Snopy. At times when he is in his inner world she will hug and cling to him. It is a sort of cute attachment, like one a little sister would give to a brother she was attached to. She tends to talk to Snopy a lot as, to her, he is the easiest person to talk to. In truth, she sees her wielder as her big brother, and spends a lot of time interacting with him. This sister-like attitude is often returned with a brother-like attitude.

As for her sister, her relationship is rather rough. Fumiko isn't exactly a hothead, but she doesn't see eye to eye with her sister. Reiko thinks Fumiko is too loud and rash. This often upsets Fumiko, who will begin yelling and arguing rather quickly. As such the two argue constantly, and always seem to be upset with each other. However, Fumiko does love her sister deep down. If something is wrong, she will worry about her. When Snopy can keep their tempers down, she can actually be quite caring towards her sister.

She, however, has no love for Ayako (Snopy's inner hollow). She finds her annoying, seeing as Ayako teases her a lot out of boredom. This causes her to yell at Ayako, which only causes more teasing. Much of said argument is based around Ayako constantly talking about her looks, which Fumiko believes hers are better. Fumiko often drags Snopy in the middle to say who looks better, though he always declines an answer (seeing as he avoids such arguments). She also gets extra protective of Snopy when Ayako is around, feeling like he isn't safe.

The calm half: Reiko is a fairly calm individual. She generally has a "matured" look about her. Her face has generally more of a content look to it rather than a pleased or upset one. Reiko doesn't really get upset about much. Her calm demeanor prevents her from being affected by much. As such, even in arguments she sounds as if she were talking normally. Her facial expression almost never changes.

She has a bit of a dignified aura about her. Her movements are somewhat elegant in nature, not too energetic or sloppy. This is somewhat betrayed by her clothing, which is usually rather plain. Reiko prefers not to show off, unlike others around her to like to flaunt what they have. This in itself adds a bit of dignity to her. Though she dresses plainly, she does have a little sense of appearances. Still, she heavily disagrees with those around her that do flaunt their bodies.

Her attitude is the opposite of her sister's. She prefers to avoid fighting if it isn't necessary. If an opponent can be peacefully subdued, she would prefer it be done that way. When force muse be used, she prefers to use her energy conservatively. As such, she uses it slowly to constantly keep herself augmented in some way. A large attack can miss, but an augmentation takes little energy and has many chances to show itself to be useful. In her mind, it is better that the opponent be the one worn out, not her.

Despite her rather stoic attitude, she does also care for those around her. She does not generally show it in her voice or her motions like her sister. Rather, just what she says has a slightly kinder inflection and other minor changes that show those that know her she does care. She is not good at comforting others, and has trouble coming up with a sympathetic voice. Still, she wishes to help Snopy and any who make him happy.

She shares a somewhat different relationship with Snopy than Fumiko. She shares more of a mature friendship with him, resulting in calm conversations with him. He is the only person she has access to talk to commonly whom she can have a relaxed, intelligent conversation with. She also enjoys the compliments she receives from him, as his nature generally causes him to say nice things to people around him. She will never show it, but she can get quite flattered.

With her sister things are different. Fumiko's loud voice and careless attitude gets on her nerves. It isn't odd to hear Reiko telling her to lower her voice or to mature up. When she argues, she generally retains her calm demeanor and often times has some kind of clever retort. In the end though, her and her sister are similar in their inner feelings. Reiko indeed loves her sister, she just isn't good at showing it. She shows she cares the best she can, even if it is hard to tell at times.

Towards Ayako she actually looks to in a combination of dislike and intrigue. She wants to know more about what makes Ayako tick, so she actually attempts to get along with her. Still, she does dislike her and would prefer she stay away from her sister and Snopy. Reiko is intelligent, she knows the danger, and is not going to let her intrigue blind her judgement of a situation. Still, she has actually had some conversations with the hollow when she wasn't being teased constantly for her conservative dress code.

Zanpakutō Spirit's World:

Snopy’s inner world is divided into a few segments. The main two segments are cut half down the middle. On the west side there is a pink hue in the sky. This side is more controlled by the more serious half of his Zanpakutō. On the East side there is a purple hue, representing the more hyperactive (and trigger-happy) half. The reason for this is simply the fact that the two halves of the Zanpakutō don’t get along. As a whole, Snopy’s inner world resembles the wilderness. There are patches of forest, rivers, occasionally lakes, even marshes if one was to search hard enough. Snopy’s inner world is vast, as there is quite a bit of wilderness to be explored.

Though the wilderness transitions smoothly from one side to the next, it is not so with the weather. In the sky, the colors do not fade as they approach, they simply collide, a line where the color suddenly shifts. On the ground this is also evident. On the calmer side, weather appears to generally be calm, the breeze is gentle, and the rivers flow smoothly. However, the moment they cross that invisible line, to the more active side, it becomes the opposite. The wind is often quite powerful, the weather is somewhat unpredictable, and the river instantly begins to flow violently.

To top it off, to the north, there is an area that seems much different. The sky is much darker, the lighting itself is less, and there is a strange dark feel about it. This is where Snopy's inner hollow was formed.  Here it is different because everything is darker and more sinister.


Shikai: Tsuin megami reijingu
Shikai Appearance: One of the blades does not change in appearance, it simply gets about 4 inches longer. This is the Katana with the Pink at the hilt. The other however, morphs itself into a small black pistol. All across the gun are almost veins, lines running along all parts of the gun. These “veins” will glow a deep purple before fading back into its regular color. This glow and fade almost gives it a futuristic look. It looks like a regular pistol in shape.
Shikai Abilities:

Energy Augmented Sword: The sword Snopy uses in Shikai is constantly covered in a layer of energy. This is due to the sword being the manifestation of his Zanpakutō’s controlled side, which believes in constant augmentation. A layer of energy envelopes the blade at all times while released. This adds to the power of the blade. This allows it to slice through objects with more ease. A clean hit on unprotected skin can cause a pretty bad cut on many people. It slices through skin with relative ease, and even improves Snopy's ability to penetrate Hierro like abilities. Snopy's left arm is also constantly enveloped in energy, causing a moderate reduction in damage to that arm.

Shikai Pistol: The pistol Snopy wields is capable of firing out blasts of pure energy. At the pull of a trigger, these blasts can be released at varying size and power. The gun collects energy generated from Snopy's body (and tiny amounts of energy from the air over time) and uses it to create said blasts.  As of now, he can fire blasts that can rival a Gran Rey Cero. He can also fire off smaller blasts for a much lower cost in energy and effort.  He can only fire 3 Gran Rey Cero sized blast in a short period of time (1 post), else he begins to fatigue rather quickly (lets say the optimal rate is 1 of these powered blasts per post, if he does more per post he fatigues more). If he spaces them out he can fire off more, but they still require a bit of energy. However, small and medium sized blasts are rather easy to fire in this state.  He can also fire of blasts similar to regular Cero fairly easily.  None of these attacks should be underestimated, as his Cero-sized can be devastating and even his small blasts can cause some decent damage.

Overall Augmentation: When Snopy enters his Shikai state, all of his abilities and traits gain a large augmentation from his sealed abilities.  His speed, strength, and even durability have a great boost from his Shikai's energy enveloping him and boosting his overall traits.  In Shikai, though comparatively low compared to others of his level of strength, his physical power can now pack a punch.  Due to being above even the level of strength the average captain holds, even his punches now can cause some destruction.  He is now capable of taking a hit, and is not quite as squishy as he was in base.  Finally, his already immense speed is augmented making him even harder to hit in combat.  Due to his proficiency in Kidō, that gains a slightly larger boost rather than the boost the rest of the traits get, making his Kidō all the more devastating.

Energy Manipulation: The main power of Snopy's Zanpakutō. This power showed itself in minute ways with Snopy's gun and sword, but only manifested when Snopy was able to push himself to his absolute limit. Snopy has the power to manipulate pure energy in his Shikai. What that means, is that he can take control of energy and reishi within the environment and manipulate it to his will. He can condense it into a solid form to attack or defend, and manipulate it free form. In fact, with a little imagination, a lot could be done.  He can manipulate just about any energy in the environment, though Reishi is optimal.  Other energies are a bit harder to work with than Reishi, though it can be done.

Basically, he has free-form manipulation of energy in this state.  What this means is he can collect large amounts of energy and control it in every which way.  He can send is around as an overwhelming wave of energy, or even change it's shape to have certain effects (due to shape, not actual special effects).  Every bit of energy controlled requires him to infuse a tiny portion of his own energy, thus with prolonged use, Snopy will tire eventually.  However, his proficiency in Shikai and overall energy stores allows him to last for a very long period of time.  He is very dangerous as he can control large amounts of energy at a time.  However, if he pushes himself too far, his body may start to break up from the volume of energy being pumped out of his body.  This will cause wounds to break open at various points on his body, though most often from the hands.  If he goes overboard for too long, even just hand wounds would become a major issue, and wounds to the torso, even more so.

  • Spikes: This is a derived technique from energy manipulation.  Basically, Snopy has practiced forming several spikes made out of pure energy.  He can create many of these and launch them at high speeds.  It is best to dodge or block/deflect these, since being struck would cause some serious damage.  There aren't too hard to block if one meets them with equal force, such as their own energy attacks or some overwhelming physical attack.
  • Critical Mass:  Another derived technique, this functions very differently.  Snopy takes energy at some location and over condenses the energy into a tiny space.  He does this over and over, causing the space to be filled with far more energy than should be allowed there.  After a few seconds, the energy hits critical mass and causes a rather large explosion.  The explosion can vary in size, but it generally is more localized into a 20-40 meter radius.  This attack can be stealthy if one doesn't pay attention, and may easily go unnoticed until it is too late.  If one notes the subtle movements Snopy makes, or can sense the energy being controlled in that area they can escape before the explosion (assuming they have the common sense to get away from the sensed disturbance).  If someone knows what they are doing, it can be blocked, though this is best done with barriers, or something that can block ALL of the blast from hitting the person.
  • Kidō:  Using his energy manipulation, he has a special technique he learned.  By condensing and controlling the energy in any location on the battle field, he can create Kidō spells at that location.  Basically, he could create a Byakurai that fires from behind an opponent, or a barrier off in the distance, things like that.  The downside to this is the spell takes up 1.5x as much energy as normal.  His large energy stores makes this a non-issue when only a few are used, but over time this will eat away at his energy faster than just using the Kidō would.
  • Turret Fire:  This technique is done by condensing energy on the ground or some surface.  From here, he erupts it into the air like a geyser.  The pillar of energy is about 4 meters in diameter, and can be up to 30 meters in height.  From there, Snopy controls the energy of the geysers and causes them to launch out blasts of energy in rapid succession.  They come flying out (larger than a bullet, size wise it is similar to a cannonball) from all sides of the geyser, but then curve and shoot towards a point Snopy aims at.  Once locked on to a location, their course cannot be changed.  Snopy can erect a few of these at once, and all of them firing at once can put pressure on his foe.  Naturally, if Snopy doesn't control himself while using this he could burn through a lot of energy.


Bankai: Tengoku no Tsuin Megami (heavenly twin goddesses)
Bankai Appearance:  Snopy's Bankai doesn't change appearance, except the "veins" on his pistol now have energy visibly shooting off of them a few inches, and the blade is now so engulfed in energy it looks similar to a beam sword.
Bankai Abilities:

Energy Augmented Sword: Basically his Shikai version on steroids.  The blade's cutting power has drastically increased, making it's ability to cut far greater than before.  It tears through flesh like it is nothing, and can penetrate even some strong hierro type techniques.  The energy also has a repulsion effect.  If someone strikes and he blocks, if they lack strength they could easily be sent flying backwards great distances, enough to go through buildings.  Even though he isn't the greatest with a blade, caution should be exercised when facing him with his blade drawn.

Bankai Pistol: The pistol is much the same save for how much power.  Snopy can easily pump out a beam similar to a Cero Oscuras in strength (3 per post, 1 per post easy, 2 with slight fatigue, 3 with fatigue).  He can launch beams similar to Gran Rey Cero even easier, up to 8 per post.  His ability to fire Cero like beams is increased, and he can fire many without fatigue.  He can fire medium sized blasts so fast it is like a machine gun, and small blasts come out even faster.  Plus, he can now maneuver his blasts by moving his gun, though Cero Oscuras type blasts won't move with the gun.  Overall, the damage output in Bankai is something to be feared.

Overall Augmentation: Snopy is further augmented, gaining a LARGE increase to all traits (strength, durability, etc.), and slightly more to Kidō.  Underestimating any of Snopy's abilities in this form is a mistake (though since his weakest trait is strength in base, it is still his weakest trait released logically speaking).

Energy Manipulation:  Energy manipulation remains the same, except now he can control even larger quantities and, unlike his Shikai, can do much more at once before he begins to damage himself.  His control is more precise, accurate, and faster.  However, if he pushes himself to far (which as stated, he can do MUCH more before this happens) the injuries will generate on his body slightly faster.  Not only that, if he pushes himself, even if he doesn't appear to be taking damage from how much he pushes himself (some wounds may not appear because his energy is holding them shut), once his energy ebbs TOO much or he exits Bankai, wounds may suddenly open up.  What was once holding them shut would no longer be active/strong enough, and he could risk losing his life if he doesn't control his power enough.

  • Spikes: Same as before, but faster, stronger, and it takes more effort to block or diffuse them.
  • Critical Mass:  Same as Shikai, however the explosions can be done a little faster and, if he tries, he can make the explosions reach a 100 meter radius, making the max this ability can do quite devastating.  Snopy aims for damage rather than wide coverage.
  • Kidō:  Exactly the same as Shikai, just the spells are stronger because of augmentations.
  • Turret Fire:  Same as before, only more pillars can be erected at once, they can fire even faster, and the damage caused is far greater.

Vizard Abilities

Inner Hollow Appearance: Ayako is strange, as she looks nothing like one would expect a hollow to look. Her body is nothing more than that of a 16 year old girl. Her frame is quite small. It is entirely possible she weighs less than 100 lbs easily. She is only about 5'2 feet tall, making her rather short as well. There is absolutely nothing menacing about her. In fact, many people would find her attractive.

Her most notable feature is probably her hair. It is a bright red color and extends down her back. It actually makes her rather hard to miss. It is usually done in a large ponytail. Her eyes are also red. They aren't bright, the color is almost dull, but they somehow add to her cute innocent look. Her bust isn't very large, probably being about a B cup. Her legs are a bit long (comparatively speaking to most her height), and adds to her attractiveness.

She always wears something simple. She has something akin to a one piece sweater. It has long sleeves, reveals her upper chest a bit, and goes down slightly past her underwear. This leaves her legs mostly exposed, and depending on how she sits her underwear may peak out a bit. She has black socks that go somewhat up her calf. All of this is to make her look extra attractive, as being a tease it one of her past-times.

Inner Hollow Personality: : Ayako has little of the blind aggression many of her kind are known for. In fact, the main aspect of her personality may be based off seduction. She is a huge tease with anyone she can be, which is usually Snopy. Her voice is cute when she speaks, but it generally has seductive undertones. In fact, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if she was actually trying to get somewhere with this routine.

With Fumiko, she tends to tease her, which always makes her mad. Ayako finds this pleasurable, as she loves to get a reaction out of people. She often comments on how much better looking she is, commonly causing Fumiko to try and prove her wrong. It oddly never ends in blows, though it has often come close. Ayako does find Fumiko's defensiveness of Snopy rather irritating, because it makes it more difficult for her to mess with him.

With Reiko, she actually can hold something of a conversation. True, the two don't really like each other, but Reiko's curiosity leads to questions. The questions lead to many different topics, and seem to never really go poorly. Still, it is obvious the two would probably tear each other apart if Reiko didn't desire to learn out of intrigue.  With Snopy, she is quite random. Often she goes up to Snopy and teases him, tempts him, and who knows what else. She goes to great lengths to make him uncomfortable, often walking up to him and rubbing parts of her body against him. Ayako tries, but she never seems to be able to really bug him or mess with him.

She is also quite confused. Snopy, the one who she has tried to harm most, is the one who bears no anger towards her. There is no grudge, and he actually treats her almost kindly. Ayako does not understand it, but she feels no will power anymore to attack him.  She just doesn't want to.  When Snopy goes to kindly talk to her, she responds positively and the two can hold an actual conversation.  She still teases him a lot, but it is almost playful now.  She genuinely does not dislike him anymore, and has actually become content to being trapped in his inner world.  To her, it has oddly become home.  The level of connection between the two is something very rare for a Shinigami and a hollow.

On a final note of interest, she is a sadist and a masochist. She loves causing pain, and she loves feeling it. She laughs and laughs when someone is hurt, and she is often known to lick the blood on her wounds just for the taste and feel. Perhaps this is why her regeneration is so strong, as she can be found inflicting self harm on herself when bored.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

The eyepatch

Vizard Abilities:

Enhanced Speed: Snopy, like most (if not all) Vizard, gets a speed boost upon dawning his mask. As he has mastered controlling his inner hollow, so has his augments become more powerful.  He becomes much faster with his mask on.  He is harder to hit and keep track of, and even some stronger opponents might have trouble keeping up with him.

Enhanced Strength: Also like most Vizard, Snopy gains a boost in strength when he puts on his mask. His low strength is brought up a level, allowing him to fair far better in physical combat than without the mask on.  He still isn't the strongest, but he can cause decent damage, and when combined with a Shikai or Bankai boost, his physical blows can become somewhat dangerous.

Cero:  Snopy's specialty is energy attacks.  Therefore, he obviously is quite skilled in using Cero.  So long as his mask is dawned, he can fire very powerful Cero, which also have a very short charge time.  The blasts can cause some devastating damage if hit directly, and the fast charge up allows a surprise attack from close range and long range.  His Cero should not be underestimated, especially if his Zanpakutō is released giving him even greater energy manipulation abilities which he can use to add to his Cero.  His Cero can cause rather large explosions if he puts a little effort into it.

Regeneration: To make up for his low durability, Snopy makes up for it with his regeneration.  Snopy has inherited his inner hollow's regeneration, and so long as he remains in touch with her power, he can regenerate.  Smaller wounds can be healed in an instant, and Snopy's regeneration is so strong he can ever restore limbs using it.  It only takes him a few seconds to do so, and logically speaking, he has to have sufficient energy to do so.  Snopy's ability to restore most wounds is something to be feared, as it can keep him in fighting condition so long as he has energy and does not take serious damage to the organs, as they cannot be restored instantly and require a decent amount of time out of battle to restore.

Synchronization:  A rather unique ability that Snopy has gained, utilizing his close bond with his inner hollow.  The connection between the 2 is so powerful, they can actually meld together into almost a single conscience.  Basically, Snopy and Ayako fuse their energy and also have their consciousness partially synchronized.  Thus, while still separate entities, they each have traits of the other mixed in (personality wise).  This causes Snopy to obtain a large boost in his hollow powers for the duration.  While transformed like this, his eyes are always a bright silver color.  When he speaks, his and Ayako's voice are heard saying the same words in perfect unison.  Snopy's personality reflects Ayako's in many ways.  He becomes somewhat sadistic, enjoying to cause pain to his enemies, and he constantly taunts them.  He even slightly enjoys pain, and if wounded may be seen licking the wound as if he enjoys it.  It might be unsettling to some that know him, but it effectively scares the crap out of some foes.  Despite how scary he seems, his morals are still in tact.  He still won't harm an innocent, and he still cares about the people close to him all the same and will protect them with his life.

Synchronization basically gives Snopy a huge hollow buff.  Basically, it increases all hollow traits in his body.  He can, during this time, use ALL hollow abilities even without his mask on.  The abilities aren't weak either, he can still pack a serious punch.  Essentially, it is as if he has activated a hollow powered Shikai state (strength-wise), as this alone is equal to his Shikai in strength.  The only difference is he fights with hollow powers rather than Shinigami.  Now if he was to put on his mask while using this, it would be akin to his Bankai in terms of power.  His hollow powers would be insanely strong, and able to pack some serious punch.  Due to its power levels being equal to his Bankai, it is a mistake to underestimate this form.  Finally, if Snopy was to apply Shikai while both the sync and mask were active, it would be on par with his Bankai with a mask on.  Essentially, this "seemingly" inverts Snopy's Shinigami and hollow powers.  Making the hollow far more dominant.

The downsides are as follows.  The energy consumption is equal to whatever state it is equal in power to.  Using Sync alone drains like a Shikai, with a mask drains like a Bankai, and with Shikai is like a Masked Bankai in energy drain.  In fact, Shikai takes on the max duration of Snopy's mask usually does, as essentially it is a "Shinigami" mask.  Another downside is, all Shinigami powers are drastically reduced.  In fact, he completely looses the ability to go Bankai during Sync, as his Shini powers are too far repressed.  He also can't use Kidō unless he has activated his Shikai, and it isn't as strong as when he isn't in sync.  This form has no real time limit other than retaining sufficient energy, however, if it is deactivated 5 (of Snopy's) posts must go by before he can activate it, and activation's after the first one take more energy.  It is an extremely unorthodox form, as it makes a Shinigami seem more hollow-like and the Shinigami half is repressed.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Snopy Saika was born in 1856, in Osaka Japan.  He was born to a loving mother and a somewhat goof of a father.  When he was born, he was given the name of Snopy by mistake.  His father was about to go off on the person who made the mistake, but his mother, Yoshine Saika, stopped him, saying she liked the "unique" name.  His father calmed down and nodded, and they took their new child home with them.  Things were fairly normal for awhile until a few months later Yoshine was pregnant again.  It was a year after Snopy's birth that his parents had a daughter, whom they names Sumika.  At first, Snopy didn't like Sumika at all.  Even though he was little, he just saw her as annoying, though this could be the loss of attention talking.  This went on until he was 4 years old.  At this time, his little sister wandered out of bed and found her way to Snopy's room.  Naturally, Snopy was going to just get up and walk away, but the tiny little girl grabbed onto his arm and looked into his eyes.  Even at age 4, he couldn't help but find it adorable.  It was after that moment that he not only liked his sister, but the two became extremely attached to each other.

Snopy lived a fairly normal life, save for one thing, somehow he grew up to be quite arrogant.  He loved his mother and sister, but everyone else he treated like they were less than him.  Part of it could be the fact that he was, indeed, a genius.  He didn't study a day in his life but he went through all schooling as if it was nothing.  His memory wasn't quite photographic, it was just powerful.  Though it was more of a curse than a blessing, as it made his arrogance worse.  Despite this, he still loved his sister and treated her amazingly, same with his mother.  Him and his father though, they didn't get along too well.  Oddly, this wasn't because of Snopy's arrogance, but rather his father's attitude towards his mother.  The two seemed to be fighting recently, of course his father always ended the day without a bed to sleep on.  Snopy ended up spending extra time comforting his sister, as all the fighting seemed to be upsetting her.  He was a caring brother if nothing else.

Everything changed shortly after his 18th birthday.  Snopy was taking a walk through the city when something unexpected happened.  One of the old thugs he had argued with saw him, but this time was different.  The two had fought (with words) often but this time the thug only had a smirk on his face.  Snopy was about to walk the other way when suddenly a gunshot rang through the city.  With a bullet wound in his skull, Snopy dropped to the ground.  The man had procured some type of firearm, and he had pulled the trigger.  Now Snopy was in the limbo between life and death.  He was dead, but he still roamed the World of the Living.  He didn't try to go home, for he was dead.  What would hurt more than the only people he cared about not being able to see him?  Yet, there was something to his death that changed him.  Who was he?  Was he a genius?  No, of course not.  He was dumb enough to become so arrogant.  Was he a good brother?  Of course not, he allowed his sister to go through the pain of his death, despite his promises to protect her.  Was he a good son?  No, because he put his mother through the worst pain imaginable for a mother.  He understood all of this.  This was where he changed.  From this moment on he wasn't arrogant, hot headed, or anything of the sort.  He was now calm and a much more pleasant person to be around.  Shortly after this, Snopy met a woman dressed in a black robe who explained to him the Soul Society, and performed a Konso on him.

The moment Snopy got there, he thought one thing, food.  He was starving and he wanted food.  Oddly, he was practically the only one.  No one else he met talked about how they get hungry, though there was no shortage of food.  He spent the first few years doing odd jobs in exchange for food and the like, though this didn't last too long.  A man dressed in similar garb to the woman who sent him noticed Snopy was hungry, and explained the reason.  He then told Snopy he should enroll in the academy, which sounded like a good enough deal for him, so Snopy immediately went and did so.  He went through the academy and passed with flying colors, especially when it came to Kidō.  He was placed in Squad 5 because of this.  During this time he also met the woman who had sent him once more, and discovered her name was Kiyomi.  Throughout his time in the Gotei, Kiyomi became a very close friend of his.  They commonly went on missions together, and she acted as a sparring partner.  Thus, throughout his time in the Gotei, he trained and constantly worked towards becoming stronger.  It was in the year 1910 that the training began to show results, and Snopy began to hear something.  It was like a faint voice, two actually, were calling out to him.

At first, Snopy merely thought he was hearing things.  He didn't feel he was powerful enough for a Shikai yet, so it didn't even cross his mind it could be his Zanpakutō.  However, as he continued his work it became louder and louder.  Two years later, in the year 1912, it happened.  He was somehow dragged into his inner world, and there he saw them.  Two, rather beautiful, women.  They called themselves Reiko and Fumiko, and collectively they called themselves Tsuin Megami Reijingu, though at first he couldn't hear their collective name.  They were his Zanpakutō spirits, which after a short internal battle he was able finally hear them say their name, and thus his Shikai was acquired.  His life was fairly simple for a long while, he did missions and that was that.  There was nothing interesting about it.  It was in the year 2000 that he was able to subdue his Zanpakutō to achieve Bankai, after a long battle.  He did this in secret however.  He had absolutely no intention on revealing he had Bankai, he liked things nice and simple as they were for the moment.  As such, he continued as an unseated soldier for the time being.  He performed quite well over the years to follow, making some wonder why he was so strong and intelligent, despite lacking a Bankai.  He performed well as some captains at times, though he tried not to since he was trying to hide his Bankai.

In the year 2032, he got into a dangerous predicament on a mission on Earth. A rather powerful Arrancar was attacking, and it was too much for any of Snopy's squad mates.  He fought it rather well while in Shikai, but then the Arrancar released its Ressurecion.  Being backed into a corner, Snopy had no choice but to reveal his Bankai in order to subdue it.  Thankfully, he had been training it out of combat, so he handled it quite well.  After a rather disappointingly short battle, the Arrancar was subdued.  However, it was no longer a secret that Snopy had Bankai.  Though by this point Snopy's squad had a captain, so he wasn't promoted to such a position.  Thus, he simply served as a very powerful squad member for many years.  In 2042 his Captain was promoted and thus the spot opened.  Snopy, however, initially refused the spot.  It was only after 3 years he finally accepted and became the Captain of Squad 5.  At first his inexperience as a Captain made him fumble a bit, but he learned rather quickly and became a rather efficient Captain.  The Squad ran smoothly throughout his duration as Captain.  This went on until 2065, when something unexpected happened.  From somewhere he doesn't quite understand, he seemed to have some hollow energy.  While he was out in Rukongai one day, he suddenly hollowfied.  He fought a battle with his inner hollow and won, but he no longer felt it'd be right to be captain.  He gave up the position and went to wander.  On the day he left with all his belongings, his friend Kiyomi came up to him.  Refusing to leave, she ended up coming with him too.

For awhile he wandered Earth, growing accustomed to the way things were in the time and age.  Overtime, he ended up meeting several other Vizard, whom he aided in controlling their inner hollow.  They formed a small group, and continued to wander for awhile until finally stopping in Karakura.  It was here they decided to live.  After a time, the group banded together to form the Vizard Squadron, in which Snopy was the leader.  Today he leads the group, which has an established base of operations.  Snopy simply does as he feels, while protecting Karakura from all perceived threats.

Roleplay Sample: Snopy stood up allowing a loud yawn to escape his mouth.  It was early in the morning, and the sun was shining through the window of his home.  He made his way to the steps to downstairs and carefully took each individual step.  He was still groggy, he hadn't had the best night's sleep.  Food wasn't his main concern yet, so he decided he'd just go out for a bit of fresh air.  Reaching his hand out he turned the cold doorknob and exited out into his front yard.  The warm sunlight came rushing over him as he took a deep breath of fresh air.  It was a very nice warm day.  Snopy always preferred the rain, but this was nice enough that he didn't care.  He was dressed entirely from the day before, he had fallen asleep in his cloths.  This may have attributed to his lack of sleep, that or some other unknown factor.  

He felt he was clean, but he had slept in those cloths so he felt it would be best if he changed and got showered, not in that order of course.  He quickly ran back inside, stripped down, and hopped in the shower.  He got a nice cold one, and the frigid waters woke him right up.  From there he hopped out, dried off, and put on a fresh set of cloths.  After all was said and done, and his old cloths were in the hamper, he went back out the front door and took another deep breath.  The cool feeling from the water felt nice and he was just about ready to get started.  He didn't bother to take any supplies with him, he just went out, taking a simple walk.  A relaxing walk was what he needed after such a rough sleep.  Cracking his neck, he left his front yard and headed down the street, in the direction of Karakura park.


"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox

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