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 Violet Amarante [Approved 3-5]

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PostSubject: Violet Amarante [Approved 3-5]   Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:59 am

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Violet Amarante
True Age: 17
Appearance Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0”
Weight: 105


Personality: Violet is very set in her ways and does not like them to be altered or disturbed in anyway. Though this mostly refers to her habits, routine, and actions, this also can for her very 'black and white' way of thinking. Things either 'are' or they 'are not'. She's frequently called close minded in this sense, and has a habit of irritating people who try to make her think the way they do. The only way to turn her to your side is by showing a very convincing argument that she'd be foolish to go up against. Though she respects peoples opinions, she will not alter her own way of thinking for them and can get offended if they try to make her do so. Violet also does not like being corrected or told she is wrong. Because of her 'black and white' way of thinking, if she feels she knows something 'for a fact', she easily becomes offended when another person tries to tell her otherwise. Even if that person is right and points out evidence that shows she is wrong, she'll still become extremely offended. She prefers her way of thinking, and feels that people are treating her like an idiot when they feel they must go out of their way to say "No see you're wrong". She finds that childish. If she knows something 'for a fact' and can also provide evidence for this 'fact', she does no go around looking for it just to rub it in someone's face, so why do they insist on doing the same thing to her? Violet is 'physically' set in her ways through her normal routines, though going to Academy City has thrown her norm out of whack and it does bother her at times. She still always wakes up at five a.m. to get things done, whether it is the weekend or not. Because she is not around her animals, Shadow, or her ranch like she wants to be, she is often extremely bored, feeling lazy, and just sitting around doing nothing. She hates this feeling. She is used to having responsibilities, whether it is feeding or riding her horse or teaching the children how to shoot a bow.

Violet has always been stoic. She didn't show much emotion for anything except her parents, Shadow, and Archery. It's not like she actually is emotionless or anything like that, but she's never really had anything but those three things to smile about. People always think she is weird, so she doesn't get to know them. She's definitely country girl, her values lying within family, animals (horses especially), and workin' hard. She loved being outdoors and had no problem getting her hands dirty, while most people around her freaked out over a broken nail. She takes care of herself and is aware of her appearance, but when she watches these girls pile make-up on their faces and do whatever they possibly can to show off their bodies, she becomes slightly insecure and wonders if she was some sort of freak. Yes, she's black and white in her ways, but fitting into society was a big thing for life and she knows that. It's just extremely hard to do when you're surrounded by people that were brought up so much differently than you were. Because of Violet's upbringing and being home schooled, she is more book smart than she is street smart. She has a few small problems when interacting with people, but none of them are that big a deal. One thing that can be noted about Violet is her Southern Accent. It definitely sets her apart from the regular accents that you hear in the Academy, especially since most of the accents are of Asian decent. She also is not fully capable of speaking Chinese or Japanese, so she also has a hard time interacting with people that only speak those languages.

Note: Fan Of *Lilli

Background: Violet's birth was a miracle in it's own. Her Mother was told not to have any children, but she desperately wanted at least one. After a long, painful, and potentially fatal delivery, Violet was brought into the world. Her mother was bed ridden for two weeks after, many thought she were going to die. During that time, the reluctant Father that wished for a son over a daughter, fell head over hills for his little girl. She was beautiful, precious, and oh so innocent. He never thought he could love a child so much. When his wife, Violet's Mother, finally came home from the hospital, they enjoyed their lives together as happy as can be. Some even called them the 'dream' family. Violet's Father was your ol' country man and her mother was a beautiful country woman. They enjoyed working outside, takin' care of animals, shootin', and havin' a good time. And of course, these loves that her family held became a big part of Violet's life. At the age of three, she was doing her best to help her family with all of the animals. Her Father asked her to hook up a hose to bathe one of their dogs and she was excited to do it. The problem was, being out in the country in the middle of Oklahoma, there were a lot of critters around that did not like being walked up on  by a human. She did as she was told and went to pick up the hose, but was unaware of the Black Racer right next to it. She heard a hiss and felt a sharp pain and screamed. "No! No biting me!" she grabbed it's entire head, put it's 'neck' to her mouth, and bit down on it. "Violet, let it go!!!" her Father ran over in a panic and Violet angrily tossed the snake into a large trash bin. "It bit me, so I bit it back! Dumby lizard..." Violet wiped the small amount of blood off of her arm, where the snake had bitten, and walked away with a puffed up angry look on her face. Her Father checked what type of snake it was and was quite happy to realize that it wasn't a venomous snake, and even chuckled at the way his little girl reacted towards the situation. After that, he ended up bragging to his friends that his three year old girl was brave enough to bite a snake right back and throw it in the trash. Something Violet will never live down...

It seemed that their little girl was going to be quite unique. A year ago she bit a snake, and now that she was four, she picked up her uncle's bow and was actually able to hit a target. Sure, she didn't hit the bullseye, but to be four years old and pick a grown man's bow up and hit the target was a miracle in it's own. She ended up impressing everyone and two days later received her own bow. It was like she spent days out there shooting at a bale of hay, running back and forth to pick up the arrows just to do it again. It was that same year that Violet's life changed. Not many people would call this a big change, but for her it was. She witnessed and was able to help with the birth of her own horse. At such a young age, being able to help bring a life into the world was an amazing event. She was even able to name the colt, and because of it's color, she named it Shadow. Shadow was her first best friend, and the two grew up together. She fed him, bathed him, and trained him. Her parents thought the task was going to be a little too hard for a four year old girl, but she proved them wrong. Two years later, Shadow was a full grown horse and loved Violet like you never saw a horse love a human. This was proven when Violet was allowed to sleep in too long and he broke out of his stall and trotted over to her window to wake her up. Not only did Violet wake up and start on her chores, but Shadow actually walked around to make sure she got them all done! This became a routine of theirs. Violet had to be up at five in the morning, no later. If she slept in, Shadow would wake her up at 5:30, telling her that enough was enough and that it was time to get her chores done. Juggling school and her chores were pretty hard, but she was actually a pretty smart kid and things were much easier for her. She was even able to practice her archery every single day. That even became an activity she could do with Shadow as well. He figured out that once she was out of arrows that she went back to the target, so he began doing that for her so he didn't feel left out.

Life was perfect for the two of them, but then she showed up. Her name was Minami Shimada, a rich cousin that lived a life style that Violet was a little unsure of. The two were introduced and everything seemed fine, but Minami was not used to getting up early, taking care of animals, and getting chores done. She was rich and never really had to do anything, but Violet had done this since she learned to walk, so it became extremely frustrating. It got to the point where Violet avoided her and refused to acknowledge her presence. Minami noticed this and wasn't happy with it, so she tried harder. Violet didn't notice it at first because of how much she really was avoiding Minami, but then a mistake was made. Minami was told to lock the stalls up, but was not warned of the broken lock on the third stall. This was Shadow's stall as well, so that made the situation worse. Shadow got out and began wandering around their lands. Because Violet was not woken up by Shadow like she normally was, Minami got up first. Minami went to feed the horses when she noticed that Shadow was gone and panicked. Their land was pretty extensive, but Shadow could easily be seen about an eighth of a mile away and Minami went after him. At this time, Violet's Mother finished breakfast and woke her up. Shocked that Shadow didn't wake her, she immediately knew something was wrong, got dressed, and ran outside with her Father to see the most horrifying site. "MINAMI!" her Father yelled and ran out to her. A mountain lion was circling her and Shadow and Minami was too afraid to move. "SHADOW COME!" Violet yelled and Shadow immediately reacted and darted towards Violet with Minami on his back. As Shadow ran towards the house, the mountain lion chased and Violet ran into the stalls to pick up her bow. She came out, bow already notched, aimed, and without any hesitation, she let the arrow fly. It slammed into the neck of the mountain lion, piercing it's throat and killing it moments alter. She explained many times that she would have gone for the heart, but the angle was too off and it was getting way too close for her comfort. It wasn't long after that, that Minami left.

Life moved on and Violet was entering Middle School. She had been home schooled up to now, but her family felt like she needed some sort of contact with someone that was not Shadow. So now, she was a pretty intelligent young woman in the middle of a whole lot of stupidity. Nothing challenged her at school. She soon figured out that most people at school were obsessed with getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, their looks, their bra sizes, or whatever other superficial thing that you could think of at that age. They were all lazy, disrespectful, and just unpleasant to be around. The only good time she had was when they opened up an Archery session in P.E. Obviously, she excelled in Archery more than anyone every expected. She even noticed multiple flaws in the knowledge the teacher had and was forced to correct her before someone got hurt. Seeing that she knew so much, she was asked to guide the class through out the two weeks that the kids would be using the bows. Then, once those two weeks were up, the kids had gotten so good at it, that their parents actually paid her to continue teaching them. Violet did not treat it like you'd think, she treated it like a business. She did not make friends with them, but treated them like students. It was odd, but their kids learned better than usual. And then something happened. Violet was teaching a kid with a smart mouth and one hell of a temper. He was angering her to where she almost felt like kicking him out, but she tried dealing with it for as long as she could. One day, the little brat challenged her in the most offensive way manner and she took the challenge. She was aiming at a target really far away, but during this process, this kid was taunting her, insulting her. When she fired the arrow, the moment it made impact with her target, it exploded. At that moment, Violet became aware of a power she had deep within her, one she wanted desperately to control.

Like usual, Violet practiced for hours and hours to get her skills at the level she wanted them. She kept with her normal routine; chores, school, archery practice, riding Shadow, and then bed, only replacing archery practice with teaching archery on the weekends. She was always busy, but always made time for her best friend. The problem was, her parents weren't on the same page as she was. She wished to move through High School, graduate, and be done with it all. They were talking to Minami's parents and found a school that would teach her to control her abilities. Violet felt she could do this on her own, but doubted her. Knowing she was soon to be sent off, Violet practiced for 120 hours straight to figure out a certain arrow. She only stopped to take a nap one time, eat, drink, and go through with normal bodily functions, and was finally able to figure it out. There was an arrow that she directly linked with the Qi in her body and it allowed her to place it in a certain place, switch her bow, and then teleport to that place. It was sort of like the bow being the remote while she was the TV, and the arrow was the satellite. She got it down perfectly and it helped her be a little more willing to fly over seas. She could come back whenever she wished, and so that is what happened. Violet went to this Academy and was actually expecting Minami to be there, but found out that she wasn't. Minami was one year younger than her, so she figured that Minami would be there next year. She still had something that she felt she needed to say to her, but never had gotten the chance. Either way, Violet started all of her classes and was challenged for the first time. She had never attempted anything else but Archery, was fantastic in all of her base classes, and decided to take a martial arts class. There was no other reason for this besides intrigue. She didn't see herself getting into fights, but why not learn a little bit? She soon found that her hand eye coordination made it where she could learn the movements and techniques pretty fast.

Violet's life was straightening out, but she still missed being home. She had not really met anyone at school that caught her interest, or that she could call a friend, and she was having problems fitting in. So many of these people were city folk. She hadn't met someone that was born and raised an country girl like she was, and it was driving her nuts. Sure, they were in the middle of China, but people here were from all around the world, so can one country person show up? Or even just someone that had the same values as her? It didn't seem like that would ever happen, so she just went back to her boring classes and teleporting back home any time that she got a chance to do so. Her first year of school finally ended and she was able to enjoy summer at home, riding Shadow every single day. She missed him so much that she was tempted to cancel her next year, but her parents didn't let her. Now, she was being forced to going back to the Academy to finish out all of her High School years as miserable as she could be....

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Mastered Archer: From the age of four, Violet has practiced using a bow more than anything else. Her Mother and Father were very set on home schooling her,  so there were not many hobbies that she could enjoy. Archery was the one thing that actually caught her eye. She became interested when watching some old animated movie about a brave, red headed lass. Inspired by that girl, Violet became obsessed with the idea of shooting a stick at it's target. She got her first bow and stayed outside for hours upon hours practicing. A year passed and her parents realized she liked the sport enough, so they hired a trainer and it continued from then on. Now, she's extremely good at what she does, unmatched by anyone she has gone up against. It has even gotten to the point that she runs a class for younger children who wish to get into the sport. Not only does she love doing it, but Violet has a natural talent in it. Even though a bow is a long ranged weapon, Violet also has learned to use it at close range. Being able to fire three consecutive arrows within a second helps her keep people at a decent range before needing to move to close range 'bow combat', but she still can do it.

Novice Martial Artist: Violet knows the basics and a few slightly advanced techniques, but she'll always prefer using her bow. She doesn't have the most strength in her body, so heavy blows aren't anything she can do. She mostly knows defensive movements, such as blocks and counters. She also uses the speed that her petite body allows her to reach to move quicker than her opponent and get out of the way of blows that she knows will be bad if she gets hit by. Her natural speed also allows her to strike a person faster; though she is not hitting hard, she's hitting a lot, which can also be pretty good when it comes to dealing damage. Long story short, Violet's skill in this aspect is better defensively than offensively.

Qi Abilities

Type: Gōngnéng (External)
Appearance change: None
Abilities: In tune with her natural skill in archery, Violet's powers allow her to use her Qi to form a bow within the palm of her hand. This is quite similar to the manner in which the Quincy are known to fight, but because of the differences in energy and her abilities in comparisons to them (such as no need for the Quincy Cross), she knows for a fact that she is not a Quincy; though convincing others is a lot tougher than she'd like. By gathering her Qi into the tips of her fingers, as she pulls back the string on the bow, she exerts that energy and an arrow takes it's shape. Everything else is up to Violet's aim, the bow, the arrow, and the situation. Violet has three bows that she can use. The first and weakest one is brown, though it holds the same shape of the one in the picture below. It does not have a glow and really just looks like a normal wood carved bow. The second bow is the white one in the picture below. The third bow is the same shape, but it's black and a foot taller than the other two. The black bow is also the most devastating of the three bows.

Violet is able to switch between her bows quite easily. It takes one second to summon the Traditional; the bow forming from the palm of her hand and moving up and down to create the limbs. Once the limbs are created, starting from the bows limbs and move to connect at the middle to create the string. The Traditional takes one second to be turned into the Dream Catcher, coating the normal bow in glowing white energy.  It takes three seconds to turn from the Dream Catcher into Deep Ebony. The Ebony bow is completely black, solid, and there is no glow. It almost seems like it's made of some kind of stone, such as obsidian, but when touched it still holds the textures of wood. Violet can create each bow straight out, without moving through the processes as well, but it takes one second longer, plus the amount of time it would take going through the steps. The only plus side is that it saves energy (Reducing cost by 75%), so if she's lower than normal, skipping the steps might make it easier on her energy. (As an example, if she wished to summon the Deep Ebony straight out, it would take the five seconds

  • The Traditional: Receiving it's name because of it's traditional color and texture, The Traditional is the basic bow for Violet. The draw weight is a mere 65#, which is actually not bad at all, since the maximum normal bows can go is 75# without being a danger to the user. A 65# draw weight is similar to picking up an item that weighs 65 pounds, so it takes that same strength to pull the string back on the bow. Upon firing the arrow, it hits a target with the base damage of a 65 pound item slamming at high speeds into a target. The arrow and it's properties do the rest of the damage. This bow does not enhance the arrows it uses power at all. The arrows do the base damage stated in the list below, though this bow can only use Cyan, Red, and Grey. Violet can fire up to 350 arrows with this bow.
  • Dream Catcher: The Dream Catcher is Violet's main bow, especially in battle. It has a 150# draw weight, greatly increasing the damage that a normal arrow can do. Each modified arrow's base abilities are increased by 100%, meaning the damage, ranges, and power behind them is doubled when Violet is using this bow. This 150# measured draw weight allows for more force behind the arrow, a force that equals 150 pounds upon impact. Violet can shoot 250 arrows while using this bow. This bow can use all arrows, excluding Breaker.
  • Deep Ebony: Deep Ebony is the more powerful of Violet's bows. It has a 350# draw weight, the highest and most devastating of her three bows. Violet has not mastered usage of this bow, so she can only fire fifteen arrows from it at the moment. The high amount of force damage the draw weight causes, along with the fact that each modified arrow's damage is increased by 500%, making each statistic multiplied by five times, is what makes this bow so horrifyingly damaging and extremely difficult to keep the energy stable. This bow can use all arrows.

    Note: The arrows match the bow being used, so Traditional has regular wooden arrows, Dream Catcher's arrows are like you see in the picture, and Deep Ebony are black.

Violet can fire arrows without any after effects, which have no cost at all, making the amount fired unlimited. Violet also has arrows that can do different types of damage or even protect. Each arrow is classified by the colors of two jewels that are above and below the grip of her bow. The change of the jewels color can happen instantly, on Violet's command and the modification of the Qi within her bow. It's a very small change, which allows the alteration to happen quickly, instead of taking too long. The arrows and their abilities stated below:

    ~*Crystal Colors And The Arrow Abilities:
  • Blue: (Shielding Arrow) This arrow emits highly concentrated Qi that acts as a impenetrable sheild, that is more similar to a wall. Upon the arrows impact, the arrow releases a three inch thick, twelve by twelve wall of highly condensed Qi, creating an impenetrable shield. This shield allows nothing from either side to move through it, whether spiritual or physical. The reason this shield is able to block so much, no matter it's properties, is because it only lasts for one second, nothing more or less.
  • Cyan: (Icy Arrow) This arrow causes anything it impacts to freeze over. The Qi is held in the tip of the arrow and once it hits something, the Qi is released. This arrow is mainly used to slow someone down. It freezes any area two inches from the point of impact. The freeze lasts up to 3 posts, depending on the situation.
  • Green: (Poisoned Arrow) This arrow causes the area it hits to become poisoned. The poison is not fatal. It causes coughing, blurry vision, headaches, minor loss of muscle control (muscle spasms in hands and legs), and dizziness (in that order). The first symptom shows up the post after it's application. Every post after that, another symptom shows up until they have all applied. To be infected with the poison, the arrow has to pierce skin and penetrate the body. The poison is not applied just because of a cut or scratch.
  • Lime: (Acid Arrow) This arrow causes the area it hits to begin to melt away in the manner that acid would. Whether cut or actually pierced, the item or person that is effected by this acid begins to be eaten away one inch per post, half an inch on the application post.
  • Pink: (Vortex Arrow) This arrow creates an extremely powerful vortex of air. This vortex surrounds the arrow's path (2 feet in front and 3 feet behind), and has power that can be compared to a condensed F4 tornado. So, though it has the power of one in condensed form, but does not have it's size, the damage it has the ability to do is massive.  
  • Lavender: (Absorption Arrow) This arrow can actually help Violet continue fighting. This arrow absorbs up to 50% of the energy used within a energy based attack. Violet usually shoots this arrow into an energy attack. The attack is then absorbed by the arrow and a wire that is invisible to all  but herself instantly transfers the energy to her. The moment the attack that she is absorbing ends, the arrow vanishes.
  • Purple: (Electrical Arrow) This arrow sends out an electrical charge that hits everything within a ten foot radius of the point it has impact. The electrical charge consists of 45,000 volts, which is usually fatal to normal humans. The electrical charge lasts for three seconds in that area.
  • Red: (Flame Arrow) Upon being fired, this arrow is surrounded by a strong flame. Upon impact, the fire has the ability to spread, but like a normal fire can be easily put out. Depending on what it's flying through, it can catch it's surroundings on fire. With this, Violet has learned to control the battle field, since she is not effected by the arrows she creates and others are. She can turn the battlefield into a place that her opponent will have to watch where they step and be aware of the spreading fire, while she is fully safe from it.
  • Maroon: (Blunt Arrow) Some people are unaffected by piercing weapons, so this comes in handy. The tip of the arrow is surrounded by an extremely thick, condensed, and concentrated ball of energy. This changes the effect because it no longer pierces, but slams extremely hard into it's target, sometimes even being strong enough to bend metal.
  • Yellow: (Explosion Tip) Exactly how it sounds, upon impact a large amount of Qi is released in a massive blast of fire. The explosion radius is fifteen feet and forces back and burns anything it comes into contact with. It has enough force behind it to create a small crater-like hole in the ground.
  • Orange: (Heat Seeking) This arrow takes a bit longer to fire because it has to lock on to a heat signature that it is aimed at. The arrow will follow that heat signature until impact, or until tricked into hitting something else, similar to heat seeking missiles. It's damage radius is the same as the explosion tip arrow and has the same amount of power upon impact.
  • Grey: (Grappling Arrow) This arrow latches on to whatever it's shot at, not only physically, but with Violet's energy to make the connection even stronger and damn near impossible to break. The arrow also has a completely weightless rope attached to it, allowing her to use the rope to climb up, or for any other things she can think of, such as pulling an enemy to a certain space.
  • Black: (Breaker Arrow) This arrow is one of Violet's more powerful arrows. It is called the "breaker" arrow because it is able to break apart energy based attacks. This arrow takes three times the amount of energy that any of her other arrows take, so she has to be careful when using it. The way this works is by infusing her Qi into the arrow. Upon firing, the arrow waits until it comes in contact with unfamiliar energy. The moment it does, Violet's energy is released and it surrounds the arrow in the manner of a saw. It drills into the energy and pushes through. Once it's back end has entered the energy attack, the rest of the energy within releases all at once it a powerful blast, breaking the attack apart. This arrow has a 1 second charge before it can be fired.
  • White: (Teleportation Arrow) This arrow allows Violet to instantly move to a different place upon activation. She can have three of them spawned at once, no more, no less. She places/fires an arrow at a certain place with the bow set on a solid white color. After that, she switches to a glittery colored white and that allows the teleportation.


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PostSubject: Re: Violet Amarante [Approved 3-5]   Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:09 am

Application Checklist

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes:  Oh god...black and white thinking.
Tier: 3-5


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Violet Amarante [Approved 3-5]
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