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 Sarah Fortune

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PostSubject: Sarah Fortune   Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:36 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: Sarah Fortune
Alias: Miss Fortune
True Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Personality: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

General Appearance

Appearance Age: ~18

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

  • Enormous Spiritual Power: Maybe it is because of her heritage, maybe it is because of how much time she spent in the company of her old man - Sarah has Reiatsu like you wouldn't believe when seeing her for the first time. She can withstand the likes of a Captain Commander and Zero Squad Member without flinching.
  • Sense of Gold: For some reason, she'll always be where the most money can be made, either by hunting down a bounty, a treasure or by stealing it. Sarah LOVES gold and booty.
  • Map of the World: Thanks to many years, both living and dead, of sailing across many an ocean and river, Sarah knows the planet earth like nearly nobody else. She is also adept at traversing the unknown, and can quickly construct maps of places she visits for the first time.
  • Storm Sense: You don't get to sail for as long as Sarah without going through the most terrible of storms, again and again - and you certainly don't survive them without learning all of their moods. Hundreds of years of sailing through storms have increased this sense for Sarah to a level where she can easily tell when a storm is coming, and can move through even the worst storms like they aren't even there. This gives her a natural ability of dodging wind-based attacks, although it is not flawless.

Zanpakutō: In sealed form, Sarah's Zanpakutō takes on the shape of two blades. The first one is a cutlass with an ornated handleguard and sheath, with a ship engraved upon the gold of the handleguard, and a typical jolly roger motiv on the gold of the scabbard.

Her second blade is a shorter one, and resembles a boarding knife. While only roughly as long as Sarah's lower arm, it is still a masterfully crafted weapon with golden ornaments on the handle and a single strand of red thread on the end of said handle.

Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Hoist the black flag, Admiral!
Other Weapons: N/A

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Admiral Bones
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: (Five sentences)
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: (A picture or five sentences)


Shikai: Admiral, released Zanpakutō in the form of flintlock pistols. Can change form into more modern guns for aestethic reasons, but has no practical effect. They're generally oversized and massive guns, reflecting the spiritual power of the wielder.
Shikai Appearance: See general appearance
Shikai Abilities: The Admiral is different from the usual Zanpakutō not only in form. It is a dual-wield Zanpakutō, as would be obvious from its form alone, and functions by emitting blasts of energy in the form of bullets, which function much like a Quincy arrow if the Quincy also had Shinigami powers. They carry the purifying power of a Shinigami's energy, but are condensed out of both Sarah's own Reishi and the surrounding energy of the world. Each shot taken could, if measured by how much power it takes her to shoot, be compared to a swordslash made by a swordsman that deals the same amount of damage. The rate of fire is dependant on how much damage a bullet can deal - more damage means less bullets per second fired.
Her 'special move' is an ability called Bullet Time. To use it, Sarah needs to stand perfectly still during the execution, and she sprays an incredible barrage of bullets in a cone infront of her, decimating that which is trapped inside. This move takes a lot of power to use properly, roots her onto the ground during execution, and leaves her unable to fire rapid shots like before.


Bankai: Flagship of the Admiral of Bones, Red Mist
Bankai Appearance: The Flagship is an odd Bankai and resembles a Reality Marble in function. Basicially, Sarah doesn't have to change her outward appearance. The only thing that directly gives away her Bankai being activated is a golden glow around her body. However, when she uses her Bankai's abilities, she summons forth bits and pieces of the Flagship, and can summon it fully as well - it is a completely functional pirate ship when fully summoned, large enough for a crew of about 50 pirates, and controlled by Sarah's willpower. The ship is known for having a reddish color, supposedly thanks to blood soaking into all planks, and has black sails. The flag on the main mast of two is also black, with a burning skull as the motif for this custom jolly roger. The most frigthening thing, though, is that the Admiral of Bones appears on the ship when it is summoned fully, to take command together with Sarah Fortune.
Bankai Abilities: Unlike her Shikai, which is - for a ranged Shikai - still rather straight forward, the abilities of her Bankai aren't. The shots out of her guns aren't any stronger directly, but she can summon the parts of her ship for multiple purposes.

  • Hunt of the Red Mist: Sarah fires into the air, summoning the cannons from her ship into the air behind her, which then fire a big cannon barrage at the opponent to blow them into smitherines.
  • Entangle: Using the many ropes of the ship, Sarah attempts to bind her opponent down. And maybe drop both masts of the ship onto them to be sure.
  • Ramming Speed: Sarah jumps into the air, and summons the ship into existance underneath her. She then slams the boat at full speed into the opponent, causing it to explode quite spectacularly. This move is accompanied by a giant wave of spiritual water on which the ship rides towards the opponent.
  • Broadside Bombardment: Sarah makes her ship appear behind her, with all cannons of one side aiming at the enemy. Besides firing a full barrage at the enemy, Sarah herself can also fire on the enemy, or jump onto the ship and ride on it. After a full boradside, the ship needs one post to reload all of the cannons.
  • Long-Range Barrage: Not exactly a move used in combat often, since it involves high-angle bombardment. Using the cannons, the ship coats an entire area in spiritual explosions and fire, excellent to smoke out an enemy base, ship or settlement. Also makes for a great party trick.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Once, there was a pirate to great and terrible that every sailor would tremble at the sound of his name. He was Barbossa, the greatest scourge of the seven seas to ever set sail. However, there are other great pirates from his era that are nearly forgotten nowadays... But the one that drifted the most into obscurity might've been the second greatest of them all. A female pirate captain, with enough insane courage and dark drives to conquer the seas of the world...
And her name was Sarah, Sarah Fortune, the only daughter of Barbossa, the 'king' of the pirate world. She was born at sea, and always felt more at home on deck of a ship, surrounded by unwashed and brutal men, rather than in a fancy dress on some nobleman's party that was somehow in her father's debt. She was certainly not a normal 'princess' for her father, but rather a real pirate princess - beating men twice her age and experience into submissions with her bare hands, cutting up the fools stupid enough to go after her life, and being an incredible shot even with the terrible firearms of her day and age.

Not that she didn't learn to use her unique weapons, too. The female charm always works wonders on drunks, officials and soldiers - especially since nobody in her lifetime expected Sarah Fortune to be a capable fighter, navigator or thinker. The people assumed she'd be stupid and easily exploitable based on her gender alone, while she spun her webs and played the entire world like a puppet whenever she needed to.
In a way, she became as instrumental to the big age of pirates as her father did, but in a different way. While he was the shining, dark figure of pirates, she was the hidden queen, spinning her nets of intrigue and brutality to keep herself and her old man in power far longer than any pirate before them.

However, she was also a genius navigator, as said before. And no good navigator of her time would be satisfied with the state of maps and documents of the seas. So she went out onto unknown waters with her crew of hardy pirates, catalogued unknown islands and saw many wonders that have disappeared in our time, buried under rubble or hiding away in different worlds now. Although no records exist of it today, she was the first person to come close to finishing a map of the entire known world - or at least, the coastal regions and those easily accessable with a ship that could sail up deeper rivers.
However, there is a good reason why her achievements went unknown for so long. During the same time where Barbossa took his last journey in the land of the living, Sarah headed further north than anyone had dared to before in a ship. Through thick fog they navigated, along frozen coasts and supposed evil creatures along the way, but still they pressed on. The pirate queen had a simple goal - reach the farthest point north possible on a ship, no matter how cold or dangerous it would get, to finish off her map of the world.

This journey turned out to be her last, though. On the way north, a blizzard hit the ship and drove it far off course, into thicker fog than Sarah had ever seen before. Deciding to call this try a failure, they decided to turn back south, and follow the stars once they left the deepest fog, back to their home in the carabian islands. But in this deep fog, even Sarah's sharp eyes were proven to not be good enough.
It was not just one thing that took the Red Mist out. Not a single iceberg poking out from the fog, no. Not a single whirlpool that sucked them into the realm of Poseidon to drown them in icy waters, and no storm that froze them alive. Rather, it was all three of these things. When hit with yet another blizzard storm, Sarah managed to navigate her ship around the raging icebergs all around the ship, until the storm had made the water raging enough for her to miss one crucial detail. Rushing into deeper and deeper waters, the ship was sucked into a deep whirlpool, crashing against formations of ice again and again. Slowly, every other pirate on board got either thrown off into the icy water, froze to death, or got crushed by falling ice blocks and debris from the breaking ship.
The final thing on Sarah's mind, as her ship was finally entering the deepest realms of the oceans, was a simple thing. She had forgotten her bottle of rum back in her cabin, which had already been crushed under the falling main mast. What a shame it was, to die alone and forgotten in the frozen seas of the north pole, without even some rum to keep the belly warm until it went cold forever.

What followed was a whole bunch of darkness. When you die at the bottom of the sea, it takes a while for your soul to float up, since it has to find out where up and down are first. But when you are dead, there is also little reason to follow the laws of logic or common sense. So the ghost of Miss Fortune simply wandered across the water, right back to the carrabian islands.
After finally arriving back home, she wasn't surprised at the fact that nobody noticed her. She had never been able to see ghosts, so why should any of the pirates here be able to see her? Even more, her father had apparently also disappeared. Probably dead, too. Things just weren't looking good for the pirate family, it seemed. Not that Sarah cared much - she felt it harder and harder to care about anything, as the chain in her chest became dangerously short. That was when she saw a weird man in black robes appear in Tortuga.

One day - or night, Sarah doesn't care to remember by now - that black figure appeared near the pirate queen. She had no idea what he was saying - her japanese was a bit lacking back then - but she certainly saw him draw his sword. But as a ghost, Sarah Fortune had no weapons - but she wasn't killed again. Instead, she was hit on the head with the hilt of that strange curved sword, and everything first went white, then black again.

Waking up after that felt worse than any hangover she had experienced before, and you'd better believe that she had experienced quite a few of those. Her entire world didn't seem to want to stop spinning, for one. When she was finally able to see again, her first thought was 'looks like home'. She had come to on the floor of a shady bar, with a bunch of rugged, dirty men standing around her nearly unconcious body, oggling her body with visible lust. The first hand that tried to grab her was broken right away. The second one had a dislocated shoulder the moment Sarah Fortune jumped up from the ground. Within a few moments, she had beaten the living - or maybe unliving - lights out of most of the ruffians surrounding her, with the rest breaking down before her on their knees, begging for forgiveness. And with that, Miss Fortune got a new crew within Soul Society.

After learning about what kind of place she ended up in - one of the worst 'districts' of this weird, spiritual world - she accepted one fact for sure: She was dead. But she also knew that her old man would be here, somewhere - after all, he also never returned from his last great adventure. The commander of a pirate fleet isn't much without a ship or oceans, so she became more of a highwayman with her new crew - raiding smalltime villages, drinking cheap booze, and searching for signs of Barbossa, the great pirate king.
During this time, she learned what kind of person that man in black had been - a Shinigami, the gods of death. They were the ones taking care of the passage between worlds, and the signs of ability to become one were, amongst others, a hunger for food and a calling voice within her head. Sarah was often hungry, and when she wasn't drunk - or drunk enough - she could hear a voice within her head, sounding like the raspling bones of the dead.
This was long before there was an official school for Shinigami, though. If you wanted to become one, an existing Shinigami had to voluntarily train you, for many years... Or at least that was the case for most people. Sarah didn't plan on crawling to anyone to beg for lessons, though. Instead, she did what every good pirate should do - and drank herself into unconciousness one day to finally talk a few words with that raspling voice in her head.
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PostSubject: Re: Sarah Fortune   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:00 pm

Please archive.

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Sarah Fortune
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