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 Arietta "Lulu" Schäfer [Approved; 3-1]

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PostSubject: Arietta "Lulu" Schäfer [Approved; 3-1]   Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:53 pm



Name: Arietta Schäfer
Nickname: Lulu | Ari
True Age: 15 Years
Gender: Female
Sugiura Class: Normal Sugiura


Curiosity: Killed the cat, we know. Still, Lulu is a very inquisitive soul, always pushing forward for exploration, investigation, and learning. Looking at the facts; she was a young fearful girl alone in a godforsaken land, thrust into an entirely different world much richer and lively than her own. Human civilization is a foreign concept to her, as is a dandelion... With so much out there she has yet to experience, there is a thirst of knowledge about her to discover what this new world truly has to offer, and she'll go at it with intense curiosity. Her observational skills have improved quite well in the short amount of time she's spent here so far, so she may pick out things some people may or may not overlook. It'll serve as an excellent tool for her in many a situation. And as of her immediate being, curiosity is a major driving force behind Lulu's antics and motives.

Playful: Even after such a demoralizing experience in her past, Lulu still hasn't lost the kindred spirit of joy and fun that is deeply ingrained within her soul. It is a spectacular fact when one takes into fact her tragic past, because it can hardly be seen from the outside. Lulu seems to possess an air around her that suggests that any time should be a fun time, and it's positively radiant. With smiles and giggles she'll take some of the most serious situations and turn it into a game; messing with people, trying to put smiles on others' faces, and overall blissful frolicking. She just wants to have a good time because of how absent such a thing was in her past life. She wishes to stifle the darkness deep down and forget it, like it's holding her back. For as long as she remains oblivious to it, she can be found enjoying herself. It creates a casualness of her that allows other people to become comfortable around her, even should they be strangers.

Friendly: Along with Lulu's tendency in merrymaking comes the automatic sister trait that allows people to get close to her easily. The light-hearted, playful spirit of the fox girl is an attractive trait, making her a very amiable person who is good at making bonds of friendship. Another factor of this again lies within her past, for before she had nobody to count on, nobody to speak to or even share a moment with. She was all alone, and it was very against her nature. In this new world came a burst of desire for friendship, to eradicate the feeling of loneliness and allow her to be herself. It isn't extreme to any degree, but it explains not only why she acts companionable and wishes to make friends.

Self-Conscious: For shame, really, but as a direct contrast to her sociability is a shyness that does not always apply, but can always show itself at times when Lulu is made to feel afraid of some aspect. The nightmares of her past cannot be simply erased, so when the memories push back up through the many layers she's created to keep them down... her playfulness and friendliness recede and are placed by a trait that can be anywhere from timid to scared. The shyness she can feel is not so bad, as she can be simply embarrassed or confused... at a point where she believes her cordiality would not serve her well. In the worse case scenarios however, she can be intimidated and frightened away, almost becoming less than human and more like an animal—wishing to be alone again. This trait is generally latent, but it's always there buried down.

Animalistic: As the fox ears and tails would suggest, Lulu is not entirely human. This applies to more than just looks alone though as it would have it, she does sometimes fall back on animal instinct every so often. A gut feeling, one would describe it; Lulu loses some of her reason and relies on a slightly mystical intuition that may or may not have a degree of premonition to it. To a lesser degree, Lulu also displays certain antics that ordinary humans simply would not do. This includes but is not limited to: Making random cute sounds, performing random cute gestures, moving on all fours, perking her ears up to the slightest of sounds, refusing to use eating utensils, forgetting to wear clothing, etc. She is not always aware of such things, and seems to act as if they are normal even if others tell her they are strange repeatedly.

General Appearance

Appearance: Lulu is an odd one, having the body of a human teenage girl, with tacked on features of a fox. Pointed brown and white gradient fox ears stick out from her hair on the top of her head, colored pure white on the inside and  with short-trimmed fur. Just above her behind protrudes an adorably fluffy and foxy tail, with the same light brown shade about two-thirds of the length down until it fades into a snowy white tip. Unlike the ears, the fur is much longer; long enough to add over five times the volume of the actual tail at the center of the appendage. Regarding her human traits, her long straight hair is much the same color as her foxy additions—a homely light brown—flowing down to her waistline in the back, with and bangs leisurely trimmed over her eyebrows. Her eyes are a vibrant reddish orange color, holding that innocent trait that some animals seem to possess in their own eyes. At one point they can appear focused and intelligent, but at other times they can become glassy. Her nose is of the celestial type, petite, and almost perpetually tinged with a runny red. Her lips are thin, unpainted and otherwise untarnished by any kind of cosmetics. Any time she yawns, it becomes quite clear that she can open her mouth quite wide, deceptively so compared to when it is closed.

Lulu's figure is thin and agile, yet healthy and lean. Though the curves of a woman are present... it seems as though the developments haven't been taken far. She possesses an almost perfectly flat chest, and any contours are well-disguised by clothing. The adjective petite carries out through the whole of her body, with soft dainty hands that could easily be encompassed by another's, gentle footsteps that are dwarfed by most, and a height that is commonly surpassed by one's shoulders. To others it may cause a desire to protect her as one might a small helpless animal. Now, outfits always change, but Lulu's preferred colors fall into a blue-green palette, and are generally contrasted a lighter pink-red or brown palette. Though, she is not devout to a simple pattern. She is fond of skirts and dresses due to the ease of wear when regarding her tail, but she does own jeans and other such leggings where she has cut out a small hole in the back for her additional appendage to fit through. Sometimes she has been known to wear hats or hoods to hide her unusual ears.

Animalistic Traits: Lulu does possess two tell-tale traits of the fox she has become one with, albeit not too extreme. The first attached to the top of her head and pushing out through her hair is a pair of fox ears. They have short brown fur at the base which slowly transition to a white color near the tip, and have pure white fur thinly lining the inside of the ears as well. Following that, Lulu also bears a fluffy tail that shares the same theme. Long brown fur gradually shifts to snow white as it reaches the end of the appendage, while the thickness of the tail starts thin and ends thin, though like a hill is its widest at the center. Both are completely and naturally controlled by Lulu, thus animate parts of her body rather than static.

Appearance Age: Fifteen Years

Height: Four Feet and Eleven Inches

Weight: 98 Pounds

Natural  Abilities


Soul Sight: Soul detection, almost completely at it's most basic form—Soul Sight grants Arietta the ability to sense spiritual beings quite clearly. However, as for detecting one's power level, Soul Sight is aggravatingly vague, granting almost no distinction whatsoever.

Enhanced Agility: Cliche, but part of her foxy features include an increased agility, dexterity, speed; She can run much faster, especially when on all fours where her speeds rival those of a cheetah. Additionally, her reaction speed is on spot and capable of detecting quick movements such as flash step, while her agility is up to par to tango with quick swordplay or other forms of combat. She is deft with her limbs, skillfully tender with her touch and silently swift. The hands of a thief is what one could call them, but Arietta doesn't have such negative intentions. Unfortunately, she does not have strength to match, making her much less of a fighter, more using her speed in self-defense.

Spirit Rush: As Arietta's primary ability, the fox girl can channel of gift of freedom into a four-legged sprint meant to allow her to escape almost any situation, shaking off sluggishness and exhaustion to rush at supersonic speeds. As normally Arietta can travel at the speeds of a cheetah on all fours, Spirit Rush rapidly accelerates her speed with a sonic boom, sending her off in a single direction up to Mach 5 speeds. However, turning becomes incredibly difficult, requiring her to decelerate to subsonic speeds before she can make sharp turns. Though the speed she is travelling at does increase her density to buffer against splattering against any obstruction, it is dangerous to crash into tougher objects such as dense metals or stones.

Sacred Weapon: Lulu's Sacred 'Weapon' is not much of one, being no more than a small red pouch tied up by and attached to a dark green thread that she wears around her neck like a necklace. Within the bag is a small rusty device that can be enclosed within the palm of one's hand. It's cylindrical in shape with a dozen rows of coils around it and several slight deformities. A red bulb sticks out through the top that only shines when active. It holds no meaning by itself, but is the secret behind Pon's most significant ability. It also produces a signal that can reach the colossus galaxies apart. Other than that, this holds no abilities.

Other Weapons: Like a good girl should, Lulu does not carry any real weapons on her.

Guardian Beast

Origin: Freedom

Guardian Beast: Pon
Summoning Chant: N/A* (see below)
Guardian Beast Appearance: See below
Guardian Beast Personality: See below

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

Origin of Freedom Arc: There, alone, an entity stranded upon a world-be-damned; it's a fox. It's coated in a warm inviting brown fur that seems to be unsullied by the grime of its godforsaken home. White paws skitter across ashen wastelands and through barren streets of ancient metropoles, yet no stain dare adhere to it's amber cloak. Paltry, inconsequential observations? Maybe, but certainly less significant than the world itself. Decades ago you would see a place not too far from the semblance of our familiar Earth, with lands of green and brown and skies of blue, cities of gleaming silver where wonders of architecture scraped at the sky. Today the story is very different, as the dominant color is an impossibly demoralizing black. The sun has not been seen through the thick cloud of ash ever present in the skies for years now, and as a result not a splash of green was to be seen on the ground below, as all plant life was gone by now. Following that, not many other living things were left upon the face of this planet either. The only remaining people were on the verge of death, scavenging the desecrated lands for anything that would get them to the next day... it a was a hopeless prospect in the end.

Matters were made worse by the sound of a deep rumbling tone, a low thrum that could be heard from miles away through the ground. It struck fear into those left alive, for it announced the presence of a nearby titan of steel and electronics—a war machine alien to this world, invading and extirminating. The cause of the apocalypse—an extraterrestrial race—had nearly wiped the human race off of the planet and was determined to quell the stragglers. They had waged an unstoppable warfare that contaminated the once lush life here, essentially ending the legacy of the world. It had a limited lifespan, and its end was coming soon. The war machine sent out its deep cry, shaking the land for acres upon acres, letting those in the area know a harbinger of death was upon them. Yet, the fox unaffected continued its aimless trek through the broken city.

The tone sounded again, causing a chunk of debris to come crumbling down the side of a tall building, almost crushing another living being just before it threw itself out of the way with an unceremonious lunge. It—she—tore through her sleeve as she hit and skid across the ground by her shoulder. After a light grunt of pain she began breathing heavily, daring look at the concrete pile that had nearly ended her. She was human, surprisingly, and still alive. Her hair was coated in ash, just as her skin and clothing, though more clear than anything about her were those brown eyes of a young girl. She couldn't possibly be past her teens and yet she was out here alone forced to fend for herself, knowing that the dreadful wail of the machine was close. She'd scream but feared it would attract its attention, and so her plan was to keep silent and hide. She got up, and scrambled off holding her injured arm. hoping to find a place of safe haven until the machine passed.


Minutes seemed to drag on for hours, as time was lost to her perception. In the complete darkness of her hiding spot, she had no anchor to reality except for the cries of the machine, getting closer and louder each time. The girl was at the point of hyperventilation, barely keeping herself conscious while struggling to control her breathing. She huddled up to herself and hugged her knees tight to her chest, just as the thing got close enough for her to hear the stomps of its treads. A slow death, she speculated, her disillusioned mind not averse to the thought of it. And she doubted no matter how well she hid that it would protect her for one more day. The machines had never come this close before, and it was her fault for trying to scavenge in this city.


The brown fox nimbly leap over a pile of stone, it's healthy pelt flying through the air seeming to lighten up the area a little as it passed by. Again, even as a cloud of dust was kicked up by the landing of the little creature, none of it seemed to stick to the fox, and it simply passed by and into the alleyway it had found. Unfortunately, it had been seen on its way in by a lumbering colossus, its glowing red eyes homing in on the sign of life. It trudged toward the alley with killer intent, crushing old cars and creating massive prints in the asphalt of the street. The nearby building shook dangerous, barely holding up from collapsing. Its directive was clear, to eliminate all of the indigenous life it came across, without regard to the environment around it. So it brought its fist back in a slow but powerful manner, its size impending over the building the fox had disappeared into...

The girl was blinded by the sudden light, and without thinking she began screaming at the top of her lungs because she knew. The light was replaced by a massive shadow, allowing the girl's eyes to adjust to the demonic titan before her, as its arms pushed aside the brittle walls of the building she was in and looked down upon her with leering red hues of light. The machine roared in its synthetic voice, shaking every fiber of the female's body so hard it hurt. She screamed and screamed until her lungs hurt and tears streaked out of her now clenched eyes, for she couldn't bear to look at the titan any longer. All thought was obliterated.

And so now, to answer your curiosity; the fox was not ordinary in the very least. It was such a healthy specimen that did not so much as get dirty despite the environment that contained it. It managed to survive so long despite being so reckless around such a dangerous force as these war machines. Its secret came in its unnatural and magical power, an ability centric around the very concept of freedom. It was a being that simply defied chance and logic to preserve its own liberty. Still, never had a situation like this occurred, where in order to protect that freedom this power robbed the freedom of another. The fox, most likely forgotten by the machine as the little human girl was discovered, stopped moving for once and looked back upon them. Cognition more intelligent than a fox was supposed to possess raced through the critter's mind. For an entity that stood for freedom, it knew that this was not supposed to happen.

As an embodiment of freedom—the power to act without hindrance—the fox could not possibly be restrained by any force. So it was odd when Pon chose to bind himself. Technically... he had the right.

Sugiuran Reincarnation Arc: An instance of nothingness, followed immediately by a spark of life and proceeded by cognition. A jolt of electricity rushed through her body to shock her to consciousness, light blasting into her mind as her eyes shot open. Dizziness; the dark gray clouds were constantly cycling counter-clockwise against the blue sky as she stared up. And then the surprise at the reality of the situation hit her and she asked the question, "Am I in heaven?" The last vision in Arietta Schäfer's memory was that of her impending death, as one of the evil titans came upon her with it's overwhelming strength to crush her in one blow. She was fairly sure she was dead, but had no recollection of the exact final moment. So what was odd was just how alive the girl felt, with energy shooting through her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head like it never had before. Along with that was her unfamiliarity with the sky she was presented with, a blue sky that she had only ever heard of from children's tales. Were the religious of her past community right, speaking of a mystical life after death, heaven?

She sat up curiously to look around, and realized that what she was lying beside was none other than the hulking metal wall of the titan. Fear froze her in place as her amber hues scanned the rusty tungsten from left to right, barely comprehending that the robot had fallen over as well. It was not a question of heaven anymore, for if this thing had followed her, what would that entail? It would take a while, but eventually Arietta would find the capability to come to terms with the machine's presence as it seemed to have lost power. With weak limbs and a shaky frame she would crawl over toward what could be called the head of it, trying to find a way to look at the eyes. When she found a good angle, she saw them, lifeless holes that were normally glowing a sinister red, only now empty and dark. It would be only moments however, that a click was heard, and new white lights would shine through to illuminate the shadow cast by the machine itself. Arietta went into shock again as whirring started up from within, gears turning and electricity running through it. It was moving, looking at her, and she did not know what to do.

And then it started raining, as the dark clouds could no longer hold in the moisture. Arietta's hair began to get wet as the weather started with a light drizzle, followed quickly by a mild downpour. Still the machine stared, and Arietta stared back, both immobile for a moment. Then with a robotic hum—a tone much lighter and soothing than the dark rumble it was making previously—the titan's arm moved over Arietta. She thought this would be her true end now, but no cruel death came. Instead, she dared look up to see the hand hovering over her not as a weapon of murder, but rather as meager as a simple umbrella, protecting the young girl from the sudden rain. Arietta looked back at the machine's eyes and felt it then and there. This one moment was key in the girl's history, as she felt the bond forged between her and the lifeform within the machine for the first time. For inside the rough metal casing was the spirit of the fox that had saved her life. He had bound himself to the synthetic entity to do so, thus forming the origin of the Sugiura of freedom... though such complex details were unknown and unnecessary. All there was the need to know was the bond.

The next step for them was figure out where the two had been thrust into, for they did not live on their home world any longer. This planet was very much alive and healthy, with lovely skies and tranquil rain, two things absent from their planet's recent history. Along with learning about and further strengthening their mystic bond, they had to work together to find a new home in this place, this green world. Truthfully, it was not too difficult for them. Compared to the wastelands they were suited to living in, surviving in these lands was simple, with an abundance of plants for fruit such as peaches, pears, and apples as Arietta's personal favorite. Arietta came out of her shell of fear and shyness, becoming much more lively now in a world where she didn't have to worry about trying to scavenge and hide just to make it to the next day. Pon, as the fox communicated its name to the girl, was content following her around and protecting her, for he found a sweet satisfaction in the responsibility. They found civilization easily, thriving with a wealth of community and technology, and for the first time in a decade, relax.

Belonging Arc Years passed as Arietta and Pon acclimated to this new world and to each other, fitting in with the society as their own pair, with the fair exception of Pon's appearance being a little intimidating. In the end, the two settled down near the outskirts of a city called Karakura, often travelling within the city as often as they left it for the forests outside of it. The concentration of spiritual power warmed and soothed them, making it a great place for them to stay. The community of the town was also quite welcoming to the unorthodox as much as to the average individual. Pon was accepted as a person, synthetic or not. Arietta, who had been growing a pair of ears and a tail which both represented the features of a fox, over the last couple years, was not too strange among the rest of the citizens of the city.

There were a few knowledgeable people in this bustling metropolis who assisted the two with understanding their very existence, and essential creation. They found out about Sugiura, a race of spiritually-powered beings who were birthed from the occurrence of a monumental event. As young as Arietta was, a lot of this information confused her, but she understood enough to grasp the basic concept. She herself was a Sugiura who was born just before her previous life was to end, while Pon was the Guardian Beast assigned to protect her physical and spiritual being. The mere comprehension of this brought much closure and happiness to Arietta, and further appreciation for Pon. Their bond was certainly stronger, on a level above from when they had first met, and with that came new capabilities; powers beyond what any normal human could achieve. Arietta had inherited the powers of the fox when he had given them up, thus becoming the Sugiura of Freedom. Meanwhile, Pon was discovering how to utilize the machinery of the titan he was forever housed in, using the intelligence he had possessed before all of this.

It was odd how things like this could even happen, and to think that it was only one amazing story among thousands or perhaps millions. How a young girl on the brink of death and a fox gifted with the immaculate power of freedom, could become an inseparable pair living in a world where they knew they belonged. It was the nature of the universe. Arietta would continue her strange and incredible life, coming into contact with other individuals just as interesting as her unsure of what would come the very next moment.


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PostSubject: Re: Arietta "Lulu" Schäfer [Approved; 3-1]   Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:40 pm


Guardian Beast Name: Pon
Guardian Beast Age: 82 Years
Guardian Beast Gender: Male

Guardian Beast Personality: Pon's personality is... simple, and yet complex. From the outside it is hard to determine much from the ashen shell of metal that is his frame. He has no intelligible voice with which to convey his self to others, and this foreign body he possesses is awkward and sluggish; very difficult to make so much as a gesture with. Still, in his actions one can see his unbending and unwavering focus on Lulu, how his every movement is like a reaction to hers, solely being executed because she made a move first. It is a sort of love that a big brother has for his innocent little sister, a desire to protect and make sure nothing bad ever happens to her. This sheer determination to carry out this one mission shapes his being and is easily seen by anyone who takes the time to notice it. Yet still, there is a degree of complexity behind it, like a million desires and motivations deep down that he seems to be able to communicate to Lulu, who understands him perfectly. Any other would not and could not understand, yet his connection with the little girl allowed her to do just that.

When Lulu is not present, Pon does not seem much more than a slow-witted bucket of bolts, like the dim giant. He seems not to understand when and what others are speaking to him, and hardly reacts to his environment. He makes little effort to move by himself unless inspired to do so, but such a thing is a challenge to accomplish. He can read people like a book, figuring them out from the slightest of tells, though he rarely shows that he knows and the information hardly eve becomes relevant. He can hold a hatred so boundless that his host body sometimes malfunctions, albeit its so difficult to elicit any emotional response from the titan. Trust that Pon's personality is very sophisticated and more than what it seems.

Guardian Beast Appearance: A design from another world presents itself in the form of this hulking titan of a robot, a psuedo-humanoid machine made majorly of thick tungsten plating and heavy bundles of wires and technology. However, it would appear this colossus had endured and participated in centuries of strife as the repercussions clearly show on its outer shell. Once reflective silver armor is now a rusted ashen color, exposed wiring poking through the aged cracks and holes painted all over the chassis and sometimes entire areas left naked of protection. And among all this brown and black are two bright lights in contrast to the entire feel of the metallic beast. Its eyes are two specks of light in line upon its upper face, giving life to the husk and letting those who look upon it know that it is alive. You can see the spirit within, even if its impending size and awkward form may put you off; for though there are similarities between it and a normal human, the differences are just as clear. The "head" of the titan is completely off, flowing straight into the torso without the semblence of a neck in between—only an empty outline to separate its arrow-shaped head from the rest. Also, besides the eyes there are no other features pertaining to a face, as a human would have a mouth or ears, this machine has none. The torso is more familiar, and appears as the chestplate of medieval armor would to cover everything from the top of the groin to the so-called collarbone. It also extends to wrap over its shoulders in one solid piece. A unique detail of this piece is the number 68 in white paint on the left side of the chest. The titan's arms are gargantuan in thickness, together matching the width of its chest when side-by-side. Not part of the original design, the upper arms reveal the slew of wiring running through them without any plating to protect them, whereas the forearms display what is supposed to be there with weighty tungsten covering. The hands possess only two fingers and one thumb, as opposed to the four and one of a human. Below the waist the form continues with more exposed wiring around the groin into fragmented armor. Askewing the ratio of length to their legs when compared to a human's, the titan would be even taller had the design remained faithful to the original. Lastly are toeless metal boot-shaped feet that can be felt through the earth as Pon moves, showcasing the weight within.

Guardian Beast Height: 100 Feet

Guardian Beast Weight: 22.968 Tons

Guardian Beast Abilities:

Immortal — (If you've seen the Iron Giant): Lulu's Sacred is a small rusty device that can be enclosed within the palm of one's hand. It's cylindrical in shape with a dozen rows of coils around it and several slight deformities. A red bulb sticks out through the top that only shines when active, and seems to be the only clean part of the entire contraption. This is Pon's fail-safe to destruction, emitting a signal that permeates every centimeter of the robot's hulking body from light-years away when active. If Lulu's desire for Pon's presence ever becomes too great, the bond she's made with what could be considered purely synthetic is triggered, causing it to begin pulsing out a signal to Pon. When—not if—Pon registers this signal, a deeper programming overrides his reason and causes him to answer the call by travelling toward the device no matter how far away it is. Beyond that, this robotic message will transcend death, working even if Pon's body is in pieces and his computer core is disabled. It works by mobilizing a subsystem of artificial intelligence meant to work even in a state of destruction, causing all individual bits and pieces of the machine to move toward the origin of the signal. There, the machine will start to pull itself together, automatically reconstructing itself. The signal will end when this process is finished. If the device emitting the signal is disabled or destroyed, however, then the machine can no longer reconstruct itself.

Between Two Worlds: The creation of Pon, where the spirit of an unusual fox was integrated into the heart of a giant death robot, produced some very unusual results. One of these was the ability to simultaneously interact with the physical world as easily as it does with the spiritual world... not just seeing, feeling, but truly being a part of each world equally and wholly at any point in time. This applies to any ability Pon possesses, even if it seems like such interaction should not occur (I.E. blasting a spirit with a rocket).

Laser Eyes! As the most generic robot power of all, Pon has the capability to spew lasers from his eyes. This power begins by charging up, turning Pon's normally white hues red and causing them to glow brighter and brighter. After a couple seconds a mass of energy is focused into a thin line and blasted out of the eyes at high speed (not light speed though, making them not really lasers). This energy produces a heat strong enough to slice through thick thick layers of metal or stone, powerful barriers of magic or energy, and more. It easily can incinerate an individual's body, and does have some combustive properties when it hits something it can't immediately perforate, causing a small explosion. This can cause a massive series of explosions if the laser drawn across a very dense surface.

Jet Propulsion: Hidden behind retractable plating in various places around Pon's body are power jets with enough force to propel the hulking titan long distances at a fairly high speed, and even allow it to fly for short periods of time. This is NO WHERE near the speed of a flash step, hirenkyaku, or sonido... but the speed of it is respectable to perhaps catch people off guard considering the size and weight of Pon. Additionally, the ability to perform powerful jumps and to fly open a variety of options for him. As an impractical side ability, the flame of the jets is easily large enough to cook entire people alive.


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Arietta "Lulu" Schäfer [Approved; 3-1]
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