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 Yua Ichinose [Approved, 1-5]

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PostSubject: Yua Ichinose [Approved, 1-5]   Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:48 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: Yua Ichinose
Gender: Female
True Age: 900
Appearance Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125


Personality: Unfortunately for Yua, she has been through a few things all related one one event that have destroyed her view on certain things. Because of this, she has become complicated, hard to understand, and even harder to get to know. Yua has trained herself very well in keeping a certain demeanor around every person that she knows. Many years ago, Yua was a very sweet girl. She was very curious, kind, and had an adorable way about her that was free for everyone to see. Even though she rarely talked and was even dubbed a mute among her peers for a very long time, she was still kind enough in spirit to make friends. Yua was gentle, loving, and considered a real sweetheart. The problem was that she was emotionally fragile and did not understand other people's feelings that well, especially when they refused to talk to her about them. So, as previously mentioned, that part of Yua was all in the past. Her heart was shattered in a manner that sometimes confuses her to this day, and as a result as become extremely guarded and is afraid of showing her true self. All of what Yua once was is still there, but she has become a master at keeping it hidden from those around her. Frankly, those who knew her way back then would swear she was a completely different person because of the facade she puts on to hide herself. She always keeps up a serious demeanor. People now see her as the Livid Lieutenant of Squad One because she gets extremely irritated with people who attempt to get to know her or ask about her past. Yua will smile on occasion to show that she's not a heartless emotional bitch, but she refuses to get close to anyone. She walks around with her head held high, though not in a high-and-mighty way, more of a professional manner. She likes keeping her self in formal and proper standing with those that she talks to, often referring to them by their title, even if told otherwise. She finds first names being too casual and friendly with someone, and it can even make her nervous. Though Yua is quite a graceful person and is quite quick to the draw, she knows that this isn't who she really is. The real Yua is hidden beneath this fake image she has created for herself. Her actual self is a young woman who loves to smile and laugh. She enjoys spending time with people and getting to know others. She likes having fun, going out with people, and being happy. She just fears it.

This does not mean that it is impossible to get Yua to show herself to someone. It is definitely possible. It's just extremely hard because of how she feelings about relationships with people. She's been so guarded for so long that it is habit, etched into her being. Long standing habits are usually hard to break, and this one will be even harder since she is scared of breaking it. She doesn't want people to get closer to her because she fears the pain that she would feel when they decide that they don't want her anymore. And that is exactly how she sees it, no matter how dark or unfortunate it is... "There will come a time where they won't want me anymore." is something that she'll say when coming up with excuses to why she refuses to let someone into her life. This statement shows so much of her and how she truly feels about her situation. For one, there is always an underlying fear that they will toss her aside when they see fit. They'll up and leave without notice, or push her away for reasons that she doesn't understand. Though that is very tragic, the worst part of it is that she feels completely used when someone is trying to befriend her. Her lack of trust in relationships when it comes to the way they treat her has fallen so low that she 'knows for a fact' that no friendship towards her will ever last. Even if she is one hundred percent loyal to them, even if she does her best to show them how much they mean to her, no matter how much she hopes and begs that they will see... in her mind, there will always be a time that they don't 'want her anymore'. In this sense, it also moves into the fact that she feels more like an object than she does a person. An object to be thrown away until someone else needs her, and since she does not want that feeling of being thrown away ever again, she refuses to allow anyone to get that close.

Aside from all of that, Yua is a pretty normal woman. When and if she is ever able to bring out the sweet part of her, she'll be really fun to be around, but until then, she's unfortunately stuck in her ways. Right now, she doesn't have much she enjoys or hates. She's sort of a blank slate, as if she's walking through a loop until something happens to throw her out of it. The only thing that can really be said for her is that she doesn't enjoy violence, but will kick someone's ass if the need arises. She can't eat sea food or most types of nuts because she's allergic. She hates the taste of water and disagrees with anyone who says 'water has no taste'. She likes flavoring for the stuff she puts in her mouth, otherwise she finds no point in eating it. Yua can sometimes be caught humming a tune to herself, but the moment she knows someone is listening, she'll stop and glare at them (especially if they call her out on it). Yua does have something she does to get her thoughts out and express herself. She keeps a diary. At the end of every day, she writes down something that has happened. Whether big or small, minor or major, she'll always find time to write it down at the end of the day or before she goes to sleep.

Note: After what Yua now calls the "falling out" (Tsubine's disappearance), her determination to get stronger and advance her abilities decreased immensely. She figures that she had only become a Shinigami for one reason and now that reason was gone, so until she finds another reason, she's quit. At the moment, she knows that she has the skill, ability, and power to go after her bankai, but actually refuses to do so. She intentionally keeps herself at this level until she has something or someone else she feels she wants to protect.

Character Background:

For years she had no identity. She only remembered waking up on the floor, covered in dirt and wearing a pale red kimono. She wandered until she came to the villages of the Rukongai. She knew no one, no one knew her. She was alone and she was hungry. She came across a few people that seemed around her age, mid-teen years. They were planning to steal some food from an old man who ran a small shop. They were hungry too. She did nothing but watch. They were successful in their mission, but as she stood there with none of this man's merchandise in her hand, he immediately assumed that she was a part of their thieving group. He smacked her and she fell. As he yelled at her, an elderly woman rushed to her side and defending her, informing her attacker that this little princess was not in cahoots with the others that stole his goods. That was when her life in the Soul Society began coming together. This woman offered her food, clothes, a place to stay... a home. Not many were so lucky in the Rukongai, she learned that later on, and she gladly took this woman's offer. She was taken to a house in the upper-classes of the Rukongai, given a bath, and some new clothes. She enjoyed living in this place, but people were worried about her lack of speech. She always stayed silent, avoiding any conversation, and was soon dubbed a mute. She stayed in this place for a while and was getting used to it. One day, she was running through the halls for a reason she could not remember, turned a corner, and slammed into something. She fell back, figuring she had ran into a wall, or at least that's how it felt since it didn't budge. She looked up to see a man that instantly entranced her. She was so stuck in her words, she never got a chance to apologize. She doesn't even know if he looked at her. He just started walking away, leaving her in awe of him. From that moment on, she followed this man around like a puppy would it's owner. The entire time she thought about how he never, ever noticed her there. He had to of, but she never had the confidence to step up to him and ask.

After some time passed, she watched him signing up for the Shinigami Academy. Seeing as she also had enough Reiryoku to join in, so why not? Time to not only stalk, but copy. She signed up as well. During the start of their classes, of course they were put in the same class! Awesome! More being close to him time. It was here that she received her Asauchi and finally learned his name (one much more important to her than the other). The Proctor called out his name to give him his Asauchi and gave his name away. Mission One: Complete. His Name: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz. One problem, the other females around irritated her. They were also in awe of him, but they had the courage to go up to him and speak to him. She saw that they could easily do this and she became frustrated with herself. He just did not seem like an easy guy to talk to, at all. And then they called her name to give her, her own Asauchi. Well, they didn't call her name, the pointed at her and ordered her to come to point out her name on the list and were shocked when it said “Unknown”. This put suspicions in some peoples minds, others called her weird, and anyone else didn't know or care about it. Either way, classes started and she did her best to keep up with everything without losing track of Tsubine von Zarkonheinz, but failed horribly. She ended up botching two classes and was made to do extra lessons on the side. Her entire life became school, home, sleep, school, home, and sleep. She couldn't do anything to get to know him like she wanted to. She decided that it was time to straighten out her act and actually began focusing on her training and classes. Once she did that, everything changed for her. Her mind wasn't so cloudy, she had more than one goal, and was actually becoming quite skilled in multiple aspects of being a Shinigami. She found she excelled in Zanjutsu and Hoho and was average in both Kidō and Hakuda. Even after failing two classes, she graduated right on time and was placed in Squad 13 as their fifth seat.

Everyone was very short with her for one reason, her lack of name. They could handle the 'mute' thing she kept doing, though they thought it was true, but the fact that she would shake her head no when asked her name drove people absolutely insane, except the person it would have mattered. Yes, same house, same classes, and now the same Squad. Can someone say the word fate? Though, she wasn't as obsessed with getting to know him like she once was, it would have still been nice to be noticed. She had made it as his fifth seat, so why did he not even attempt to speak to her? She wanted to talk to him, to say something, but once again she did not have the confidence to do so. He was just too intimidating for her to approach without cause. And by her luck, or should she call it fate? Tsubine and herself were sent out on a hollow killing mission. At first, there was only report of a single hollow, but upon arrival that report was proven wrong and the second put her in the limelight. The second came out of no where and was attempting to throw them off, but she was able to react accordingly. The hollow swung it's bladed arm towards the two of them, but she used her blade to block it, had enough strength to parry the arm, and then easily sliced the entire thing off. The hollow let out a devastating howl and attempted to strike at her again, but she used shunpo to move out of the way. Reappearing behind it, she was able to muster up a skill she had been practicing for. Though it was not perfect at all, she preformed Senmaioroshi, a technique that allowed her to cut the hollows head into ribbons. Though successful in killing it, using it was not without consequence. She was forced to switch hands, tossing her Zanpakutō to her left hand, enjoying the fact that she was ambidextrous and returning to Tsubine's side, only to find the hollow was already killed. That was the first time that she had ever gotten any hint of acknowledgment from Tsubine. Mission Two: Acknowledgment! Successful!

Her hard work had paid off. Their first mission together was perfect, at least in her eyes. Squad Four was a little upset that she attempted such a skill on the battlefield and didn't have a good time healing the multiple pulled and torn muscles in her arms. Even with this injury, she was happy with the way things turned out. It wasn't long after that and she was once again sent out on a mission with him. She felt quite lucky, though she figured it was because they were closest in rank. The problem came when another was told to go on a mission with them, some young guy that was just a few ranks below them. When they finally got to their destination, after a long, quiet walk, their target did not waste any time to show itself. It had killed three Shinigami that had come to kill it before, so they were sent. The three of them immediately jumped into battle, their movements working with one another as they charged the snake hollow. The battle really was anti-climactic. The hollow's head was cut off and they were already heading back to the Seireitei when they heard something. Before they had a chance to turn and look, their partner was bit in half, his torso swallowed by the hollow. ”Another head...” she thought. It went to strike her, but she was stuck in shock at their partner having been killed so suddenly that she could not move. “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” she heard Tsubine yell at her, but something within her was stuck. Luckily, Tsubine grabbed the back of  her uniform and jumped out of the way, pulling her along with him. She quickly thanked him and the two ran into battle. How it happened, she did not even know, but the two of them were able to move together in a manner that felt like they had done it a thousand times. Tsubine ran forward and sliced through the neck of the hollow, cutting it's head off clean off like a knife through butter, while she moved behind him. As he cut it's head off, she instinctively hopped onto his back, using him as a spring board to cut the mask clean through. As she landed, the hollow disintegrated and this time proved it's death before they turned their backs.

And then they bonded... She held a little secret for the past few years. She never to spoke to anyone or gave anyone her real name, and while Tsubine was giving his report to Kaien, he became aware that she had given them his last name as her first and last. Yes, she had been doing this for a long time and he had never noticed! The woman one rank below him with the same name went completely unnoticed to him for a very long time. She did not know he had found out until he was done with the report and walked up to her to ask, “Why did you steal my name?” That took her off guard. Busted much? “Borrowed...” she said, feeling that steal was a little harsh, “And it's because I do not have one of my own.” She didn't know what his reaction was, but he obviously did not enjoy someone else using his name. “I'm not going to call you 'that girl,' 'girl who stole my name,' or 'Vonzark Onheinz.' I'll find a suitable name for you.” She wasn't expecting that at all. She figured he would lecture her, yell, or something along those lines, but instead he has chosen to name her. There weren't many words that described how she felt when he said that. Though, she figured out then that she could have named herself. It just felt so much more special when someone else was naming you. It meant something more than just 'I like this name.' So, she couldn't help but smile a bit, though she did want confirmation. With her luck, she'd wake up and realize that it was all a dream. “You're going to name me?” she asked him with a raised eyebrow. “You haven't named yourself yet other than by stealing mine, and I'd rather you not continue to use it. The quickest way for you to cease would be for me to name you.” was his reply. “Well what's the name?” she followed him up with. It was silent for a while and she assumed he was thinking. As they stood there, the sky began to light up with an orange tint. She looked back to see that the sun was coming up. She smiled and closed her eyes, feeling slightly warmer than just moments before.

“Yua.” he said suddenly and her eye shot back open to look at him, “... as in warm morning. Yua Ichinose, 'Ichi' being one and 'nose' being shallow. Which, by the way, you were shallow in that last strike on the hollow.”  Yua, since she instantly accepted the name, narrowed her eyes a little and puffed out her cheeks, “.... was not.” “It was, although not by much. You really don't seem to know how to fully feel the sword.” he told her and she agreed. Yua looked down to her sword and sighed, “I know. I can admit that. I've been trying, but something still feels off.” “I'll show you how then. Zanjutsu doesn't allow for much flexibility for the basic form of a Zanpakutō. If I didn't have a sort-of muscle memory from when I was alive, I'd probably be at your level.” And then it came out, “You're the first person I've ever talked to.” He asked her why and that was something she never understood herself. She had the ability to talk all this time, but refused to.  “In truth, I am not sure. I know I took an interest in you back before you joined Shino Academy. You never said anything to me though, not until now. I've never fully understood it myself... but yeah. You're the first. Most in our Squad honestly believe I'm mute.” “I've only had an experience with one mute, although that was because my family ripped out his tongue for lying and slander. And that's not surprising. I honestly thought you were one of those girls who was after the next "good looker" of the academy. I didn't pay attention to anyone who did that, my apologies.” “... That's extremely insulting. If I was after the next 'good looker', I would have just given up when you made it obvious you weren't interested and backed off like most of the harlots that get in your face. I... sorta just wanted someone to act like I existed, and that someone ended up being you.” “Insulting or not, it was the truth. When most of the women—and even some of the men—are gawking at you, you learn to tune other people out. However, I did see your skills when you killed the  second hollow that appeared when in our first sortie together. I was impressed, there aren't that many new recruits capable of wielding a sword like that.” Yua did nothing more than smile. In fact, the two of them ended up spending the entire day together. They only stopped when they realized the sun was going down and it was time for them to get some rest...

Yua couldn't believe it. For the first time, she was rather happy with her life. Tsubine had offered to teach her what he knew when it came to the sword on their mission, and not long later, about two weeks actually, they came together to practice. Although she was picking up on a lot of moves and her swordsmanship was coming together nicely, Yua wasn't always as concentrated as she could be. They were practicing without incident for at least a year, but then to teach her different stances and ways of maneuvering her blade, Tsubine had to get in close. At first, she was fine, but then a certain stance that she was having a hard time with came along, and he had to stand behind her. He put his head over her shoulder to make sure she got her hand placement right, and even when her body was placed the way he wanted, her mind wandered. She had to fight multiple blushes, and did her best not to embarrass herself. After a while, Yua couldn't fight her feelings anymore and came out and said it. “Tsubine... Look... I-I sorta have stronger feelings for you than a normal friend, so... I wan wondering if you'd maybe want to do something with me some time? Go on a date, I mean... with me.” She was extremely nervous, but kept a calm expression. She could have sworn she heard him mumble something, but then he actually said something that she never thought he'd say. “Considering how much you've improved, how much you've stayed by my side, and how loyal you are overall—I would gladly take you on a date.” “R-Really? Is there any place you'd like to go? Or something you'd like to do?” “There is nothing more I'd like to do more than to escort you to a venue of your choosing." ”Well, I was actually hoping to cook you a meal, not really go anywhere... since you said it's my choice. Would that be okay?” “Okay? It's preferred. Nothing beats the mistakes and individuality of a home-cooked meal.” Tsubine had a way with words that Yua felt were confusing, clear, insulting, and flattering all at the same time. She liked it...

She couldn't believe it. It was the night of their date and everything looked and smelled amazing. She dressed herself up and did her hair nicely in preparation for her first date. She cooked steak, potatoes, mixed vegetables, and even had time to bake and ice a cake. She had been told before that she was a good cook, so she felt this was the same way. She heard a knock on the door, ran over, and took a deep breath before opening it to greet him. They two sat down for dinner, but Yua felt awkward. She didn't know how to talk to him, and the few things she asked about received short answers. It's not like he ever talked very often, so it didn't bother who too much. She had just hoped that they would talk a little more than that. Truthfully, she didn't think he would eat much, but she was wrong. He actually went wanted thirds, and she had been smiling the moment he had asked for seconds. It was shocking to see him enjoy her food so much. She asked for confirmation to whether he enjoyed the food and his extremely blunt answer shocked her. “If I didn't enjoy it, I would have spit it out.” Blunt, but sweet at the same time. She offered desert and his answer implied he was still hungry, “This wouldn't even be half of a meal of what I would've eaten while alive, of course I still have room.” “I'll cut a big piece for you then.” she giggled as she picked up their dinner plates and went to the kitchen. She brought him back a large slice, but once he finished it, she brought in a large slice, and then the last slice of cake. She wasn't a fan of sweets, but wanted to make sure he enjoyed his dinner, so she had no problem handing over the rest. Once he was done, she asked him how it was and was a little disappointed to hear that it was a little too sweet. Instead of dwelling on it though, she smiled and said, “I'll adjust the sweetness to your taste if you ever want to come over again.” It was then that he shocked her by saying, “Could we make this a regular occurrence?” “O-Of course... I'll cook for you any time you like, so don't be afraid to ask.” After that, the two called it a night. Sure, not what most would call a really romantic date, but Yua had a great time and loved that he enjoyed her food. After that, Yua even got into the habit of cooking him lunch and bringing it to him almost every single day...

Years of 1573 to 1600, Sekigahara. It's been two years since their first date and they had become quite serious with one another. Yua was the envy of a lot of girls in the Seireitei, being loved by one of the sexiest men there. Not only that, but she felt as if she were truly falling in love with him. One day, she got a call to come into office and upon arrival was informed that Tsubine had requested for her to go along with him on a mission, a massive mission. Their mission was to oversee the possible bloodshed that had the potential to occur upon the leadership of Oda Nobunaga in Japan. During their mission, Yua's entire job was to take out hollow that might disturb the battlefield or get too close. Tsubine joined Date Masamune's army, fighting by his side, and ended up working under Ieyasu Tokugawa. Time passed and a certain day that neither Tsubine or Yua would ever forget. It was the downfall for everything she held dear. Tsubine was in battle with Daigoro Ito. The two were able to keep each other pretty matched, but Ieyasu came from behind and swiped the kill from Tsubine by stabbing Daigoro in the back. Tsubine. Was. Pissed. She didn't know what it was, but she could feel this intense shift between them form in an instant. Within the week that it took them to return to the Seireitei, Tsubine stopped talking to her, he became serious, professional, like they were never together. More time passed and she couldn't handle it anymore. He stayed in his room and filled paperwork with a candle lit. She stepped up to his door, knocked, and slowly slid it open. She knew the answer, so she turned her back to the door and asked what she needed to ask. “We're over... aren't we?” she said. There was no hesitation with his reply and she almost regretted saying it, but it needed to be done. “Yes.” he replied and she closed her eyes. She stood there for a single moment before turning and running off.

Yua's entire life was destroyed in one night. That one moment, when Tsubine's kill was stolen by his own ally, even their relationship was just thrown down the drain. How could something she felt so strong about be so worthless to someone else? She didn't understand. She knew what had happened, but since he never took the time to tell her what was wrong, there was no chance... A Month later, after not being seen the entire time, she returned to her Captain and begged for some time away from the Seireitei completely. Seeing that he was a kind man, very understanding of what she had gone through, he allowed her the time off. The problem was, her intentions were not what her Captain would have liked. She left the Seireitei and wandered out into the Rukongai for days, until she finally came to a dark forest. Here, she intentionally encountered massive amounts of hollow, almost getting herself killed multiple times. It would be obvious to anyone watching that she was no longer interested in living. She wasn't used to the pain she felt, she could not handle it. At times, she could be caught curled up against a tree, crying her eyes out while hollow wandered through the area around her. Many would confront her, but her anger and the need to let out the pain through violence overwhelmed her. She wanted to die, yes, but she wouldn't dare die here without killing as many of these fuckers that she possibly could. She fought for five years, until finally she was too tired and began her way back to the Rukongai. She did not return to the Seireitei, but instead stayed in the Rukongai and helped some of the people there out. She was told that she was kind, loving, and a good person by the elderly and the children in there. This gave her some hope, but she still felt like they only liked her because of what she did for them, not who she is. Like before, she felt completely used and realized her trust in people dropped drastically. She had put so much faith into one person, and with one word, it was all destroyed. And even with how badly betrayed she felt and the ten years that had passed, she still loved him...

Yua made her way to a large field and sat down. “It's time...” she thought and placed her Zanpakutō into her lap. She had spent every waking moment with it, so by this time she should have her damn shikai. She did not move for hours, days, almost a week before finally she wore herself out. Too tired to continue, she fell down onto her side and laid there, holding her Zanpakutō close to her. And she cried. Everything was falling apart and there was nothing she could do about it. There was only one thing she wanted, and he no longer wanted her. As she laid there, night fell and she felt a strange pulse. She kept her eyes closed and listened to everything around her, thinking that a hollow might be near. She felt it again, and then once more. Her eyes snapped open and she drew her sword and looked to see who was coming towards her, but was confused by what she saw. She was surrounded by water, what looked to be like a perfectly still ocean. She was laying on the water, not falling into it like one normally would. Careful, she stood up and looked around. At first she feared what this was, but then she felt something behind her, a familiar presence. She shot her attention in the direction to see a young woman with extremely long dark hair, black angel wings, and wearing what looked to be mythological clothing of sorts. She was beautiful, but she kept her eyes closed. “... I.. made it in, didn't I? I can talk to you now?” she asked and the woman nodded happily, giving a sweet smile to Yua. There was no other way that Yua knew how to react at the moment. Everything had been falling apart and this had been the first good thing that happened to her since then. She ran towards her. The woman held her arms out to her and Yua ran right into them, like a child would their Mother.

“It's alright Yua... Everything is fine now.” the woman comforted her, rubbing her hair, “You're fine. It's not the end of the world.” Yua just began crying into this angelic woman. They held each other so tightly that Yua was finally able to calm down. She had begun shaking, quivering horribly in the woman's arms. And now she was finally able to settle herself down enough to talk. “I don't know what to do anymore... He doesn't want me...” she said, but the woman instantly replied. “So? Obviously he is going through his own hell. You know how he is. You could feel it the moment the Sekigahara incident took place. He was gone. Accept it and move on.” the woman said in a loving manner, her voice almost seeming like an echo in the wind. “I don't want to live without him...” she said. “You don't have to... If you recall, you're the one who ran. You were so hurt by his answer, even though you knew it was coming, that you ran. He did not say that he no longer cared for you in any way shape or form. He did not say he would never want you around again. He said your intimate relationship was over. So... why did you run?” Yua shook her head rapidly, “I don't know! I just did. I didn't know how to react or what to do. I just wanted him to-...” “Exactly... You wanted him. So why don't you go back to him? Just because you're not his woman the way you once were, does not mean you're not his friend. You've shown so much loyalty to him, are you going to stop it now?” “... No.” Yua had thought for a moment and then shook her head, “I can't stop it. I... I love him.” A smile formed on her face as she admitted her feelings to herself, a few more tears falling from her eyes. “If you love him, do what you've been doing this entire time... Guard him.” “Guard him.. Is that wh-...” “Exactly... You instantly felt a connection to him, but it wasn't always love. You merely wanted to protect him, which is why you pushed many women away from him before you even felt anything for him. We're protective of him.” “We?” “Yes... we.” “How do you guard someone who is so much more powerful than you are? I'm useless to him.” “Not if I lend you my power...” “You're willing to do that? If... I ask your name... right?” The woman nodded and Yua took in a deep breath. “Please... Tell me your name.”

“Morrighan.” were the last words her Zanpakutō Spirit said before her entire body lit up. She watched this light morph and fly towards her hand. It began to form a shape and she felt it solidify in her hands, so she grasped it tightly. She didn't know what came over her, but the connection with Morrighan felt instant, like Yua was fully understood and accepted within Morrighan's spirit. Yua took her newly formed scythe into both of her hands, held firmly onto her, and closed her eyes. “I should have done this a long time ago... I am sorry it took so long.” Yua said to Morrighan. “It's fine. We have one track minds. I'm just glad I'm no longer forgotten. I've been here a while.” Yua smiled, another tear squeezing out of her eye and falling down her cheek onto the water below. “Most people have a harder time with their Zanpakutō... How come you're so understanding?” Yua asked her. “Because that is how you are... We are very, very similar, if not the same in what we believe in. The difference between us lies within the fact that I do not have outside influences changing who I am... You do.” Yua opened her eyes and nodded. “You ready?” Yua asked and Morrighan replied with a yes. “Before we do start, I have one questi-...” “I hate the way they look... That's why I keep them closed.” Yua smiled, nodded, and took up a stance. Morrighan knew her so well that she could predict what she was saying. There was no point for any more talk. It was time to train, and so the two of them did. Yua stayed out in that field for a very long time before even thinking about leaving. Finally, she was tired and was satisfied with what she had done. It'd been a total of six months since she had seen the Seireitei and she had a strong feeling that her Captain was not going to be happy with her. She may not have been given a time that she had to return, but the fifth seat of the Squad being gone for so long was not going to fly. At that, she had finally convinced herself that dwelling over the pain was not smart. It was time to move on, to go back, and to be who she was meant to be... A Guardian.

It had been a total of twenty years since Yua had left the Gotei upon her Captain's permission. When she returned, she was greeted with mixed feelings from everyone there. Some were new, others were angry, some were relieved... No one had really known what had happened to Yua while she was gone, so it was to be expected. She did not explain herself and confronted her Lieutenant and Captain. Both were disappointed, though her Captain was much more lenient on the fact since he had given her permission. He merely told her to not do it again, ever, or he will not be so kind when she returned. An easy agreement, though she had expected more punishment. Yua then asked where Tsubine was, not shocking. He was the first thing that was usually on her mind, though when she said his name, the emotion in her tone and the look in her eyes were so different that it was slightly worrying. Anyways, Yua was told he was in the Rukongai on a hollow killing mission. Before they reinstated her position, she asked them to hold off until she once again returned, promising this time to do so without a twenty year gap. They agreed, though confused about her intentions as she darted out of the office and towards the Rukongai as quickly as she could. With that short moment, it became clear that Yua had greatly increased her skills through her time away. Yua made her way towards Tsubine as quickly as she could. From what she had been informed, Tsubine had gone alone on the mission and was no expecting back up. As if it would be a surprise when she showed up, she entered his area and noticed the extensive amount of hollow in the area. He had already killed dozens, so this was a little... odd? That wasn't the best way to describe it, but let's just go with that. Hollow showing up like his was anything but normal. Anyways, Yua stepped out from the trees and into the clearing. Without saying a word to him, she joined in on the battle, helping him kill them. Once they finished, he stepped up to her. She stared at him, her eyes narrowed in anger. He apologized... Well not really apologized; he wasn't that type of man. He admitted he was wrong. That was it. With all of the bullshit he put her through, that was it?! The look of anger intensified and without any warning, she smacked him pretty damn hard across the face.

"My loyalty has not faltered... I'll still be by your side when you need me..." she told him, turning away from him and walking back towards the Seireitei, "... even though you could not show me the same honor." She wanted her words to be harsh. She highly doubted that they effected him in any way shape or form, especially with how cold he was to her before she had left. She had changed dramatically. Her faith in people had vanished and she was extremely guarded. When people asked her questions, she would blow them off. If someone came in physical contact with her, she'd pull away as if they were a threat. When this very attractive man approached and flirted with her, she ignored him. A couple of weeks later, he asked her to go on a date with him and her reply was worrying and harsh. "I will not fall into this trap again. I am not going to even begin the process of giving my heart to another. You will one day decide I am no longer worth your time and toss me to the side like trash. Now if you excuse me..." was what she told him. It seemed that someone else had heard this conversation as well, though she was unaware of it. A few weeks later, she was caught by that same person speaking about herself in the same manner; calling herself 'trash'. He confronted her. "If you continue to compare yourself to trash, then that is what you will become. I pushed you—as well as everyone else—not for personal gain. I did it so no one but myself would enter that downward spiral. If I tossed you like trash, I would have thrown you into that spiral before I went in. The fact I tossed you away from it is proof you were... and still are important to me." Tsubine said. It was just too late at this point. She was damaged and four sentences were not going to change that. She did not reply and she moved on. The rest of Yua's story is quite basic. Having promised him that she would be by his side, she followed Tsubine through the ranks, all the way up until he was Captain Commander of the Gotei, and she was is third seat (only because Genpaku was his Lieutenant). Before that, she had become his Lieutenant of Squad Five. She was intentionally doing her best to follow him around, though she was slowly changing, her heart hardening and her emotions being locked away. And then he completely vanished without a word. Yua had no idea what happened to him and after a while he was presumed dead. Although she did not want to believe it, her will had been damaged and she gave in, moving on in life. She stuck it out as Lieutenant of Squad One, though she was easily able to move passed this position and become Captain of her own Squad. She just didn't want to have people trusting in her when she could not trust in them. And that is where we are now...

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Hakuda Advanced: Though this started out as her weakest suit in battle, Yua was able to bring this up quite a lot. She's easily able to keep up with her opponents movements. She's by no means a master, but merely advanced in the styles techniques. She only uses Hakuda when she has to. She prefers to keep with her weapon in combat, avoiding hand-to-hand combat styles until they're needed.

Kidō Adept/Advanced: Kidō is her weakest aspect in battle. She has enough ability to control her energy and use Kidō easily, but she is lacking in practice with it. She has the ability to use spells of both Hado and Bakudo from one to twenty without incantation or any problem at all. She has never felt much need for the higher numbered Kidō, so she has not practiced them, though she can use Bakudo #61, Rikujōkōrō and Bakudo #62, Hyapporankan. Beyond that, she can use Sokatsuki, Soren Sokatsuki, and Raikoho with incantations of course.  

Hoho Master (Speed): Hoho comes in second by far. Speed being her way of battle, she has trained her body to move as fast as she possibly can. Yua's natural speed is astounding over all. Being the size she is and having forced herself to the very brink of her own destruction to speed herself up, there are many that have no ability to keep up with her naturally. She has no real enhancements to this, besides her regular training, and is quite capable when keeping up with those who do have enhancements. Because of this, she's kept her mind concentrated on moving faster using the techniques that the Shinigami have used for years: Hoho. She's trained in all the different aspects of Hoho and had become skilled enough to be offered a position in the Stealth Force, but turned it down for her own personal reasons. At the moment, she's mastered the known techniques in Hoho and is trying to come up with her own techniques to use in battle.

Zanjutsu Master: Easily her best, most practiced, and highly impressive skill. Yua excels in Zanjutsu to a point that if she wanted to, she could take on a Captain and easily take on a Captain and hold her own. After the 'falling out', as she now calls it, she stopped practicing the usage of his techniques and went along with the normal Shinigami styles. She felt as if using his style was insulting him, but it also brought up memories she no longer wished to deal with. During that time, she was able to increase her skill in Zanjutsu. Because of her skill in this aspect, she has also modified it's usage to work along with her Zanpakutō. Certain Zanjutsu techniques have only been shown to work with swords/unreleased Zanpakutō. Yua has advanced her skill to not just be a sword style, but movements she can use along with her scythe in shikai/bankai.

Zanpakutō: Yua's Sealed Zanpakutō is a normal katana with a blue sheath. (See Appearance Image)
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Let me be your eyes, Morrighan.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Morrighan
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Morrighan is the very essence of Yua's true spirit. She's kind and accepting in nature, easy to get along with, and does her best to help Yua through her rough times. It has been seen many times that a Zanpakutō Spirit has problems with their wielder and gives them a hard time. Morrighan is not one of these spirits. She's what Yua has learned to call a 'Guardian', which is something that Morrighan once called her. They watch over one another and those that they care for. Morrighan constantly refers to her and Yua as 'one', as if they were the same being. In technical ways, they really are of one person, but two different spirits. Because of the loving and protective nature Morrighan has shown over time, Yua sees her as part of herself. They are partners, friends, family, of one mind, and of one soul. Their goals are similar and their loves are the same. The biggest difference between the two is that Yua is emotionally fragile and has trained herself to hide who she really is. Morrighan is extremely accepting, calm, and can adjust mentally and emotionally through most situations. This calm nature is what Yua turns to when she feels like she doesn't have the ability to accept and deal with what is going on. Morrighan is actually the person that told Yua to start writing a diary to keep her thoughts and emotions in. Morrighan and Yua have become good friends and are quite open with one another. One thing about Morrighan is that she hates violence, so when she lends Yua her power she keeps her eyes closed so she does not see what Yua is using it for. (Though Yua was once told otherwise, she now knows this is why her eyes are closed.) When entering Bankai, Morrighan feels it's serious enough that she needs to be fully aware and then opens her eyes.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Morrighan and Yua's inner world is quite vast, but not much is in it. It is like a calm ocean. One with no waves, no fish, no disruptive weather, and is always flat. When Yua is in her inner world, she is standing upon the surface of the water. With each step she takes, ripples form under her feet and move outward. She can feel the water move, but she never falls in. She can stick her hand into it, but she still doesn't fall in. Morrighan has told Yua multiple times that this is not all she is. She is not just a flat surface of water. The water represents her sorrows and fears and she knows that. There is supposedly a beautiful land below the water that will only clear once Yua is sure of herself, clear of mind, and happy again. Her lack of trust in people, along with refused to let people get to know her is blocking out who she is, so she is not able to see the beauty within herself. Until she has found what she needs, she will never be able to see this beautiful land that Morrighan has spoken of so many times in the past.


Shikai: Yua's shikai allows her normal sword to transform into that of a scythe. This scythe closely resembles the claw/talon of eagles and even has what look to be feather-like carvings at the top. As stated under the Zanjutsu ability, Yua's knowledge of her shikai and how to work this scythe weapon has allowed her to advance her own Zanjutsu to the point where it will not be stuck in the sword stage to use it. This allows her to be much more dangerous with a scythe than most people who fight with them. Her naturally high speed, good reflexes, and rapid movements allow for one hell of a defensive and offensive capability with her shikai.
Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities: Yua's shikai is a scythe, as shown above. With every swing of her scythe, a trail of white transparent intangible feathers. Though this has no real effect on her enemy, they can be distracting, but are really just a symbol of how Yua's focus of the fight is to protect something. If she has nothing to protect, she will be unable to use the abilities her shikai holds. She can use the scythe, but she can't use any of the abilities stated below. Yua's scythe is 6.5 ft tall and the blade is 3 ft wide.

Taka-Tama: Roughly translated as Hawk Shot, this attack is a bullet of energy that is shot from either the bottom or very top of her scythe. She is able to shoot up to one hundred at a time, giving it a machine gun or a shot gun effect. In other words, she can continuously fire or fire them all at once to cover a larger area. The shot gun effect covers: (1 ft away) 5 ft wide, (5 ft away) 10 ft wide, (10 ft away) 15 ft, (15 ft away) 20 ft wide. Twenty feet is the maximum it can reach. The machine gun effect allows the bullet to fly up to three miles or until it impacts something. Upon impact, it has the ability to pierce the target in the manner a normal bullet would. It does have the ability to fly through the target if they are within 100 ft of the position it was shot from.

Kouken Dageki: (Eagle's Strike) This ability is based on the spinning of her scythe. For each spin the power of the energy thrown is increased by 10%. She can shoot off one without spinning, but they are a basic and much less damaging attack than with them (similar to an incanation-less Sokatsui). Yua has the ability to spin her scythe three times within a single second, increasing the attacks power by 30% within that single second. Using this, Yua can choose when to release the attacks as well. So, she can charge one up to be extremely powerful, or she can release them with every spin, allowing them to shoot out in a flurry or a barrage of crescent moon looking attacks. Yua can use this ability up until her energy runs out, but using it on really low energy can cause the attack to become unstable and now allow her to aim it correctly.

Ryoushi-Dageki: Roughly translated as "Hunter's Strike", this ability allows Yua to fire off a massive area of effect attack. It is an instant attack so she does not have to charge up for it. Instead, she can only fire off three of these before her energy is drained by 50%. Taking her scythe in both hands, she swings it in any manner she wishes. She speaks the name of the attack and the blade of her scythe lights up with her white colored energy. She swings the scythe and the energy is released in the same manner of Kouken Dageki, in the shape of a crescent moon. The difference is the fact that this is ten times stronger than Kouken Dageki and the energy spins rapidly, creating a saw-like effect on the attack. It cuts through anything it passes through with ease. Blocking is almost impossible, so it's always best to just dodge, jump over, or duck under the attack if you can. It travels at exactly one hundred and fifty miles per hour, so being in close range upon it's firing is bad.

Kouken Mamori: Roughly translated as Eagle's Defense, this ability allows Yua to protect herself from certain types of physical attacks and almost all energy attacks. By rapidly spinning her scythe at extremely high speeds and releasing her energy into the scythe while doing so, it creates a momentary barrier between her and an incoming attack. This doesn't work for energy attacks that are easily able to move around the barrier or ones that are too large for the barrier to block it all. The attack also cannot last longer than how long she can hold it up. Yua can currently hold this for two posts, ten consecutive spins of her scythe, before she'll lose control and likely drop her scythe in the process. The barrier extends out 1 ft from it's total length on both sides. (Adds 1 foot on each end while being spun)


Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities:

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