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 Roza Ilyushin [Approved 2-2]

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PostSubject: Roza Ilyushin [Approved 2-2]   Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:03 am

Quincy Template


Name: Roza Ilyushin
True Age: 22
Gender: Female

Personality: Roza has a lot of energy. So much so, that she has difficulty controlling it at times. If she's particularly excited, she'll even go so far as to stringing her sentences together sothattheyprettymuchalllookandsoundlikethisforalongtime. Once she's started on anything, it's difficult to stop her; she can get very idealistic and set herself on a certain goal. As long as she has that goal at the centre of her mind, she will continue to push for it, no matter who tells her what--the only way to really stop her from trying to achieve her goal is to knock her out and restrain her, or kill her--neither of these things are what you really want to do. She's quick to anger and pull into a fight, and will give her 100% no matter the situation; every fight for Roza is a fight to survive, even if she herself isn't willing to land a killing blow on her opponent. As such, she can quite often get far too into her fighting and lose herself to the rush and thrill of the battle--it is not very uncommon of her to start screaming profanities at a particularly frustrating opponent, though she will never use them in general conversation.

She is a lovely person, really. When it comes to dealing with other people, she will either be extremely energetic, or she'll have been exhausted and attempt to speak with normal sentences at a rather nice pace. It depends on the situation, really. She regards everyone with trust, but she will quickly get in their faces and aggressive if she needs to. She butts heads quickly with people that don't agree with her, and will speak her mind without fear of reprimand no matter the situation. She is honest and truthful with herself and all other people; and usually doesn't take feeling into account--she isn't insensitive, but unless someone slaps her in the face and tells her that what she's saying is a bad thing to say, it's not going to be running through her brain.

She's also quick to blush--Roza gets flustered really easily. It could be from a compliment, from a directed sentence--even a mere glance from the person she's crushing on. Her difficulty in controlling her own energy, whether it be physical or spiritual, means that a lot of the time she could be focussing more on trying to keep what little of it she's in control of her own, and that means a lot of stuff flies over her head. She doesn't take orders easily, and gets annoyed when people keep pushing her to tell her exactly what to do. She likes to do her own thing, and she likes to be the first on the battlefield, and she likes a lot more things than that but she doesn't like telling people that she likes them so she won't okay.

General Appearance


Appearance Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 45kg

Natural Abilities

Reishi Color: Crimson Red, though it has the feature of appearing like fluttering rose petals when agitated.
Quincy Cross: Roza has a very simple and basic Quincy Cross, as she cannot form her Spirit Weapon.
Quincy Items: Her Spirit Weapon is technically an Item, though it will be further described within the Spirit Weapon section of this application.
Additional Notes:

Lack of Form: Roza does not have a Vollstandig. This has nothing to do with Quincy blood, but merely because she lacks the natural spiritual control required to form a spirit weapon--therefore she will never be able to control her power enough to activate a Vollstandig. 'tis as simple as that.

Hirenkyaku: Roza has an unusual mastery over Hirenkyaku, and it appears as if she has disappeared into a flurry of rose petals when she uses it.

Nigh-Bottomless Spiritual Reserves: Roza has a seemingly-unlimited energy well. Because of her lack of control, however, she can only access a small amount of it at a time; and therefore this should not be taken into consideration when trying to understand her power level.
- i.e. If Roza were to receive a tier of 2-1, she would only ever have access to that much energy at a time. If she were to use a little bit of that energy, it would be restocked in her next post. If, however, she had access to an ability that required more than her energy limit, she would be unable to use it--she is incapable of taking some energy, waiting and then taking the rest in her next round. She can basically fight forever, but that's about it.

Spirit Weapon

Spirit Weapon Type: Well, it's hard to exactly describe what the Crimson Rose is. It's a Scythe, and it's a High-Powered Sniper Rifle. Okay, it was a lot easier to describe than originally thought out. Yes, that is Crimson Rose. Known colloquially as the HCSS (High-Powered Sniper Scythe), it is described as an amalgamation between a human-height scythe and a sniper rifle, modified to fire bullets made of pure Reishi in the Quincy fashion. Unlike usual Quincy arrows, however, these bullets are harder and do slightly more damage (more in the abilities section). The weapon is capable of folding into multiple forms, and again this will be described below.
Spirit Weapon Appearance:

(Forgive the watermark.)

Spirit Weapon Abilities:

Forme Change: The Crimson Rose has three forms: two of these are battle-useable, the other one is merely for storage.
- The Storage Forme cannot be used as a weapon, and again is only used to carry the weapon in a more hide-able way.
- The first forme, or Rifle Forme is used as a basic ranged weapon. As it is more compact than the Scythe Forme, it is more manoeuvrable when being used as a rifle and has no melee combat purposes. It has an effective range of 1km.
- The second forme, or Scythe Forme is activated when the weapon is decompacted and shown in its fullest size. The weapon still retains its ranged power, but because of its new-found shape it is exceedingly difficult to use as an actual gun. Instead, the rifle section is used as a projectile weapon when stabilized, or used to increase the force of Roza's attacks with the weapon. More below.

Shot Condensation: Each one of Roza's shots contain just as much power and Reishi as the average Quincy arrow, despite being in a far more compact form. As a result, each shot hits like a ton of bricks, even if Roza's rate of fire diminishes slightly from the norm.

Seele Schneider: Roza does not carry any. Instead, she can do this same thing to the blade of her Scythe, and it is usually active while she holds the weapon in Scythe Forme. It continuously gathers Reishi as she fights, sending it to her when it does so.

Round Types: Roza has a large number of different shots that she can fire from within her weapon, each doing different things. Again, she lacks the precise control over her Reishi needed to formulate this properly; as such she uses different kinds of 'templates' that take the appearances of rifle magazines. It's as simple as unloading the current template and loading in a new one.
- Basic rounds are your stock-standard rifle rounds and will be used 90% of the time while fighting. They aren't specialized, and as such don't deviate from the norm in terms of Reishi balance.
- LR (Long Range) rounds don't have as much penetration power as normal rounds, but are instead focussed on covering distance at a higher speed. More of the Reishi is focussed towards the back of the round, meaning that it fires with more force at the beginning. Short-range penetration is unchanged, but there are other bullets that do the job better.
- HE (High Explosive) rounds don't go quite so far, but they have an interesting effect on collision. Because most of the Reishi is destabilized and at the front of the round, the bullet will explode on impact, causing outer splash damage as opposed to inner penetration.
- S-HE (Scythe High Explosive) rounds are specialized HE rounds designed to be used only while Crimson Rose is in Scythe Forme. They are even more unstable than HE rounds, and explode almost immediately after leaving the barrel--when this happens, the force from the explosion shunts both Roza and the scythe backwards slightly.
The types of rounds presented after this message use twice the Reishi as the ones above.
- UHE (Ultra High Explosive) rounds are effectively the same as HE rounds, but all of the additional Reishi is compressed even further into the payload, making for a much larger explosion.
- S-UHE (Scythe Ultra High Explosive) rounds are what they say on the tin. More powerful S-HE rounds that increase Roza's effective speed by a large amount.
- AP (Armor Piercing) rounds do exactly what you'd think. They pierce through armor. Effectively an augmented LR round, the additional Reishi not only re-balances the round, it also causes the round to pierce further through armor at any length.

GunScythe: This is the term given to Roza's fighting style while within her Scythe Forme while using the Crimson Rose. Using either S-HE or S-UHE rounds, merely firing the rifle end of the Scythe while swinging it causes the movement to increase in velocity. This can further boost the damaging power of the Scythe in battle, and increase her own effective speed as well.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: It is often said that, on the day she was born, Roza Ilyushin literally leapt out of the doctor's hands and started jumping around the room like there was no tomorrow. Obviously it wasn't like that; but it's a cute story nevertheless. She was born as a happy and healthy girl to a Quincy mother and Sugiura father; one who had given up his home back in his realms to live with this woman. While she inherited her mother's racial traits as a Quincy, she seemed to take on the most bothersome trait that her father had--boundless energy.

She ran before she walked. Her first word was only barely intelligible. Her first sentence was even worse. As she started to go through schooling, she found it difficult to pay attention unless she focussed as much of her energy as possible on that one thing. She became entranced by her own tunnel vision, but could not multi-task to save her life. It took a great deal of work to get her to change her focus at any one time, so she was instead left to her own devices. While she excelled at mathematics in her subjects, she found that nothing could be as easy as physical education. The girl would run five laps around the field while her classmates ran one. She did 100 push-ups while they did 20. Her teachers were astounded at how much energy she had to spare--so they put it to good use. She was first to be picked on every sports team. She did local, regional and even national-level sports for her schools, all the while neglecting everything but mathematics in class.

While this was going on, her mother revealed something else to her: she was a Quincy, and she would be trained as such in her spare time. It seemed simple enough, but Roza could never actually muster the concentration to properly manifest a spirit weapon. Ages and ages of training continued, but nothing ever came out of it except for a frustrated Roza. Instead, her mother tried to get her to manifest other things; but not even arrows could be made. Her parents were noticeably bothered, until her father suggested something that few could've expected:

"Why not create a weapon for her?" It was unheard of. Her mother was prepared to give up on her daughter until this situation arose--a weapon, created specifically to assist the girl who could not control her own energy. She wasn't sure what to do, but she knew that giving up would be a foolish mistake. Instead, she finally devoted herself to getting this weapon made. Roza was allowed full rights on designing the weapon. Roza was allowed to make all the changes and enhancements she needed. The idea of the weapon was a bit unorthodox; but it was created and made for Roza. Now all she had to do was inject her spirit energy into the weapon, keeping a constant flow. It was, again, unorthodox. But it worked.

Roza eventually left home, moving to Artemis to pursue more. To learn more. To become more. She left her parents behind her in snowy Russia, but she knew she'd see them again.
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PostSubject: Re: Roza Ilyushin [Approved 2-2]   Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:48 am


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Tier: 2-2

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Roza Ilyushin [Approved 2-2]
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