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 Izayoi Sakuya [APPROVED, 1-1+; Magus]

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PostSubject: Izayoi Sakuya [APPROVED, 1-1+; Magus]   Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:33 pm

Magus Template


Name: Izayoi Sakuya
True Age: About 1,247--is physically 2,247
Gender: Female
Personality: Easily one of the more enigmatic profiles of the Magi Sugiura, Sakuya is rather quiet and demure in the way that she acts towards other Sugiura, and towards other allies. Among their group, she is easily the most withdrawn, yet she is also one of the few who are willing to speak out for the rights of the Sugiura first. This is because she understands exactly what she wants, and what the Sugiura need. This is one of the few times that Sakuya will be completely vocal about everything; she rarely raises her voice above a normal speaking tone, so if she has to do so, it is understood that there is a certain problem that has required her attention. As a matter of fact, Sakuya is exceptionally calm in almost any crisis, to the point of it being extremely… disconcerting. The very silence of this woman exerts a pressure on its own, as if the idea of her being this way is all so frighteningly still.

That is another thing about Sakuya. She always appears to be in the background. Because of this, it is easy enough to miss this young woman, and possibly have your gaze shifted somewhere else entirely. This is part of her reasoning for staying so quiet. When she’s ignored, it gives her the chance to keep a quiet eye on things, as opposed to not being able to take in what’s going on while things are loud and rowdy around her. Her mind in its processes is amazingly analytical, and she simply observes before giving her opinion on whatever is appearing before her. Her view on existence is extremely black and white, with very few shades of grey in between. She understands the idea of innocence, yet she also realizes that for one to be able to understand the actions that they are partaking in, they must understand what is going on around them, and therefore are not as innocent as they claim to be. That said, everyone before her is innocent without formal proof, for proof is the thing that keeps the world going around with her.

When it comes to a fight, Sakuya uses her own time abilities to the fullest extent possible. She tries to remove all threats in the area before they become more of a threat to the sanctity of the world, and therefore every strike in a serious battle is a serious strike, usually aimed with intent of at least wounding. Her proficiency with throwing knives is a further addition to the usage of her time manipulation abilities. She speaks quite a lot in battle, attempting to convince the opponent of their folly and stop them from fighting any further so she can restrain them. She doesn’t enjoy killing her opponents, but will make the most of a chance to use her abilities in battle, when she can. It is because of this that Sakuya goes all out, as opposed to wishing the death of those she comes up against. As for the subject of traitors, she takes every traitor she comes up against as an enemy with the intent to kill, and will not hesitate to use lethal force against them. However, Sakuya rarely leaves the mental niche that gives her this intent to kill.

General Appearance


Animalistic Traits: She occasionally sprouts dog ears and a tail.
Appearance Age: 19
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 42kg

Magecraft Unleashed

Origin: Time's Silence

Mystic Code: Tokei no Aijin (時計の愛人; lit. Mistress of the Clock) As a strange artefact, one will always consider this Mystic Code of the Enigmatic Assassin to be the strangest. If one were to gaze upon the simplicity of this stopwatch itself, it would begin by appearing completely unremarkable. The face of the watch itself is a pale white color, with scratches on the clear glass screen that covers it away from the world. The screen is surrounded by a brass cover, one that is covered in scratches, wear and tear, all from the past usage of such an artifice. Upon the watch is but one button, that Izayoi uses to activate a certain area of her own abilities. Although the face itself is white, it is not all white, surrounding the inner workings of the watch itself. Bronze cogs tick and tock with each passing second, and seem to glow with a strange energy that cannot be explained by human minds. The watch itself is constantly connected to Sakuya's body with a brass chain, a chain that is, by all rights, completely unbreakable and separate from this existence, connecting Sakuya and her Mystic Code together across worlds.


Exclusivity: Izayoi Sakuya cannot be affected by the time or space manipulation abilities of other characters.

Time's Eyes: When using her eyes, Sakuya does not perceive the world normally. She perceives its current state. For that reason, she can see everything--even things that would not normally be seen with the naked eye.

Quiet and Unknown: Sakuya cannot be noticed by normal means--the only way she can be seen by others is if she chooses to reveal herself--there is no other way for her to do so. If she has not chosen to reveal her presence to you, you will not notice her. This can be done by speaking up, or by walking in front of whomever it is.

Knife Summon: By focusing her Reishi into small areas, she can create throwing knives of energy. There is no limit to the number of knives she can forge at any given time. However, these knives also have special properties to them. She can hold them suspended out of the flow of time for a short time before releasing them; this is the basis for a lot of her abilities. They will then move at a predetermined speed from their position, in the direction that the blades are facing. This speed can be from snail-like, to the speed of a moving vehicle. Although there is no limit to the numbers that CAN be forged, while out of any forms, only FIFTY knives can be created at ONCE, per post.

Innate Command of Time: Although it has been stated, time and time again, that time itself is a purely outside force, unable to be enacted upon by anything that does not exist with powers of the deities above, it has also been proven, time and time again, that it is possible for beings with enough reach to be able to command such instances, at least within certain scopes. Izayoi Sakuya, being the way she is, has gained such an ability. Upon clicking the singular button on her stopwatch, Izayoi Sakuya chooses a setting of which the time of the world will change to. This mentally causes a switch around in the internal stream of the world, through the connection of the watch to the innate stream itself.

That said, it is probably best to give an explanation proper of this specific Mystic Code. If the chain itself were unable to connect Sakuya to the watch, she would have no way of using it. As it stands, Tokei no Aijin is a literal timepiece, and one of the two great 'definers' of the world: Time and Space. However, this is not a timepiece of 'control', nor is it a piece that 'defines' the 'definer'. Instead, it is like taking a straw and poking it into the flow in order to blow through and modify the stream. Once the watch itself stops exerting its will onto the world, then the world will return to normal. The watch itself can only be used if tethered to its user and their energies--otherwise anyone could pick it up and use it if Sakuya left it laying around. For this reason, it does not leave her side. It also functions perfectly as a timepiece, automatically changes itself over timezones, and tells the absolute most accurate time possible for a watch of its appearance.

Now, back to the ability. So, using the power that the timepiece has to latch itself into the flow of time, Sakuya can change the flow of the world itself. As opposed to actually slowing down each and every process via way of time manipulation, the actual time-flow of energy is all that is changed. This expends less energy from Sakuya, and instead gives her mind to focus on the tasks at hand. When the setting is chosen, the change is instantaneous, and lasts until Sakuya chooses to fix the world itself. While the flow of time is different, targets cannot be killed, nor can they be mortally wounded--in fact, everything gains invincibility during this time, due to the abnormality of the flow. However, everything is back in the air once Sakuya dissolves this ability. This makes the ability itself best for setting up attacks. There are three major settings in this ability.

"0.5x" - Using this setting, Sakuya can drop the current speed of the world to half of real-time. This setting lasts for up to two posts, and within those two posts, Sakuya can perform the actions of up to four. Sakuya herself moves at the same speed that she normally would, during this time. Any projectiles she creates and throws will immediately slow down to half-speed, and not do any damage--this is the major weakness of this ability. If she does not set up strategically, then her attacks will automatically hit and be deflected, causing no damage and wasting the chance.

"0.1x" - Using this setting, Sakuya can drop the current speed of the world to a tenth of real-time. This setting lasts for up to one post, however she can perform the actions of up to ten posts with completely free movement during this time. The same weaknesses as "0.5x" apply, however the main catch with this is that Sakuya's own speed has dropped to half, so she is effectively limited to five posts worth of movement in these ten posts.

"0x" - This is, for all intents and purposes, the most powerful general ability that Sakuya's stopwatch has. With this, Sakuya can literally stop the flow of energy within everything but herself. During a singular post, she has what is known as 'Unlimited Free Action', where she is effectively able to do anything that she needs to/wants to. She regains her real-time movement speed, however there are a few limitations to this. Firstly, people remain invincible. The change to this, however, is that they are also mostly unapproachable. What this means is that Sakuya cannot get within a foot of another being while the flow of time has stopped. If she were to get any closer, the proximity of her 'active' flow would disrupt their 'inactive' flow and cause a disruption in the stream. The moment anything leaves Sakuya's hands in preparation, they are stopped in their tracks and will not move until the flow is started once more. Finally, Sakuya is limited to preparation, not actual attacks--time itself cannot be manipulated when there is no moving flow to manipulate.

Vanishing Everything: Vanishing Everything is a point-to-point-to-point transportation. In short: Sakuya disappears from her position, leaving behind a magic card. Her next movement will take her towards another point that she chooses, clicking her stopwatch again to restart her body within the flow of time for less than half a second. She uses this moment to perform a single action; she can only perform ONE or the effect is lost, and she flickers back into the normal time stream. Once this action is performed, she uses her movement again and moves to her second point. She can also choose not to perform an action in the middle.

Perfect Maid: By changing her stance (Doing her best Dio Brando impression) and forgoing the option of making an attack action, Sakuya can counter a physical attack and "disappear" using her stopwatch, planting a large amount of knives into the area around the attacker and releasing her grip on time, the knives suddenly moving with momentum and going in the direction that they were placed.

Illusion Sign "Killing Doll": When she activates this Spell, Sakuya creates a "card" which she uses to summon thirty-two of her knives around her body, spinning them rapidly and firing them off. These knives spread out for a second, before homing on a target of Sakuya's choice. Each knife cuts once before disappearing. If the opponent is moving fast enough, they can block this attack; however it is not made obvious with the nature of the attack until one views it at least twice. One use, one cooldown.

Silver Sign "Silver Bound": To activate this Spell, Sakuya summons a card which then summons a hundred knives in a sphere-shape around her body. These knives begin to spin rapidly, before suddenly shooting out at the same time. They go for a meter and then disappear from view. These knives travel at a high rate of speed, and are generally strong, however are only used as a quick-fire defense. While this is more effective in mid-air, it is still usable on the ground. One use, one cooldown.

Conjuring "Eternal Meek": As with the rest of her Spells, Sakuya uses a conjured card, before summoning a hundred knives and throwing them all forwards in many directions. These knives travel a long distance, spreading out quite far. As the knives travel further, they gain more cutting force, but spread out from among themselves. This means that if you are hit with the knives closely, you are hit with a lot of attacks, but little damage from each attack; compared to being hit with only a few attacks at more strength. One use, one cooldown.

Time Sign "Private Square": This ability allows Izayoi to slow down a single target's space in time for a single post, or effectively five seconds in real time. In this time, Sakuya is free to move and attack them, although landing the killing blow is made difficult as if anything is moved into their body, it is slowed down with them. During this five seconds, the target is slowed to a third of their general speed through time. Technically, they're still moving at 100% in realtime, just at a third of real time's speed. One post use, three cooldown.

Wound Sign "Inscribed Red Soul": To activate this, Sakuya summons a card and then creates fifty knives around her front. She will them lunge forwards, and the knives will suddenly all swipe in random directions to attack, moving out a meter in front of her as they do so. Although it is possible for all fifty to hit, it is unlikely for more than twenty-five to hit from a single barrage, due to the randomness of the strikes. One use, one cooldown.

Speed Sign "Luminous Ricochet": After activating a card, Sakuya summons a single knife. Unlike her usual knives however, this knife is filled with a lot more spiritual energy, and is thrown at force. This knife bounces of every object it touches until it hits a source of Reiatsu. When it hits, it explodes with a shockwave of Reiatsu, most likely knocking the target backwards with the force. One use, one cooldown.

Time Sign "Imaginary Vertical Time": Sakuya activates a card, before switching to "ox" time. She uses this moment to create forty-nine knives in midair in front of her, all placed in a grid formation, seven by seven. She then returns to normal speed, and the knives are forced forwards in direction, flying directly for the target that they were pointed towards. One advantage of this ability is that Sakuya can cover a large area, and therefore make escaping more difficult. One use, three cooldown.

Buriallusion "Phantasmic Killer": When she activates the card, Sakuya will immediately thereafter launch sixty-eight knives into the air. These knives will fly into the air and hide for a single post, choosing a single target depending on Sakuya's intentions. In her next post, the knives will suddenly rain down upon the target, covering a rather large area. This attack is useful as a deferred distraction. Two use, one cooldown.

Scarred Soul "Soul Sculpture": When she activates this card, Izayoi creates a hundred knives in front of her. She lunges forwards in a fashion similar to that of Inscribed Red Soul. However, this ability is more refined, and each blade swipes in the same direction. However, it is still only likely that fifty of the blades will hit either way. One use, one cooldown.

Time Sign "Sakuya's Special Stopwatch": Activating a card for this, Sakuya creates twelve large clockfaces around her body that spread out at a relatively slow speed. When these faces collide with an enemy, it freezes them in the space for a single post of theirs. Sakuya is free to act against them, but they will not receive any damage until their body resumes it's time-flow. One use, five cooldown.

Light Speed "C. Ricochet": After activating the card, Izayoi throws a single knife at a high rate of speed. This knife homes onto a target, before hitting them, flying off, bouncing off something, homing on them again, and repeating this process for about five hits. Sakuya is free to act the moment the knife is released. One use, three cooldown.

Sakuya's World: For a single post, time is truly frozen around her. Although she cannot damage the enemy during this time, she is able to set up large numbers of knives, and use one hundred and sixty of them at once, as opposed to eighty. When this post is over, the knives will resume in the direction that they were pointed in. One use, six cooldown.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: In order to understand the enigma that is Sakuya Izayoi, one must understand the past that she had gone through. One would believe there to be at least 2000 years of history, as Sakuya is supposedly that age. However, the mixture of time alterations and her own internal conflicts have caused the real time of this to be skewed, and it is believed that Sakuya may only have lived through about 1200 years, possibly not even that. To be completely honest, the entirety of Sakuya's history has no meaning to this world anymore, she's not even sure if what she's lived of this history truly exists. She doesn't know if what she remembers is the truth, or if she's just going crazy now. While most of what she remembers is recounted in this, there is a lot unaccounted for, but it has been reproduced to the best of our ability.

The first thing that Sakuya remembers is... quite a way into her life. Probably just after she received her stopwatch, although before she became recognized as anything powerful. She remembers... a house. A small building on the outskirts of the Sugiura cities. Yes, that house. That house where the man who called himself her father lived. She wasn't sure if that was her father, or if he was an imposter. She didn't really know at that time, however she had her suspicions. A single hit from the man caused her to react badly, and it's suspected that he held the intent to kill her from the very beginning. Nobody knows why, but he struck at his own daughter, and knocked her down. The girl got up off of the ground and manipulated her body's position in time's flow, moving around behind him with a single motion and thrusting a sword through his back that had been sitting on the ground.

And then, she remembers this current time, where she managed to make it to this place she is within. At least, she's pretty sure it's about now, she could be wrong. She could actually be in a completely different frame of mind, with a totally new frame of time surrounding her body. Honestly, she truly has no clue as to whatever is going on with her life. She just lives it in the now, and hopes that things right themselves in the end...

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PostSubject: Re: Izayoi Sakuya [APPROVED, 1-1+; Magus]   Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:43 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [O]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]

Comments/Notes: YOOOOOOOOOOOOO, remove all references to her being an Iramasha on PH (i.e. Chaos Warp, etc.). I'd also like a little more on Re-Loop.

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PostSubject: Re: Izayoi Sakuya [APPROVED, 1-1+; Magus]   Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:04 am

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PostSubject: Re: Izayoi Sakuya [APPROVED, 1-1+; Magus]   Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:05 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [×]
  • Appropriate Age [×]
  • Gender [×]
  • Appearance Present [×]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
  • 15 sentences for personality [×]
  • History is 15 sentences [×]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [×]

Tier: 1-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Izayoi Sakuya [APPROVED, 1-1+; Magus]   

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Izayoi Sakuya [APPROVED, 1-1+; Magus]
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