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 Ketai Tsukuyomi [Approved: 1-1+]

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PostSubject: Ketai Tsukuyomi [Approved: 1-1+]   Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:25 pm

Shinigami Template

"With these blades, It will all be possible."
-Ketai Tsukuyomi


Name: Ketai Tsukuyomi
Eye Color: Grey/Amethyst Purple
Hair Color: Jet Black
Reiatsu Color: White with Red Hue
True Age: 250
Gender: Male
Ketai Tsukuyomi, is usually one not to constantly grin a lot as his father had done. This derives from the fact that when Ketai had been born into the soul society, he had been taken by Kushina Tsukuyomi. At Ketai's age, he was still growing, Trying to find out what he really wants to do. He is a free spirited shinigami, One that takes in the little things and loves them. Although having being taught by Yuri in certain aspects; Swordsmenship, and Hyougajin conjuring, He still longs for His fathers influence. However, Ketai is also a very emotional person and lets his emotions control him from time to time; The death of Sachi- His first love, Scarred his for a very long time afterwards, Hiding his true strength from her was ultimately his biggest mistake. Thus, Ketai, when things get bad in his opinion, Will go all out to protect anyone he cares about in a right or wrong way; Ethics don't really hold with this kid. Despite this, Yuri and Ketai kept in contact as the years went by. This was nothing of Seireitei. Ketai tends to show both sides of himself. The cold side, as well as the warm side. Depending on who you are, the attitude you receive will vary. There are times when Ketai turns slightly similar in appearance to his Father Yuri, causing him to grin, and tease quite often. Even in battle, Ketai would start to play around and mess with his opponent in a playful manner, not one of Arrogance. One other thing that needs to be known about Ketai Is that he can be very polite, Not really knowing when to show aggression unlike his mom- Kushina.

In Battle: When Ketai is in battle, He's readies himself like his father; confident, and extremely passionate. However, Being personally trained by his father and scolded by his mother, Ketai is if nothing else attentive and Resilient. He once told his father during a training match that "All this pain is weird, Like I feel it, But I don't". His body has begun to embrace pain at all costs. Ketai tries to come up with little tactics in his head, But, They usually fall through, Making him need to go in head first- Swing first, Ask questions later. Due to this, Ketai usually gets into fights with people he shouldn't.

Likes: Ketai likes everything with Order, Everything must have its place. It could come off as narcissistic- But, His Intentions are well placed. He has a Complete and utter infatuation with Material world Technologies. Due to this infatuation, Ketai has a Mp3 that he has taken with him from many trips to the Human World. Ketai also likes a Wide variety of Music that he Listens to- Though, His Favorite Band would have to be UVERworld. Ketai has an enormous sweet tooth, and his favorite desserts are Flan, Apple Pie, and Cupcakes of the Vanilla variety. Ketai LOVES playing darts whenever he is at home, or at a friends house.

Dislikes: Ketai doesn't really like Cowardice of any caliber. When it comes to food, He doesn't prefer anything with Spices- They give him massive Heartburn. Ketai doesn't like Drunks of any caliber either. Ketai really doesn't like Chocolate, or Blueberries- Doesn't like the textures it leaves on his mouth. He doesn't really like winter season due to its sever chilling effects. When it comes to people, The only trait that is annoying is Arrogance- Other than that, He is very open to pretty much everyone else.

General Appearance

Appearance Age: 16
Height: 172 CM (5'6")
Weight: 59 KG (130 Pounds)

Natural Abilities

Expertise Swordsmenship: Ketai is an expert at swordsmanship, capable of utilizing his size to effectively counter and outmaneuver his opponents. His skill in swordsmanship is evident in the fact that he is one of the youngest Shinigami to gain such mastery thus far; he is therefore one of the youngest Shinigami to achieve a fighting style with dual bladed fore Thought. His skill in swordsmanship is great enough that he rarely uses even his Shikai in battle, of which he has shown great proficiency with. Instead, he relies on Elucidator's sealed form, only using its Shikai or Bankai when things get tough. When it comes to his Dual wielding factor, His Swordsmenship style changes immensely; Mainly because, He now is going for more slashing type maneuvers and less piercing type attacks- However, it is odd that He has more strength in his left swing than his right- Mainly because he's right handed.

Excelling Hakuda Combatant: Ketai excels in his secondary method of combat utilizing variations of high powered kicks. While in the advanced state of Shikai, Ketai had proven to be quite aggressive as well as highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat. He demonstrates his skill and agility in this area by launching a devastating attack against then 5th Division captain Yuri Tsukuyomi. He is rather talented at analyzing opposing styles and forms, reading body language, and overall taking advantage of anything he possibly can to further his mastery of the skill.

Exceptional Marksmen: He specializes in marksmanship, using his Throwing Picks. With his skill and precision, he was capable of bypassing several hollows guard and shooting it in the eye at point-blank range and even killed with ease an enraged hollow from a long distance whilst looking at the opposite direction. Ever since starting to play darts as a small boy, Ketai's aim, dexterity, and focus, has only increased. This young shinigami has been noted to hit a target seventy yards away from his person with such force and accuracy with his Vibranium Throwing picks. Also, The speed at which this young man can whip these things are nothing short of amazing; He is able to throw these things faster than most pitchers in the MLB- Reaching speeds up to Two hundred miles per hour with a very with timed, and infused throw. On a regular throw, he has been seen to reach speeds of at least one hundred miles per hour.

Excellent Reiatsu Control: Ketai has displayed a high amount of spiritual energy. He has obviously mastered the Shikai transformation; This on top of his own energy reserves lends him plenty of strength in combat. Obviously being born from the Tsukuyomi Blood line, His Reiatsu and Reiryoku are by proxy on a standardized high level, Even without the function of Bankai, Ketai has been shown to be able to keep up with Captain class opponents in terms of reiastu output and utilization. Ketai's reiatsu is great in strength, but, still lacks the proper structure that is needed for a proper bankai to form- Thus, he has not undergone training for such a feat.

Unreleased Hyougajin Abilities: Due to Ketai's heritage as a Descendant to the Tsukuyomi clan, he was given one gift that was later on discovered when he had been caught in a Training battle with his Father. His body can produce Red Flame by simply holding his palm outward at an object through great concentration and Reiatsu. The Flames created by him aren't the strongest thing around- Plus, They don't even burn normal inanimate things; The "flames" literally eat at surrounding Reshi/Reiastu particles around, making them inert- Rendered useless. Ketai is able to slightly cover his arms and his legs with these "Flames". They're actually able to dissipate and break down Reiastu/Reshi that resides into a source; These flames cannot affect an entity, it can however effect Projectile attacks, Auras, and Barriers of all kinds- If it's at a Lower level than himself. This effect is activated by the flames meeting the target material; It Takes About three seconds for the destruction of About 60% the Reiatsu/Reshi of the attack. These Flames appear red with white tips, and can spread easily, proving to be very dangerous due to his lack of control; In a place like Hueco Mundo, His Flames would spread quickly due to the immense source of Reshi in the surrounding area. The drawback to these flames are pretty clear cut. With Excessive use of the "Zero Flame", His skin literally begins to crack resulting in what looks like shining silver veins of energy. In the beginning, The cracks are small, but noticeable to the naked eye; These cracks begins at his hands, then runs up his arms until it reaches his neck; Blood users would be in heaven. These cracks of skin obviously secret blood slowly over time- The more he would use it, The faster his blood would spill until unconsciousness or even death. Ketai sometimes goes out of control, not knowing when to stop.

Zanpakutō: Elucidator: This is a one-handed longsword that is completely jet black with a sacred white edge running along the double-edged blade. The handle of this weapon is estimated at about twenty-four centimeters, giving him plenty of room to cleanly shift his hand positioning; While the actually blade of Elucidator is ranged at about ninety-six centimeters, Allowing wide arcs of attacks. Even though it is "Classified" as a long sword, It is almost the shortest in its class, only making the standard by .14 of a foot.

Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Dissipate (散らす; Chirasu)

Other Weapons: Dark Repulser: This was the long sword that his beloved Sachi made before she died. It was rumored that she was one of the best Blacksmiths within Seireitei at the time. While Elucidator is meant for Swift slashing type attacks, Dark Repulser is used for piercing like attacks. The weapon itself feels like the soul of Sachi is in it, Giving him that feel as if she was still with him. Once again, This is a double-edged sword, Allowing a full strike with either side of the blade. However, the handle of this weapon is about twenty-eight centimeters; With the blade itself being about one hundred centimeters even. Even though this weapon is longer, Ketai only uses this sword when dual wielding- You'll never see him only using this sword. Dark Repulser has an incredible ability that had been only recently discovered by Ketai; When using his Hyougajin ability, His very skin begins to crack and spill blood with excessive use. However, As Sachi noticed such things, before she died, Sachi used a rare type of inhibitor ore that literally repulses the fifty percent of the internal force that is literally ripping his body apart- Hence the name, Dark Repulser. The ability only takes effect if the weapon itself is unsheathed and ready for battle. The hilt will begin glowing a faint emerald color once the healing effects are taking place. This also effects damage that is inflicted by an outside source. It only effects the internal damage, Any cuts/burns/frostbites are still situated at the mark of landing- BUT! only on two layer of skin.

Enthral and Vibranium Picks: These Throwing Picks are a type of weapon that is small, easily concealed, and used for damaging small animals or objects. Due to it's size, it can only slightly damage players, but can kill smaller animals. These Picks are about six inches long, and 1/3 inch thick. They're able to be infused with a modicum of reiatsu for a quick acceleration of speed on the throw. The whole set comes in ten pieces; However, these half of them are different from the others. Five of the picks are a bright silver with a small black line that grows thicker as it gets to the bottom half of the pick- These picks are the Vibranium picks; They have the durability of a platinum wall, internally vibrating at such an intense frequency due to the extremely rare metal its made out of. However, It's the other five which are the interesting set- The Enthral Picks; These five picks look strikingly similar to the Vibranium ones, except, instead of a black line, Its purple. The Enthral Picks have an exceptionally striking ability- allowing it to phase through shields, swords and other objects in order to hit its target. Although this ability is an enormous advantage against most targets, it has its limitations namely, that it cannot pass through separate objects in quick succession; I.E: rapid projectiles, double layered barriers, etc. Directly on the bottom of each pick there is a number in Kanji ranging from one to ten. If the number is called, it is automatically returned to his hostler.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Eludicator (Nickname: Yui)

Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Yui is an incredibly happy zanpakuto whenever Ketai speaks to her directly. She is usually seen completely content with most things that Ketai does, making her personality seem very laid back. However, She is extremely protective over Ketai when other girls began to show interest- Except Sachi of course. Yui herself acts like a child, calling Ketai "Pa Pa" every now and then- Especially when she wants him to do something. When it comes to the battlefield, Yui knows what needs to be done, Hardening the normally soft disposition of her personality. She can be somewhat standoff-ish when it comes to certain decisions being made, Giving her the tantrum like attitude to kick in. But, Overall, Yui is a joy to be around, Never really in a negative mind frame.

Zanpakutō Spirit's World:


Shikai: Eludicator is able to manipulate water in any given amount, even moisture in air- Even though, That would take an extra long time to gather a sufficient amount of water from an outside source for an attack or defensive purpose. Even though "Yui" is able to manipulate the water or moisture from any outside source, The water "Yui" herself is exponentially pure- Not with "light", Just some of the purest water one could ever see, drink, or otherwise die from. Eludicator has a strong connection with the moon, and the Lunar phase shifts that occurs with it. His whole entire zanpakuto is connected to the life giving element, and the moon that governs our planet. His Zanpakuto, even in his shikai, has sub forms that coincide with the current lunar shift that is currently happening. If it is between a shift, it will remain the former one until it completely shifts into the next one, Thus, Giving him new abilities for each form.

Shikai Appearance: Eludicator's appearance changes depending on the lunar shift that is occurring. It's rather interesting, Seeing as how water is the building block to almost everything, "Yui" in some forms create an internal fissure within herself, creating two separate weapons.

Shikai Abilities: Utilizing the lunar phase, Each shift has a degree of control over the water exploited. In his Shikai Transformation, Eludicator has Three sub-shifts that can be used at the moons discretion; New Moon, Waxing Crescent, and Waning Crescent.

New Moon (新月; Shingetsu): In his New Moon sub-shift, His appearance changes rather drastically; First off, His usually unkempt hair has shifted into something that looks more clean and longer. Ketai's face also changes as if he has shifted into a completely different person. In this new appearance he has taken the shape of a more mature version of himself seemingly. The longsword that was his sealed state has now been shifted into exceptional katana; It's roughly about ninety-six centimeters long for the blade, with a seventeen centimeter long handle. It's something that has been noticed as Ketai shifts into his "Shingetsu" shift, His personality changes into a cold, calculated, and above all else, silent type of person. Alas, As noted, The New Moon is known to have some of the highest spring tide, signifying new life that began to rupture at the seems. The water that gets manifested from the swings of Eludicator takes the form of chains that instantly anchor itself into the ground, Instantly beginning to sustain itself with the natural resources around instead of the reiatsu from Ketai. These chains are completely tangible to an opponent, capable to restraint and subdue like impressive high level bakudos. However, Ketai is able to shatter any of the links on the command of "Shingetsu, Dissipate", This creates a high level fissure of the H20 element itself, causing the Atoms to fissure and create a chainlink of Mini- Hydrogen/Oxygen bombs that are exponentially dangerous at close range. The covalent bond of the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms is if not one of the strongest bonds in chemistry. The energy that gets expelled from when the two are separated is absolutely immense.


Waxing Crescent (十三夜; Jūsan'ya): While in his Waxing Crescent sub-shift, compared to his normal entire, it is rather easy when it comes to drastic changes- But, There are some for sure. For starters, His short, unkempt hair is now shifted into a long black head of hair that makes him look strikingly similar to his father in his youth. His clothing shifting slightly, giving him more of a chest plate, and removing the overcoat into something more of a battle suit. Unlike his New Moon sub-shift, Ketai's personality doesn't change at all, giving some the assumption that his New moon sub-shift is something special in his real nature. His normal longsword changes once again into another form; Instead of a Katana, Eludicator takes the appearance of what looks to be a Photon Sword- Although, Its just incredibly dense water that has a razor edge. The "blade" of the weapon is roughly eighty-seven centimeters long, with a handle of twenty-three. He is also gifted with a weapon that seems to resemble a 5.7mm FN Five Seven handgun; This handgun is able to fire hyper-dense bullets of water that are able to easily pierce flesh and/or Armour. The water that is always produced in this form is Hyper-Dense water, Giving it the impact of steel; Imagine falling thousands of feet above a body of water, before slamming into it without a good entrance. , It would be like cement. Thus, these bullets on impact are capable of creating internal damage quite easily if given the good shot. As Much as Ketai is able his swords, This form is made for his marksmanship ability. The gun never runs out of ammo as long as Ketai has a sufficient amount of reiatsu to supply it with; Moreover, Bullets aren't the only thing this gun can fire, It is able to fire a Focused "Jet" of water with the same diameter of the barrel, making it even more so fast due to its aerodynamics. It's able to fire small spikes that can be situated in a surface as long as their not disturbed.


Waning Crescent (少子三日月; Shōshi mikadzuki): While in his Waning Crescent Sub-shift, Ketai's Black hair fades into soothing brown, Almost blonde if one didn't know any better. His Normal grey/Purple eyes are then changed into bright emerald green which beams into anyone who looks directly inside of it. Once again, His personality doesn't change, Making him the carefree young man that he is. In this sub-shift of his shikai, His attire phases into that of comfortably relaxed, considering the most times, he'd be in shikai is in battles. His weapon dissipates into the air as water vapor, allowing him to conjure the water with his hands. This is only due to the fact that this sub-shift is all about support and healing effects that water can have. Being some of the cleanest, purest water that can even be found in many realms, Waning Crescents' water in this particular has that of a mystical Oasis purity, Allowing the healing of another who is emerged in said liquid that is given by "Yui". This ability can affect any type of outside water source; I.E: rain, Another water user, etc. When using this on himself, He encases himself in a bubble of water that has a dense layer on the outside, allowing defense as Ketai Heals within it- This same method could be used for another party member or by-stander. This water is able to even bring people back from near death in extreme cases; As the bubble envelopes the target, one needs to stay calm, otherwise, the water will react in a hostile manner, actually killing anyone inside. This is great for unsuspecting enemies that doesn't know Ketai's powerset. However, Once Malice is free from one's heart, The healing process is able to begin on the subject. If the person was near to death, It would take four posts of solidarity in the bubble to restore themselves to full capacity. Suppose, Someone was suffering from moderate wounds, It would take roughly about two posts of sanctioned rest via the bubble- Moreover, This bubble isn't able to restore lost reiatsu, Only the natural stamina, and skills that are inert; This would include organs that get damaged, and status effects such as burn, Blindness, Paralysis, and poison - This sub-shift is the ultimate berserk healer.



Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Roleplay Sample: From a very young age, Ketai didn't do much at all- He was quite the momma's Boy when it came to certain things. Ketai was born in Karakura, Living with his Mother Kushina afterwards. In the beginning, He didn't even know who his dad was- Mainly because Kushina didn't ever talk about Yuri. Then, One day, Yuri came back to visit Kushina, And his Son of course. Looking into his Fathers' eyes, Ketai began to get teary eyed before lunging into his arms; He was around the age of a toddler at the time when he met Yuri. From there, Yuri would come back around every once and a while to visit Kushina and Ketai- Trying to bond as a family. At the striking age of "6" (Actual Age of 30), Ketai Managed to Unlock his special Inert ability that all Descendants of the Tsukuyomi clan are blessed with: The Hyougajin Manifestation. However, Ketai's Hyougajin was nothing like Yuri's at all- Even having a different concept of its powers. Ketai's Hyougajin manifested itself as Scarlet flames with White tips; The opposite color scheme of his Reiatsu. Noticing Ketai's advancement compared to his own, Yuri Took Ketai for a short while, Trying to get a close father-son relationship while taking the time to try and help Ketai control his "Hyougajin".

Ketai hasn't even gotten his Zanpakutō at this time, Not even being able to hear Its voice yet. He has been very demoralized on that fact due to the fact of his Parents being incredibly strong Shinigami's. However, He would never let that show, always being happy and bubbly. It wasn't long before Ketai could manifest his Hyougajin without much of a problem, Or being able to keep it under control. Since Ketai's Hyougajin is based off of flames instead of Ice, He decided to dub his manifestation of his power the "Honoogajin". At this time, Ketai continues to live with his Mother in Karakura, Being able to see his father from time to time when he's not busy in Zero Division. On a Daily Basis, Ketai could be seen just enjoying nature, Training himself, or just staying at home playing darts- Wondering when he would gain his Zanpakutō. It was years before Ketai would hear the words of his zanpakutto, Alone at home as this voice beckoned him to find "her" to listen to "her". Going outside, Ketai's Hyougajin began to run amok, Taking him to the ground within moments of the levels of reiatsu being cyphered out of his body; The pure force of it, beginning to crush the poor kids bones. It was there, He felt a light in his soul, and he reached out for it, placing the raging storm of reiatsu at ease. A black longsword was all that was left after a blinding light. Picking it up with his right hand, Ketai unsheated it quickly smiling at the fact it was finally there.

Many years pass after that event, Ketai's Zanpakuto training was going perfect with his mom and various other mentors. He had gained a masterful grip on his shikai, But, Not having the vernacular nor stability to attempt his bankai transformation. This was mainly around the time that Ketai fell in love with a sweet young blacksmith named Sachi; She was a wonderful, well-mannered girl that worked in the black market smith shops of Rukongai. She was rumored to be the best of the best when it came to her work, but, He didn't care for that, He only cared for her heart. However, The happiness wouldn't last long in this young man's life. It was a late night, and Ketai was passing by to say good night, when, he saw the hut on fire, The whole section of the District engulfed in flames. Rushing over, He tried his best to get inside, but, the house collapses, killing Sachi in the fire. Ketai fell to his knees, Not knowing what to do, or how to feel at this present moment in time. The young shinigami literally sat there until the fire was down to its last wil-o-wisp. Searching throughout the remains, He finds two things; A long sword sheathe, and a Pack of throwing darts, along with a note that somehow didn't get destroyed in the furry of dancing flames that was the arson. Opening it up, It read that their were people after the type of inhibitor ore that the sword and picks were made out of, and she didn't want to bother him with her problems, It was sad. Tears fell from his face at every word read. Before he finished, He kissed the noted before tucking it into his pocket. Taking both of his bequeathed items, Ketai went home, with a shattered heart, but, New resolve to never let an important person die. Its been about twenty years after that incident, and Ketai still has deep-rooted that he had shoved away into the dark corner of his heart, Trying to keep that upbeat attitude as before. He now tries to find somewhere to lend his strength in anyway he can. currently residing in Rukongai district 80: Zaraki- His Fathers old city.

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Ketai Tsukuyomi [Approved: 1-1+]
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