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 Knights of the Round Table

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PostSubject: Knights of the Round Table   Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:40 am

Knights of the Round Table

No Gods and Kings, only Honor

There are many groups of Sugiura working for the military in some way, for each kingdom. Armies, spies, generals and advisors of every kind you could think of. In the end, they all serve a single kingdom, with all of their heart, to protect it. Maybe it is only  a job for them, maybe it is their calling... But they all serve a single king or queen.

But there is one order of knights that does not serve any king or queen. Instead, they serve justice and protection only - this legendary group of warriors is called the Knights of the Round Table. From their floating castle of Avalon, they reside, unbound from mortal law, held up by honor and trust. They are the black sword that pierces the heart of the evil king, they are the just judges that condemn the slaver and rescue the captives. Heroes in their own right, they take no reward or payment - they are honor-bound masters of their own destiny.

Avalon, the Castle in the Sky

And so they sailed for Avalon, the kingdom of the fairies, for their final rest.

The 'base of operations' of the Knights of the Round Table has, since their foundation thousands of years ago, been the castle of Avalon. Resting upon a big, floating piece of rock, the castle is easily as big as the royal castle of the eastern Sugiura Clan. It's movement is controled by their Knight-King, who can control where it goes in the wide dimension of the Sugiura. The gigantic castle is mostly empty and quite mysterious - doors and stairs are hidden behind curtains or fake walls, some doors lead to nothing, others into filled, big treasuries guarded by dragons. It is a castle of mythic and old history, older than even the Sugiura themselves, and only the Knights of the Round Table and their Squires may enter it without falling prey to the tricks it plays on the minds of mortals.
The center throne room of the castle has been remodelled - there, you will find a big, round table, with seats that can freely be taken by the knights, without any set order to not make any of them feel entitled to positions. Even squires can sit on this table, on smaller chairs, to help their masters when the time comes to make important decisions.
In the middle of the table, a giant map rests, which spans all four kingdoms of the Sugiura, although it is a bit outdated as far as Sugiura settlements go. The Knight-King can direct the castle to head towards a location by using this map.

Codex of the Order

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

The most important thing to understand is that the Knights of the Round do not follow any of the Sugiura kingdoms. They are a free order, and members are only bound by their honor. Any decisions of actions are made by the knights for themselves - only because a majority of the knights wants to intervene with an event does not force any of the other knights to follow their lead. The only decision that can only be done by all the knights together is wether or not to go to an all-out war - in those cases, all knights must agree, or the war will not come to pass. No knight stands above the others, and the Knight-King is simply the eldest and most experienced knight, and the one responsible for the safety of Avalon itself.

Rules of Honor

Without Honor, we are as dogs

  • To become a Knight of the Round, 2/3rds of the current knights must agree on it. The exceptions are Squires - any knight may appoint their squire a knight, should they feel them ready for the honor.
  • The only thing that binds a Knight of the Round is their honor and sense of justice. As long as you serve as one of them, you forfeit any rights to inheritence, family or money. You may reclaim any of those only after leaving the knights.
  • A Knight of the Round may not accept payment for doing the right thing. Justice and honor come naturally, not because of rewards.
  • If a majority vote is cast, the current Knight-King can be replaced by any other knights that the brothers of the codex agree on.
  • All Knights of the Round are equal. There are no superiors. All Squires of the Round are equal, their only superiors are their respective knights.
  • No law binds you. Do the just and honorbound action, even if it brands you a criminal or murderer. The knights stand with their brothers, no matter the cost, be it personal to them or general to the order.
  • If you leave the Order, you do not leave your honor behind. If you need the help of the order, then your brothers will come to your aid, as you will come to theirs in the time of dire need.
  • Chose your squires wisely. You are responsible for their actions.
  • Those that carry Holy Swords are to be respected, but not to be revered. Any man or woman is the same without their weapon.
  • Any type of Sugiura is welcome to the order, as long as they accept the code.
  • Your name and origin are worth nothing within the order. You leave behind both the good and the bad of your life before.

Wall of Honor

Learn from those that came before, make their strength your own.

Takuri Sugiura

Knight of the Grail

Knight of the Lake

Knight of the Lance

Knight of the Wind

Knight of the Shield

Knight of the Sword

Knight of the Shadows

More can be added freely

Former Members

On a different path, but of the same spirit.
Knight of the Wand

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Knights of the Round Table
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