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 Ilyasviel von Einzbern

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PostSubject: Ilyasviel von Einzbern   Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:35 am

Magus Template


Name: Ilyasviel von Einzbern
True Age: ~400
Gender: Female
Personality: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: Not really animalistic, but Ilyasviel resembles an albino very closely, although her eyes are completely red, instead of the usual light blue.
Appearance Age: 12-14

Natural  Abilities

Basic Magic: Ilyasviel can use all of the basic magic, but her strongest proficiency is in healing magic, which she can even use from a distance to cure wounds.

Magecraft Unleashed

Magecraft: Ilyasviel is no ordinary Sugiura, or Magus, for that matter. She was created as a 'vessel' for the Holy Grail, so that her creators may reach the Heaven's Feel and touch the origin of the universe. This allows Ilya herself to directly connect herself with the Root, which grants her two abilities - first of all, nearly unlimited spiritual energy from the Root. Second, she can access the 'Heaven's Feel' Magecraft, which is powerful enough to be called a true Magic. This also has a negative side effect - Ilyasviel is in constant, maddening pain from her body being unable to cope with the power. If she were to use her full, nearly unlimited power supply, the stress would quickly cause her to pass out or take permanent damage to the nervous system. Her body is a 'living circuit' for this energy, making such damage even more dangerous than normal.
Heaven's Feel allows her to touch the Root directly and use the connection with it. However, a direct application doesn't exist for Heaven's Feel - it is no combat magic. To use it, she abuses a couple of artifacts created by the Einzberns - artifacts that were created in a failed attempt to reach and communicate with the Root. These artifacts are known as 'Class Cards'.

Each class card corresponds to a specific type of legendary hero, and funnels them into the distinction of a primary strength and ability. To use them, Ilyasviel 'installs' the Class Card within her own body to create a suitable vessel for the power of a legendary spirit, and then uses Heaven's Feel to 'read' the information of a specific legendary hero and 'paste' it onto herself, 'executing' the program of a so-called Heroic Spirit.
While using the power of a Heroic Spirit, her own strength is comparable to whatever hero it is she is channeling through herself, and can use their strongest weapon or ability - that, which made them a hero - at least once to full effect. This process and weapon are called 'Noble Phantasm'. To activate it, Ilyasviel has to shout the name of whatever weapon or ability she is about to fully unleash, to 'unlock' it within the inner world of her own and tell the Root to grant her that power.
Following is a list of the Class Cards, and the spirits that she can call into herself while using them.

The 'strongest' of the Class Cards: Channeling the power of great knights of the sword, Ilyasviel becomes the master of the blades of many heroic spirits. While using Saber, she is nearly impervious to magical damage - her resistance can be likened to that of a top-class Knight Sugiura.
List of Heroic Spirits:

  • King Arthur: The King of Knights, a legend as old as Britain - it's power is no joke. While channeling this power, Ilyasviel dons beautiful armor and wields a golden, holy sword - Excalibur, a Noble Phantasm of enough power to cleave a mountain in two. Being one of Ilyasviel's strongest Heroic Spirits - a trump card of sorts - she can only execute King Arthur for up to three posts, before having to wait 24 hours.
  • Sir Gawain: The knight of the sun. While donning the armor of this shining knight, Ilyasviel becomes nearly invincible while in direct sunlight. She wields Excalibur Galantine, a sister sword of Excalibur, which draws in sunlight and releases it as a hot, burning energy blast when used as a Noble Phantasm. Like King Arthur, it can be used for up to three posts.
  • Herakles: Great skill with nearly every known weapon makes Heralkes able to fulfill all roles besides Caster. While using him for Saber, Ilyasviel becomes physicially powerful enough to blast through nearly everything in her path. The Noble Phantasm of this incarnation of Herakles is 'Nine Lives', a special, reality breaking attack, which allows Ilyasviel to attack a grand total of nine times with excessive force in a nanosecond. As the strongest Saber, he is limited to one post of usage.

This card holds the power of knights that had amazing skill with the spear. They are nearly all cursed with bad luck, which caused them to tragicially find their end in the legends of old. The magic shield that surrounds Saber is also present on Lancer, but is weaker, so strong magical attacks will hurt Ilyasviel while using a Lancer spirit.
Heroic Spirits:

  • Cu Chullain: A legendary hero that died because of his own honor. Known for having incredibly bad luck, but also very high skill with his lance. A cut caused by this lance will not heal naturally, and only powerful healing magic can counteract it. Gae Bolg, the Noble Phantasm of this form, is a reversal of cause and effect - the effect being that 'the heart is pierced' of her target. The spear will do impossible movements, together with Ilyasviel's body, to fulfill the pre-determined fate. Exceptional luck, or nearly unbreakable defenses, will be able to break Gae Bolg's curse. Has a duration of four posts maximum.

A card holding knights provicient with ranged combat in many forms, which are either also proficient at close combat or posess amazing abilities to stay out of range. While resistant to magic, they don't have even half of the warding that the Saber class has. They often rely on skill rather than brute strength, but that is not a set-in-stone rule.
List of Heroic Spirits:

  • Gilgamesh: The king of heroes, greatest of them all. The one that collected all treasures of the world, the richest man to ever live. His power and fierce mind pierce through the centuries. And it just so happens that he's also a still-living Sugiura. This 'Heroic Spirit' mode is based on his exploits that made him a legend, an idolized version of him. This form attacks by opening the 'Gate of Babylon', which holds many legendary weapons. They are fired as a nearly endless stream of projectiles, as Gilgamesh lacks the ability of a 'wielder'. These weapons generally cause magical explosions upon impact, and have various properties, such as homing, defense-piercing, nearly unhealable wounds, and so on. However, the actual Noble Phantasm of Gilgamesh is 'Ea'. Activated not by calling it's name, but by saying 'Enuma Elish', the drill sword focuses energy into a whirlwind strong enough to blow away a Reality Marble and cause massive havoc and damage. However, there is a catch. Gilgamesh is so powerful that using his spirit lasts for one post at the most. Also, using Enuma Elish will cause Ilya's body to be strained to the breaking point, making her almost certainly unable to fight afterwards. What's even worse: Using this card will alert the real Gilgamesh to the existance and position of Ilyasviel.
  • EMIYA:
    Probably the most used out of all of the forms, for one reason: It has incredible compatibility with Ilya. Her connection to the Heroic Spirit that transcends time, the Counter Guardian EMIYA, is so high that she can use this card for an indefinite amount of posts. She becomes incredibly calm and calculated while using this power, her mind 'forged' into a blade. She can use 'tracing', the ability to copy a weapon from the opponent or ally that she sees and store it within her blade memory - however, thanks to her excess of energy, her own fakes aren't much weaker than the originals. The drawback is, of course, a higher energy consumption that can cripple her in the long run. Unlimited Blade Works, the Reality Marble of EMIYA, works the same way - after the incantation, which changes slightly to her own version, Ilyasviel creates a fake reality. In this reality, she can trace and create blades instantly, and countless swords are scattered about. She can control those swords with her mind to rain down upon enemies. The only limit to EMIYA is that is can't trace completely alien concepts, such as Ea.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: A long time ago, the legendary Sugiura Shimura fought against the old evil Sugiura known only as 'Dhaos'. The mage of infinite power was defeated and sealed away, but not before gravely injuring Shimura - making her unable to bear children in the normal fashion with his foul powers and strength.

Even before that fateful moment existed the Einzbern clan, from which Shimura hailed. As the first 'Sugiura', the other Einzbern were jealous of her great power, which far exceeded the ability of the Shinigami-clan and their artificial life-forms known as Homunculi. Shimura had banished her own clan after her ascension for their evil ways and disregard for life and love.

Now, after her grave injury, the Einzbern returned to Shimura, telling her about a reformation within the family. To prove their good intentions, they promised to help Shimura regain her ability to have children - by creating the children for her, using her own blood as a catalyst. Believing that they truly changed, Shimura agreed to the plan of her family, and gave them a sample of her own blood.
But in truth, nothing about the Einzbern had been changed. They had always been searching for a way into the 'Root', as they called it - the origin of all gods and the universe, the seat of all knowledge of what was, will be, could have been, could be, and never was. All of their previous tries had failed - and so, they attempted to use the blood of Shimura to create a puppet without free will, one that would be able to use the trademark alchemical skill of Shimura, along with the legendary 'Heaven's Feel' magic, which would allow connection to the root. However... they failed. The clone that was created had a soul - a will of her own. The processes used during Ilyasviel's creation warped her body, but were unable to corrupt the pure heart that was given to her thanks to Shimura's power.

the Einzbern elders were furious, but wouldn't give up. Ilya could be used as a weapon - especially thanks to her connection to Shimura as a daughter, and thanks to the sentimentality of her, to once and for all defeat their strongest daughter and take her kingdom for their own. Ilyasviel was taken from her mother at a young age one night, and Shimura found out just how far the Einzbern were willing to go when they used forbidden, evil blood magic on the sample given by her previously. Woven into a contract of purest evil, it was simple - if Shimura or her people attacked the Einzbern clan, the dark spell would cause a single Sugiura somewhere that had Shimura's bloodline to die on the first day. Two Sugiura on the second day, three on the third, and so on - until all Sugiura with Shimura's bloodline, which would encapsule nearly all of them thanks to the intermingling of the descendants of the ancients, including Shimura herself, would be taken by the curse and die.

And so, Shimura was helpless. She could not go and rescue her daughter, who was now, day and night, being tortured, experimented upon, and trained. Trained to fight, trained to kill. Trained to use her Heaven's Feel to extract information, no matter how incredible the pain of using infinite power actually was. And all throughout, Ilyasviel was told that her mother had abandoned her - that nobody would ever love her. That Shimura had a new child, a son, and didn't want her any longer. That she was only a tool - something to be used and eventually discarded. Eventually, she didn't feel pain any longer, only seething hatred. No matter what the elders did to her, Ilyasviel was not broken - only changed. The corrupting power of Heaven's Feel at her fingertips, she grew in power and knowledge - and knew that eventually, the elders would kill her for being too dangerous. So she struck first.
Sneaking into the most secretive and guarded chamber of the Einzbern compound, Ilyasviel found their greatest treasure amongst many other lesser artifacts. A shard of the Holy Grail, which had been used to grant Ilyasviel her power over the Heaven's Feel. And connecting to the Heaven's Feel now, she took what the grail had once been, pulled it out... the vessel of Cubia, the ancient evil. The Angra Mainyu, all the world's evil combined. And with that power at her command, she unleashed a hell unlike any seen before or after by Sugiura eyes on the Einzberns.

Flames and corruption consumed every last one of them, as the compound burned to the ground. The few found still breathing had gone insane before death, only muttering about the glowing red eyes of their killer, together with hair and skin as white as snow. A ghost of rage and destruction, created by themselves. After the fires subsided, the corruption seethed into the ground and remained there - until this day, not a single blade of grass will grow on the land that was once the Einzbern compound. The shard of the grail was used up and completely destroyed - and so, Ilyasviel took the only artifacts that survived the fires, the dress of heaven and the class cards that were stored at the compound during that time.
With the death of every Einzbern by the hand of another Einzbern, the curse on Shimura's bloodline was lifted - because Ilya no longer saw herself as part of either side, the black magics were deactivated for good.

These class cards were more than she bargained for, though. Especially the Archer card. When Ilyasviel touched it, a shock went through her entire body and soul - and she connected with the Counter Guardian EMIYA, and his memories. And she knew who he was. Her little brother, who was always taller than her, who had been cursed into a small body by corruption. The one that was always there for the weak, a hero... even if it meant his demise. And even if he hated heroics now, he could never stop being who he was. And with that crumbled Ilya's desire to kill her little brother and mother, at least for the moment... Because of the lies told to her, her hatred for Shimura is currently only quelled by her desire to observe Shirou, and to learn who he really is besides his heroic mask.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Ilyasviel von Einzbern   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:00 pm

Please archive.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
Kamen Rider.
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Ilyasviel von Einzbern
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