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 The Sōnansha 遭難者

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PostSubject: The Sōnansha 遭難者   Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:19 pm

The Sōnansha 遭難者
(Meaning: Survivor)

The Sōnansha are a race of enhanced humans based off of the legend of vampires. Lilith, the original Sōnansha, was dying in the arms of her husband. In a desperate attempt to keep her alive he preformed a forbidden ritual and offered his blood to heal her. Through this process, the first of the Sōnansha was born. Once healed, Lilith's thirst was uncontrollable until her thirst was quenched. She attacked her husband, accidentally turning him into one as well through biting his neck and drinking his blood and the small amount of Qi he had. Realizing that the ritual that brought her back was way too powerful for it to ever occur again, they decided then it needed to be dealt with. The ritual used to bring Lilith back was completely destroyed, so the knowledge lies with them. Over time, the two noticed certain enhancements and powers that they possess and realized that they could also choose turn other humans into Sōnansha as well.

  • The higher the tier, the less times they need to feed and the more Affinity they can store.
  • A Sōnansha with a Blood Affinity uses the excess Blood as energy to use their powers. The Blood they drink is in a very powerful and condensed form, allowing them to have much, much more than a normal human.
  • All Sōnansha can see Spirits.
  • Drinking off of another Sōnansha actually increases the effectiveness. If it is of a different Affinity, then the effectiveness is at 50%, but if it is the same, the effectiveness is at 150%. This is highly looked down upon and can deem you a Rogue. This is bad because Sōnansha are quite easily drained in minutes. Their Affinity was not there's from the beginning, so when another Sōnansha is attempting to take it, it's easier, faster, but can drain them within a minute, which can cause their death.
  • Not everyone knows of Sōnansha. The only people who know of Sōnansha are those who were in the Gotei and Alpha Protocol from the time a little after the War to now.

The Three Affinities:

The three Affinities are Qi, Reishi, and Blood. A Sōnansha can survive on ONE of these three things, no more or less. Drinking one that they do not have the affinity for will bring it's effectiveness down to 10% and can cause the drinker to become very ill, maybe even die.

Affinity Of Qi: This is the second most common of the three Affinities. Drinkable Qi is found only in humans and satisfies the thirst quickly, allowing quick regeneration. If a Sōnansha is hurt at all, drinking Qi increases their regeneration rate by 50%.

Affinity Of Reishi: The less common of the three Affinities, drinkable reishi is found commonly in Quincy and smaller amounts in spiritual beings, such as Shinigami. Reishi does not satisfy the thirst as quickly as one would like, causing the Sōnansha to need more than with Qi or Blood, but it allows the quick restoration of stamina. If the Sōnansha is tired and/or feeling weak, drinking Reishi will restore them by 50%, allowing them to fight much longer.

Affinity Of Blood: The Affinity Of Blood is obviously the most common of them all. Drinkable blood is found in humans and spiritual beings, this is excluding animals and hollow. Blood quenches the thirst normally and increases the strength of the bodies enhancements. In other words, a Sōnansha with the Affinity of Blood, upon drinking it recently, will be able to hit harder, move faster, and take more damage.

Sōnansha Ranks:

Within the Sōnansha ranks, respect does not just come with power. Position does not come with how many people you've killed. With the Sōnansha, respect and rank comes with how long you have survived, coupled with how many loyal people you have turned. (Note: Turning everyone you bite is not a way to climb up in rank. That has the ability to get you shunned by the Sōnansha community.) Ages listed below are counting the amount of years being a Sōnansha, not the years before.

Legendary: There are only two Legendary Sōnansha and they are known as the Queen and King. The Queen is the original/first/pure-blood Sōnansha, while her King is one person of her choice. In this case and time, that person is her husband, Samael.

Elder: The Elders are the oldest and/or most honored of the Sōnansha, excluding the King and Queen. Elder Sōnansha are usually between 1,000 and 2,000 years old, but there are certain circumstances that allow younger Sōnansha to become Elder Class. To do that, the Sōnansha must be honored in some way by the Queen or King.

Elite: Elite Class Sōnansha are the only ones that are placed by their fighting skill. Those Sōnansha that wish to see the heat of battle want their names placed in this Class. Sōnansha that are over 1000+ years of age are not allowed to be placed as an Elite. This is because the Sōnansha do not believe that the Elder members should be told to fight a war. Of course this does not mean that Elder Sōnansha are not allowed to, because they can.

Underling: The Underling are considered the more common of the Sōnansha. Though their power levels differ greatly, they're all between 21-999 years of being a Sōnansha. Before 250 years of being a Sōnansha, these Underlings have pretty nice control, but still need to drink often. 251+  years of being a Sōnansha, they do not need to drink as often and have control over their Seimei no Honō.

New Born: These are the newly turned Sōnansha. It takes about twenty years for a Sōnansha to get control over their thirst and Seimei no Honō, though it can differ from Sōnansha to Sōnansha. They very smell of their affinity urges them to take drink, so they drink quite often. The newborn also lose control over their Seimei no Honō quite easily, especially if they've been denied sustenance for an extended period of time.

Rogue: These are those that have been shunned by the Sōnansha community for any reason. Whether they've murdered many, turned way too many, or turned against their own kind. Rogues are considered trash, unfit to be part of the community. It is possible to redeem yourself, but very hard to do so. To redeem yourself, you must somehow get on good terms with the Queen or King. Rogue Sōnansha are also not recorded, meaning that there is no record of them in the Ordinea de Viață. Because of this, not all Sōnansha are bad, but will be considered enemy until they are recorded through Ordinea de Viață.

Note: The Ordinea de Viață has a wanted list for Sōnansha. So if you wish for your Sōnansha to be known and wanted by the Ordinea de Viață, you can also apply as a Rogue to the Ordinea de Viață. Otherwise, you're considered Rogue just by not being recorded, you're just unknown to the Org. (In other words you don't exist to them)

Sōnansha Generations:

These are representations of the purity in a Sōnansha's blood... The purer the blood, the more powers they inherit. (Number in Parenthesis is the amount of Inherited Abilities a Sōnansha gets. It is very, very rare for Lilith to turn someone into a Sōnansha, so Generation A's are hard to find.)

  • Generation S: Lilith Only, purest of them all. (All)
  • Generation A: A Sōnansha created by Lilith herself. (6)
  • Generation B: Created by Generation A (5)
  • Generation C: Created by Generation B (4)
  • Generation D: Created by Generation C and D. (3 if created by C, 2 if created by D)

NPC's are allowed to be class B, C, and D. No A's.

Inherited Abilities:

There are multiple inherited powers that a Sōnansha is able to receive upon being turned. These powers all originated from Lilith, the first of the Sōnansha. Depending on the Sōnansha's Purity, they will develop a certain amount of these. (See Sōnansha Generations to figure out how many Abilities your character can Inherit.)

Sounmortality: This is a form of immortality. It freezes the person's age at the time they were turned. Because of this, Lilith harshly enforces a law that states “No human under the age of 13 is allowed to be turned”. Not having this ability makes it where a Sōnansha ages as a normal human would.

Men'eki: (Immunity) Sōnansha are not all immune to human diseases and illnesses. This ability is what allows a Sōnansha to not contract a disease, which is very helpful if you're of Blood Affinity. This also is what allows a Sōnansha to walk around during the day. If a Sōnansha does not have this ability, they will be injured upon being exposed to sunlight/fire/bright electric lights (light bulbs, lamps).

Hypnotism: This ability grants a Sōnansha to hypnotize people by looking straight into their eyes. Breaking eye contact for a certain amount of time, depending on the Sōnansha's skill, will break the hold they have over that person. Having this ability makes you immune to most other forms of hypnotism.

Shape Shifting: Allows the person to transform their body into another object or person. Having this ability allows the Sōnansha to see if what they are looking at is real or not. If another is changing their appearance in any way, they will be able to tell that it is happening.

Wall Gliding: This allows the Sōnansha to walk on walls and ceilings. It's done by manipulating the gravity around themselves automatically. It isn't something that they can project. It's only on them. Though, having this ability does allow immunity to minor gravity based abilities.

Affinity Resistance: Depending on which Affinity the Sōnansha is, they'll have a 70% resistance to physical attacks, Qi attacks, or Reishi Attacks. Affinity of Qi, 70% less damage taken from Qi. Affinity of Reishi, 70% less damage taken from Reishi. Affinity of Blood, 70% less damage taken from physical attacks.

Enhanced Senses: Luckily this does not speak for all five senses. This enhances sight, giving a Sōnansha the ability to see in the dark and at much farther distances. It enhances smell, allowing them to pick up scents and separate them if needed so they can track. This also enhances hearing, giving them the ability to pick up on certain sounds and follow them for long distances, and allows them to pick up very soft sounds. ( When this is chosen, it is your choice as to which one of the three is powerful. They are not all equal in power. One will be weaker than the other two, one in the middle, and one will be more powerful...)

Regeneration: A Sōnansha has no ability to regenerate while they are in the sun, but once encased in darkness, they have the ability to completely regenerate any lost part of their bodies. (This excludes any of their Affinity that they need to take in again). Being stabbed by anything through the heart halts all of the regeneration process, no matter in the sun or in utter darkness. To kill a Sōnansha, you rip their bodies apart and burn them to ash. Once ash, nothing can be undone.

Sōnansha's Final Form:

Seimei no Honō: (Flame Of Life) This is a form that all Sōnansha have. It differs from Sōnansha to Sōnansha, but are usually fits of rage caused by the loss of their Affinity (usually through battle), or by not drinking their Affinity. It can also be activated by will, but younger Sōnansha usually have a problem controlling themselves while this form is in use, while older ones can be completely aware and in control of their actions. Most Sōnansha have some sort of appearance change, but not all the time. Seimei no Honō is an ability that can be developed and controlled over time. The only restriction is that you cannot recreate/mimic or make these abilities similar to ANY of the inherited abilities. (The same goes for Natural Abilities.)

Turning A Human:

When creating a Sōnansha, the person being turned does not have to be of a certain affinity because the Sōnansha is not drinking from them. Instead, the Sōnansha is using their Affinity to 'infect' the person they are going to change. The full change takes 24 hours, no more or less. This happens by puncturing the person's body, usually through bite, and inserting whatever the Sōnansha uses into the human. Usually people pass out through the process, but it is possible to stay conscious. If consciousness continues, they will experience a massive amount of pain while their body is changed. Also, there is no being 'born' and Sōnansha. A Sōnansha can give birth, but the child is born as a normal human and can be turned later on in life (when and if they make that choice). Remember that Sōnansha aren't dead, they're just enhanced humans.

Note: Spiritual beings cannot be changed, only humans. And because you're using your Affinity to change a human, it can tire you out.

The Bond:

Though not all Sōnansha receive one upon being turned, some Sōnansha end up feeling a connection with the one who turned them. Some get this strong feeling of loyalty, love, admiration, and/or respect for the Sōnansha that turned them. Those who do feel this bond can push it off after some time has passed, but there are those that go with the flow when it comes to it and stay by the side of the one who turned them. Those who are forcefully turned can also feel this connection, but it's not 100% of the time. Some bonds, especially if family, can go so far as a physical link. Such as, if one person is hurt, the other can feel what is happening to them.

Sōnansha Law

  1. Turning someone thirteen years of age or younger is strictly forbidden.
  2. Turning too many humans is greatly looked down upon, only do it when it's necessary.
  3. Drinking the Affinity of another Sōnansha is strictly forbidden.
  4. Sighting a Rogue Sōnansha needs to be reported to the higher ups.
  5. Misusing the power of hypnotism is looked down upon, repeated offense can deem you Rogue.

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The Sōnansha 遭難者
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