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 Lilith Antonovich [Approved; 0-2]

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PostSubject: Lilith Antonovich [Approved; 0-2]   Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:32 am

Queen Of The Sōnansha

Name: Lilith Antonovich
Appearance Age: 30
True Age: 2129 (2099 as Sōnansha)
Rank: Legendary
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4 (5'7 in heels)
Weight: 130


More Pictures Here:

Personality: Lilith Antonovich can be many, many things. She can be a wife, she can be a mother, she can be a friend, and she can be a sister. From appearance she is a beautiful, elegant woman with a gentle touch. Once you figure out who and what she is, she can seem intimidating, frightening, powerful, and beyond the reaches of those who consider themselves unworthy. Once she opens her mouth, she can be a leader, a lover, a peacemaker, or a fighter. It all depends on what is needed of her at that particular moment and how people come across to her. You see, Lilith has been to hell and back, she's almost died, she has watched those she loved die, and she has seen those dearest to her heart suffer and almost die. This woman has the ability to be practically anything she wants to be. But no matter how many ways you can try to twist her emotions, there are many things she will never be. She will never be evil. She will never be a tyrant. She will never be a murderer. She will never be an abuser. She will never be weak. And she will never be a coward. Lilith is a person that the young can look up to and the old can be proud of. She is one that the strong can either fear or align with, and she is one that the weak can stand behind for protection. Lilith is literally the beginning and she fights to make sure she is not the end. Lilith is respectful, noble, honorable, loving, passionate, gentle, kind, strict, law-abiding, determined, and understanding. With all of this, Lilith will still always be a woman. She thinks with her heart and makes that her logic. She absolutely adores her husband Samael and she loves him with all of her heart. There is not one person in this world that can change that. She finds her daughter is the most beautiful woman that she's ever met and is extremely proud of her. Her best friend is a man gone down in legend as Dracula, though she will always call him Drake, if not by his first name Mathias. These people... You. Do. Not. Fuck. With.

Lilith was the first born of a large group people that are far more advanced than the normal human beings, but for some reason she will never see her people as the superior of the two. She has respect for the human race and will protect it; some assume this is because she was once human or because she doesn't like being Sōnansha. Lilith loves the Sōnansha as if they were her own children though, so that is not the case. But, like a Mother, she will not tolerate certain behaviors from her children. She has a certain amount of laws set in motion to prevent war and keep peace. She does not want her 'children' discriminated against, harmed, or harming others. Those that have given their loyalty to her are supposed to be made aware of these rules. Those who go against these rules, Lilith usually takes care of herself, or will have Samael or Drake take care of it for her. Though, because of Drake's feelings towards humans, Lilith respects that and will rarely, if ever, actually ask him to do anything to protect humans. He is her best friend for a reason. Even if he does not like or respect the human race, she will not shun him or change her feelings towards him unless he does something drastic to make her do so. The two of them have this mutual respect and care for one another that most really do not understand. When they are asked how the two of them get along, they shrug and say "We know our boundaries" and leave it at that. Moving on from why the "Lord Of Darkness" is Lilith's best friend, Lilith has a very strong sense of loyalty. She does not like making lists, but her husband and her daughter are always first. She will start, fight, and finish a war for them if she needs to. Beyond that, and Drake, Lilith's loyalty is to the Sōnansha and then the humans. Fact is, Lilith is a good leader in the sense that she'd rather fight a war herself then send her Sōnansha out there to fight for her. She makes her decisions based on the welfare of others, not herself. Riches are not what is on her mind and she honestly cares about people over herself. She does her best to make sure every voice is heard in some way and fights for fairness.

Moving on from the more business point of view and to a more personal level, Lilith has her own rule. She does not turn a person unless they are on the verge of death and are twenty five years of age and younger. Yes, there was a time that this age limit was at eighteen, but seeing as so many people live to be so much older, she does not find it fair that someone's life is tragically cut short for no reason. If they're dying of sickness, an accident, being attacked, or any uncontrolled and obviously unfair situation, she'll offer them a second chance and they can choose to take it or not. Rarely does she come across situations like this, which is why she hasn't turned very many people. If someone was being an asshole and got shot mugging someone, she'd rather watch them die over turning them. If someone is dying, she will get them to a hospital if she can, but she won't turn them unless the previously mentioned is a factor int he situation. Another personal side of Lilith is the fact that she's actually a little proud of her appearance. She'll never act like it on the outside, but seeing that she is over 2000 years old and she still looks this good, she can't help but wear short skirts, cute shirts, and smile in the mirror every now and then. That trait of being a Sōnansha is actually her favorite one. Her least favorite Sōnansha ability is honestly hypnotism. It has been abused so much by the Sōnansha that she's sometimes disgusted with some people when they use it. If someone is using it improperly, but aren't breaking any rules, they'll likely get a smack across the face. Through out her time being in Japan, Lilith came to love their culture and has accepted some of it as her own, though she always throws her own little twist into it all. One thing that people notice about her is how she prefers living far away from people, keeping her living area secluded from everyone else. She and her husband even have the farthest room from everyone else's in the castle when they choose to stay there. Even though she likes being secluded, she does enjoy daily visits to the city. She loves being around people and being in the city, but who would want to live there? At least that's what she says to people who ask her about it. Lilith also prefers the winter, so she has an excuse to huddle up to a certain someone when it's cold.

Lilith isn't friendly in the sense that she'll walk up to you and try to make friends. She doesn't usually start up the conversation with a new person. She shows her personality through her actions at first. Something actually has to happen for her to become involved in really anything. She's seen so much in her life and gone so many places that things aren't really new to her. Over all, Lilith is actually a nice person, but depending on who you are, she'll usually have a more 'motherly' way of being around someone. She isn't motherly as in " go clean your room" or "go do the dishes". She is merely more gentle than most and cares in a motherly way, for your well being. Lilith's idea of fun is listening to music and standing on top of a cliff and letting the breeze hit her hair. She also enjoys standing on anything really high, falling off of it, and then catching herself by turning into a bat before hitting the ground. She feels so free when she's falling like that. Though she means no offense by it, Lilith also has the tendency to call anyone she knows for a fact is younger than her a 'child', 'young one', or 'little one'. It's meant to be endearing, loving, and sweet, but not many people take kindly to being treated like they're young. Still, when she gets a negative reaction, she smiles, apologizes, and moves on with her life. Lilith actually really enjoys being held or hugged. There is a sense of security she gets when someone puts their arms around her. She doesn't like feeling like she's in danger. When she or someone she loves has been hurt or is in danger, either fear or rage do take over and she intentionally releases that little part of her that actually does and really should frighten people, her Seimei no Honō. Though it merely makes her eyes glow, her expression darkens and this instinct to fight and kill is shown through her. She becomes more of a fighter or a killer than anything else. She doesn't like having to go into this mode, but if it's needed she will not hesitate to do so.

A few more facts about Lilith herself are: she hates manipulative people. Trying to mess with her head or her heart, or baiting her into doing something that is very bad. Someone who does this will likely end up on her shit list. Also, Lilith does not draw her sword for just any reason. Besides practice and training, the only times she has been seen actually drawing her sword were times that her family, being all Sōnansha, were threatened. She'll not hesitate to draw her sword against anyone that threatens her husband, daughter, or her best friend. In battle, she'd rather continue to dodge, dodge, dodge before she would attack back. She'd do her best to prevent her attacker from moving before she'd actually go on the offensive. She doesn't enjoy violence and feels that it should be the last resort in a problem, depending on that problem of course. When she speaks of this, people comment on how humans are a violent race and how they start wars with one another for meaningless reasons, so why does she protect them? Her response has always been and always will be, "Tell me what race isn't violent?" Lilith's view on violence is actually rather heavy, meaning that things others would consider normal, she'd consider violent. For instance, she considers the Sōnansha's need to take the essence of another being a form of violence. She only accepts it because they need to do it to survive. Every race has the right to live, no matter the mistakes they make. No one should have the right to tell another being whether they have a right to live. The only time that changes is if something is done to take away that right. A murderer, a rapist, an abuser, someone evil does not have the right to decide whether they or anyone else shall live. Like the saying "A thin line between love and hate", Lilith has a very thin line between a lot of the things she is okay with and the things she does not approve of. Some things are small, others are big. A lot of things depend on the situation, the people involved, and definitely on Lilith's mood. Get her on a bad day, and what she'd usually let slide can be looked at harshly. Of course, she never goes against her own laws and beliefs.

Character Background: Lilith was born a very long time ago, though she is not as old as those who predate hieroglyphics because that is just crazy. Instead, she was born 30 B.C. She lived a normal life, grew up, got married, acted the way a woman of her time was made to act. The one thing she had over others was the fact that she had a very loving, passionate husband who actually truly loved her. During a small battle that was held on their land, though she was hiding in a secret room her husband had built, she was found and brutally stabbed through the chest with a spear. She did not die. Instead, she was left there to suffer. Before her death, her husband found her there, blood splattering everywhere as she coughed it up. He picked her up, carried her to their room, and laid her down. She had no idea what had happened because she had blacked out, but a few minutes later she woke up in a frenzy. Her body was in a massive amount of pain as it began regenerating before her eyes. She looked around and everything was covered in a red tint. Though she could not see, her tongue slid across her newly developed fangs. Her eyes landed on her husband who was sitting a few feet away with blood draining from him, though that is not what she was thinking about. She pushed herself onto all fours and looked to him. Her eyes were blood red, her hair was long and pure white, and the wound she once had was completely healed, but she was thirsty. She did not know why, but the blood that was coming out of her husband smelled extremely good. Without hesitation, she charged him with enough speed and strength to take down a large animal. She bit into his neck and drank the blood from him. After a while, she stopped drinking and unknowingly began changing him as well. His body began to convulse beneath hers, yet she could not let go. Moments later, he stopped and finally she pulled away, watching his body heal before her eyes. It was like she knew exactly what she was doing, though she had never done this before. After a while, her vision went back to normal and she looked around in horror, trembling in fear at the blood being everywhere in their home. She looked at her chest to see the wound, everything was okay. She looked to her husband and he was still unconscious. She was going to wake him to see if he was okay, but she suddenly blacked out and fainted right then.

The morning came and Lilith's eyes fluttered open at the same time as the man she loved. He woke at the same time and the two instantly grabbed each other's hand. They did not move. They laid there and just stared at each other, as if wondering what the hell had just happened to them and coming to terms with it. After some time, they heard footsteps and they jumped to their feet. An old friend came to their door to see if they were okay. He was shocked at the amount of blood, but nothing else could be said that would make any sense. The two of them didn't exactly wish to be called demons and killed. The news about the condition of their home spread, and cleaning wasn't the easiest at this time, so the two of them were forced to flee. Years passed and they had settled down in a town hundreds of miles away. They were able to settle down, though they noticed that unlike those that they were around, neither of them aged. After some time, people began to notice and point fingers, forcing them to once again make a change in their lives and move out of that town as well. For a while, they decided to live in the middle of a Forest, not allowing anyone to enter it. Those who did enter became their meal for the time being and Lilith would use her hypnotism to make those people forget about what they had gone through. Apparently, that was one ability that Samael did not have. Over time, the two of them began becoming a little more intimate than normal. Their situation had created a huge rift between them and they were unsure of a few things, but as they got used to it, they loosened up. They had no idea if it was possible, but after about four months, Lilith had become pregnant and was getting a bit of a belly. During the pregnancy, the two became extremely fearful of what they were going to put their child through. They wondered if it would even grow like a normal person, or would it stay the same age like they were? Finally, the day of the birth came and they were given a beautiful baby girl and they couldn't have been happier. For the first time in a long time, the two of them felt complete, calm, and normal. They finally had a family...

Years passed and their beautiful little girl was getting older and older. Time passed before their eyes, and everything but them was aging. It became obvious that one day their child would die and they would be left alone. Neither of them could deal with the realization. After some time thinking and discussing it together, they decided that they would do something that they hoped they would not regret. In the child's sleep and as gently as they could, Samael attempted the first turning that either of them had done since they had become what they were. After it was done, they sat there and watched. Their child thrashed around in pain. They held her down, comforted her, let her know that they were there, but it did not stop for a very long time. Finally, she passed out in their arms. The two wondered if they had done the right thing, and as their child woke up a few hours later and looked at them with a huge smile as if nothing had happened, they knew everything would be okay. The problem came a few days later when she was out in the woods playing. Lilith and Samael suddenly smelled a large amount of blood. It wasn't their daughters, but they could both tell that she was in that area. The two ran as fast as they could to get to that area, weaving through the trees until they came on a horrid sight. Their six year old girl was covered in blood and did not seem herself. They tried to talk to her, but their only reply was an insane laugh and her attempting to attack them. It was horrifying to have your own child attack you over and over again, but they continued to try and talk her down. It felt like hours before their daughter got wind of another scent and ran off. Afraid of what she was going to do, they followed her as any concerned parents were. When they caught up, they were once again shocked at what they saw. it was a large village full of people. That was where she was heading. Without any hesitation, they darted forward at full speed and practically teleported in front of her. They grabbed her and dragged her away before anything could happen, but not without being forced into a fight. They entered the forest and their daughter began attacking them again. It became obvious that they could not calm her down. In a desperate attempt, Lilith wrapped her arms around her daughter and tried talking her down again. A sharp pain hit Lilith's shoulder and she let her daughter go.

"Honey please..." Lilith begged her little girl as the rage induced child stared at her with a strong sense of blood lust in her expression. Her fangs were shown, as if her own mother was her target. Lilith inched closer, ignoring the blood that fell down her newly injured shoulder. She reached out for her little girl, but was suddenly struck in the face. "Lilith!" Samael went to run towards her, but she put her hand up. "No." she said and Samael stopped in his tracks as Lilith turned to their child again, "Adara.... Sweetheart. Calm down. You're going to hurt people you don't really want to hurt. It's me... Mommy..." Lilith once again inched towards her daughter, but was tackled to the ground. She and her daughter rolled around, battling each other. Lilith attempted to pin her down, but each try came with hesitation. She didn't want to hurt her own child and she felt like she was. Lilith was suddenly kicked away and when she looked back up, Adara had a ball of condensed lightning in her hand. "ADARA!" Lilith screamed for her daughter as it was about to be thrown at her. She hadn't taken her eyes of Adara, but what happened next was not something she expected. A sword came flying through her daughters neck, cutting her head clean off. Adara's body fell to the floor and a torch was thrown on her. Lilith turned to see that Samael had done it. "What... I... Our dau-.. Why?" Lilith asked him. He went to her and held her tightly. "You know why..." was all he needed to say. Lilith dropped her head into his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him. The two stood there with expressionless faces as they watched their little girl be burnt alive. Though they had not done this before, both of them could just sense the destruction in their daughters heart. There was no way they could let her go on like that. She was too young to have the change implemented. They knew then that a child could not handle the bloodlust they would feel upon becoming one of them. An adult could at least understand the situation. A child doesn't know any better. It was then that they came up with the name, Sōnansha. It was a way to press on the meaning of being a true survivor, not a killer or a beast, but one that took only what they needed.

More and more time passed the couple by and their love never faltered. Even with the loss of their first and only child, the two were still deeply in love and that didn't seem to be changing. Though, there were a few times that the two of them decided to spend a bit of time apart. Lilith loved Samael dearly, but there were times that they both felt they need some space, so they'd take a small vacation from each other. [Year: 1094] One of these vacations, on Mount Izvorul Călimanului, Lilith came across a scene that not many could handle. She was wandering around in the area, following a few rumors that she wanted to discover the truth of and saw it. A young man had lost everything, including his family. He was so emotionally distraught that Lilith could not leave him in such a state. Something was draining him, killing him right in front of her eyes. It was then that Lilith took a leap of faith and was going to try something she had not tried since her own daughter. She offered the change. She told him that she could save his life by changing him into something that she had come to call a Sōnansha. She didn't even have to explain things to him. He immediately accepted the offer. Though she was still hesitant, Lilith did not go back on her word and she turned him. After hours of an immense amount of pain, Mathias Cronqvist, later known as Dracula, became the second person that Lilith herself had ever decided to turn. She wasn't to keen on turning people and had previously started her own rule about turning people that weren't on the verge of death and between thirteen and eighteen years of age. In fact, she didn't like turning humans into something that would live forever, or until killed, so she rarely even thought about doing it. Either way, what was done was done and there was no way to turn back. She offered Mathias companionship until he figured out what he would be doing with his new life and the offer was accepted. Lilith, Samael, and Mathias were now travelling together, at least until they all figured out what they would be doing with their lives. Lilith was a little worried at how the two would get along, especially since she had turned Mathias, but it didn't seem to cause any major problems. That was a huge relief, especially since they were all together for a few years. The three of them had actually ended up becoming good friends, and then Dracula came into possession of something.

Dracula came to them one day and offered a permanent home, a base they could go to. Lilith didn't really ask the details. Instead, she watched as he opened up a portal of sorts and lead her and Samael through it. On the other side was a large castle, kinda creepy, but out in the middle of no where. It was on a large cliff, and frankly the view was beautiful. There was a way down the mountain and then extremely thick, dark forestry around them for miles and miles. "It's perfect." was all Lilith could say about it. She loved being out in the wilderness, alone, secluded. Sure, she enjoyed visits to cities and villages, but why would anyone want to live in a loud place like that day after day? This place was wonderful and she could call it home. Of course, she had no idea that it would one day become a base for the many people that would one day be of her own race. In just a century, more and more were created. One young man had decided to turn every human he bit, so Lilith hunted him down and killed him on the spot. That was something she was not going to every allow. She had respect for the human race, even with their massive amount of mistakes. The 1600's came along and people were very paranoid. Lilith began to hear rumors of 'witchcraft' and this place called Salem. As another one of her solo missions, she headed out to America. When she arrived in the right town, she merely stood in the background, watching these evil manipulative women take advantage of the ignorance of the town. Lilith was disgusted by what she watched in this place. There was a day where over fifteen people were hung and killed after these lying women accused them of making contracts with the devil. One day, after she became furious with this female named Abigail, she dragged the woman off into the forest and used her hypnotism to force her to flee from this town and live alone. Finally, that town was freed of that tyranny, though not after a massive decrease in population and the killing of a lot of innocent people. There was one woman there that Lilith could not leave. She had been imprisoned for witchcraft and was pregnant. Lilith freed her and brought her and her family to freedom. She was asked to turn them, but Lilith said no. She told her that she can find someone else that might, but the likelihood of that happening was low, but she would not. With that, Lilith left them in the woods miles from where they once were. She knew they'd be safe there over Salem. At least Lilith was able to save one innocent person from that hell...

Time continued to pass Lilith and Samael by. The two had been separated for ten years before Lilith returned to the castle to see him again. She had missed him dearly, but had felt he needed his space for a long time. With the eternity that they would spend together, a few years of him being able to do what he wanted and have fun was not going to phase her. When she arrived, she ran right into his arms and held him for as long as the two could stand it. After some time, the two spent hours in the bedroom to take part in the one act that a husband and wife should. Once they finally finished, Lilith could immediately tell that she was pregnant. At first she did not know how to tell him and waited a few weeks. It wasn't something they had planned, not after Adara. When she did finally tell him, Samael acted as if he were excited and happy about it. They both were wary of turning their child too quickly and agreed that they'd wait until he/she reached adulthood, not just thirteen. It would at least give her a choice to whether he/she wanted to live forever or not. When the baby was born, they were once again blessed with a baby girl. The three of them actually spent the next twenty years quite happily has a family. Upon her twentieth birthday, they asked their daughter whether or not she wished to be turned and she said that she could not imagine life without her parents, so she was definitely going to take the path. They warned her that it was going to be a painful process if she did not pass out, but she did not care. One night of pain was nothing for what they were offering. "This time.. I'll do it." Lilith said and sat down by her daughters side. She knew that her daughter had more chances if she were the one to turn her, so it was her that was going to do it. She kissed her daughters forehead and then quickly bit down into her daughters shoulder. After a short amount of time, she pulled back and held onto her little girl who was instantly thrown into pain. She and Samael waited there with her for hours. After some time, they all actually fell asleep and woke up the next day with a red eyed daughter. This time they did not make any mistakes and their daughter was able to handle the change that had been implemented on her.

With their happy home, Lilith and Samael explained exactly how old they were and why every now and then they would separate and go do their own thing. Their daughter was able to understand and decided that when they went on their next one, she would as well. And then that time came... The three of them separated, but out of fear of being alone out there, their daughter decided to go with Samael. "Daddy's little princess..." Lilith said with a slight undertone of jealousy, but it really wasn't a big deal. They separated and Lilith immediately headed North West, deciding to head somewhere new, London. She arrived just in time to hear rumors about a Japanese girl that had been taken in by a noble family in the area. Apparently she was sick and her actually family had not been able to take care of her, so they offered. In these times, that was practically unheard of. The child's name was Mimiko. For a couple of months, Lilith sat back and watched as this teenage girl suffered and no one knew what to do to help her. There were night she saw her cry and scream until she fell asleep. She was in so much pain, and it had been like this since birth? She never even got a chance to live her life. Now this... This was a situation that she had no problem turning someone for. One night, she hid in the large tree that stood by the balcony and made noises until the girl came. When she did, she did her best to keep the girl calm, but her red eyes were obviously frightening her. Instead of making the process take too long, Lilith changed her right then and there. The girl passed out and Lilith left, running out of the town and waiting. She knew the girl would come look for her, and she did. Lilith explained what needed to be explained and only hoped that the girl had listened. Before she had a chance to ask though, something was bugging her. It was time to go. She vanished from sight by transforming into a mist and floating off. Once she got to a certain height, she turned into an eagle and flew off towards the castle. Upon arrival, she was greeted by Drake, who looked worried. He explained to her that Samael and their daughter were sneak attacked in the middle of the woods while they were resting. One of the Sōnansha that had been forcefully changed wanted revenge and since Lilith had killed that guy, he came after the man she loved and their daughter. Unforgivable...

Lilith ordered the capture of a human to bring to them. It was completely against protocol and she hated the fact that it had to be done, but in this day and time there was no other way to get what they needed. Though, she'd always have the human compensated greatly for what they would give. Once that was done, Lilith looked to Drake(Dracula) and he immediately knew what was going to happen. An army of Sōnansha that had been forcefully turned were waiting to get their revenge? Well now so was she. No one attacked her man and daughter without getting what was coming to them. It's not like they were the one's that had done anything, so why did they deserve this? Lilith was extremely pissed off and for the first time in years, her eyes were starting to glow. They were naturally red, but upon entering her Seimei no Honō, they would glow brightly. She held it off until she made her way to the area that her loved one's had been attacked, thanking Drake for showing the way. They did their best to pick up the scent and after a while, they did. The fools had set up a camp not too far from where they had begun their little war. Standing on top of a hill next to Drake, neither of them did anything to hide their presence. Instead, they waited until they were noticed by every single one of them. When they were noticed, one attempted a sneak attack behind them, but Drake immediately took care of that 'threat', as if you could call it that. Looking at them, Lilith could see that a few were of decent power and understood then how her loved one's could be resting and be injured by their sneak attack. The thought of it angered her more, and Lilith went on the attack. She summoned a sword and darted down towards them, slicing through three necks before she moved on to most. Drake immediately followed behind her. Both of them were fully aware of their enemies position and were able to pick them off one by one, but more kept coming. Realizing this was how they overpowered her husband, their numbers, Lilith was wondering how she would get out of this without turning to her Seimei no Honō abilities. It was then that Drake told her to become one with the floor. She knew what he was going to do, so she lowered herself into the ground and waited until it was safe. He pulled off one of his ultimate spells, absolutely destroying the area and all within it. The spell ended and Lilith rose from the ground once more and looked around. For the first time had a satisfaction for killing someone, at that her own kind, in her eyes. Of course, she would not let this incident alter her feelings towards humans or her own kind. She just won't let someone hurting those she cares about slide. They will be punished, no matter the reason it was done.

That incident initiated something that Lilith never thought would come, a Sōnansha Organization. She wanted her people to be safe, have an area to come and relax, and to not be prosecuted by those who do not understand their existence. She initiated the Ordinea de Viață five years later, in the year 1781. She spread the word through Sōnansha only, knowing that human's were way to fearful and easy to declare war. She was their leader, the head Queen and she had her husband by her side as their King. Drake was automatically given the position of Grand General since he was the one person that she could trust with her life, excluding her husband and daughter. Although it is not an official position of authority, their daughter is always called the Princess and is treated like it. Years and years of peace passed and the Sōnansha have been able to keep themselves secret. Multiple wars came upon humanity and they participated in absolutely nothing. They were happy, safe, and loved living their lives as normally as possible. Of course there were some troublemakers, but they were taken care of by Ordinea de Viață members and everything that could be done was done to keep the peace. Finally another World War came, the third one. The realization of Spiritual beings was among them. At first, even the Sōnansha were shocked that there were beings that could live as long as they could, but also knew that they were from different dimensions. Even with the knowledge of Shinigami, Quincy, and all the other races out there, Lilith was wary about making themselves known, but it had to happen. They could not continue living in hiding. In the year 2066, Lilith came forward to Alpha Protocol and the Gotei 13, revealing their presence among the humans, though she gave little information. She felt that telling them of their existence was enough to show that those who followed her meant no harm. Though things were obviously rocky at first, just being made aware of a completely new species of human, Lilith has made it her duty and the goal of Ordinea de Viață to be as peaceful as possible. She has also made it very clear that the meaningless murder of humans and her kind will not go without punishment. Those who wish to keep this peace would do well to understand that. She has no ill will to any other race out there, but those who wish to harm her Sōnansha or the humans, she will consider her enemy. Since then, time has merely passed by without incident, though a few laws have been passed to insure the survival of humans, spiritual beings, and Sōnansha alike...

Those Lilith Has Turned: Samael Antonovich, Her Daughter, Minami Shimada, Mimiko Akashiya

  • There was a point in Lilith's life where she stayed in Japan to learn multiple fighting styles, including skills with weapons and martial arts. This time allowed her to develop her own abilities and skills, especially with the sword.
  • Lilith has the ability to speak English, Japanese, Italian, French, Latin, German, and Arabic.
  • Her close friend, Dracula, was recently murdered and it has caused her to fall into a rather frightening depression. She doesn't feed, speak, or acknowledge most people until they snap her out of her anger trance. For now, she has relocated the Sōnansha base to a set of caves in Alaska.

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Natural Abilities
Natural Abilities:

Kōsoku: (High Speed) This speed was given to her upon becoming a Sōnansha. It was extremely hard to get used to and at times she'd actually run into trees, walls, or other things because she was practicing how to stop when it was needed. After getting the hang of it, Lilith realized that she had the ability to move faster than modern day sports cars when it comes to running and had reflexes that could easily beat the strike of a snake. To challenge herself, she actually made her way to the valleys of Africa and intentionally took on multiple lions just to see how long and many she can dodge at once. A pack of fifteen where not able to keep up with her when they were all attacking at once. That was just when she was young. Now, after practicing for years and years to come, Lilith has the ability to run fast enough to actually run on water as if it was a normal surface. While running, she can move beyond the imagination of a humanoid body. During battle, her speed is still extremely high and able to move her body much faster a lot easier than practically everyone she comes across.

  • Supīdo Kage: This is a speed ability that Lilith uses to confuse her opponents. Her ability to move extremely fast actually allows her to leave an 'illusion' of herself behind as she moves to another area. She'll be there for a moment, but has the ability to completely fool them by moving away so fast they don't realize she's gone. This illusion of herself stays for .7 seconds before it begins to fade, and 1 second before it vanishes completely. There really isn't a limit on how many times she does this in a day. Doing it too much can tire her out, but that differs from situation to situation.

Kyodaina Tsuyo: (Massive Strength) Lilith has been seen getting annoyed and accidentally smashing the ground below her feet when she taps her foot. If she gets angry and stomps her foot, she's been known to cause minor shaking of the ground and even damaging the floor by cracking/breaking it. She's also been seeing crushing apple sized stones in her hand, opening it, and then dust falling from her palm. She's ripped through steel doors and stopped boulders and wrecking ball sized objects in their path. She can punch a tank and send it flying back about fifty feet before it begins to roll the rest of the way. She has been seen lifting a large 16 wheeler truck and tossing it away from her as well. Her strength is something that you'd only think someone from DC comics would have.

Hagane Kabe: (Steel Wall Ability) Referring to her durability and how much of a hit she can take, Lilith's body can easily be compared to a wall of pure steel. An example of this would be when she was traveling through the city and a child was about to be hit by a truck. She stepped between, stood there for a moment, the truck slammed into her, and IT took the damage. It stopped right there and she continued walking as if nothing had happened. Now, Lilith can definitely take one hell of a hit naturally, but this is an actual ability she has to harden her body to do it. The drawback of this ability is the one second charge time. She has to some how see the attack coming and then initiate it at least a second before it hits her. Sudden attacks are serious problems for her. If she sees an attack coming, she'll be fine and this will reduce the damage by 15% more than her Affinity resistance already allows. (See Affinity Resistance) It works along with her Affinity Resistance as well. If a physical attack is coming and she recently took in Qi, then it only does the 15% decreased damage this ability allows naturally.

Hayauchi: (Quick Draw Sword Style) Hayauchi is a style of fighting with a blade that allows extremely fast movement of the arms, wrist, and hand to relay attacks that are extremely hard for the normal eye to follow. By combining her training with the energy provided by her Affinities (which ever was the last she drank), Lilith can enhance her ability to maneuver her body even more than her already enhanced speed allows.

  • Faibusutoraiku Suihei Surasshu: (Five Strike Horizontal Slash) This ability is an extremely fast horizontal swinging of the arm, bringing her blade back and forth five times at such high speeds that it's hard to keep up with and block or counter. Because of the way it works, this attack doesn't actually slice through an entire being, but through a one to two inch layer, depending on how close she is to her target.
  • Faibusutoraiku Suichoku Suraisu: (Five Strike Vertical Slice) This ability is also an extremely fast movement of the arm, allowing Lilith to bring her blade back and forth five times at such high speeds that it's hard to keep up with, block, or counter. The only difference between this and the previously stated attack is the fact that the movement is vertical, up and down five times. It also doesn't slice through a being, but cuts through a later from one to two inches, depending on how close she is to her target.
  • Toraishadōsutoraiku: (Tri-Shadow Strike) This attack combines the 'shadow illusion' technique of Supīdo Kage and that quick slashing of her blade that Faibusutoraiku Suihei Surasshu and/or Faibusutoraiku Suichoku Suraisu allow her to preform. When preforming this attack, Lilith moves from one area to another, leaving back a clone while in the middle of her movement she attempts her first attack of either horizontal or vertical initiation. She moves three times total, leaving two illusions, and striking three times. She chooses either horizontal or vertical. She can't switch types in the middle of the tree attempted attacks.

Totsuzen Sutoraiku: (Sudden Strike Fighting Style) This fighting style requires swift and and accurate way of moving. With Lilith, this already extremely fast technique combined with the strength she puts behind it can allow for extremely devastating blows and cause massive amounts of damage. Each strike that she takes while actually using this style requires a new position with each movement. For example, if she chooses to kick someone in the side and it hits, the strike will be powerful enough for her leg to continue all the way around. Because of her strength and speed, she is forced to have that foot land, turn and bring the other up. There are no chain movements with one leg. Punching, she does not use extra strength, instead will strike multiple times at high enough speeds that create the illusion of one strike, though she's hit five times. Though this is her own created technique, Lilith has the ability to used Taekwondo, Jiujitsu, and random techniques she has learned over time.

  • Yūgaina Bakkuhandopanchi: (Damaging Backhand Punch) Combining her Supīdo Kage with minor knowledge of how to back slap a person, Lilith can cause a massive amount of damage with this. By speeding herself up enough to pull off Supīdo Kage, she spins a single time and appears within range of her target at the moment her arm is swinging out towards them to strike. Though it's very hard to have a correct and quick enough reaction to, it is possible for those skilled enough in battle to do so.
  • Akkusukikkureijingu: (Raging Axe Kick) This uses the same combination of the previously named ability, but instead of spinning during her movement, Lilith raises her leg horizontally. Reappearing in range of her target at the moment the action is begun, Lilith swings the heel of her foot down towards the target. The amount of force behind this hit can be seen when/if it misses. Once it hits the ground, it causes tremors and the ground to either dent or crumble beneath her feet, depending on what it is made out of.

Inherited Abilities
Sōnansha Class: S
Inherited Abilities: Lilith does not inherit abilities, but Sōnansha do Inherit Abilities From Lilith! Those stated below are the one's she has found pass down through her line...

Sounmortality: This is a form of immortality. It freezes the person's age at the time they were turned. Because of this, Lilith harshly enforces a law that states “No human under the age of 13 is allowed to be turned”. Not having this ability makes it where a Sōnansha ages as a normal human would.

Men'eki: (Immunity) Sōnansha are not all immune to human diseases and illnesses. This ability is what allows a Sōnansha to not contract a disease, which is very helpful if you're of Blood Affinity. This also is what allows a Sōnansha to walk around during the day. If a Sōnansha does not have this ability, they will be injured upon being exposed to sunlight/fire/bright electric lights (light bulbs, lamps).

Hypnotism: This ability grants a Sōnansha to hypnotize people by looking straight into their eyes. Breaking eye contact for a certain amount of time, depending on the Sōnansha's skill, will break the hold they have over that person. Having this ability makes you immune to most other forms of hypnotism. Liliths way of using this allows her to erase small portions of memory, such as the past twenty four hours. She can make someone preform a single task without them realizing it. Once the task is done, the hold is broken. She can keep them in a daze for a while and send messages into their minds (such as telling them to follow her or keep calm), allowing a quick and semi-willing way of taking an Affinity from them.

Shape Shifting: Allows the person to transform their body into another object or person. Having this ability allows the Sōnansha to see if what they are looking at is real or not. If another is changing their appearance in any way, they will be able to tell that it is happening. Lilith has three animals she turns into, an eagle, wolf, and bat. She can hold these forms for practically an unlimited amount of time, only losing them upon being hurt very badly or the desperate need to drink. For Lilith, she has advanced the ability enough to allow her body to merge into other items and temporarily become a part of them.

Wall Gliding: This allows the Sōnansha to walk on walls and ceilings. It's done by manipulating the gravity around themselves automatically. It isn't something that they can project. It's only on them. Though, having this ability does allow immunity to minor gravity based abilities.

Affinity Resistance: Depending on which Affinity the Sōnansha is, they'll have a 70% resistance to physical attacks, Qi attacks, or Reishi Attacks. Affinity of Qi, 70% less damage taken from Qi. Affinity of Reishi, 70% less damage taken from Reishi. Affinity of Blood, 70% less damage taken from physical attacks. Because Lilith can use all three Affinity, this refers to the last Affinity that she's taken in.

Enhanced Senses: Luckily this does not speak for all five senses. For the three senses that this does enhance, Lilith's sight is the strongest. She can see up to two miles away, zoom in on objects up to a mile, and is able to see clearly in the dark. Lilith's hearing comes right after. She can pick up even the smallest of sounds and has the ability to follow where they're coming from easily. Though it can drive her nuts listening to the people around her arguing and doing the 'naughty' in the home two houses down. Lilith's sense of smell is the last enhanced and the weaker of the three, but it's still pretty power. She can pick up and follow a certain scent as long as the scent isn't disrupted too much.

Regeneration: A Sōnansha has no ability to regenerate while they are in the sun, but once encased in darkness, they have the ability to completely regenerate any lost part of their bodies. (This excludes any of their Affinity that they need to take in again). Being stabbed by anything through the heart halts all of the regeneration process, no matter in the sun or in utter darkness. To kill a Sōnansha, you rip their bodies apart and burn them to ash. Once ash, nothing can be undone.

Seimei no Honō
Seimei no Honō: Kōri no Chitose
Seimei no Honō Appearance:

Seimei no Honō Abilities: Before we get into what her Seimei no Honō can do, Lilith has the ability to use this form without being enraged. Over the 2,000 years of dealing with it, she is fully aware of it's potential and how to control it completely. Because of her knowledge of her abilities, she can turn this off and on whenever she wants. She no longer is thrown into the fury that Seimei no Honō has the ability to cause because of how strong she has become. It is also very rare for her to have lost enough of her Affinities to actually need it. Moving on... Lilith has always been called the Queen of the Sōnansha, but now the Queen of Ice has been added into the mix. Though she does not use her Seimei no Honō very often, the few times she has used it has shown that she has outstanding control over the creation and manipulation of snow and ice. Though her base ability is ice, she has the ability soften it so it actually does act and feel as snow does. And yes, she has not used this in front of people very often, but that does not mean she has no practiced her abilities to the fullest extent. She has mastered everything within her imagination that she could create to use with her ice and snow. But before we move into all of the predetermined moves and techniques that Lilith has practiced for battle, let's discuss her regular abilities.

First of all, Lilith can create, form, and manipulate ice in practically every way that one could think of. One of the things she does is coat something in a layer of ice. Let's say that someone has a very bad gash on their leg. Lilith can put a layer of ice over it to stop the bleeding and numb the pain. She can also freeze an item through just by touching it. A few examples would be when she walks to a lake kids wish to ice skate on, but it's to thin. She'll set her hand on it and freeze the entire lake through. Or, if something needs to be cooled down really fast, this comes in handy. Lilith also has the ability to create objects made completely of ice. If she lacks a weapon or the ability to get one, she can merely make one out of ice. Lilith's ice does not easily melt. That lake previously mentioned was still frozen when the end of summer came along. Lilith's ice is also extremely hard to break, which is why her iced weapons can be superior to other types of weapons. As long as it's left alone, Lilith's ice will not go anywhere. She has to do something about it, or someone powerful enough has to take it out. On a quick note, the way Lilith's power work is strange. When she uses it, it is as if she is taking the wind and water in the air and super-cooling it at a rapid rate to create her ice. This is why sometimes she will have a 'windy' effect on some of her techniques.

Lilith's Spear of Ice

Lilith's Sword of Ice
The sword shown above is not the one that Lilith is usually carrying around with her. This sword is one created from her ice and is stronger and sharper than her first. Both her sword and spear have the same effect, which is... Upon making impact, energy is released from the created weapon and covers the surface of what it's hit with ice. Anything that either of them are able to cut is frozen over, which can both benefit and cause problems for Lilith. For instance, a frozen wound doesn't allow for bleeding out, though it does allow the ice to begin to freeze their blood, which does have the ability to make that area useless to them and cause them to feel pain. The fact that the ice causes the pain is actually why Lilith doesn't use this sword as much. She does not believe in slowly torturing someone, which is how she sees slowly freezing parts of their body, as torture.

Taikan-sei: (Cold Resistance) Obviously her own ice doesn't effect her whatsoever, but Lilith also have a high resistance to natural cold. The woman can stand out in the blizzard and not really be effected by it. The reason for this is because Lilith is naturally adept to cold. Which means, heat. She hates the heat. It's not something she can stand. She can't be near fire and if she dare go to the beach on a hot day, she'll make sure to be in the water as long as possible. Because of this, Lilith is able to suck the cold out of items. It's a small form of cold absorption. No one dies from freezing temperatures or falling in ice if she is around, she wouldn't allow it!

Burizādo: (Blizzard) By gathering and super cooling the water in the air and constantly having it move around at high speeds, Lilith has the ability to create her own blizzard, whether in or outdoors. She uses this as a way to prevent the enemy from seeing perfectly and some people it can easily slow down. It does cause the wind and freezing temperatures of a Blizzard as well, though there isn't any snow on the ground. It's merely her ice moving around until she chooses to turn it off or until she's out of energy to continue it. Lilith can make it a strong blizzard or she can make it something small and not really a big deal. It all depends on the situation. Fact is, having little pieces of snow and ice hit your face all the time, especially while you're in battle, is not the easiest thing to deal with.

Aisusupaiku: (Ice Spikes) This attack can come in a couple of forms. The fact is, it's extremely cliche with ice users, but you'd also be an idiot to not have an attack like this. It is the creation of icicles of different sizes and then having them thrown towards a target to have them impaled. Or it is the sudden creation of icicles, usually coming from the walls, ceiling, or floor, to shot outwards towards a target. With this, she can create up to ten to attack at once, but has an unlimited total amount for the creation of icicles. She won't be able to do this attack anymore after running out of her Affinity, or getting to a certain amount of it. It all depends on what type of fight it is and how important her victory is.

Tsurara Danmaku: (Icicle Barrage) This is the creation of a large amount of thin, twelve inch icicles and then having them all shot towards an area. Depending on the situation, it can be shot in a continues stream of icicles, or it can be given an area of effect and shot forth like that. If it's done in a continuous stream to create a machine gun effect, Lilith is able to shoot up to three hundred. If it is done with an area of effect, also described as a shotgun effect, Lilith is able to shoot out six hundred in a twenty by twenty area. The statistics for this attack that were just named are the maximums that she can do right now, when it comes to size. The icicles, no matter which way she chooses to fire them, all move at three hundred and fifty miles per hour. Once again, this is a max and can be adjusted to Lilith's liking to fit the situation she is in. Once again, she does not have a limit to how many times she can use this, she merely runs out of, or gets to a certain amount of her stored Affinity, and she won't be able to use these attacks anymore.

Kōri o Gekitai: (Repelling Ice) This is the creation of extremely condensed ice, to the point that it can actually show someone's reflection like a mirror would. The ice forms a wall, ranging from forty(width) by thirty(height) feet and getting smaller. These walls of ice allow Lilith to actually repel energy attacks of many different sizes. Although this was created to repel energy attacks, there are a few other uses. The first use is to knock someone away. The way this wall summons is by shooting out at high speeds from the ground and upwards, so if someone is too close, she can summon one and knock them away. Because of how fast it comes out, if they're caught on top of it, Lilith can keep the wall growing until it hits the ceiling. During that, it keep the same speed of three hundred miles per hour. A few other uses she's figured out for this was a dam. She stopped a river from destroying a town after their own damn had broken. Even thought meant for defense in battle, it can be used for other things.

Mirāaisupurizun: (Mirror Ice Prison) The first actual 'technique' of Lilith, the Mirrored Ice Prison creates a structure around herself and her opponent, completely impenetrable from the outside. Inside, the ice forms a house of mirrors on the ceiling, the floor, and of course the walls. The walls reach up to the ceiling, so there will be no trying to look over the ice! It literally becomes a maze of mirrors and only Lilith knows the way around. Because it is also her ice, she is able to tell the persons position through the heat they give off from their body. When she uses this ability, Lilith's strategy is actually defensive and peacemaking. Though she can, rarely will she use it to actually get an advantage on the enemy. Lilith uses the reflections that the mirrors give off to keep a safe distance and actually speak to the person attempting to harm her, or those she cares for. While she tries talking them down, they're repeatedly attacking the reflections and ice, which is just as formidable as her other ice, so it's very hard to break or even damage. If she does choose to use this as an advantage, that means they have done something so horrible that they do not deserve the honor of a fair fight. She'll wait until they're attacking something else and stab them in the back if needed. The halls of this building of ice are as wide as a normal hallway as well, so unless they're in a 'room' of the building (which their are not that many), it's usually hand to hand combat that her opponent will be forced to use. Either that or it will force smaller weapons. Because it is her ice and technique, Lilith could use one of the weapons mentioned above and they'll glide through the ice without damaging it, giving her a huge advantage. The climate of the building, being extremely cold, also gives her another field advantage...

To get her opponent inside this building of ice, Lilith has to be within thirty feet of them. By being within range, a box of ice quickly surrounds them, giving them a very short moment in time (1 second) to fully reaction and get away from it. A box lights up on the ground around them and then the ice shoots up around to create their prison of ice. The building is then created within 10 seconds later, if they are imprisoned, and then the box that was once keeping them prisoner lowers and they'll be inside the building. This entire building lasts up to an hour, 10-30 rounds depending on the movement of the thread. If it goes the full amount of time, Lilith would have had 25% of her Affinity drained from her, though she rarely allows it to go that far. If she can't convince them to back off within four rounds, she calls it hopeless and lowers it, or begins fighting within it. That is when the actual battle would start...

Ekken-shitsu: (Throne Room) If Lilith has chosen to use this ability, she's in the fight to win, to annihilate, or to kill. Once she's decided to use this against you, there is little chance of changing her mind. You've either pissed her off to the point of no forgiveness, or you have done something else to deserve to be beaten within inches of death or actually be killed. The Sōnansha do not like it when Lilith has chosen to bring out this ability because of how devastating and destructive she is willing and able to be while using it. Appearance wise:: First of, Lilith does something to pierce the ground with an object. Most of the time, she'll summon one of the iced weapons shown above and stab it into the ground. (There was a time that she used the heel of her high-heel shoe to make the mark too) From the point at which the object has pierced the ground, ice takes over and spreads like a virus through the ground. It reaches a certain size and then moves upwards to create the walls and then ceiling of what looks like a throne room. The room in it's entirety is actually two miles by two miles long, and is a mile tall. Yes, a very large building. Besides a throne that is formed behind her and these tall pillars cylinder shaped pillars that cover the entire edge of the building and go all the way around it, the rest of this building empty. The ceiling, the floor, the throne, everything in this building is fully made of ice.
Now... The reason it says "appearance wise" up in the first paragraph is because that is what appears to be happening from the inside. Meaning anyone who is being taken with Lilith to this building of ice sees that. What is actually happening, is Lilith has chosen who comes with her. She does this by mentally marking an area around her and those she wishes to take with her to this building. Upon piercing the ground somewhere within this mark, Lilith has initiated a mode of transportation. A box of ice instantly surrounds anyone that is within that marking and transfers them to this building that they see. As the box that actually surrounds them disappears, they are seeing the 'creation' of the building the way it was described above. The picture you see above is also the best representation of what one will see while in the building. An important note is that when this transference takes place is that they are no longer where they once were. Lilith has taken them to a very far away part of the globe to fight out their battle, Antarctica. In the very middle of the iced tundra that is Antarctica, Lilith is in possession of this building and can move there whenever she pleases. (This is actually very similar to the way Castlevania works for Dracula) The difference is, she uses it for battles that she is not planning to go easy in. In this building, there is only one thing that does anything. And there are a LOT of these things around, the ice pillars.

Ice Pillars: They all are scattered around the building in a random pattern and are of different sizes, but always the same shape. They are not in the middle where they would fight, but align the walls through out the entire building. Each of these pillars slowly collects Qi, Reishi, and Blood. The more Qi or Reishi the enemy uses within this building, the more that is drawn in by these pillars. For every spell, the pillars around absorb 1% of the Qi or Reishi used in that spell. For every spatter of blood that either she or her enemy spills, the pillars absorb 5% of that. These pillars keep that Affinity fresh and ready for when/if Lilith might need it. If she is ever really hurt or running out of energy to fight, she can break off part of the pillars and literally eat it. Only she can tell which pillar has which type of Affinity in it because it comes out a different color in her eyes. Reishi is blue, Qi is green, and Blood is red.

Besides this home-field advantage, this Throne Room just allows Lilith a place to fight without worrying about someone getting in the way or being snuck up on. It also allows her to make sure that she won't accidentally hurt someone that she doesn't wish to hurt. She instantly knows exactly how many people are in there, the heat being given off of peoples bodies being the reason why. And because of the climate, being really cold can definitely effect her opponents ability to fight.


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PostSubject: Re: Lilith Antonovich [Approved; 0-2]   Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:21 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: If anyone has an issue with me checking and approving this, they can take it up with me and me alone.
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PostSubject: Re: Lilith Antonovich [Approved; 0-2]   

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Lilith Antonovich [Approved; 0-2]
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